Part Two: The Physics

A recent client shared with me the precious knowledge she had gained from a very wise old woman.

"What is the secret to life?",

...she asked the woman, expecting some long, drawn-out philosophical answer, calling upon the heavens and the earth to merge together in a cosmic dance of Foreverness, revealing infinity in singularity ... complexity in simplicity ... unity within diversity ....

"Adapt," the woman replied. "Adapt."

The changes we are now seeing in the Solar System, and more importantly, their effects on the Earth itself, are not reversible -- at least not in the short term, with our present glaring lack of knowledge and awareness of what is occurring. Some major changes are being asked of us ... in the whole way in which we run a "civilized" society. Do we listen to the wisdom of our Elders, and adapt, or do we go on pretending that "nothing is going on?" How much more political effort will be required to maintain these walls of denial as the global situation becomes increasingly perilous, as seen from a conventional -- shall we say -- uninformed perspective?


Those who give themselves the professional label of "skeptic" have a standard code of beliefs. They feel that any time someone presents new and alternative concepts, especially if they do so with a sense of agitation, defensiveness or assertions of some grand social phenomenon that prevents their material from being publicly recognized, then you obviously have a hoaxster or crackpot on your hands, and their work can immediately (and safely!) be discounted.

Yet, for the vast majority of our readers, statistically numbering in the millions (based on our website server data) -- there can be no more doubt that humanity is currently engaged in a mass, collective form of "sleepwalking" ... and that this individual ignorance is encouraged on a societal and governmental level, by the holding back of critical information that could literally "change the world."

Every night on the world-wide "Coast-to-Coast AM" radio program, for example, a variety of guests are speaking of "new truths" that humanity desperately needs. Any one of these truths -- if acknowledged by the mainstream media, and actively promoted -- could vastly accelerate this still-too-slow collective "awakening" in progress ....

Let’s take one of Richard’s main arguments -- reiterated time and time again, over the course of the literal decade that he’s been appearing as a guest on "Coast":

What could possibly be a bigger (or more "transformational") story than the confirmation -- however remote the mainstream’s purported likelihood of "truth" -- that our neighboring planet, Mars, has a giant, mile-wide sculpture of a human face lying on its reddish sands (below) ... staring upward into space?

Pan the satellite camera just a few miles southeast, and you see on the same official NASA photography a giant, five-sided, (pentagonal,) half mile high (!), extremely symmetrical pyramid (click left image).

Then, pan the camera just a few miles to the upper left -- northeast of this amazing pyramid (and now southwest of the Face), completing the third leg of a perfect equilateral ("tetrahedral!") triangle -- and you see a cluster of more "anomalous objects" .... (click right image)

Two of which are unmistakably four-sided -- again, perfectly symmetrical pyramids -- just like what we see beside the Great Sphinx ... in the form of the Great Pyramid, at Gizeh, Egypt!


Only, these pyramids on Mars are half a mile high ... and literally miles across, dwarfing the Great Pyramid by comparison!

And as you dig a little deeper into this extraordinary set of obvious "Martian ruins," you find that these monuments are also aligned with each other in ways that spell out a unique, geometric "Message" ... opening a door to a whole new form of physics. (I wrote my own detailed analysis and summary of this "Message" here.)

And yet -- despite all this remarkable evidence, gathered all in one place on the Martian surface -- the only mainstream media coverage the "Face" ever receives consists of crude attempts to make it still appear as merely a psychological "trick of light and shadow"; the deliberately degraded reproductions (right), again and again washing out all of the highly detailed photographic contrast in the original digital NASA images (despite existing, sophisticated, state-of-the-art computer enhancements of the data -- as seen above left...).

Until, only these widely-circulated, "crappy reproductions" are indelibly imprinted on the planetary consciousness ... leaving only what Art Bell once called "a lousy Cat Box image."

Of course, the nearby, astonishingly important pyramids -- and their obviously key relationship to the scientific reality of a stunning, "Sphinx-like" Face on Mars -- is never included in these widely circulated pictures.

For this terrified mindset ... none of this can possibly exist!


I first read "The Monuments of Mars" in 1993, as a sophomore in college. I soon had devoured the entire book and could effortlessly discourse on its contents, as nothing else seemed more important to me at the time. And I was also naive enough to try to turn on many of my fellow college students to what was going on.

"Just look at the pictures," I told them. "It’s all right there, staring up at you from the barren Martian sands ... It’s a Face. And those are definitely pyramids right next to it."

"Oh, my God, you’re right," they would exclaim, accepting the obvious.

You could visually watch as they almost lost their balance (if they were standing up at the time). A good number of them were extremely excited and very grateful to have learned more of the astonishing real history of our Solar System ....

However, I soon realized that for some people, this knowledge quickly induced a state of "dissociation" or "cognitive dissonance" -- where basically the information was too intense for them to handle ... and they cracked.

Typically, after their initial exposure to the "impossible," these people would avoid me for a few days, and then when they came back, they had "forgotten" almost everything that I told them! Some would accuse me of being in a "cult," or having accessed some type of nameless, faceless evil that they barely even wanted to mention, since it caused them such fear ... which may well be the fear of abandonment.

It was as if their subconscious minds had said,

"If there even is a God, he certainly wouldn’t have been so careless as to put intelligent, human life like us on any other planet besides Earth. No way this is true. Aren’t we good enough for him? Why would he need to make any others besides us?"

And then the sense of abandonment and victimhood would kick in full-force, wrapped in a cloak of prideful self-defense: "Look at the fruits of our musicians, mathematicians, composers, chemists, artists, builders, poets, entrepreneurs, writers, inventors, filmmakers, humanitarians, peacemakers and great heroes. Sure, we have some problems, but come on! Are we just a cosmic "Plan B," left on the back burner in case the other inhabited planets don’t work out? No. God wouldn’t do that to us. He couldn’t. If God even exists at all, then we are obviously his only people ... his chosen people. Any other answer would be the biggest insult to our uniqueness that we have ever faced as a world society."

At the conscious level, others might just bury these deep fears, fall back and "punt" the more intellectually "mainstream" notion that "there is no scientific evidence" for the existence of life on any other planet besides Earth ... especially not intelligent life. Case closed.

In these instances, if I tried to suggest otherwise, they did not even listen, and would just hide behind an aggressive and argumentative wall of denial.

They had to return themselves to a position where they "knew it all" -- and if such a massive story were true, they "certainly wouldn’t be hearing it from a college sophomore in the non-smoking section of the Food Court." After many such "confrontations", some would continue to acquaint with me, but only if I never brought up "the Face and Pyramids on Mars" -- the would-be symbol of their cosmic abandonment -- again ....

Typically I would see less and less of these folks after this ... and the "friendship" would ultimately just dissolve.

On and on I wondered: what could possibly make these young, otherwise open-minded students (paradoxically, enrolled in an institution of "higher learning" ...) suddenly turn -- from being so dazzled one day that they were almost exploding with enthusiasm at the revolutionary information -- to being completely "reset" into their old patterns, and fighting off the Mars data with an emotional vengeance, the next?!

There’s one big problem with a Martian civilization: they’re not there anymore. And things aren’t looking so good here, either. Would a benevolent God let this happen? ... Ever? ... Again?

So, could it be that the Martian Monuments -- in both their sheer existence, now in ruins, and in their redundant geometric layout -- are giving us a literal "warning?"

Could it be that we have reached a moment in our own history where this warning is obviously of critical -- and potentially immediate -- importance?

Could it be that these otherwise inexplicable reactions were revealing overwhelming subconscious emotional feelings of "a powerlessness to do anything to heed this warning ...?"

Could it be that my erstwhile friends concluded -- albeit completely subconsciously -- that "if this is true, then someone else is going to take care of it ... because there is always a happy ending, and therefore I don’t need to worry about it ... or even remember that I learned it?"

The more a person turns the story around in their head, the more he or she comes back to this:

If Mars was "once like Earth," with an obviously incredibly advanced civilization (who somehow built artificial structures literally miles across!), but which are now in ruins ... then where did they go? Why has their "fourth planet" now become a dusty, frozen, desiccated wreck? Why have we not found any records of this most extraordinary event in Solar System history ... or, found any evidence of "survivors" ... on this planet?

Or ... have we?

In Richard’s long-awaited new DVD series "God, Man and ET," (which I too am eagerly awaiting in the mail at present, BTW -- and I can’t tell you how many of our projects have been delayed by all the time he’s invested on this one, over the past year), these fundamental, overarching questions are addressed in great detail. In a variety of religious, social and spiritual traditions, from all around our planet, including data from the ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablets, there is evidence that not all of "the Martians" simply disappeared ....

Some of them may have come here!

The problem then becomes how you interpret the rich, complex, multi-cultural historical data that has been collected over literally thousands of years -- which includes a remarkable series of (until now ...) enigmatic references in the Judeo-Christian scriptures ... which some scholars on the "God, Man and ET" series for the first time effectively demonstrate --

Could have come from Mars itself!

Are there conditions now occurring in our world that may, in a worst-case scenario, lead to a fate similar to that of Mars? How much has the recent Sumatra quake pushed people closer to thinking along such lines, regardless of "all that skepticism" that fights to come crashing down -- insisting arrogantly (somewhat like whistling in the dark, as we pass an old graveyard ...) that we "know it all" ... like a bunch of bratty (but ultimately frightened) teenagers?

These are worthwhile, even vital questions. And let us never forget one basic, obvious need that has been created by this disaster ... the survivors of this powerful, civilization-changing tsunami need food, shelter, clothing and medical care. I am honored to report, just before going to press with this article, that Richard has pledged 10 percent of the gross from the sale of each DVD set -- 12 dollars per order, one for each country affected -- directly into tsunami disaster relief efforts.

As for the bigger questions raised ... by the lost ancient civilization of Mars, the interplanetary climate change now (again?) underway, and the tsunami ... I believe that, in this case, we are not talking about a sequence of doom at all, but rather a collective "dark night of the soul" for humanity ... when it is viewed as a single organism in symbiosis with the Earth.

What, exactly, do I mean by that? A "dark night of the soul" sounds pretty scary ... until you realize that it is the classic pattern of how chemically dependent people get sober, how overeaters lose weight, how materialists become humanists, how hurting turns into healing. As the old metaphysical cliché goes, "The darkest hour is before the dawn."

You have to confront the full, ugly truth of how you have been hurting yourself (even if you think you’ve only been hurting others, whom you’ve conveniently dehumanized out of your own sense of fear and abandonment,) before you can be restored to sanity.

So, this "collective initiation" is not intended for doom at all; rather, it directly triggers the awakening from the very cultural slumber that most of us are now becoming more aware of. And most importantly, we get to choose how far it has to go before we learn the inevitable lesson, and change ....

Like an incommunicative, emotionally unavailable spouse -- with tight, pursed lips, both arms firmly locked over the chest, eyes contemptuously meditating on a single spot of the carpet, and one knee jerking mindlessly away -- who finally admits partial responsibility for the crippling marital problems ... but only when it has gotten so bad that they were forced to attend a counseling session, right after Christmas ... we are all waking up to how our our hard-and-fast, unquestioning wall of selfishness, isolationism and denial is "destroying our marriage" ... with this world, and with each other.

We need to change. And the sooner the better.

By opening our hearts and minds to a greater truth, we can have an immediate impact on those we interact with ... and this change can ultimately create a new "critical mass" where those who cling to the old ways become increasingly unable to promote and project their separatist, old-school, and increasingly deadly views around the world.

It’s happening now. We are creating it as you read these words.

Like many others, I use the term "Ascension" as a secular, single-word catch-phrase to describe the mass spiritual renaissance that is now occurring within humanity, one person at a time. The "2012" topic is, from what George Noory, the host of "Coast-to-Coast AM" tells me, the hottest question on everyone’s mind right now. Some people think that it is as simple as sitting back and waiting for a "cosmic trigger" to be switched on at the tail end of 2012. Many others profess a massive die-off of the human population through one of a variety of means, and therefore paint the entire event as a scenario of mass doom, to be mightily feared and prepared for with a wide variety of survivalist wares.

The majority of the public, of course, is still consciously unaware of the significance of this moment -- derived from the end-date of the Mayan Calendar (but all too connected in the minds of those who are aware, with apocalyptic, "End of the World" scenarios). But, as evidence that there is some kind of subconscious general perception that "something" could be coming, just look at the number of mainstream movies that capitalize on this (apparently) innate human fear ... including Art Bell and Whitley Strieber’s recent "The Day After Tomorrow."

The irony of the whole situation is that if humanity became aware, collectively, of the truths that this new science is revealing, (which I have summarized in my three-volume "Convergence" series, culminating in "Divine Cosmos,") the overall effect would indeed be "an Ascension." Even on the technological level, we could suddenly advance to a point where we had limitless free-energy devices, anti-gravity propulsion, super-light-speed travel, teleportation, profound new healing and consciousness enhancing technologies ... and beyond.

(We would also know why any given planetary society would want to build pyramids on their world, once they understand the simple, fantastic technology behind them -- a technology that harnesses a non-electromagnetic, very real source of energy that the Russians call "torsion fields" and what Richard would call "Hyperdimensional energy" ... a technology that is still far more advanced than what our mainstream scientists understand or accept.)

With the full range of technologies that this new science provides, humanity could literally touch the stars, and it would be far easier for us to alleviate hunger and deprivation around the world than at present. Without such crushing poverty and desperation, the overall incentive for instigating wars and conflicts would be largely reduced, and we could work towards a true acceptance of ourselves and of others.

For some embittered, trauma-hardened readers, true world peace may sound like a pathetic dream-come-true fantasy befitting sparkle-eyed young denizens of the Student Union Building’s Food Court. But I personally do not believe that the changes we are now seeing are simply intended to kill us off like a malignant Earth parasite. I get thousands of emails a month from sober, grounded people who share remarkable stories of synchronicity, hope and triumph, where they have become convinced that there is a force greater than themselves that guides, protects and cares for them. And with such a volume of data -- including my own experiences -- I feel that I am making a responsible decision to "trust the process" as it now unfolds before us. Those who profess doom may simply not have the vision to look beyond the fear and realize that we are in a collective initiation, whose ultimate results will create a new Golden Age for humanity, as so many ancient prophecies have foretold.

At the same time, we cannot simply sit back and wait to be "saved" by benevolent forces in the universe outside of ourselves. We would be well advised to share and utilize this new information with responsibility, and learn to take care of ourselves ... and each other. The unprecedented worldwide outpouring of compassion and humanitarian aid for the victims of the Sumatra quake and tsunami is, for me, a very positive sign that we are heading in the right direction. I hope you can join me at my upcoming lecture and workshop at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, California this February, where we can discuss interplanetary climate change, soul evolution and the building of a new world in far more detail and emphasize the spiritual aspects even more concretely:

And on the personal level, Richard and I have decided to set aside any of our technical or spiritual areas of disagreement (I mean, he’s allowing me to express my personal metaphysical opinions for the first time, on an otherwise strictly "scientific" website ...), to focus on a crucial common cause -- creating a better world for ourselves ... and for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren as well. In order to do that, our societies would ideally begin by providing for our basic safety -- and when science makes advances that can significantly increase that safety, it is up to the rest of us to educate ourselves and lobby others for positive social change.

So let’s look more deeply at the science that remarkably, precisely predicted this tragic earthquake literally half way around the planet ... and explore its usefulness. I do believe that we still have time to make the difference. As you are about to see, there is a lot more involved with earthquake activity than just random acts of terrestrial "entropic devastation."



What you see on the right is a scanned image of my own copy of "The Jupiter Effect," which was first written in 1974 (revised in 1976.)

I will first direct your attention to an excerpt from page 84. Notice that even back in the 1970s, some more open-minded scientists were aware that an interplanetary climate change was already well underway, as seen with the changes of the solar activity -- here noted as an unexpected increase in "gamma ray emissions from the Sun."

Most importantly for the technical aspects of this article, however, we will focus on the surprising correlation discovered in the early 1960’s -- between rising solar activity ... the speed of the Earth’s rotation ... and the occurrence of earthquake activity, immediately following both.

Some key excerpts ....

Early August 1972 witnessed two of the greatest solar flares ever recorded. Only in July 1959 has anything similar been seen, and that flare in turn occurred at a time when the overall activity of the Sun was more pronounced than at any time since 1610, when Galileo first recorded the existence of sunspots.

The great 1972 solar flare [click image left] is even more remarkable since it occurred at a time when the Sun was, on the whole, unusually quiet. It came almost literally ’out of the blue,’ and was totally unexpected by astronomers.

Of the many spacecraft that were in orbit in the summer of 1972, some, like Pioneer 10, were on long missions to the depths of space, while others were performing routine observations of the Sun and space ...[near] Earth. OSO-7 [one of the latter], carried instruments which operate at the frequencies of gamma rays, which are extremely energetic [ultra-short wavelength] bursts of electromagnetic radiation. Both satellites [though widely separated across the Solar System (Pioneer 10 was enroute to Jupiter!)], recorded the two August flares. The observed [gamma ray] radiation bore the characteristic spectral signature of elements such as carbon and oxygen -- elements already known to exist in the Sun, but observed for the first time [in 1972] at [these] gamma ray frequencies... [emphasis added]

But, this was not the most important "anomaly" observed in connection with these dramatic 1972 events. The major "flare explosions" on the Sun in early August also seemed to directly reach out ... and somehow affect the fundamental, measurable rotation of the Earth!

Continuing to quote ....

...It does now seem that Dr. A. Danjon, [Director] of the Paris Observatory, might have been treated a little harshly [in 1960] when the scientific community dismissed, because of lack of [a clear theoretical connection for] his claim ... that the similar great solar flare of 1959 produced [the same effect:]

A sudden change [a 0.85 millisecond increase] in the [fundamental] length of day [LOD] on Earth... [emphasis added]

This particular graph (right -- Figure 15 from "The Jupiter Effect") clearly shows the main effect which Dr. Danjon announced "to the sensation of the delegates" at the General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics in Helsinki, in 1960 -- that Earth’s length of day (LOD), remarkably, tracks the number of cosmic rays reaching Earth: when the cosmic ray count is elevated, the Earth spins slightly faster; when the count is depressed, the Earth’s day correspondingly lengthens ... by an equally tiny amount.

In truth, this remarkable correlation has nothing to do with "cosmic rays" (which are simply high-energy atomic particles, streaming through the Solar System from the farthest reaches of the Galaxy and beyond ...). The correlation of cosmic rays and Earth’s rotation is due to the fact that during the Sun’s well-known, 11-year "sunspot cycle," incoming charged cosmic ray particles are effectively deflected from the inner Solar System -- via the Sun’s increased solar wind and extended interplanetary magnetic field, which act as a magnetic shield for the planets during the Sun’s peak "sunspot periods."

The fact that the Earth’s basic rate of rotation is simultaneously affected (somehow!) by this well-known solar cycle -- which is separately affecting the greater or lesser screening of "incidental" cosmic rays -- is the extraordinary fact!

Some underlying, unseen physics -- somehow affecting both phenomena, solar activity and Earth’s rotation -- must be going on ....

From Gribbin and Plagemann again:

Scientists are -- usually quite rightly -- unwilling to accept evidence like this until it can be related in some way to the broad framework of their [perceived] understanding of "what makes the Universe tick" .... [They] are sometimes capable of dismissing even the most [blatant] piece of evidence if it does not agree with their preconceived notions [regarding] what the world ought to be like....

Figure 16 (also from "The Jupiter Effect" -- below) shows the change in the Earth’s spin, in the form of AT-UT2 (a system for measuring the Earth’s inconstant speed of rotation in the 1960’s and 70’s, via "recurring stellar transits," which are compared to an ultra-stable atomic maser clock as a separate time reference). The graph spans a six-month period, from May to October 1972.

The first of two remarkable 1972 solar flares that summer erupted on 4 August; the arrow in the figure (below, left) marks 3 August -- one day before the flare itself! At this point, inexplicably, there was a sudden jump in the record of AT-UT2 ... and the slope of the graph sharply inflected upward ... not to return completely to the previous LOD slope for almost three months!

This was quite a remarkable confirmation of Danjon’s original observations -- voiced over a decade before the application of ultra-precise atomic timekeeping technology would allow conclusive measurement of his startling proposition ... that solar activity could physically affect (though, minutely) the seemingly "immutable rotation of the Earth!"

Gribbin continues:

After all this time, we will probably never know for sure whether Danjon incorrectly measured the changing spin of the Earth at the time of the great solar flare of July 1959 ... or whether he was correct [thus, being the first to determine a "cause and effect" relationship between solar activity and the Earth’s spin rate ...], and that it was his detractors who slipped up. The jump, if it was real [in 1959], was less than one millisecond [one thousandth of a second -- barely detectable, utilizing the then-best-available 1950’s stellar transit and chronometer techniques (as opposed to the thousands-of-times-more-precise satellites, atomic clocks and quasar radio astronomy observations of today ...)].

Gribbin and Plagemann, in 1974, conclude:

From our point of view it is also interesting that there was an above average incidence of small earthquakes (microseismic activity) just after the July 1959 solar event. [Thus,] on balance, Danjon’s theory [of a causal solar flare/terrestrial spin rate "connection" (click image above right) -- was supported in 1960] by an impressive weight of [other] circumstantial evidence in his favor.

We are not concerned with proving a case in a court of law, but in working out an early warning system for great earthquakes (remember?); let us leave it that [because of these correlated observations] there is a strong [empirical] case that unusual solar activity causes increased seismic activity ... by [somehow] changing the Earth’s rate of spin [thus, its "angular momentum"], and that there may have been such a sudden change at the time of the great solar flares of July, 1959 and August, 1972. [emphasis added]

So, we can see here (especially in Figure 15, from "The Jupiter Effect" above), that there is a direct, measurable correlation between increases in solar activity ... and corresponding sudden "jumps" in the length of day on Earth.


Immediately after the Sumatra quake, rumors began to circulate that the massive energy release -- in addition to triggering the catastrophic tsunami, which has now claimed over 150,000 lives -- had also directly affected the Earth’s spin!

Richard Gross and Benjamin Fong Chao, of JPL and the NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, within a few days presented a series of calculations (but not actual measurements), indicating that the Earth likely "spun faster by 3 microseconds (3 millionths of a second), and tilted over by about an inch ..." as a result of the magnitude 9 Sumatra quake.

But, as we have seen from Gribbin and Plagemann, even in 1974 significant evidence existed (going back to the observations of anomalously increased seismic activity, in the wake of the 1959 solar event) that it is the other ways around; sudden changes in Earth’s rotation (caused by solar flares) also trigger increased earthquake activity!

In line with this key observation, leading Indian seismologist Dr. J. G. Negi, quoted in the Times of India January 10th -- three weeks after the Sumatra Event -- revealed that Earth rotational observations made between October 15 and November 30, by the International Earth Rotation Service (IERS), had recorded early signals of an increase in something called "the Chandler Wobble." The Chandler Wobble (below) is a tiny (about 40 foot), periodic "nodding" of the rotational axis of the Earth, normally occurring in a period of about 14 months -- a bit like the minute wobbling of a spinning top.

Negi revealed that:

"...during this period [leading up to the Sumatra quake], the wobble deviation from the expected position for this [seasonal] period was approximately 0.75 degrees, which is significant."

These wobble deviations were [soon] followed by a [major] earthquake in the southern hemisphere near Macquarie Trench near New Zealand, on December 23, with a magnitude of 8.1. The earthquakes above magnitude 8 are called "great earthquakes" -- and occur [only] once a year on average. But on December 26, only three days later, the northern hemisphere experienced [the tragic] quake of 9.0 magnitude [off] northern Sumatra.

"... The wobble of the earth’s rotation clearly anticipated these two events," Negi said. He recalled that there is a revolutionary theory, which was given in 1967 by L. Mansinha and D. L. E. Smiley, two scientists from Canada, which says that wobbles are co-seismic with great earthquakes.

In the case of the recent events in December, 2004, Negi said,

"The big question is whether earth got jolted after these two [major] earthquakes, or did the prior jolting of the planet, as was shown in the increased wobble, build up pressure to cause great earthquakes in both hemispheres ... within three days [emphasis added]."

As Richard explained on his most recent "Coast-to-Coast AM" radio appearance (December 28th, 2004) -- the current mainstream geophysical models (ala NASA’s Gross and Chao’s recent press releases) assume that the earthquakes are the cause ... and an increased spin rate and wobble of the Earth will be the result.

Yet, if solar activity is directly triggering such "earth changes," by minutely lengthening the day (as proven by the Naval Observatory record of Earth rotation before, during, and after the August ’72 major solar flares ...), we have a far more interesting mechanism on our hands ... especially if these sudden LOD and Chandler Wobble changes can cause (ala India’s seismologist, Dr. Negi) catastrophic earthquakes ....

However, look at the graphs again (Figures 16 and 17 -- reprinted again below).

Note that the arrow on Figure 16 marks August 3 -- the last "normal" data point on the expanded "trend line" (Figure 17) for the next three months. The following day -- but before the first of the two major "super flares" had erupted (at 6:20 Greenwich Mean Time) -- the next data point (for August 4) falls far above this line ... indicating the Earth has now slowed significantly (by several milliseconds ...). But--- Before the onset of the actual flare itself!

Over the next few days, as several more flares erupt from this major sunspot region -- culminating with the "granddaddy" of all solar flares, on August 7, 1972 (left) -- the spin of the Earth lags farther and farther behind its previous rotation rate (the sharp upward inflection of the data points in Figures 16-17). Then, after a few days, the data points abruptly fall back towards the "normal" line ... but they now define a new slope from that produced before the onset of the major August 4th flare. Only resuming the previous trend line ... after almost 90 days.

Clearly, something major disturbed the rotation of our entire planet in August, 1972 ... persisting afterward for months. Something ... which, inexplicably, began affecting Earth before its supposed "cause" had even exploded on the surface of the Sun!

This "impossibility" clearly calls for an "alternative solar/terrestrial physics" -- with some currently unseen "driver" initiating both the sudden Earth wobble and rotational changes ... thus triggering sudden major earthquakes ... while also causing the observed increased solar flare activity. Some kind of unseen, "underlying mechanism ...."

Precisely like Richard’s interconnected "Hyperdimensional Physics."


Just this past November, 2004, a team at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, led by a Dr. Solanki, discovered that the Sun is now more active than it has been in at least the last 8000 years (below).

This discovery was made by comparing data from Carbon-14 deposits in tree rings with several other well-known, well-documented historical indicators of solar activity. This is by far the most arresting statistic to show us exactly how rare and unique the changes we are now seeing in our Solar System really are:

I was surprised that Solanki et al. did not come right out and admit something that the graph speaks to even more dramatically: the current level of solar activity (in red -- above) is actually HIGHER than the shaded gray area (to the left on the top pane, and then expanded to full width in the bottom pane) he compared the current activity levels with, from 8000 years before. The last time that the Sun was MORE active than it is now ... was almost 11,000 years ago -- a time that constantly turns up as correlated with "the fall of the purported ancient civilization of Atlantis."

So, if solar activity is now at an all-time high, compared to the previous 11,000 years, and earthquake activity is on the rise, (along with changes in the length of a given day on Earth), are there any similar changes that we can recognize in any other planet in the solar system?

As documented in Richard’s recent article, "How the New Saturn Rotation Rate Saved the Cassini Mission," we now know that the length of day on Saturn has indeed also increased ... and if there is a longer day, it means that the planet itself is slowing down. And this astonishing deceleration can’t be due to "tides!"

Here is a rather lengthy excerpt from Richard’s previously published paper -- since it has again become so crucial to our own discussion here:

Based on radio astronomy observations conducted between April 29, 2003 and June 10, 2004 (well over a year …) by the Cassini Radio and Plasma Wave Science Instrument, NASA has just announced (June 28, 2004) a new period for Saturn’s internal rotation:

10 hours, 45 minutes, 45 seconds (with a formal error of “plus or minus 36 seconds” …).

The major surprise is that this figure is significantly longer than a similarly-derived “radio period” determined by the Planetary Radio Astronomy (PRA) experiment on the two Voyager spacecraft, which flew by Saturn only nine months apart almost a quarter century ago. That period was 10 hours, 39 minutes, 24 seconds … with a formal error of “plus or minus 7 seconds.”

Among the “major changes” we’ve been watching in the Saturn system recently, this belated new admission – less than two days away from Cassini’s Orbital Insertion around Saturn – must rank as the most significant change. Altering the “day length” of a major planet – in this case, of the second most massive planet in the solar system -- even by six minutes (only about one percent), is not a “trivial” change. But, scientists associated with the Cassini Project seem totally baffled by this alteration ... which may explain some of the hesitancy in its announcement.

University of Iowa Space Physicist Don Gurnett (right), head of the team that is analyzing these radio emissions, said June 28th:

“Although Saturn’s radio rotation period has clearly shifted by a substantial amount over the 24 years since the Voyager measurements, I don’t think any of us could conceive of any process that would cause the rotation of the entire planet to actually slow down. So it appears that there is some kind of slippage between the deep interior of the planet and the magnetic field, which controls the charged particles responsible for the radio emission [emphasis added]."

The key here is his revealing comment,

“I don’t think any of us could conceive of any process that would cause the rotation of an entire planet to slow down ….”

Obviously, Gurnett is forgetting about this one – the Earth.

Since 1972, there have been two timekeeping methods for keeping track of Earth’s “day” – the usual one, astronomically measuring the Earth’s rotation relative to distant background objects in the Universe (stars, quasars, radio galaxies, etc.); and a newer one, via the very precise energy exchanges occurring within cesium and hydrogen atoms, so-called “atomic clocks.”

But, soon after atomic clocks were compared with Earth’s astronomical rotation, it was noticed that the Earth was -- mysteriously – slowing down ….

According to the US Naval Observatory:

"In order to keep the cumulative difference in UT1-UTC (less than 0.9 seconds), a leap second is added to the atomic time to decrease the difference between the two. This leap second can be either positive or negative depending on the Earth’s rotation. Since the first leap second in 1972, all leap seconds have been positive. This reflects the general slowing trend of the Earth due to tidal braking [emphasis added].”

Since 1972, a total of over 30 “leap seconds” have been added to Earth’s day length (!) – an enormous slowing of the Earth’s rotation in such a brief period of time. Obviously, Don Gurnett simply did not remember this fundamental fact of life on Earth … or, he wouldn’t have made the statement:

“I don’t think any of us could conceive of any process that would cause the rotation of an entire planet to slow down ….”

The Hyperdimensional implications for this new discovery are profound … as are those for the Cassini Mission.

These points of interest are part of an ongoing investigation we are conducting, soon to continue in Part Four of "Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow?", so not every question will be hazarded with an answer at this point... some of the mystery will have to stand.

If you still haven’t had enough, consider below a few excerpts that came from Richard Pasichnyk’s 2002 breakthrough research work, "The Vital Vastness, Volume Two."

Although RCH and I differ with many of Pasichnyk’s analytical conclusions, and with one another on some others, we both agree that he has assembled a prodigious number of essential mainstream references -- "essential" for anyone seriously interested in tracking, with solid, scientific research, the accelerating rate of fundamental change now taking place across our Solar System ... including those happening right here on our own imperiled planet.

As you are about to see, there are a variety of carefully documented linkages now evident between the "Solar System / earthquake connections" outlined here ... and other "at-a-distance" phenomena also being quietly explored by Science. These connections cannot help but ultimately advance our fundamental understanding of Hyperdimensional Physics -- which can, in turn, teach us how to predict, prepare for ... and someday prevent ... major earthquakes like "Sumatra," as well as other, equally catastrophic "earth changes."

Enjoy ... and learn.


To me, this first excerpt is one of the most substantial (though, Richard -- based on this own extensive analysis of lunar "TLP" -- disagrees ...), as it equates the appearance of "luminous phenomena" on the Moon with terrestrial earthquakes. As readers of Divine Cosmos are aware, my "aetheric earthquake model" posits the release of high-density, high-pressure luminous matter from the Earth’s core as a primary cause of earthquakes -- so in this new system, it makes sense that the Moon might also display similar behavior at the same time:

[P. 964:] One physicist [Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev in 1972] disclosed that all major [terrestrial] earthquakes can be ... [forecast] simply by observing the lunar surface. Seismic events on both the Earth and Moon are so precisely timed that it is “as if the Moon were in direct contact with the Earth; as if it were its seventh continent.”

Data from 639 major earthquakes were compared with 370 events listed in NASA’s catalog of transient lunar phenomena (TLP) for the period between 1904 and 1967 ... These data made it evident that events on the Earth and the Moon are mutually registered with a time lag of up to three days.327

For example, consider two events. Two deep-focus earthquakes occurred on 31 March 1969, and the following day a transient red spot was noted in the Moon’s Aristarchus Crater. On 20-21 September earthquakes were followed by another spot in the same crater. Both events took place around the equinoxes, also displaying the solar linkage.327

The records indicated that TLP came, either or both, before and after earthquakes with a peak of two to three days prior to and after the event. Earthquakes are most likely to take place when these peaks coincide with high tides, and the Moon is at its closest approach to the Earth (perigree).327

327. Kozyrev, NA (1972) On the Interaction Between Tectonic Processes of the Earth and the Moon. pp.220-225 in (eds) S.K. Runcorn, H. Urey. The Moon. Dordrecht, Reidel.

In this next excerpt, we see that Uranus’ heliocentric position -- relative to the Sun and Earth -- has been correlated with terrestrial earthquake activity as well ... in this case, not necessarily when it is in a perfect 180-degree opposition between the Earth and the Sun, but rather at the "hyperdimensional" geometric angle of 115 degrees (5 degrees -- one "orb" -- from the "perfect" 120-degree "trine angle" -- one of the standard aspects in astrology):

[P. 977:] Other, rather surprising, factors have been shown to possibly play a role in earthquake occurrence. For one, the position (115 degrees of meridian) of Uranus was strongly correlated with earthquakes from 1904 to 1950. The scientist who conducted the study [R. Tomaschek in 1959] says that this cannot possibly be due to gravitational effects.601,602 This is quite obvious.

601. Tomaschek, R. (1959) Great Earthquakes and the Astronomical Positions of Uranus. Nature 184:177-8.

602. Tomaschek, R. (1960) Earthquakes and Uranus: Misuse of a Statistical Test of Significance [A Reply]. Nature 186:337-338.

Could our terrestrial earthquake activity be triggered (or enhanced) by energetic events far beyond our Solar System? Apparently so ....

[According to the work of D. Sadeh and M. Meidav in 1972, published in the prestigious journal Nature,] earthquake occurrence in 1972 was enhanced in step with the frequency of a pulsar (CP 1133). 529 Later these data were criticized. However, one cannot help but wonder if the criticism was due to the unorthodox findings and the theoretical lack of a mechanism. Could these findings be due to action at a distance, or a system of interstellar or intergalactic fields (see Chapter 7, and sections 9.6 and 10.4)?

529. Sadeh, D., Meidav, M. (1972) Periodicities in Seismic Response Caused by Pulsar CP1133. Nature 240:136-38.

Next, we have some of Pasichnyk’s data that gives an overview of the same topics that we have been discussing herein, by returning to Gribbin and Plagemann’s original compilation of some of the key research, "The Jupiter Effect":

[P. 977:] The length of day (LOD), the period required for the Earth to complete its rotation, has varied throughout time. Like so many other geophysical phenomena, solar activity has been correlated with changes in the length of day.135,168,225,484 Different LOD occurred along with fluctuations in solar activity in the periods 1780 to 1960, and 1900 to 1979.135,484

135. Currie, RG (1981) Solar Cycle Signal in Earth Rotation: Nonstationary Behavior. Science 211:386-389.

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225. Gribbin, J. (1975) Climate, the Earth’s Rotation and Solar Variations. pp.413-425 in (eds) G.D. Rosenburg, S.K. Runcorn, Growth Rhythms and the History of the Earth’s Rotation. NY, J Wiley.

484. Poma, A., Proverbio, E. (1981) Random and Long Periodic Variations in the Earth’s Motion. J Interdiscipl Cycle Res 12(3):237-246.

[P. 977:] [According to the work of RA Challinor in a 1971 issue of Science,] Solar flares are known to abruptly alter the Earth’s rotation.100 For example, [in the Science journal, J. Gribbin and J. Plagemann found in 1973 that] the great flares of 1959 and 1972 brought abrupt changes in the LOD [length of day for the Earth’s rotation]. 231 Both long-term and short-term changes in solar activity alter the Earth’s rotation.

100. Challinor, RA (1971) Variations in the Rate of Rotation of the Earth. Science 172:1022-4.

231. Gribbin, J, Plagemann, J. (1973) Discontinuous Change in Earth’s Spin Rate Following Great Solar Storm of August 1972. Nature 243: 26-27.

I find it interesting that these same solar changes, correlated with changes in the length of day and with earthquake activity, also appear to be at least partially responsible for increased weather activity, specifically the dreaded El Niño and La Niña effects (above):

[p. 979:] Confirmation of the effect’s non-gravitational nature is evident in numerous observations. One is that a correlation exists between the LOD, weather and solar activity. Alterations in the Earth’s rotation, variations in the upper atmosphere’s density, and geomagnetic storms fluctuate with solar activity.168 Variations in the upper atmosphere’s density and geomagnetic storms would be expected from the ionization produced by particle flow [emphasis added].


A few scientists have claimed that the changes in rotation are due to weather phenomena acting on the Earth’s surface (i.e., wind shear).183,484,638 Meanwhile, the rotation slowed just prior to one of the greatest weather disturbances in some forty years, the strongest El Niño on record. A strong peak in the increase of LOD preceded an unusually intense El Niño in 1982-83, not the other way around. 97 A similar rotational change also preceded the El Niño of 1997-98.

97. Carter, WE, et al. (1984) Variations in the Rotation of the Earth. Science 224:956-961.

168. Djurovic, D, Paquet, P. (1986) Atmospheric Circulation, the Earth’s Rotation and Solar Activity. Pp.187-192 in (ed) A. Cazenave, Earth Rotation: Solved and Unsolved Problems. Boston, Riedel.

183. Emetz, AI, Korsun, AA. (1979) On the Long-Period Variations in the Rate of the Earth’s Rotation. pp.59-60 in (eds) D.D. McCarthy, J.D. Pilkington. Time and the Earth’s Rotation. Boston, Reidel.

484. Poma, A, Proverbio, E. (1981) Random and Long Periodic Variations in the Earth’s Motion. J Interdiscipl Cycle Res 12(3):237-246.

638. Vondrak, J. (1977) Rotation of the Earth Between 1955.5 and 1976.5. Studia Geoph et Geod 21:107-117.

Now we learn that the Earth’s magnetic field shows these solar-induced changes in the Earth’s rotation -- before they emerge, measurably, as an actual "jerk" or wobble:

[p. 985:] As with other observations there are indications of a solar linkage in jerks [in the Earth’s magnetic field]. [According to a 1965 study by T. Yukutake,] The jerks, such as in 1913 and 1969, are correlated with the 11-year solar cycle. 680 The Sun’s helical motion around the barycenter, or center of mass, reached a minimum in 1913, and the greatest solar interaction took place around the equinoxes.399,525,571,608,609 Universal time (LOD) variations are associated with the Earth’s tilt on its axis, displaying the largest variations around the equinoxes. 525 In addition, [according to studies in 1975 and 1977 by L.R. Aldredge, published in mainstream geophysical journals,] shifts in the geomagnetic field peak first.18,19

18. Alldredge, LR. (1975) Hypothesis for the Source of Impulses in Geomagnetic Secular Variations. J Geophys Res 80:1571-1578.

19. Alldredge, LR. (1977) Geomagnetic Variations with Periods from 13 to 30 Years. J Geomag Geoelect 29:123-135.

399. Meeus, J. (1977) “Unexpected Anomaly” in the Annual Distribution of the Maximum of the 11-Year Sunspot Cycle. J Interdisciplinary Cycle Res 8:205-6.

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680. Yukutake, T. (1965) Solar Cycle Contribution to the Secular Change in the Geomagnetic Field. J Geomagn Geoelectr 17:287-309.

So there you have it (to quote a certain, well-known, late-night radio personality ...).


If you’re still with us, after all this time and information, then you’re probably starting to see that there’s a lot more to earthquakes and tsunamis than you may have noticed. "V" and his colleagues have already developed a software program that goes a long way towards successfully predicting specific earthquakes a month or more in advance, and the more of these variables that can be included (and the data continually updated on a timely basis,) the better we can prepare.

Furthermore, the case for the Physics behind these disparate phenomena is about to become far more intriguing -- when we publish Part Four of our "Interplanetary" series....

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