by Harry Mason

Geologist-Geophysicist - Perth Western Australia
January 2 2005

from Rense Website

See the article below - this is the sort of beast that may be brewing under the newly-active MAJOR seismic zone NW of Sumatra.

TOBA lies just inland from the 9.0 Richter tsunamis-forming earthquake epicenter - on a previously created NW trending fault harmonic - located onshore within the NW Sumatra Island Arc

During an explosive mega-eruption some 75,000 years ago, TOBA is thought to have nearly taken out the entire human race. Krakatoa was a baby's baby in comparison !!!

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  • For a detailed geological and geophysical analysis of TOBA see HERE 

  • A full article on TOBA from the BBC HERE

I am indebted to anthropologist Sandra Belanger of San Francisco for the data sources re TOBA.

The NW Sumatra seismic event is still in progress (Monday 3-01-05) with regular periodic 5.0-6.5 Richter quakes and thousands of smaller trembles largely focused within the proto NNW trending Andaman-Nicobar-Sumatra Island Arc. This remains a HIGHLY-DANGEROUS situation and will remain so for many months.

The lack of regular press alerts on this scenario is disturbing. The public need to know the potential dangers involved AND what to do in case of an alert.