July  2009

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Thomas E. Bearden is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Army who claims to be,

"active in the study of scalar electromagnetics, advanced electrodynamics, unified field theory, and over-unity systems".

By now, how one goes about developing a electromagnetic more... cure for AIDS - and for cancer and other killer diseases - should be apparent.

One must set up a modern research laboratory and assemble as many of the "dirty dozen" together as is possible. One then tackles the problem head-on, adding the necessary support staff and special consultants.

First the Kaznacheyev effect for AIDS must be isolated and determined. Then it must be reversed, to yield the precise "curative" signal.

Transforms for these Kaznacheyev IR/UV "death photons" and their phase conjugated "healing photons" must be obtained for a lower electromagnetic frequency band - such as, say, 10 to 20 gigahertz.

A way must be found to irradiate the whole human body with the curative signal. The ideal way is to utilize a scalar EM curative transform so that the atomic nuclei of the body - and hence its entire master cellular control system and immune control system - will be "charged up" with the correctly structured "AIDS cancellation message."

The entire procedure and apparatus must be as simple and small as possible. My colleagues have already achieved very promising - even remarkable - progress in this respect.

Reversing the Kaznacheyev Effect
The "Kaznacheyev effect" for AIDS virus condition must be stimulated between cell cultures, so that the disease condition is electromagnetically transferred from one to another.


The actual electromagnetic "delta" constituting the contribution of the AIDS infection must then be isolated electronically. The best way to do this is probably to subtract the normal cell radiation pattern from the "cell plus AIDS" radiation pattern.

With the "AIDS delta" determined, the delta is then fed into the appropriate phase conjugating mirror system, so that its time reversed replica is produced.
The new phase conjugated signal is then the required AIDS reversal signal to reverse the effects of the AIDS virus itself, inside the cell where it resides dormant. This " time-reversed" signal will reverse the genetic change in the cell, not just kill the HIV virus.

In a crude way, one is making an electromagnetic anti-virus.

For ease of development and treatment, microwave technology is most attractive. Obtaining transforms of the signals in the radar band is ideal, since a wide variety of techniques, instruments, and electronic parts are available for that region. Millimeter waves would be most attractive, for the equipment could then be highly miniaturized.

One can regard it another way also: energy forms (critters) are involved. The action of the AIDS virus in its host cell, upon the DNA of the host, is underlaid by manipulation of energy critters. If one makes the electromagnetic anti-virus form, one is also manipulating the energy critters in their virtual state substrata.

The net result is that essentially the virus pattern - even the virus itself - can be phase conjugated by the energy critters. The result can be to turn the actual virus in the cell into a negative virus, accomplishing recombinant DNA procedures in reverse.

Remember that the signal we seek to use involves negative energy and negative time. We are also engineering the virtual state directly. The ordinary positive energy/positive time/ observable state rules and limitations do not necessarily apply.


And the "fixed form" first order physical reality as we normally conceive it need not.




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