This covertly run Government terrorist organization is designed

to monitor and manipulate EVERY citizen
Whoever or Wherever You Are!


by Patrick S. Poole

Excerpts from Nexus Magazine Aug/Sept 1999

from MindControlForums Website




Patrick S. Poole is a lecturer in government and economics at Bannockburn College in Franklin, Tennessee, USA, having previously served as deputy Director of the Center for Technology Policy in Washington, DC. He contributes frequently to several publications on topics of privacy and civil liberties.

I fully believe that one day the (Anti-Society) ECHELON Citizen Spying Network will be dismantled by the people brick by brick

just the same as the Berlin Wall.

George Farquhar - Oct 1999




The US National Security Agency's
Global Citizen Spying Network.
Menwith Hill, North Yorkshire, England.


The U.S. NSA - Echelon is now being widely expressed in the mainstream media.

However, these propaganda issues are in fact a major cover-up of the real issues that

the US National Security Agency are perpetrating against Humanity.

This Black Government "Silent Weapons" technology has been developed

to monitor the location and manipulate the minds of
EVERY citizen - Wherever or Whoever you are!



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