The total footage in this film was derived from four different amateur cameras in Banda Aceh, and is thus not the intellectual property of the BBC.


The British editors have cleverly strung the four individual clips together to create the misleading illusion that the "earthquake" and "tsunami" were in reality a single traumatic event lasting more than two minutes, with buildings crumbling everywhere while the ocean crushes the poor Indonesians.

Not only this, but the editors have also slipped later frames into the earlier part of the footage, thereby subliminally suggesting that the buildings were wrecked by the 'earthquake' BEFORE the tidal wave overwhelmed the town. These frames can be easily identified by perceptive viewers who care to pinpoint water under and around the wreckage.


These frames were shot after the first wave hit Banda Aceh, but before the second much larger wave.

This is entirely deceitful. The "Richter 9.3 Earthquake" (NOAA) in actuality only shook Banda Aceh for a total of 13 seconds, with no aftershocks at all during the following 22 minutes, until the giant tidal wave appeared out of nowhere, killing everyone in sight. As the real 13-second sequence on the main page shows, the alleged 'earthquake' killed no one and caused no property damage, apart from a power cut which disabled the elevators in the Kuala Tripa Hotel.

By direct comparison, the San Francisco Earthquake of April 18, 1906 was a 'mere' 7.9 on the Richter Scale, but nonetheless caused severe vibrations for a total of 67 seconds (48 +11 + 8), because it was a real earthquake generating transverse shear waves. As thousands of old photographs will attest, these violent Californian transverse shear waves in 1906 caused structural damage and death as far away as Oregon.

The Sumatran event captured by the Indonesian Padang seismic station (shown below), is a very good example of the massive single compression wave recorded after an underground nuclear blast.


The sole remaining question is which New York Nutcase ordered the operation, and the deaths of nearly half a million innocent people - mostly Muslims of course...

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