Appendix 19 Effect of the Pyramid Field on Lymphoblastic Cells & Antiviral Activity

Academician S.M. Klimenko of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
N.N. Nosik Ph.D. (Medical Science), D.N. Nosik Ph.D. (Medical Science)


Human Lymphoblastic Cells

We conducted a study of the effect of the pyramid field on human lymphoblastic cells. The source of the pyramid field was water that had been exposed in the pyramid and then used to produce a nutrient solution. The viability of the cells was determined by staining with 0.4% tripan blue (Serva, Germany) and MTT (Sigma, USA) with spectrophotometry of the absorption of the vital dye. As early as the 10th day of the experiment there began a noticeable (severalfold) growth in the number of cells and the percentage of viable cells in the treated sample compared to the control.

Data was obtained on the stimulating effect of a nutrient medium prepared with water exposed in a pyramid on the viability and proliferation of human cells. An increase in the duration of viability over the control was found. For example, on day 11 these figures were 1.2 million/ml and 52% respectively for the control and 1.4 million/ml and 88% for the experiment; on day 21 0.05 million/ml and 2% for the control, and 0.3 million/ml and 49% for the experiment.


Antiviral Activity of Immunoglobulin
In the same place we conducted a study of the effect of the pyramid field on the antiviral activity of immunoglobulin. The subject of the study was venoglobulin — human polyvalent immunoglobulin for intravenous injection. The study was carried out on a culture of human diploid fibroblast cells. To determine the antiviral activity of the immunoglobulin the virus causing encephalomyocarditis (EMC) in mice was used. The antiviral activity of the preparation was determined by its capacity to protect the human cells from the cytopathic action of the virus.

The venoglobulin was dissolved in distilled water in accordance with the instructions to a concentration of 50 mg/ml. In the study the preparation was tested at two concentrations: 50 mg/ml and 0.5 mg/ml. Aliquot quantities of venoglobulin in both concentrations was exposed in the pyramid. The venoglobulin was introduced into cell cultures, 24 hours before they were infected with a virus.


The EMC virus reproduces well in diploid cultures of human fibroblasts, producing a pronounced cytopathic effect. The infectious titre of the virus reached 5.0 lg CPD50. Venoglobulin at a concentration of 50 mg/ ml significantly inhibited the reproduction of the virus and its titre reached only 2.0 lg TCPD50 (a inhibition factor of 3.0 lg). With the concentration of the preparation reduced 100-fold, a protective effect could no longer be detected.

When venoglobulin preparations of the same concentrations that had, however, been exposed in the pyramid were used a different picture was observed. In this case the preparation at a concentration of 50 mg/ml inhibited the reproduction of the EMC virus by 4.0 lg. Most significant, however, was that the preparation at a concentration of 0.5 mg/ml had the same inhibiting effect.


Thus, venoglobulin at a concentration of 0.5 mg/ml that had had no protective effect on the cells, after spending time in the pyramid possessed a more pronounced virus-inhibiting effect than a preparation 100 times more concentrated.

Under further dilution, to concentrations of 0.005 mg/ml and 0.00005 mg/ml with subsequent exposure in the pyramid, the venoglobulin displayed a pronounced anti-viral effect — the titre of the EMC virus reached only 1.0 lg TCPD50. The anti-viral activity of the venoglobulin practically ceased to depend on its concentration.

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Appendix 20 Effect of the Pyramid Field on an Electrical Field


The All-Russian (Lenin) Electro-Technical Institute

An evaluation was carried out of the effect of the pyramid field on an electrical field in a long air-gap between a rod and a surface under a positively polarized impulse tension of 250/2500 ms.

The basic set-up used had a rod-surface air-gap between the electrodes of 5.0 meters.

The experimental set-up was the same, except that placed on the surface were 7 pieces of granite, each weighing 100 grams that had been exposed in the pyramid and were placed on the surface around the perimeter of a 1-metre-diameter circle with its centre 0.5 meters from the centre of the surface.

100 voltage impulses were applied to each of the set-ups. The trajectories of the discharges and the impact damage points were recorded. On the basis of the results a plot of the impact points was produced. The discharge voltage throughout the experiments was approximately 1400 kV.

As a result of the study it was reliably established that the number of impact points inside the circle in the basic set-up was 5 times higher than in the experimental set-up.

Conclusion: the shape made up of pieces of stone exposed in the pyramid has powerful properties protecting the part of the surface inside it against damage from electrical discharges.

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Notes & References

  1. In principle the human organism is self-sufficient. It is made in such a way that it can produce all the substances and hormones necessary for the vital processes. By introducing various medicines into the organism, even when there is an urgent need, we are nonetheless interfering with the natural mechanisms, something which has an adverse effect on the immune system.


    Let us examine one indicative example: when insulin is injected into the body, the pancreas immediately stops producing that hormone — why produce it when it is already present? There is a wide spectrum of all manner of medical preparations and vitamins that, when introduced into the organism, suppress their production by the body itself. The organism begins to “get lazy” and that leads to a worsening of its overall immune status.

    The Wands of Horus possess a unique quality: they stimulate and activate natural functions of the organism that have been suppressed by the use of medicines. Thus regular use of the Wands of Horus creates the necessary preconditions for the revival of suppressed functions, the normalization and improvement of the immune system.

    To intensify the stimulating effect of the Wands of Horus on the immune system and increase their corrective effect on the secondary consequences of diseases, and also on diseases currently in a latent phase, the Wands of Horus need to be used in conjunction with special copper patches. These copper patches are attached to the appropriate acupuncture points on the body, making it possible to direct the effect to a particular organ or to the immune system as a whole.


  2. Unfortunately, it has to be noted that in referring to “esoteric” knowledge, many authors lead their readers astray. The very word “esoteric” means secret, that is to say concealed from the majority of people. But if authors shout about this esoteric knowledge from the rooftops and regularly mention it in their books, then the knowledge in question is no longer “esoteric”, but rather “exoteric” — and the two concepts should not be confused.


  3. Fifteen years of study in the temple at Luxor convinced the Alsatian philosopher Schwaller de Lubicz that the orthodox view is either erroneous or hopelessly outdated. The data that he assembled contradict practically all the generally accepted conceptions about the history of mankind and the evolution of “civilization”. Like the classical authors of the Ancient World, Schwaller de Lubicz believes that Egyptian science — specifically medicine, mathematics and astronomy — was at a far higher level of development than many modern scholars are prepared to accept. He also notes that every aspect of Egyptian culture was already perfectly formed at the moment it appeared!

    As John Anthony West asserts:

    1. “Egyptian civilization did not appear as the result of ‘development’ — it was a legacy (or rather a gift received from others).”


  4. An ordinary non-specialist might ask why we divide specifically by four.

    It is bound up with a fundamental natural phenomenon that is known as the principle of dichotomy. It was observed that when a string begins to vibrate it moves as shown in diagram A.


    Immediately, however, it starts to produce overtones, that is to say its two halves begin to vibrate as if some invisible finger had pressed down on its precise center.


    Each half in turn begins to produce overtones (to divide into two) and so it goes on. It is as if the string instantly “stops” itself in the middle, instantaneously, and the result is to produce a note that is the same, but an octave higher. Incidentally, if we take any segment and divide it precisely in half, that will always produce two segments divided in the ratio of the Golden Section.


    Thus in the present case it would perhaps be more correct to write 78:4 as (78:2):2, i.e. 78 cm divided in half, then divided in half again.

  5. Everything that makes up the nature of material is the consequence of the interaction of various vibrations in the environment, in other words, of frequencies, since a frequency is the rate of vibration.

    When we want to find out the rate of a process that we are studying, we draw a graph. In this example we have plotted changing pressure (D) against time (T). In order to find out what the rate of the process was at a given moment in time (point C), we need to draw the tangent (AE) to the curve at C. The slope of this tangent (angle _) is an expression of the rate of the process.

    In order to determine that angle we take the ratio of one side of the right-angled triangle (BC) to the other (AB). It follows that the hypotenuse (here AC) of a right-angled triangle is the formal expression of the rate of any process.


  6. This experiment, carried out in 1978, is quite interesting. The researchers planned to create this small version of the Pyramid of Cheops with a base roughly 17 meters square using “the Ancient Egyptians’ method” — employing an inclined plane to raise the blocks to the required height. Despite the fact that the volume of the Japanese miniature was 2367 times less than that of the Great Pyramid itself, its builders were unable to drag the blocks of stone to the upper levels and so were obliged to complete their pyramid using cranes, bulldozers and winches. This edifice still stands in Japan, the first pyramid in the Far East, but it was generally acknowledged that the experiment fell short of success. This is borne out by the book that the researchers published — with the candid title “How the Pyramids Were Not Built”.


  7. Only five of the eleven have survived, the remaining six were destroyed by the action of water and time.


  8. The sequence 2,1,3,4. That is to say two panels with “tops”, followed by one without, then three with tops, and four without. In geometry this sequence of numbers defines the concept of Pythagoras’ Tetraxis.


  9. For the Ancient Egyptian priests, BA denoted the focal point (of refraction) of an energy or light flow, that spread out evenly from it in all directions (globally and at once, without and within) — like the focal point of an optical system, refracting the flow of light entering an optical device from the environment outside. Both the photographic camera and the human eye function on this same principle. In other words, the human being is a manifest focal point transforming (refracting) energy flows.


  10. Folklore and oral tradition in Arab countries asserts that music and sounds were used in the construction of most ancient unique edifices.

    After the completion of some room an instrument (tuning device) capable of producing particular notes was brought in. From the quality of the sound (the acoustics, the depth and duration of the sound) it was possible to draw conclusions about the resonance properties of the room, in other words about the product of the construction work. If the result was unsatisfactory further work would be carried out until the room began to “ring”.

    In this context it is worth mentioning Doctor Joseph Martin Shore’s expedition to the Giza plateau and the Valley of the Kings.

    Shore’s experiments in the large “burial chamber” of the Pyramid of Cheops produced sensational results. They showed that the pyramid was perhaps constructed as a generator or amplifier of certain sonic frequencies. Shore’s group managed to identify four main frequencies (notes) amplified by the edifice and used for its material construction. The notes form the chord of F sharp major, which, according to some Ancient Egyptian texts, harmonizes with our planet’s own vibratory frequency. ENTERPRISE MISSION (material published in NLO, Issue 1, 1998, p. 11)


  11. The rock beneath the pyramid is approximately one-fifths of the height of the edifice. That means that less material was required for the construction from the nearby quarries than was previously believed. This is borne out by calculations of the volume of material extracted from the quarries and that of the pyramid.


  12. The history of quartz goes back far further than that of diamonds and other precious stones. The legendary civilization of Atlantis was already aware of the hidden power and colossal energy of quartz crystals. Legends and popular beliefs about quartz that survive in Tibet inform us of the extensive use in Atlantis of rock crystal (transparent quartz) ranging from healing to telepathic communication and tapping the energy of the Cosmos. Those legends speak of the Atlanteans having gigantic pyramids, colossal energy-stores. The summits of many pyramids were crowned with large crystals of quartz.
    Much of the Atlanteans’ knowledge disappeared, but some survived to put out shoots in other cultures — in Egypt, Tibet and India.

    For many ancient civilizations quartz was a sacred mineral. The Ancients believed that quartz was the very consummation of nature, and its structure the basis of life on Earth. Indian yogis hold that quartz and the human being represent the culmination of evolution in the universe. Perhaps this is because of all the mineral kingdom quartz is most in tune with the human being. The Ancients believed that crystals of quartz radiate a divine white light, that they are the key giving entry to cosmic harmony, putting a person in touch with its vibrations. They are conductors of the pure energy of the cosmos, high frequency generators. Crystals are akin to the pyramids that connect people to the cosmic consciousness.


  13. Doctor Abatte-Pacha, vice-president of the Institute of Egyptology, and William Groff, a worker at the institute, once spent a whole night in the desert close to the pyramids. In the official account of this research Groff stated:

    1. “About eight p.m. I noticed a light, the source of which was slowly moving around the Great Pyramid near its very top. It resembled a low flame. The light passed around the pyramid three times and then disappeared.


      After that I attentively observed that particular pyramid practically the whole night and at about eleven the light appeared again, only this time it had taken on a somewhat pale blue hue. It slowly rose along the slope of the pyramid practically in a straight line and hung for a short time above its tip, after which it again disappeared.”


    By persistently questioning the local Bedouins, Groff managed to find out that the mysterious light had been seen quite frequently in the past — tales about it went back into the depths of the centuries. The Arabs attribute it to the guardian spirits of the pyramid. Groff himself attempted to find a natural explanation for the phenomenon but without success.


  14. A brochure entitled The Cylinders of the Pharaohs (1997 and 1998) presented a slightly different, simplified description of the structure of the “Energy Source” and its link with the cylinders of the pharaohs. Considering the fact that researchers from various countries have come fairly close to solving the mystery of the Pyramid of Cheops, it is preferable to give a more detailed account of the structure of the “source” and a number of other elements lest they are destroyed by expeditions that are planned for the very near future.


  15. For the sake of greater historical accuracy, here and below Ancient Egyptian names are given in the text followed by the Greek equivalents in brackets.


  16. The symbolic meaning of the sculptural group can be read as follows: Horus and Isis (the two all-forming flows/sources of the BA-KA vital force) are the sources of energy needed by Osiris (the pharaoh) to become the ruler of the Duat. The basis of Ancient Egyptian theology was the idea that after death (leaving the body) the pharaoh went up into the firmament and became an “Osiris” (a traveller through the heavenly realm of the Duat). In other words, in order to journey through the heavenly Duat (the emergence and travelling of the astral body) the energy of Horus and Isis is needed (the active and harmonized BA-KA).


    If we take into account the Egyptians belief that their civilization went back to a Golden Age when both kingdoms were ruled by gods and the god Osiris was reckoned to be the first pharaoh, having assumed human form, then we can conclude that the practice of preparing pharaohs to journey in their “astral bodies” is very ancient indeed.


  17. Against the background of the brief average life-span of the Ancient Egyptians — 25 to 30 years, the longevity of some priests and pharaohs is quite astonishing. Psamtik was on the throne for 51 years, Thutmose III for 54 years, Ramesses II for 67 years and Pepi II for 94 years! Naturally, given an average life of 30 years, for three generations of ordinary Egyptians Pepi II would have seemed the embodiment of immortality and divine superiority.

  18. We have already mentioned the fact that frequencies are in resonance when the wavelength of one is an exact multiple of the wavelength of the other. For that reason, the cylinders intended to work with the Pyramid of Cheops were 146 mm long, one thousandth of the height of the pyramid. In other words, this type of cylinder was tuned to the pyramid. Incidentally, the figure 146 mm, or 0.146 m, is the fourth element in the descending branch of the Golden Section sequence.


    Ascending                    Golden Section sequence                  Descending

    11,090; 6,854; 4,236; 2,618; 1,618;                   1,000;                 0,618; 0,382; 0,236; 0,146; 0,090;


    It is worth also reminding the reader that the Ancient Egyptian calendar had a cycle of 1460 (146 x 10) years. 1460 was the cycle of Sothis, which is based on the heliacal rising of the star Sirius and its shift by one day every four years (of 365 days). The Ancient Egyptian year contained 1460 days (4x365=1460).


  19. In 1968 a group of scientists from the USA and Cairo University set up detectors in the underground chambers of the Pyramid of Khaf-Ra (Chephren) to register the amount of cosmic radiation penetrating through the thickness of the pyramid. The measurements were taken around the clock for the period of a year. The results proved to be astonishing: each day the pattern of radiation was different and unique.


  20. It is worth adding to the already existing definition of the Noosphere concept that it is a multi-dimensional, highly complex structure incorporating many sub-planes of existence. The souls of people who die on the Earth pass into the Noosphere, becoming a part of it. And we bring to the Noosphere all the positive and negative that we have stored up within ourselves over the course of our lives, thus determining its quality and the problems of its development.


    It should be stressed that what people call Shambala is one of the highest sub-planes of the Noosphere. Shambala is, in one of its manifestations, the “energetic space” created and inhabited in by those who in their lives, deeds, thoughts and strivings embodied on Earth the will of the Creator and through whose lives and sufferings the Absolute itself draws closer to perfection. But the Noosphere is not only Shambala, after all not only people of great spirituality leave the Earth when they die.

    The Noosphere is us, only on another plane of existence. It should therefore be understood that sometimes a contact with the Noosphere is a contact with those who at some time lived on Earth, or on another planet.


  21. Etymologically the word religion is made up of two elements: re meaning “establishment” and “ligio” meaning “connection”. That is to say “establishment of a connection” or the beginning of the process of interaction. A correct understanding of the word opens up a long-forgotten secret.


  22. The “Canon” is a set of basic principles on which the ancient hierophants’ conceptions of the universe were constructed. They form the foundation of the Law of Harmony.


  23. Knowledge of destiny and the ability to foresee the future is a direct indication of the source of such knowledge and the pyramids were a tool to obtain that knowledge.

    In this connection it is worth noting that the tales and myths of the North American Indians asserted that the people who lived before the flood could see through the earth and predict the future.[11]


  24. Certain geological structures are connected with the energy processes taking place in the cosmos and are therefore something like natural energy sources.

    The orientation of the pyramids in respect of the planet’s poles was a consequence of their attachment to particular energy flows coming from star systems, on which the Pyramid of Cheops, among others, was oriented. The southern shaft of the “King’s Chamber” was directed at the belt of Orion, a constellation that was associated with Asar (Osiris), while a shaft from the “Queen’s Chamber” was oriented on Sirius, the star of the goddess Aset (Isis).


    The northern shaft, rising at an angle of 31 degrees to the horizontal, was oriented almost precisely on the star now known as Alpha Draconis. This positioning was no coincidence and it also determined the pyramids orientation to the points of the compass. The determining factor, however, was not the points of the compass as such, but the alignment of the shafts with certain stars.

  25. According to contemporary thinking, the immune system of the healthy individual is the criterion that
    should be pursued in order for the human organism to function normally. On an evolutionary scale,
    however, as psychic potential develops (the programme of mutations encoded in the DNA of each of
    us) and the environment improves, the human immune system will also improve. Such mutations will
    accompany the shift of the human organism to the next evolutionary step.


  26. We should immediately make clear that the Pyramidal Energy Structures referred to here will be rather
    different. Additional elements will be used in their construction, making it possible to correct the inadequacies (or rather deliberate peculiarities) in the construction of the pyramids of the Giza complex.


  27. The generally accepted title, “The Book of the Dead” is incorrect. The heading of the original work
    can be literally translated as “The Book of Those Who Rise by Day” or “The Chapters of Coming
    Forth by Day
    ”. This kind of inexactitude in translation is a consequence of the fact that the scholars of
    ancient texts did not take into account the practices employed by the ancient priests during “initiations”.

    The ancient text is considered to be devoted to life after “death” and the necessary preparation for that transition. . But, in drawing that conclusion the researchers did not appreciate the reality that lay behind the texts. In point of fact the erroneously titled “Book of the Dead” speaks not of the deceased in a literal sense, but of those who have left their bodies during an “initiation” and made an “astral journey” while in a deep suggestive state.

    Separate fragments of the work in the form in which it has come down to us today are devoted magic rituals or metaphysics as such. The majority of the book is a description of the states passed through by the soul that has flown from the body, the trials awaiting it and its existence in subtler dimensions. In effect the main emphasis of the book is no what happens to a person after “death” (coming forth from the body).[16]

    It should be noted that when a person “comes forth from the body” during a session of regressive hypnotism it seems to an observer that the subject parts with his life. At first the recumbent subject loses awareness of his body, then his speech becomes retarded and his voice barely audible. It is remarkable that at some point the person who leaves his body speaks of a burst of bright daylight in front of him that is different from the usual kind. The events that follow can take different patterns, but the most interesting things always begin with that burst of bright white light.

    In Dr Raymond Moody’s book Life after Life people who had experienced clinical death told of flying along a “corridor” at the end of which they were met by “Divine light”. With that in mind it becomes clear why the “Book of the Dead”, which contains instructions for “the pharaoh who has left his body”, was called “The Chapters of Coming Forth by Day”.


  28. Here we have briefly touched on the generally accepted theory of BA and KA, but this is only the visible picture, the part accessible to the majority in Ancient Egyptian society.

    In the religious doctrine of Ancient Egypt the BA-KA principle had many layers of meaning. BA and KA were component elements not only of the human being, but of everything that existed. They were considered to embody a human being’s vital force in life and to continue to exist after death. The KA was viewed not only as a vital force, but also as a kind of twin, an “alter-ego” inseparable form a person after death as well.


    The Ancient Egyptians saw everything in the world as a duality a “two-in-one”, and where there are two elements there is an interaction. Accordingly, the BA-KA principle was knowledge about the connection between the physical plane and the energy plane, the world into which a person passes after death and with which there is a permanent interconnection.

    For that very reason everything in Ancient Egypt was subordinated to this principle. It should be emphasized that in general the Ancient Egyptians viewed the world from a position of principles.


    An indication that they thought of the dual nature of the universe as a principle, as some kind of fundamental phenomenon of divine origin (i.e., primordial, given from on high and inherent in all things) is contained, for example, in one of the fragments of the legend about the death of Heru (Horus):

    1. “I am Aset (Isis) and I have emerged from the prison in which my brother Set (Seth) confined me. For the god Tehuti (Thoth), the great god, the leader of the Maat, both in heaven and on earth, said to me: ‘Go, o Aset, goddess, besides that there is one more thing that is worth listening to, because he shall be alive who follows the advice of others. Hide together with your young son (Horus) and that will come to him. His members will grow and double strength of all kinds will enter into him…”


    The BA-KA as a symbol of the dualistic thinking of the Ancients can be traced even in the structure of the state and society. Egypt consisted of two parts: the southern, upper kingdom with two capitals — Nekhen and Nekheb, and the northern, lower kingdom, again with a double capital — Dep and Pe. The evidence surviving from that period conveys an emphatically dualistic vision of the world.


    The pattern of recording (encoding) and expounding (decoding) knowledge (information) followed the same principle. Suffice it to recall the eleven boards found in the tomb of Hesi-Ra, where information was presented on both the front and back. In turn the information recorded on each of the sides by means of dots was also presented in the pulsating BA-Ka rhythm. It is certain that this principle and no other lay at the basis of the Heliopolis doctrine of eternal dualism.

    The same BA-KA principle can also be detected in the architecture of Ancient Egypt. After studying many texts describing the burial process it becomes evident that the heavenly Duat of the Ancient Egyptians had its equivalent on Earth. In other words, the Ancient Egyptians viewed the region of the Memphis necropolis as an earthly reflection of the heavenly Duat and the great pyramid complex on the Giza plateau was the gateway to the heavenly Duat.

    The labyrinthine funeral temple of Amenemhat III in the Fayum nome (district) contained 3,000 rooms — 1,500 above ground and 1,500 below. (Herodotus’ History)

    * A principle is understood as being something that completely inevitably and unconditionally reveals itself at all levels of the organization of material, in contrast to laws that have only a localised sphere of application.


  29. Translated from the Ancient Egyptian, “akh” means “blissful”, “enlightened”.


  30. It should be noted that in Ancient Egypt carbon and ferro-magnetic material were not used as a filling for the Wands of Horus. This filling is a later refinement. We shall call this type of cylinder Wands of HorusKont in honour of the Polish researcher Comte (Count) Walewski who first informed humanity about this type of cylinder back at the beginning of the twentieth century.


  31. In Ancient Egypt the Wands of Horus were filled with quartz crystals of differing sizes. The size of the crystals depending on the task they were seeking to accomplish, the state of the health and energy system of the user. In the initial phase fine-grain quartzites (a special white sand) were used. Cylinders containing white sand have a positive effect on a person’s energy channels, activating them. Then the Ancients used medium- and large-grained quartzites, raising their energy systems to a higher level of potential. We shall call this type of cylinder Wands of HorusCrystal and Wands of HorusMono .

    The following variety of Wands of Horus contained monocrystalline quartz. This type of cylinder was intended for priestly healers. The energy “cocoon” created by this type can have a powerful harmonizing effect on the patient, at one and the same time implementing and relaying a signal originating in the healer’s consciousness. We shall call this type of cylinder Wands of HorusCrystal .

    Besides these, the Ancients used one further variety of cylinder that contained monocrystals of quartz selected in a special manner and processed in a special way. Cylinders containing such crystals were something like miniature “energy sources”, intended to provide energy and strengthen the effect of psychic efforts. We shall call this type of cylinder Wands of HorusSource .


  32. One of the causes of the gradual closing of the chakra is the prevailing ecological situation. The closing is a normal reaction of the organism, a protection against the penetration of damaging types of radiation.


  33. In a normal healthy the boundary of the first energy body is about 50–70 centimeters from the physical body. If the field is less than 30–40 centimeters thick, it indicates a disorder of one or other organ or a partial disruption of the person’s energy balance.

    If the field drops to 15–20 centimeters a person may have a seriously disrupted energy balance, even leading to fainting and loss of consciousness. In most cases, however, we find headaches, vertigo and nausea, as the energy balance is directly linked to blood pressure.

  34. At roughly 37° Celsius, the average temperature of warm-blooded animals, the most highly-developed living creatures, free water exists in a unique condition where exactly half the inter-tetramer hydrogen bonds are broken (Koliasnikov 1990b). This ensures the equal probability of the direction and management of reversible biochemical reactions by micro-gradients of temperature in different parts of the body.

    This state of water also corresponds to a predominance within it of microstructural chains in which again half the hydrogen bonds that combine with bio-polymers are free. In this case the combined water in the blood system forms a sort of endless “multicore cable” which almost instantaneously conveys information about the state of any organ, or even cell to the “command centre” — the brain (hypothalamus, hypophisis), which then gives its response to the pathological state. [10]


  35. In order to demonstrate that the pyramid’s structuring field does have an effect specifically on the crystal lattice, making it more regular (fewer impurities) we cite an experiment carried out with ordinary water.

    Several plastic vessels containing distilled water were placed inside the pyramid and the state of the water was observed throughout the three winter months. The water did not freeze and retained all its liquid properties for the entire period. The lowest air temperature within the pyramid was minus 38° Celsius. Measurements of the temperature of the water inside the vessels showed that it corresponded to the temperature inside the pyramid. In other words, the water did not freeze even when its own temperature was –38°C.


    Ordinary mineral water in plastic bottles behaved in the same way. It should be noted that if the vessels were shaken or jolted while being examined, crystallization began inside and the water turned to ice in between 2 and 20 seconds (depending on the degree of supercooling at the time).


  36. The spiral is a resonant shape. It is a topological invariant (direct consequence) of the diagonal of a rectangle or the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle. Constructing such a spiral in a circle, then returning, completing the cycle of there and back, BA and KA, we arrive at proof that Pythagoras’ Theorem is a fundamental theorem, that reveals the idea of the resonance phenomenon as the harmonic principle on which the whole universe is constructed.


  37. The god Horus (Heru) in Ancient Egyptian religion was a symbol of harmony. Horus was the “hypotenuse” in the Sacred Triangle in which Isis and Osiris were the other two sides. The hypotenuse is the harmonizing element. Therefore everything in Ancient Egypt that was connected with harmony or harmonization was linked with the name of Horus. Thus the cylinders that the priests and pharaohs used to harmonize the BA-KA energy system were called “Wands of Horus”.


  38. The 1460-year So this cycle was calculated from observations of the heliacal rising (that most nearly coincident with the Sun yet still visible) of the star Sirius (Sothis) and its shift by one day every four years with a 365-day calendar. The complete cycle therefore takes 4 x 365 = 1460 years.


  39. Ordinary paper, cardboard or wooden mini-pyramids do not produce the required effect in this case. Best of all for personal use are mini-pyramids made of glass.


  40. The energy matrix is a sort of energy framework or skeleton. Each energy body contains within it the matrix of the most important systems in the human organism. For example, the first (ethereal) energy body contains the matrix of the peripheral nervous system. As they form and grow the tissues of the human organism develop in a sort of copy of this energy “skeleton”, forming the structure of the organs. And while the function of the blood is connected with the vital activities of the organism, the energy canals carry information regulating the activities of the endocrine, exocrine and other systems.


  41. Since the human brain is capable of perceiving information within a certain range of frequencies, the mirror reflectors installed in the shafts transformed the incoming energy flow into waves in the range accessible to the human brain.


  42. Here are just a few examples. One of the very earliest pyramid texts expresses the idea of the endlessness of space. In the noted Leyden Papyrus we find the words: “Look… the Earth is before me like a round ball.” Besides demonstrating that the Ancient Egyptians knew the Earth was spherical, it also indicates that someone viewed our planet from somewhere beyond it! And that is only possible either by flying in a space ship or by flying “in the astral body” during an act of dedication or initiation conducted by the hierophants.

    The Ancient Egyptian texts state that in its motion the Earth obeys the same lays as the other planets — Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Mercury and Venus. And they also believed that the Sun, which later European science considered immobile, moved through the Universe and called it “a ball swimming in the bowels of the goddess Nut”.


  43. The Ancient Egyptian list of heavenly denizens was quite extensive. It included, besides the personages often encountered, the Ashemu who were, as far as can be made out, something like ethereal creatures. The heavens were also the dwelling-place of the Khenmemet — being who were either destined to become people or had already been through a human incarnation.

    Professor Wallis Budge asserted that the word ashem usually denotes a form “in which a god becomes visible”, although at the same time the noted scholar expressed the opinion that the term must have a more ancient, long-forgotten meaning. [12]


  44. The Mayas and Toltecs were splendid surgeons and anaesthesiologists. They had a good knowledge of human anatomy. The Ancient Egyptians, for their part, had profound conceptions about human energy structure (the BA-KA principle).


  45. Some of the legends about the Egyptian gods resemble modern action movies.


  46. In this sentence “spirituality” should not be equated with “religiosity”.


  47. It should, for example, be remembered that the ancient Mayas and Incas knew astronomy and mathematics and performed highly complex surgical operations, while their descendants did not even know about the wheel. [14]


  48. According to even later beliefs, far from every human being possessed a Ba — a soul, the “subtle means of translocation” necessary to ascend to the next level of spiritual development. The right to possess a soul had to be earned over many lifetimes: until a person achieved it, he was compelled to remain within the earthly bounds.


  49. It is quite common among UFO researchers to test the information obtained by a person during a “close encounter” by means of regressive hypnosis. The subject is placed in a state that gives the researcher access to blocked or deeply forgotten information.

    It is remarkable that when a person is being put into a hypnotic state everything begins with a sense of bodily lightness (occasionally heaviness), then the person leaves his or her body, seeing it from the side. Very frequently the subject finds himself in a strange corridor, after which he comes out into open cosmic space. UFO researchers using this technique know of dozens of cases when the subject’s onward flight to a nearby star (or specifically to Orion) and his visit to some planet made it possible to establish contact with a representative of that planet. The resulting conversation provided interesting information. In this technique the ufologist always acts as an instructor, directing the subject (especially a novice) and explaining what is happening to him and how he should behave.


  50. In many Coffin Texts there are descriptions of strange corridors, crossroads that confuse the souls of the dead and also dangerous waters that can be crossed only with the aid of the Ferryman. In order to overcome these and other obstacles, the dead need to know a password, while the celebrant priests were supposed to help dispose of these and many other secret obstructions, because only in that way could they be of use to the dead.


  51. A study of the rituals of the Incas and Mayas that go back to the more profound religious views of their distant ancestors convinces one that the most venerated object of their worship was undoubtedly light, embodied by the sun.

    In the world view of Ancient Egypt the sun-god Ra was the first — the father and creator of all the other gods, the creator of all that exists, indivisible and uncreated. The race that originated from the “first time” (Tep Zepi) considered light the closest substance to God in this crude material world.

    The Book of Genesis says that in the beginning God created light — the element without which further creation is impossible.


  52. Dr C. Jacques informs us of many details of the priestly initiation rite drawn from the “Leyden Magic Papyrus”. To all appearances the readiness of the candidate was assessed on the basis of his esoteric knowledge rather than practical skills that could be developed later. Particular account was taken of his highest ability to commune with “the light of the beginning of beginnings”. It was considered that this accomplishment in itself contained magic in its absolutely pure form.


    From the very outset the initiate had explained to him that every event which he encountered had its reflection in the “divine world”. In other words, any event that took place on Earth was connected with events taking place on the “subtle plane”. It was for that very reason that knowledge about the gods, theology, mythology, the creation of this and other worlds was considered of extreme importance.

    The initiate had to grasp these principles and master them because during the ritual a man might, for example, come across his own id, which quite often took the form of some monster or evil genius. As soon as the future priest proved capable of establishing contact with that form of divinity to whose service he was dedicating himself, he automatically came into the protection and keeping of that divinity. [13]

    All the above accords astonishingly well with the experience obtained today from conducting sessions of regressive hypnosis. A person leaving the body does indeed encounter some kind of white light — the selfsame “light of the beginning of beginnings”. It is far from every person who manages to approach it and speak to it mentally. Any false step in your thoughts and it immediately disappears. During “astral flights” a person encounters various beings and can chose to make contact with any of them. It is important (with rare exceptions) that the desire to make contact is positively returned and in that case it can be continued. All that is needed is mutual consent and adherence to certain conditions.


    The being with whom contact is made will gladly provide advice, heal and warn of danger. The invitation to make contact as a rule takes the form of an “impulse”, a shift of state. The person suddenly feels an attack of sleepiness or, on the contrary, an astonishing influx of energy. At the same time he/ she senses a call or invitation from someone. Further contacts take place according to the scheme already established.


  53. Alexander Piankov, a translator of the Pyramid Texts, believed that the texts speak for themselves and are religious views and symbols. They were intend to guarantee a return to (bodily) life of the late pharaoh, in the same way as Osiris-Orion came back to life.

    The hieroglyphic texts call those who have undergone the initiation “twice-born” and they could add the title “resurrected to life” to their names. In the Book of the Dead the name of Osiris was placed in front of the names of those who had undergone initiation.

    A certain parallel can bet drawn here with the reading of the Tibetan Book of the Dead.


  54. Preparation for such a ritual involved a host of rituals. It should not be forgotten that in order to avoid the pyramid and its influence (the powerful field) having a negative effect on the pharaoh’s psychological and physical make-up, his organism had to be prepared appropriately. Appropriate diets were followed and pharaohs and priests regularly used cylinders with quartz fillings and a number of other elements that improved the energy and immune systems.


  55. The Bedouin living alongside the pyramids in the village of Giza have a host of legends about spirits and ghosts wandering at night in the Valley of the Sphinx, which the Bedouin consider the most evil-ridden place in the whole wide world.


  56. Practically throughout the Book of the Dead, the expression “dead king” should not be taken literally. “Dead” here means having left the left the body, performing an “astral” journey.

    When the Egyptian Book of the Dead refers to the dead it means just such people, who have entered a trance so deep that it can easily be compared with death: their bodies are immobile and lifeless and their souls are away in another world. What is being described is the initiation ritual.

    The most ancient of the sacred Egyptian texts, the Book of the Dead, is in its present form a mixture of works of the most varied kind, which speak of the dead and of the pseudo-dead (initiates) and the resultant confusion is inevitable. The fact that in its most ancient, genuine, undistorted form this book told of those very rites is in part demonstrated by the following passage:

    1. “This book is about the greatest of mysteries. May the gaze of not a single (uninitiated) person fall upon it — that would be bad for it. Keep its existence a secret. The Book of the Teacher of the Secret Temple is its name.”


    This Book is indeed a veritable mystery. Let no stranger anywhere have knowledge of it. Do not speak about it to any man. Do not repeat it. Let no [other] eye see it. Let no [other] ear hear it. Let no one see it except [thyself] and him who taught [it to thee]. Let not the multitude [know of it] (Budge’s translation)
    More over the deceased (in reality the initiated) in the Book of the Dead constantly prefixes his own name with that of Osiris. In the earliest versions of this ancient text, the deceased says of himself:

    1. “I am Osiris. I have moved forward, as have you. I live as the gods live!”.


    This confirms the truth of the interpretation of the mythical death of Osiris as an initiation by passing through a comatose state that outwardly resembles death.


  57. It is a noteworthy fact that the throne of Osiris was always depicted standing “in water”. There is a mention of Herodotus having heard a story from Egyptian priests that was beneath the Great Pyramid a system of canals connected with the waters of the Nile.


  58. The signal-carrying mechanism also involves the Earth’s crust. The outermost portion of the lithosphere consists to 72% by weight of feldspars and quartz.


  59. A honest, unprejudiced examination of the existing material relating to the development of our civilization, including not only history and archaeology, but also astronomy, geology, oceanology, geometry and a number of other disciplines, does not leave even the shadow of a doubt that the knowledge received in their time by ancient civilizations was of cosmic origin.


  60. The most complex aspects of the information passed to mankind entered the minds of priests and shamans in the form of myths during the performance of magic rituals and religious rites. After the removal of the overlay of primitive shamanistic views, the mythological plots of many of the world’s peoples and the events that unfold in the myths take on another meaning, indicating that the tales that appeared in ancient times contained, in veiled form, a particular conception of the evolution of mankind and the universe.


  61. By projection we mean human being. In order to describe the method of research using “projections”, let us, purely hypothetically, imagine the Creator as the most up-to-date computer on which the very latest program is installed. The computer and the program are made in such a way that they can test and improve themselves and, by building up certain experience (a database) autonomously change their own parameters to take account of the data (variants) obtained. In order to test and make known all the program’s possibilities, both evident and concealed, the computer autonomously creates within itself a large number of mini-programs (projections of the main program).


    Those mini-programs, carrying out all possible operations in all the blocks and systems, in all possible variations reveal weaknesses and strengths, studying the principles that were laid in the basis of the idea of the program and of the computer itself. Thus, after a given amount of time, when all possible variations have been calculated, a new-generation program with maximum stability and a striving to self-knowledge and self-improvement will be developed.


  62. In creating human beings following a single genetic code (his own), the Creator evidently here again drew on the BA–KA principle, envisaging two types of genetics. The first is the genetics of the physical shell (the DNA code) that we acquire from our parents. The second is the genetics of the energy shell that a person forms in the process of his or her transformations.

    It is extremely interesting that in his 1978 book The Molecular Biology of the Gene James Watson examined in detail the question of the coding matrix that might have been some macro-mole-cules, intermediaries between acids and the synthesizing proteins that are, as we know, the basis of all life. These intermediaries are, according to Watson, undoubtedly present in all cells, but the pretender to the role of matrix (God) proved literally invisible. It is still unknown today, although evidently

    responsible for the coding of proteins and each of the twenty natural amino-acids that make them up.
    The drama of the search for this elusive matrix substances led Watson to the unconsoling conclusion
    that even at our current stage it is impossible to settle the question of how the genetic code arose.


  63. R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz draws our attention to the fact that the hieroglyph used to denote Unas (last pharaoh of the fifth dynasty) translates as Universal Consciousness, constantly swallowing and
    processing its own energy, of which our bodies and souls are tiny fragments.


  64. Encoded in the DNA is a programme of genetic mutations and phaseal transitions that take place as a the human being’s mind improves and energy potential grows.


  65. Here are a few traces of that ancient knowledge that found reflection in the Ancient Egyptian myth of the creation:

    1. “Ra, or Ra-Tem, rose from the Nunu (the primaveal waters covered by the dry land) and began sailing on the Boat of Millions of Years.” (“Sailing” means the beginning of movement in the universe (finding out about himself). Movement presupposes that the events take place in space and time, in other words are accessible to the senses. The universe begins to exist as a mass of moving beings (projections). That movement was preceded by the original state of being without any sort of form outside of time and space.

      “After appearing Ra created everything that arose from his being and he was inside of his creation as in his body.” Having created the universe out of himself, the Supreme Being, directed his Eye

      (mind) into that which had been created. Then the mind “became lost” in creation and turned into the souls of human beings and all forms of life, having forgotten about its true identity. The Eye lost in creation is the human soul caught up in the cycle of reincarnations (“birth–death–birth”) as a result of loss of memory and distraction (ignorance of its true nature). The Supreme Being (Ra) dispatched the messenger of wisdom (Thoth) in the forms of Metu Nether (the ancient doctrine of wisdom) and Sbai (spiritual mentors — gurus) to inform the Eye of its true nature.


       “Remembering” what it really is, the Eye returns to its fitting place. [18]


    Spell 261 of the pyramid texts is headed “To become a magus”. This is what it says:

    1. “Again the initiate addresses the magi in the presence of the Master of the Universe. Is he not one of those whom the Sole Lord created even before two foods [sic], day and night, good and evil appeared on the Earth, when the Creator opened in seclusion His only eye? The magus presents himself as the one who directs the Word. He is the son of the Great Mother — the one who gave life to the Creator on this Earth, but who nonetheless has no mother.”
      Christian Jacq, Egyptian Magic


  66. The level of development of each projection multiplied by the number of projections.


  67. The All-Seeing Eye that the pharaohs and priests observed during their astral journeys was that very
    eye through which everything that is happening is constantly being watched watched by the Creator.
    Thus the All-Seeing Eye is not simply a symbol, but a real aspect of existence.

    It is for just this reason that we find depictions of the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Horus on many Ancient Egyptian monuments, while priests and pharaohs made up their eyes in such a way as to remind others that God looks at the world through the eyes of the human being.


  68. One further interesting aspect connected with the beliefs of the Dogon tribe about Sirius can be found in the very nature and significance of their Sirius cult. Its meaning has echoes, on the one hand, of the idea that the soul is in constant search for its double, and, on the other, with that of the human being’s incessant striving for individuality (for the union of the anima and the animus) in the name of achieving true knowledge, attaining wisdom and perfection.


  69. In modern terminology — to the same (as His own) genetic code. The central ideas of Christianity have origins deep in Egyptian antiquity. Their essence springs from the ancient knowledge of God. This makes understandable the statements found in the gospels:

    1. “I and the Father are one. … Jesus answered them, ‘Is it not written in your law, ‘I said you are gods’?’” (John 10, 30 & 34). “Be still,” the psalmist says, “and know that I am God.”

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