by Rolf A. F. Witzsche

from TruthVersusGuns Website


Depleted uranium (DU) nano-particles, which become airborne and encircle the planet, are among the smallest manmade particles ever created by weapons of war while their destructive effects are among the largest ever experienced with consequences that cannot yet be fully imagined. Nevertheless, with the next war the DU use is staged to be increased 50-fold while the potential fireworks from tiny fragments of the broken up comet SW-3 might open the door for this insanity to happen.

Still, while there is time, hope remains that this insane DU-war can be avoided. A vastly increased awareness of the potential of the unseen, such as DU and its effects and the possible effects of minuscule comet fragments that are too small to be seen, should help us to prevent what appears to be set up to become the worst manmade catastrophe in human history.

  • Never before in all of recorded history has a pack of fragments from a broken-up comet come as close to the Earth as it will in mid-May in 2006.

  • Never before has a comet been breaking up in the Earth’s ecliptic, especially with the event being foretold two months before it happened.

  • Never before have more ominous results been predicted and from more obscure sources, for any comet event, than have been predicted for the event that began in 1995 with the break-up of comet SW-3.

  • Never before has the major media been more silent about an event of such historic magnitude than we find it today in respect to the above. Is there a reason?

  • Never before has mankind stood closer to the threshold of a war from which it may never fully recover, than it stands now with all the preparations completed waiting for a spark to light the fuse. Such a spark may be near!

  • Never before has it been easier to cry "wolf" to a frightened society, and thus to light the fuse for war in a new Golf-of-Tonkin type self-provocation, than it might be in the shadow of the galactic fireworks of major meteor showers and bigger events, that the mid-May close encounter of the Earth’s with a pack of comet fragments is expected to bring.

Premonition of a disaster

In a recently published article by Eric Julien a premonition is conveyed of a catastrophe that would be unleashed on Earth on May 26, 2006. Eric Julien relates that he saw a fragment from space burn itself through the atmosphere and through the waters of the Atlantic and cause a tsunami swell 200 feet high in which countless millions perish. He later learned that the theoretical possibility exists for such an event to happen, unlikely as it may be, resulting from a fragment of the comet 73P/Schwassmann Wachmann 3 (SW-3) impacting the Earth at the time that he perceived. He also learned that this kind of event, or an even larger event, had been foretold for this time eleven years earlier in a crop circle in England, two months before the comet SW-3 began breaking up in 1995,

Astrophysically, the event is theoretically possible. A widely dispersed field of the broken chunks of the comet SW-3 will cross the orbital path of the Earth on May 25, 2006. The major comet fragments will cross the Earth’s path 14 million kilometers ahead of it in a widely dispersed pattern spread over 8 million kilometers. It is nevertheless possible that a single chunk of a pack of smaller trailing fragments that are too small to be visible might be lagging behind far enough to impact the Earth on May 26 and cause the described event.

Whether the described event will come to pass, as unlikely as it may be, is unfortunately impossible to tell. But that is not where the real danger lies. The real danger lies in what may be artificially unleashed in the background to the effects that the comet may have on our planet. This artificial danger appears to be far more certain at the present time than any catastrophic astrophysical event is expected to be. On what grounds would one say this?

In searching for an answer, let’s back up a bit and explore the nature of what we are facing. As one might expect the published premonition caused immediate controversy, including a storm of denial that almost has the flavour of a cover-up. The purpose of the cover-up appears to be to hide the existence of a reality to has the potential for bringing unprecedented prosperity to this planet. A few days after the publication of the psychic’s premonition NASA responded with a flat denial of the physical possibility of the prescribed event.


Of course a superficial reason exists for the denial. The psychic has foreseen a comet fragment impacting the Earth of the size of a large truck. NASA tells us that this can’t possibly happen since all the large chunks are being tracked with great care and that no possibility exists for any large chunk to come even close to the Earth.


Astronomers are currently tracking 30 large fragments, the biggest labeled A through N. They assure us that all the fragments will fly past the Earth at a distance between 4-13 million kilometers and overtake the Earth (closing speed 52,000 km/hr) and cross the Earth’s path app. 14 million kilometers in front of it. NASA assures us that all the large fragments of the comet, even the smallest that are being tracked, will be far out of our way on May 25, 2006 when the Earth reaches the point where the comet fragments crossed its orbital path. However, it is near this point that the psychic sees a collision occurring.

Will a comet fragment of SW-3 collide with the Earth?

Eric Jutien tells us that he first saw the collision in a lucid dream in 2003, and then later received a "telepathic message from extraterrestrial friends" on April 7, 2006, giving the date of May, 26, 2006. While the origin of the message cannot be verified or be disproved, and could have come from concerned Astronomers who were aware of the fact, it is interesting to note that Eric Julien perceived the date of May 26 before being even aware of the existence of SW-3 and its historic close encounter with the earth and the comet’s fragmentation.


Only three times in known history did we have a slightly closer encounter with a comet, with Halley in 837, and C/1132 in 1132. But those where whole comets. Never before in known history did the Earth had such a close encounter with a widely fragmented comet as will occur in May 2006. No historic experience exists. The closest was of comet 3D/Biela, ten times more distant than SW-3, that gave us horrendous meteor showers, with the biggest in 1885 at 15,000 aerial impacts per hour of antimatter ’dust’ particle.

So who is right predicting a slightly larger impact event than ’dust’ particles? NASA tells us that an impact of a major comet fragment can’t possibly happen. In fact, NASA presents trustworthy data to prove it. It even presents images photographed by the Hubble space telescope, showing some of the major chunks of the comet that are being tracked. Does that imply that the psychic is far off in fantasy land?

It would seem that NASA is right, that the psychic’s vision would be impossible to come true, were it not for one small fact that NASA carefully avoids mentioning namely that nothing larger than a minuscule fragment would be needed to cause the kind of event described by the psychic. A fragment roughly the size of a garbage can would be sufficient (far smaller than what the psychic suggests). Such a small fragment would indeed be lagging far behind the main pack and move in a closer orbit that would be further reduced to some degree by the Earth’s gravity.


That kind of small fragment could theoretically collide with the Earth on May, 26, and it would certainly be far smaller than what we can see even with the Hubble space telescope. The smaller chunks always trail behind the main fragment, some by a long way, and the further back the smaller they are. And the smallest ones that we can’t see might be a long distance behind the main pack.

The NASA images below show only two of the major fragments of the once 1.5 km wide comet. Some of the major fragments are each trailing behind them a field of smaller sub-fragments. The image below of Fragment B shows trailing a pack of 15 large sub-fragments that appear like little comets themselves.


What we don’t see, is the ’gravel field’ of the tiny pieces that would be lagging far, far behind. Unfortunately we have no way of knowing how large that invisible ’gravel field’ is of the dramatically smaller chunks. The small fragments may be lagging by a long distance since the break-up of the comet started more than 10 years ago .

Typically the smaller fragments pass closer to the earth and the larger ones pass at a greater distance. The closest distance to the Earth that any of the tracked fragments comes is 4.3 million kilometers. The furthest come within 12.9 million kilometers. Fortunately for us, the tracked fragments all pass by the Earth and overtake it. The fragments are traveling more than 50,000 km/hr faster that the Earth in its orbit. But their flight path is not exactly parallel with the orbital path of the Earth. Their orbital path is rather shallow at this point so that the fragments will cross the the Earth’s orbital path in front of it in roughly ten days after their close encounter.

We are extremely fortunate that the fragments pass by at a safe distance, because any one of the tracked fragments is likely large enough to blow the Earth to smithereens. Nevertheless the 4.3 million kilometer safety margin is too small for comfort, considering that field of the fragments is over 8 million kilometers wide. The margin may be too small to put the Earth out of range for the tinier fragments that too small to be seen and be tracked, but which are still large enough to cause major catastrophes on our planet.

Below is is a simple diagram that illustrates the fly-by angle of the comet fragment. The diagram shown is for the case the fragment "AD." The blue line A to B represents the orbit of the Earth for a ten day period starting May 15 (point A) to May 25, 2006 (point B).

On May 15 fragment AD will be 4.35 million kilometers (0.029 AU) distant from the Earth (the distance from A to A1). However, the distance that separates the fragment from the Earth would be greater thereafter as the fragment travels faster. Ten days later the distance would be over 14 million kilometers (point B to B1). At this point the fragment would be directly in front of us and be crossing the Earth’s orbital path.

The upper line line that represents the distance traveled by the Earth in ten days is 25.6 million kilometers long, and lower line, representing the distance traveled by fragment AD, is 38.4 million kilometers long. Absolutely no collision can occur during the close encounter. But there is more to be considered.

Since it is known that the entire field of the tracked fragments is widely separated, we also need to add the more distant boundary. Typically the larger fragments that are tracked will fly by the earth at a much greater distance represented by the boundary A2 to B2. Also the larger fragments will cross the Earth much sooner. This means that they will be far past the Earth by May 15, the date of our sample point A shown below. The front A1 to A2 represents the region in space in which all the tracked fragments will typically be located at our sample point of May 15.

Ten days later the A1 to A2 front will at point B1 to B2, while the Earth will be at point B, having traversed a vast area in space. As you can see, none of the tracked fragments will ever come near enough to collide with the Earth. Please see the NASA, Earth Close-Approach table for the individual values.


The actual values may be somewhat surprising since they depend to a large degree on when the fragments were separated. Nevertheless the tracked fragments all fall into frame outlined by A1 to A2 and B1 to B2. The smaller fragments, however, would be slower and fall outside of that frame. They would typically fall into the frame of lower orbits outlined by A1 to A3 and B1 to B3.

I am talking the much smaller fragments that are too small to be seen, of the size of a garbage can for example, or of a grapefruit, or an apple? According to the general principle outlined above they would have been slowed in their path. They would not have arrived near the Earth at the sample time of May 15 (A1 to A3) Being smaller and of less mass, they would have become reduced in speed which puts them into a closer orbit around the sun, with the lower limit represented by A3 to B3. (for purposes of reference, the sun is located 150 million kilometers above line A to B.

Since the larger fragments are dispersed across an 8 m/km wide field it may not be unreasonable to assume that the smaller fragments would likewise be widely dispersed, covering the entire field between A1 to A3, and B1 to B3. As you can see, the Earth’s orbital path falls definitely within the range of those smaller fragments so that a collision with the Earth becomes possible.

While those fragments would likely not be be large enough to disintegrate the Earth, some might still be large enough to cause considerable damage. A fragment of the size of a grapefruit (2 kg in weight) for example had once caused a 30 megaton explosion in Siberia in 1908 that could be heard 1000 km away and destroyed instantly 6,000 sqkm of forest (see: Russian Siberia Comet Fragment).

A collision with a larger fragment might also be possible, like one the size of a garbage bucket. Such a fragment would be fifty times more powerful (1,500 megatons) with near unimaginable consequences. If one of these hit the oceans, which is most likely since the oceans cover most of the planet, tsunami waves hundreds of feet high might result in which millions of people would likely perish as Eric Julien had foreseen in a premonition.

The principle by which these enormous effects are possible has been discovered just in the last decade or two, namely that comets are made up of antimatter, or mirror matter as some call it, which when brought in contact with ’normal’ matter causes immensely powerful ’annihilating’ explosions. (See details below: Comets are bodies of antimatter)

Let us hope that it won’t come to a collision of an antimatter fragment with the Earth. Still, the theoretical possibility exists that a quite a mix of smaller fragments has been created when the large 1.5 km wide comet SW-3 began to break apart over ten years ago.

No one can say of course with certainty that a collision will occur, or won’t occur, but it is theoretically possible that one or many might occur. Indeed a small-chunk collision might be more likely than not.

The simple reason that we cannot see grapefruit-size objects millions of miles away travelling at speeds near 160,000 km/hr, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Of course the chances that any of them will collide with the earth is somewhat like winning a lottery. In an 8 million kilometer wide space the Earth is but a tiny speck (12,000 km in diameter). The Earth could fit almost 700 times into such a space end to end.

Unfortunately, we have no historic precedents by which to evaluate our chances. What we are facing today has never happened before. Never in all recorded history has a broken up comet come as close to the earth as comet 73P SW-3 will come in mid May 2006.

The closest fly-by in history of the remains of a broken up comet was that of comet 3D/Biela, which was ten times further distant when the fly-by occurred, almost as distant as the sun. Nevertheless, the Earth received huge meteor showers from this fly-by event. The biggest occurred in 1885 with 15,000 meteor impacts per hour.

For as long as records have been kept only two mayor comets came marginally closer to the Earth than today’s SW-3 fragments. The two were comet Halley in 837, and C/1132-T1 in 1132. However, the two comets weren’t fragmented, consequently they gave us only minute meteor showers.

The point is that if a broken up comet that is ten times more distant than SW-3 can give us such huge meteor showers, what can we expect from the vastly closer event of the same type.

The Earth near encounter in May 2006 with the fragments of SW-3 is truly a historic occasion, a first ever, with dangers that cannot be estimated, which hopefully will never materialize, but which shouldn’t be dismissed.

The NASA puzzle

One wonders therefore why NASA discounts the potential that smaller fragments could theoretically impact, especially since they are likely more numerous. It seems that NASA is carefully avoiding even the mentioning of the potentially dangerous possibility, except to suggest that we might see some major meteor showers. The in-between possibilities seem to be completely ignored as if they shouldn’t be considered. Why might this be?

It appears that the answer to the puzzle may be found both in the political realm and in the realm of theoretical physics. It is currently not politically ’right’ to acknowledge the existence of vast energy resources in space, as we find in antimatter, with an infinite potential once the technology is developed to utilize the resource.


Anything that involves advanced scientific and technological progress is ’gagged’ in the current political environment under the neo-feudalist doctrine. A second stumbling block exists in the realm of theoretical physics where the physics of the comets that are considered to be bodies of antimatter skirts the realm of science fiction and thereby defies credibility.

Comets are bodies of antimatter

The cover-up in both realms, by omission, has a lot to do with the discovered nature of comets that no longer corresponds with age old perceptions. For example it is known that comets are not made up of ’dust and ice’ as was once believed, and still is by some, but are made up entirely of antimatter in some kind of solid form. It is also known that this comet antimatter represents an immensely rich energy resource, which evidence suggests might some day be harvested. Antimatter energy is presently only known for the violent explosions that it causes when antimatter comes into contact with ’normal’ matter in a mutually annihilating inter reaction.

The existence of antimatter is well-proven and not just in the theoretical realm, but is proven in observations of some rather spectacular astrophysical events. Nevertheless, for some reason NASA discounts the antimatter nature of the comets for which extensive evidence now exists. According to astrophysical evidence antimatter isn’t science fiction stuff, but exists as a ’tangible’ reality. In fact the glowing comets themselves are proof of the comets’ composition as chunks of antimatter. Their glowing appearance is not caused by the out-gasing of water vapour from a frozen galactic snowball as was once believed, but is in effect the result of a continuously ongoing matter/antimatter reaction between the comet and interstellar gases.

It is now understood that comets in our solar system are intruders from another arm of our galaxy where antimatter is ’normal,’ which then intrude into our matter-space and react with it. (See: What is Antimatter? Also see: The modern perception of the Milky Way Galaxy)

The first major evidence that drove the point home, that comets are made of antimatter, was seen in 1994 when the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 broke up and the fragments collided with Jupiter. Since the comet had been broken up into small fragments, the impact of those small fragments should not have been recognizable from Earth. But that wasn’t the case. Each of the fragments caused a huge explosion on Jupiter.


One of the explosions was a hundred times brighter than the sun. The energy output of the fragments impacting on Jupiter is said to have been in the range of 200 million megatons of TNT. The plume of one of the explosions reached 3000 km into the sky (app. 9 million feet) and then expanded laterally across an area several times the size of the Earth. Nothing but a matter/antimatter reaction could have caused this kind of hugely massive explosion.

The next major evidence that we have is similar, though much smaller in scale. It occurred on July 4, 2005 when NASA’s Deep Impact Mission fired a projectile into the comet 9P/Tempel 1. The impact of the 372 kg projectile caused a huge explosion that expanded for 19 hours and released as much energy as would meet the needs of the whole of humanity for a hundred years running.

Here again, only a matter/antimatter reaction could have caused that kind of massive explosion caused by a collision with such a small object. NASA’s Deep Impact collision with the 9P/Tempel 1 confirms that comets are natural sources of antimatter. It is fully expected that mankind will learn some day to contain and utilize this ready-made source of boundless natural energy.

It is also known that immense matter/antimatter explosions happen quite regularly in our solar system. They happen usually when comets collide with the sun. Since our sun contains 98% of the mass of our entire solar system the comets that we know of orbit the sun. As their orbit decays over time, since the comets are slowed by the matter/antimatter reactions with interstellar gases, they become invariably attracted by the sun. In their final stages the close-in comets are called "sun grazers."


When they eventually impact into the sun, enormous solar flairs erupt from their matter/antimatter explosion. The sunspots that we observe are actually caused by matter/antimatter explosions resulting from the impact of those sun-grazer comets. In the matter/antimatter explosions (annihilations) enormous energy is being released that is measured in the order of millions to trillions of megatons of TNT.

Another piece of evidence of matter/antimatter reactions derived from comets is that of a small comet fragment (app. 2 kg -- the size of a grapefruit) that caused a violent explosion in 1908 in the sky over Siberia. The tiny comet fragment is believed to have come from Encke’s comet. It’s explosion occurred in the atmosphere above the Stony Tunguska River Valley in Siberia. The explosion was so powerful that it could be heard a thousand kilometers away. It destroyed 6000 square kilometers of forest instantly. It flattened all trees over a 60 km wide area. The released energy is estimated to have been equal to that of a 30 megaton H-bomb. And that was caused by a comet fragment the size of grapefruit.

My point is that if a 2 kg comet fragment can have such a huge impact, what would we expect to experience if a larger fragment, a hundred times larger perhaps, was to impact the Earth, perhaps a fragment of the size of a household garbage can? The impact would almost exceed imagination.


The psychic Eric Julien (April 11, 2006) reports having had a premonition of such an event. His premonition was of a planetary catastrophe on May 26, 2006, originating in the Atlantic Ocean. He speaks of a series of giant waves mounting up, including a mega tsunami with waves two hundred feet in height. Such an event would be well within the range of possibilities for an impacting antimatter fragment the size of a garbage can from a broken up comet.

Astronomers have been observing the comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 (or SW-3 for short) for more than 75 years. We know that the comet circles the Sun every 5.4 years. However since August 25, 1995, when the comet was beginning to break up everything that pertains to SW-3 began to change. The break-up wasn’t happing with a bang. It was happening slowly over a two months period. Initially, in 1995, there were only three fragments observed: A, B and C. Astronomers now count at least eight big fragments: B, and C, and some smaller fragments G, H, J, L, M and N.

"It looks as though that some of the fragments are now themselves forming their own sub-fragments," (see: NASA), which means that their number could multiply further as the comet WS-3 approaches. Likewise no one knows how long the "string of pearls" will be drawn out when it finally arrives.

How the break-up of SW-3 was observed

Things get really interesting her, because all of what we know today appears to have been known by some person or ’persons’ two months before the break-up of SW-3 actually happened, who conveyed it in a pattern of crop circles (see more of the details in the quote below: translated from the French.)

On June 25, 1995 a crop circle called "missing Ground" appeared in Longwood Warren in the County of Hampshire in England. This gigantic crop circle matched the interior solar system, to the belt of asteroids, less the Earth. Let us note, for the skeptics, that amateurs of hoax had tried to reproduce identically the this circle of culture without reaching that point.

Knowing that the planets, as well as comet, turn in the direction reverses needles of a watch on these drawings, this agroglyphe seems to refer to the situation of the solar system on MAY 14, 2006 at the time of the passage to more close to comet SW-3.

But what the creators of this crop circle seem to want to say is that this date precedes in fact the good date since Mars, whose orbit is the first visited by the geocroisor, is upstream of its position at the time of the impact which the "missing Earth suggests".

After the appearance of the circle of culture at the end of June 1995, SW-3 will be seen for the last time in its normal state by an astronomer Japanese amateur on August 20, 1995. It is at the beginning of September, two months only after the appearance of the crop circle "Ground Missing", that SW-3 is taken of abrupt and violent one start, precisely at the time to pass the plan of the ecliptic of the Earth.

A press release of January 1996 announced that the observatory of Paris Meudon, using the radio telescope of Nancay, made a series of measurements on the emission by comet of molecules of hydroxyl from the 8 to September 12, 1995. The values were completely abnormal at the time when SW-3 crossed our plan of the ecliptic.

In a round of almost 2,5 billion kilometers, it is in the vicinity of the terrestrial orbit - in an interval representing less than 1% of its trajectory - that SW-3 was broken, before illuminating the sky and pointing out themselves... Chance? This luminous start will reach a magnitude a thousand times higher than the normal in October 1995, after having passed by its perihelion and to have sailed in parallel during several million kilometers to the terrestrial orbit. Isn’t a comet breaking at the time of its virtual passage closer to the Earth an explicit symbol? Wouldn’t this be a message exopolitic of a great clearness?

More details on the fragmentation and luminous outburst can be found at

On what grounds was the break-up forecast? Was it science, intuition, or extraterrestrial communication?

The question needs to asked, if the break-up of SW-3 was forecast and communicated by means of the crop circle two months before it happened, on what grounds was it forecast?

Was the forecast mere speculation based on the preceding break-up of the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, whose fragments crashed violently into Jupiter in 1994? Or was the forecast as we see it in the crop circles perhaps a message from extraterrestrial sources saying to us,

"watch out you people and take a careful look at what is about to occur between Aug. 25 and Oct 17, because what happens here could lead to the break-up of the Earth itself, two SW-3 orbits later."

It makes sense as a warning, because the direction in which the world started to head in was unfolding into something immensely dangerous and could have the equivalent of a "no Earth" effect (see: Atmospheric Depleted Uranium to Increase 50-fold) and might be politically related to the flyby of the comet SW-3 and its potential fireworks.

Was the break-up of SW-3 caused by uranium particles in Earth’s orbital space?

Since no one has been asking the question of how the break-up event might have been foretold, I am asking it now. It is said to be a great mystery of how it happened, but there is nothing mysterious about it when the question is asked: Was there something in the earth’s orbital path that was different in 1995 from all other times, something that makes the 1995 encounter of the comet with the earth’s ecliptic a special occurrence.


Did something happen shortly before 1995 that hade never happened before, which could cause the break-up of SW-3 at this particular time after many thousands of years of the comet’s existence? Was there something so obviously occurring that it could be used as a basis for predicting the break-up event before it actually happened, as was the case in 1995?

I see only one possible answer. There may be others that I don’t see.

What I see is that in 1991, for the first time in geologic history, the earth’s near space might have become polluted with minuscule uranium fragments in the low nanometre range in size, either through near space nuclear explosions (forbidden by international treaties, if anybody cares), or through the burn-up of a space-based nuclear reactor on re-entry of scrapped satellites. The uranium might also have come from depleted uranium weapons used in the First Iraq War in which over 300,000 kg of uranium was vaporized with the use of armor pricing DU munitions.

According to a research report from Aldermaston in the UK, 30% of the uranium mass would be dispersed in particles significantly smaller than the wavelengths of light, smaller that 180 nm, and some possibly smaller that 100 or even 50 manometers. Particles that small become airborne like a gas. From Iraq, the minuscule particles would become drawn up into the upper troposphere by the Intertropical Convergence air currents, and from there be drawn up into the stratosphere by the same air currents that circulate ozone from the edge of the stratosphere, where ozone is continuously created and recycled, to the lower regions where it accumulates.


By this circulatory action, and with the additional action of centrifugal force and possibly also solar winds coming into play, some of the DU particles from the outer edge of the stratosphere might have been bled off into near-Earth space, just like air particles are bled off, and remained there in the Earth’s ecliptic. A few grams of these bled-off uranium particles, of the 300 million grams that were vaporized in the Dessert Storm war, would likely be sufficient to mortally fracture a small comet with deep penetrating matter/antimatter reactions. (SW-3 had originally been 1.5 km in size).


Just as the thousands of pieces of space junk that are presently in orbit around the earth, so the Earth’s ecliptic might have become a junkyard of uranium dust, the perfect stuff for deep-penetrating matter/antimatter reactions.

During its fateful encounter with something that existed in the Earth’s orbit in 1995, as the comet SW-3 swept across more than 200 million kilometers of near-Earth space, moving at a speed of app. 160,000 km/hr, the comet would have encountered quite a few uranium particles. Consequently quite a few deep fracturing reactions might have been taken place during the two months when the encounter was happening.


The impact would certainly be dramatic, even considering the minute quantity of uranium particles that might have been present in near-Earth space. In collation with the comet the immensely dense uranium particles would likely have penetrated deep into the comet’s core at the high closing-speed impact of over 50,000 km/hr, before the intruding fragments would be annihilated in matter/antimatter reactions. It was stated (quoted above) that radio emissions increased to a thousand times normal during the comet’s traversal near the Earth’s orbital space.


That’s not something that one would expect from a gravity-caused break-up or heat-fracturing, but is what one would expect to result from matter/antimatter reactions occurring within the comet that resulted in deep ’fracturing’ from internal micro explosions.

The kind of slow break-up that has been observed resulting from that event, both in the initial period and afterwards, is exactly what one would expect to see resulting from a high-speed collision of dense uranium particles with a large body of antimatter.

The beginning of the DU wars

Of course we don’t know for certain what happened to the comet during its close encounter with the Earth’s orbital path in 1995, and may never know, but we do know that the comet wasn’t blown apart with a bang. Everything that we know suggests that it was internally ’wounded’ over the space of the almost two months between Aug. 25, and Oct. 17, 1995. It is therefore quite possible, and reasonably to assume that uranium particles might have caused the fracturing. This means that any cataclysmic event that may result from the now widely dispersed fragments of comet SW-3, some small pieces of which might be impacting the Earth, might be a direct consequence of America’s DU-warfare against Iraq starting in 1991 where the DU wars began.

Actually the DU-warfare madness didn’t have its real beginning in 1991. Its root goes much father back and has had its own, long and largely unrecognized, beginning.

The ’depleted’ uranium that America has thrown in large quantities into the living spaces of its enemy is essentially spent nuclear reactor fuel. It’s basically uranium. At high impact speeds uranium penetrates steel and concrete like a knife cutting through butter. In the process it heats up, becomes flammable, and explodes with an intense heat (5,000-10,000 decrees C.) and evaporates into tiny particles that are radioactive and are dispersed through the air.


The nano-sized particles are uniquely destructive to people as the human body has no effective defenses to particles of that small size (as small as 1/10,000th the size of a blood cell). The alpha-radiating particles get into any place in the body and cause a wide range of damage creating upwards to 100 different types of diseases, including genetic defects. DU warfare is a new type of nuclear war with delayed effects unfolding up to half a decade in the future.

DU is also used, because the stuff is cheap, since it became considered a waste product. The nuclear fuel cycle wasn’t designed that way. What is now a waste product would have been a resource for the fast flux breeder reactor in the original design, creating energy and new fuel at the same time. The fast flux program was shut down most likely, because it would have created an energy-rich economic renaissance that the imperial neo-feudalist clique, which depends on poverty, would not have survived. It was also likely for this reason that the world’s nuclear fusion power development has been put on the slow burner, otherwise nuclear fusion-power might have replaced nuclear fission-power by now. The world certainly wouldn’t have been awash with cheap DU waste products for the production of cheap and horrendously dirty bombs.

The end result is that the world is now starving itself while it is building bombs with waste products that shouldn’t have been created in the first place.

The small-minded, near-sighted insanity, that had gripped our past is now endangering the whole planet. That is what we will see the evidence of when we dust off our telescopes on May 14, 2006, to gaze at the wonder of a dying comet that is most likely the direct result of our dying civilization. Of course we would never admit that. We are too arrogant for that. We sooner lie to ourselves and continue to dream the (old disproved) theory that comets are nothing more than galactic snowballs that fall apart on their own by the effects of gravity.

Our problem is that we want to see big causes for big events. Consequently we tend to ignore the small ripples that potentially shape the destiny of entire planets, and so we keep on making more ripples. Since the swarm of SW-3 fragments had crossed the orbital space of our planet once more after the initial break-up of the comet, the resulting fragmentation might have become significantly worse. But here again, the intervention that caused all of that was just the beginning with more to come.


Since 2002 the DU pollution of the Earth’s atmosphere, and thereby near-space, has been significantly increased . The Tora Bora bombing in Afghanistan added 2.5 times as much as the 1991 dessert war in nano-sized uranium pollution to the atmosphere, and five times as much was added again with the "Shock and Awe" bombing that followed in 2003 and the horror show that came after it.

And even this resulting monster-pollution, appears to be just one more beginning.

Hell being increased 50-fold

The Korea Times reported on Dec. 23, 2005, that the U.S. military has 2.7 million depleted uranium bombs pre-positioned in South Korea. (see: Uranium bombing in Iraq contaminates Europe) If the Korean report is true, and if a similar stockpile has has been pre-positioned for the bombing of Iran, the DU pollution of the Earth’s atmosphere, and thereby near space, might become increased 50-fold when the next round of America’s pre-emptive wars is being launched. The horrors that result from that increase cannot even be predicted.

What we see resulting here is an exponential increase of something that was already immensely dangerous in its minute state and might have resulted in the 1995 break-up of comet SW-3.

Anybody with a reasonable intelligence and knowledge of the prevailing imperial dynamics would likely have projected the 1991 beginning in DU utilization forward exponentially and would have thereby been alarmed by the potentially cataclysmic consequences of such an escalating trend. Of course that is precisely what we see displayed in the crop circle pattern with the Earth missing in it. It doesn’t seem to matter, therefore, who created the crop circle display.


What matters most, is how we respond to its warning message. And it is a powerful message indeed that should jolt us to attention.

  • Isn’t the message saying to us, wake up people to what a beautiful planet you have as a home to live in, and what beautiful people you have become with a remarkable intellect that is just beginning to unfold?

  • Why would you want to waste all of that for some stupid imperial games of fascism and war, and globalized slavery and global destruction?

Perhaps it was some concerned human being or groups of alert thinkers that created the crop circle in 1995 as a warning message, even before the break-up began. It would have been possible for an alert person in 1995 to foresee what is coming.

  • But why mightn’t the warning message have also come from an extraterrestrial being?

  • What arrogance prompts us to believe that we are the only intelligent species in the universe?

  • Why do we close the door on the potential of extraterrestrial species visiting the Earth, or perhaps co-inhabiting the Earth with us?

In terms of what we have realized so far of our intellectual development potential, the present society of mankind is probably still in its baby shoes, comparatively.


With an intellectual development that is barely 5000 years old we certainly cannot assume to be the king of the universe. And so, the warning message that was encoded into the crop circle might have been from someone more advanced than we believe ourselves to be, from someone who saw plainly what we didn’t care to see at the time in our imperial mode of thinking. The crop circle might have been created by someone who saw the 1991 DU-pollution of the world and instantly recognized that this isn’t good; that this spells doom; and so, doom he or they wrote in big letters.

No doubt countless people will insist even now that DU has absolutely nothing to do with the break-up of comet SW-3. Indeed almost the whole of humanity might say this, just as it is being said that DU nano-particles are harmless to humans. And that is why the DU-wars will continue and will continue to escalate. Should one be surprised then? I am not surprised. Back in the 1970s I had been involved with a large leading-edge electronics enterprise. It had been said many times in those days by people in this leading-edge company, about advanced technology applications, saying,

"if we haven’t invented it, it doesn’t exist. It can’t exist!"

Yes, that’s what was said. It seems now that the whole of society has become a bit like that. We are saying categorically that unless we see empirical proof that DU was the cause of the slow break-up of comet SW-3, we must assume that DU had nothing to do with it. But what would we say in the case in which such proof is never physically possible since it is beyond our technological means to provide it? What would we say if only the involved principles can be proven? We would become bogged down then, taking no corrective actions, while looking for empirical proof.

Indeed, we have become bogged down, and this in a fast developing crisis. We are bogged down to the point that we need help. We need to seek out the leading edge pioneers of society, instead of rejecting them. In 1629 the Flemish mathematician Albert Gerrard put a proposition on the table that became later known as the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra. However, nobody could prove that proposition. It took 170 years of searching for an answer before someone finally created a solution in 1799.


Karl Friedrich Gauss in Germany did this, at the age of 19. In order to develop that proof, Gauss had to raise his level of perception to a higher level of geometry, to the complex domain, to a geometry that is rooted directly in what the mind can perceive, which empirical Euclidian evidence would deny. That is in essence how Gauss solved the puzzle that no one had been able to solve for 170 years. Unfortunately, we don’t have 170 years today to prove the puzzle of the break-up of comet SW-3 that we, apparently, have caused ourselves by throwing massive amounts of nano-sized uranium particles into the Earth’s atmosphere.

A New Age has begun

We are entering the dimension of a completely new world when we step into the realm of nano-sized particles and antimatter reactions that have potentially global consequences, both on the nano-scale and the gargantuan scale. We certainly need to make more breakthroughs in our thinking on both scales.

The nano-scale of the DU-particles is already being recognized to have countless consequences (apart from the potential break-up of comets). We see it’s consequences in cancers that are developing half way around the world from the polluting sources, as in the case of the 6-fold increase of lung cancer in America. We also see the consequences reflected in the destruction of the human DNA blueprint, such as is presently seen in horrible birth defects, as those observed in Afghanistan and in Iraq.

However, as we begin to see with the mind’s eye in search of the universal principles of our humanity, a new direction for a new world will become apparent, and in that direction we will find a higher image of ourselves as human beings. Then, with that mastered, we will have the road open to the gargantuan world of harvesting the energy-potential of matter/antimatter reactions that the universe freely offers to those made themselves able to contain it.


Armed with that we would bypass the doom of the current break-up the world-financial and economic system into a bottomless hell, and the doom of mankind in a poisoned world, or in the coming Ice Age when our food resources become disabled. When we shift our thinking from the low level existence in a small minded world to the complex domain of a humanist renaissance world, every potential doom can be be avoided.

Then, what about the doom of those millions on May 26, 2006, that the psychic foresaw perishing in a giant tsunami? No one can say that it won’t happen. It’s remains a theoretical possibility, doesn’t it?

Sure it remains a possibility, but an extremely remote possibility, as remote as winning a lottery. In this case however, we wouldn’t want to win the lottery. Thus, there’s nothing to worry about, we usually don’t win, do we? Just go out and buy a ticket and you’ll get a ten million to one chance that you won’t win. It’s just about the same with the world being doomed by a fragment of the comet SW-3. The debris field of the SW-3 comet is close to 15 million kilometers wide.


In this vast expanse the Earth is but a minuscule speck. Even if a few dangerous fragments do exist in the debris field as the Earth crosses its expanse. The chance that any major fragment will impact the Earth is probably less than winning a lottery. This means that we will not likely suffer the potential doom that the psychic has foreseen in premonition.

The Comet of Doom

However, there is one potential for doom associated with the comet SW-3, and that one is much more likely to be realized, because it is manmade and too few people care to prevent it. The impact of it would be of a type that would most assuredly unleash consequences far worse than anything that a psychic could possibly foretell or even imagine. It is in respect to this manmade consequence, and it alone, that the comet SW-3 might yet earn its title as the "Comet of Doom."

This far more likely event of doom appears to be planned in the world of the strategic war planners, and it appears to be planned to take place in the latter half of May. That appears to be the target date for completing the preparations for the bombing of Iran. This apparent target date coincides exactly with the critical period of the Earth’s close approximation with the fragments of comet SW-3 and its potentially vast debris field.

Was that coincidence planned?

It is not unusual for the Earth to be hit with a mayor meteor shower during the period of its close encounter with any comet. In the current situation, in addition to the meteor showers a few minuscule antimatter collisions might be added to the galactic pyrotechnics show at the fringes of the atmosphere. It might even happen that a large one of these comes close to the magnitude of the Siberian comet-fragment explosion in 1908.


The chance is therefore extremely high that one of these galactic pyrotechnics events might be used in a modern replay of the Golf of Tonkin self-provocation that got the USA thick and heavy into the Vietnam War. Only this time it would be for staging the nuclear war that is already on the table, for which the world has been set up. The bombing of Iran appears to have been on America’s agenda since the summer of 2005, awaiting only a convincing provocation for the pre-emptive strike to begin.


The war drums have been getting louder since then, while the preparations are evermore nearing completion. A minuscule fragment of the comet SW-3 might be just enough to generate a new Golf of Tonkin type self-provocation, possibly by anyone of the players in the nuclear war arena. And that too, might only be the opening event for still worse to come that is fully prepared.

The bases truly are loaded. All that remains is a trigger that enables the USA to bypass the UN and unleash World War IV. The consequences from such an act would likely be so enormous that few of the people living today would survive the outcome. The consequences are three-fold. Each is immensely huge.

Economically, we are already facing the onrush of the greatest economic crisis in modern history with the collapse of the entire housing bubble, the devolution of industries, the loss of employment, the decimation of farming and health care, with all of that being superimposed with an exploding hyperinflation in commodity prices and soon in everything else, that unfolds like a replay of the tragedy in Germany in 1923. Only this time the tragedy would be on the global scale with consequences that would likely disrupt the global food supply, etc..


While the American President, as others before him, dreams of extending the freedom of private corporate power to loot the world across the planet, even with the sword of war, he is creating a hell that is collapsing the productive capacity of mankind and is using terror to mask the ever-growing dissent. But it won’t work. In a collapsed world corporate power and wealth are meaningless.


The start of the planned World War IV wouldn’t alter that reality, but would make the collapse infinitely worse. It would explode an already severe but still largely impending crisis fully into the open, with a corresponding economic and physical collapse which many people find even now difficult to survive in. The American economist Lyndon LaRouche suggests that such an physical economic collapse would collapse the world population to less than one billion (watch below video) and may be intended for that.

from LyndonLaRouche Website

The backdoor war to end all wars

Strategically, we are likewise doomed. Nuclear war is an open-ended ejaculation of horror in an atmosphere of utter insanity for which no reasonable predictions can be made, except to say that we haven’t seen anything yet.

In the background to the nuclear war threat we can also see an even bigger crisis looming that is fully prepared for. We see a potential fifty-fold increase prepared, of the uranium-pollution of our world, to be centered in both Iran and North Korea. The prepared for uranium pollution from intense DU bombing would be spreading from these two centers and would likely disable much of Europe, Asia, India, and China, and to a lesser degree also the USA’s population that so far suffers only a ’minor’ six-fold increase in lung cancers (lose to a million additional new cases per year). The prepared for fifty-fold increase in this horror show has awesome forebodings that would make the worst predicted tsunami a puny affair in comparison.

For example, the Korea Times newspaper reported on December 23, 2005 that 2.7 million depleted uranium bombs (dirty bombs) have been pre-positioned in South Korea, (apparently to be used against the North) "citing a declassified dossier from the U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii - The document dated in August 2003 says that the U.S. base in Suwon of Kyonggi Province has some 1.3 million DU bombs; 930,000 in Chongju, North Chungchong Province; 470,000 in Osan, Kyonggi Province. The total figure is eight times as many as the 300,000 that Kadena Air Base on Okinawa, Japan, reportedly has." (see: Korea Times 12/23.2005).

At 20 kg of DU for each bomb, which is probably conservative, the resulting explosions of these bombs would add 54 million kg of uranium particles into the atmosphere -- over 25 times the amount dumped on Iraq in both of the Iraq wars. Iraq had experienced a 50-fold increase in cancers and horrible birth defects resulting from America’s First Iraq War in which a mere 0.3 million kg of uranium was used in munitions. Now project this figure forward to the potential 54 million kilograms to be used. The result adds up to a 180-fold increase in the horrors to be unleashed, which goes beyond the scope of what anyone can imagine.

While the smaller nano-sized particles are spread globally via the global air currents, and that larger impact cannot be estimated, a scene of absolute horror will likely unfold in ’local’ domain. Just take a map and draw a 1500 mile circle around North Korea, and that circles encompasses all of Korea, all of Japan, and the most populous reign of China and so forth.

North Korea



What is set up for North Korea is essentially nothing less than a back-door war to destroy China as a functioning nation, which the neo-feudal imperials had on their agenda for a long time, but have never had the means to carry out. All of this is now ’achievable’ with a DU nuclear war, and the start of that might become possible in the background to a galactic Golf of Tonkin event. Japan and both Koreas would fall as ’collateral damage’ in this game on the global chess board, together with a portion of the American population and that of the rest of the world.

Then draw another such circle around Iran, and you will find that it would contain all the oil states and the underbelly of Russia.

Now extend the two circles to twice their radius and they will overlap and encapsulate India as well, and all of the rest of the ’hated’ Muslim world. India would likely be severely destroyed in the evidently planned major DU global strike events. And the planned destruction includes also Russia, which has likewise been on the target list for a long time, but could never be openly challenged. However, Russia can be destroyed through the back door, together with India and China, while Western Europe and Africa fall as ’collateral damage.’ Notice how the meaning of collateral damage is getting wider and wider.

Evidently the bases are loaded. The war is set up to go! All that remains is finding the right trigger to get the process started. A major galactic excuse for another Golf of Tonkin event could provide that trigger.

The future face of humanity

If you think I am exaggerating, consider that in the far away USA the lung cancer rates have increased 6-fold only three to four years after the major DU-bombing began in Iraq and Afghanistan. This 6-fold increase amounts to close to a million additional cases of lung cancer per year. That’s ’collateral damage’ too.


But that’s already happening. It is hard to imagine what a 50-fold increase of that scenario would bring, and what affect it would have on future generations. If you are really daring I invite you to take a look at the future face of humanity. We can gain a glimpse of that future in the deformation that we now see happening in Afghanistan.


We see the results of the human DNA blueprint is being wrecked, while we have absolutely no way of knowing what the long-term accumulating consequences will be from the currently planned "global-strike" assault on humanity with a 50-fold increase of uranium poisoning of the world. We can only surmise that the consequences won’t be ’pleasant’ if not intolerable.

Was the H5N1 bird flu DU-made?

It is also reasonable to assume that the same close-contact DU-radiation that wrecks the human DNA makeup might also affect viruses in a similar manner and might cause mutations of viruses with effects that we cannot even imagine yet. It may well be the case that the infamous bird flu virus that became infectious to humans (the H5N1 strain) might have resulted from this kind of process. It is not possible of course to prove this case, nor is it possible to disprove it.


Isn’t that sort of ’wild’ mutation what one would expect in a world in which the air, that is after all the birds’ home, is increasingly ’heavy’ with radioactive nano-particles?


And that comes with awesome forebodings. Already the H5N1 strain is considered the worst bird-flu strain ever, but it is only one in 150 potentially pandemic strains of bird flu.

  • Can we afford to assume that airborne uranium nano-particles that are known to alter DNA sequences will not affect the mutation of viruses, so that we can feel free to dump fifty times more of those radioactive nano-particles into the global environment?

  • And what about the poverty stricken continent of Africa that is already a brewing caldron of exotic diseases?

  • Can we afford to add a new factor into the soup in a horrendously big way?

  • Can we even imagine what would result if the ebola virus ever becomes airborne?

Some people can, and some want this to happen.

Can we survive war?

If that occurs what is now fully prepared to happen, for which the slightest SW-3 caused event might supply the spark to light the fuse, the long-term survival of much of mankind is put into doubt. And that’s not idle speculation. Obviously the 2.7 million DU-bombs that have been pre-positioned in Korea are not there for the purpose of decoration. They are there to be used, waiting for the potential trigger.


Those 2.7 million DU bombs are evidently stockpiled intentionally, as a part of a new kind of nuclear war that kills indiscriminately in a delayed manner and without the stigma of the nuclear bomb attached to it. And Korea is only one place where such stockpiles are kept. The huge Andersen Air Force in Guam is being upgraded. A new large base is built in Afghanistan near the border of Iran. Thus the engines of war are being wound up for this new "Global Strike" DU-war, a war that can be carried into a country without directly targeting the intended country. In order to unleash that "Global Strike" war a generally unrelated trigger would probably work the best.


It seems as if the ’dogs of war’ are waiting for the galactic fireworks to commence to give them the excuse to cry: We are under attack!

Russian Siberia Comet Fragment

Unfortunately time is running out for mankind in defending itself against the planned manmade disaster. If only a single one of the astrophysical fireworks (like the sample above) is used for a new Golf of Tonkin type event, the event of that trigger would happen in the last half of May, 2006 when the smaller fragments from the broken up comet SW-3 will likely come into close proximity with the Earth. The key for the survival of mankind thus may rest with everyone’s immediate efforts to prevent the potential galactic spark from lighting the fuse for a war that stands ready to be lit, which would blacken the future of the whole of humanity for a long time to come, if not for all times.

The assured prevention can only be achieved by pre-emptively removing all war-promoters immediately from their offices in positions of power, utilizing all available institutional and constitutional means in every nation to banish the promoters of war. And if those institutional means are not sufficient, new means must be created. The flood gates for that ’final’ war that might potentially ’drown’ us all must not be allowed to be opened.


For example, if the American War President and his men remain in power the temptation will be too great for them to use any major SW-3 event as an excuse to light the fuse for a war that threatens to sink the world. Since such a course appears to have already been planned, the hands that would light the fuse must be restrained until the war-engines can be recycled into something useful for the advance of civilization.

Currently, the preparations for war, though slightly hidden behind the smoke screen of U.N. negotiations, appear to be all focused on a big mid-May event. Isn’t that the way the Second Iraq war began? Once the logistics were in place, it didn’t take much of a spark to light the fuse no matter what was said at the U.N. or by the millions of people that demonstrated in the streets against war. A tiny fragment of the comet SW-3 might supply the spark this time if mankind doesn’t act pre-emptively to prevent it. If we fail, civilization ends. The consequences are unthinkable. A tsunami is nothing in comparison with that. And we would have no one to blame but ourselves.

Whether the comet SW-3 will be called "The Comet of Doom" will depend on society’s success or failure in preventing the manmade doom that appears to be planned to be unleashed in the background of the comet’s potential fireworks. The prospects so far are grim. The entire once-momentous impeachment movement against the "American War President" and his Neocon cabal appears to have ground to a halt, with forebodings so grim that they can barely be imagined. But while there is still time, hope remains.

Should the comet SW-3 traverse our space without society responding with a manmade doom, meaning that the fascist elements have all been removed from power at this point, mankind will have a free future ahead of it with a bright renaissance on the horizon. In a New World with a new and free financial system the wrecked economies of our planet can be rebuild. Some of the DU mess can be cleaned up, and some areas that have become uninhabitable for human beings will have to be evacuated. With that done, the conditions can be created to achieve indoor agriculture to prepare the world for the coming transition to a new Ice Age that might upon us in a hundred years or less.


We can’t afford the risk not to make those preparations that are needed to protect our food supplies since nobody can be certain when the Ice Age transition will occur. We only know that it will occur and will decimate our food supply if we are not prepared for it. But the key to all of that is mankind’s success at the current stage in halting the dogs of war, and I mean all mankind. The protection of civilization does not boil down to being just an American issue, or a Russian issue, etc., but is a universal issue for which the responsibility rests on the shoulders of all mankind.

Should society succeed in the days ahead in ousting the fascist ’dogs of war’ and fascism itself in every nation on the planet, together with everything that utilizes fascism, the fruition for the people across the world would begin almost immediately, certainly within our lifetime. The key to this realization, as far as can be determined, rests not with galactic events over which we have no control, but rests entirely with ourselves and our determination at act intelligently and uplift our humanity with a kind of universal love that is due to our world and to one-another as human beings, even to embrace all life in that love, including extraterrestrial life should we ever come openly face to face with it.

We are not alone in the universe

No doubt, we will grow up sufficiently over time for the kind of face to face meetings with extraterrestrials to occur who appear to exist in some form, but remain largely in the land of fiction for now. The vast mass of UFO sightings and other ’encounters’ involving many thousands of people and many with high credentials from many parts of the world, all hint to the unavoidable fact that we are not alone in the universe, or even in our galaxy of 400 billion solar systems. It might have been for the purpose of a critical intercommunication that a second crop circle pattern appeared in 1995, as shown below.

The pattern was found in Tichborne, England. It represents the configuration of the interior planets of the solar system for the date of September 6, 2003, or eight years into the future from the time the circles were made. This future date turned out to be the date at which a message was said to have been received and became translated into many languages, which asked us in essence: Do you want us to show ourselves? Do you want us to meet? Some see this extraterrestrial message as a call to use leverage, whatever that might mean.

The real question to mankind might have been: Are you ready to step away from your small-minded axioms and self-perception? Leverage might mean a community of principle, an understanding of ideas based on universal principles. In this case the extraterrestrials that might want to communicate would not see us as small-minded, but as equal-minded. Sharing ideas assumes that the recipient is able to understand that shared ideas and principles, otherwise there would be no point in sharing them. Evidently, we have answered in the negative. How foolish of us. Evidently the intent behind the pattern might have been to help us to solve some of our most pressing problems.

The eight years interval that is indicated in the crop circle pattern reflects the recognition of a pattern that is rooted in mankind’s cultural dimension that goes back a long way, which is even reflected in the design of the garden of the Tashmahal in India, where it is reflected twice. This pattern of eight is as deeply rooted in human culture as is the pattern of the Principle of the General Welfare that we find reflected in every bright renaissance period in history. It is unreasonable to assume that this profound principle that is at the root of our civilization doesn’t apply universally, and that it isn’t universally understood.

It is not unreasonable, therefore, to assume that other cultures would want to aid us under this principle of the general welfare. Unfortunately, after having said no, all that we can do for ourselves is to take a deeper look at this principle on which our civilization is founded, which has been proven many times to be the core principle of every renaissance. Maybe when we do this kind of self-examination and undergo further self-development we might stand tall enough in the future to meet other cultures. Right now we are far from this realization. Instead of embracing one another in love, we see enemies everywhere. We see enemies even in space, just as we see enemies in one another.

However, we have also learned that a society with a significant space capability cannot be a war-focused society, because war destroys the foundation of civilization, and with it the economic foundation that is needed to support a significant space presence. The Star Wars idea that we find so much in entertainment today is therefore a contradiction in principle.

It appears that mankind’s greatest challenge at the present age is to develop the principles of an active peace, the principle of its universal love, a love of itself that opens the door to the boundless realm of the universe.

Here, at this threshold, begins our New World and a New Age. The dramatic events that we might see surrounding the comet SW-3, won’t have to put this New Age further out of sight. Instead the potential is that those challenging events might bring the New Age of science and technology and a human renaissance more closely into focus than any other event in human history.

Indeed, the future can be bright that the comet WS-3 events invite us to assure. And that is something to celebrate, isn’t it?


A comment from a reader

How gullible you are, to believe that a "comet of doom" would cause tsunamis throughout the Atlantic Ocean, based upon the musings of a former air traffic controller.

If you had any intellectual honesty, you’d redact your webpage: and admit that you were fooled.

Your knowledge of physics is pitiful, especially in regards to antimatter. You use scientific jargon without bothering to understand the science.

For example, what happens when matter meets antimatter?

Consider the lightest of all regular "matter" particles-- the electron. If an electron meets a positron, the energy released is two gamma ray photons, each having an energy equal to (or larger than, depending on the particles’ kinetic energies) the rest-mass energy of each particle-- about 511 keV in this case. If you convert that photon energy to a wavelength, it’s way below the threshold of human perception. (Human eyes can only see wavelengths of light between about 300 and 700 nanometers-- I’ll let you do the conversion between 511 keV and wavelength to see for yourself).


Heavier particles, such as the proton, have larger rest-masses, and thus larger photon energies if they meet with their antimatter counterparts, and thus even shorter wavelengths of light. The point is... there’s no way you can *see* the interaction of matter with antimatter; with human eyes anyway.

You’re intellectually naive, a dilettante, and thus an easy mark for charlatans like EJ, with their doomsday pronouncements and their plausibly scientific lingo, which seduce you with the potential that you are one of the chosen few that *really* know what’s going on. What hubris! What a savior complex!

I can only hope that EJ’s failure leads you towards a saner depiction of reality. Based on what I’ve seen from your web-pages though, you’re probably obstinate.


Thank you.

Indeed, I agree with you that the human eye cannot see any of the radiating emissions from nuclear interactions. The same is true for the reactions in a nuclear bomb explosion, but the end result from secondary, mostly thermal effects, does become visible.


The same holds true for the matter/antimatter reactions that have been observed in the visible light spectrum, just as the comet fragments impacting on Jupiter in in 1994 have been observed, or the reaction has been observed by NASA’s 372 kg deep impact probe that was collided with a comet in 2005, which caused an expanding explosion that lasted for 19 hours and was indeed observed in the visible spectrum and ’photographed’ by the Hubble Space Telescope shown below.

Naturally, the gamma-rays, x-rays, and other phenomena in the spectrum of radiation are altogether orders of magnitude greater than what appears in the visible-light spectrum, which covers but a narrow band as quoted below.

(more details at:

What is shown here means that the very visibility of the matter/antimatter reaction events recorded in the visible-light spectrum (far from the gamma-ray spectrum) illustrates that we’ve barely begun to understand the phenomenon of matter/antimatter interactions. See more on NASA’s Impact’s Collision with 9P/Tempel 1 Comet.

Likewise was the huge antimatter explosion in 1908 in Siberia visible to the naked eye, according to a few people who saw it. It levelled 6000 sqkm of forest - ten times the area of forest that was blown down by the famous Mt. St. Helens explosion. The event in Siberia is said to have been caused by a 2 kg fragment of a broken up comet, rather than a huge asteroid, since no impact crater resulted while trees were burnt as far as 60 km distant from the explosion.

Considering all of the above, the physical possibility really does exist for EJ’s (Eric Julien) forecast of doom to be realized. Hopefully that doom won’t happen, since the chance for the Earth to be hit by comet derbies is as small as one winning the lottery. The Earth is after all but a speck in space. Nevertheless we are vulnerable to such an event, as the 1908 Siberian event illustrates. I also doubt that we can see a comet fragment the size of a grapefruit more than a million kilometers away.


That’s less than a day prior to impact. EJ’s ’vision’ therefore isn’t totally unreasonable. While his claim of extraterrestrial communication stretches the envelop of credibility a lot, he may as a psychic have picked up other people’s thinking, since a number of people contacted him after his premonition and alerted him about comet 73P and the fact never in history has a broken up comet come as close to the Earth as 73P would come in May 2006.

The great thing about science is that it open-ended. It has room for higher hypothesis, for exploring the ’unseen.’ There is nothing cast in concrete, as in religion, and strangled by dogmas. That is why I find EJ’s comet fragment premonition fascinating. Modern astronomy has categorically confirmed that all the 30 tracked fragments of 73P will bypass the Earth at a minimal distance of 0.029 AU, slightly over 4 million km. And even that was later changed to 0.04 as the fragments were coming closer.


It was also said that dust cloud that follows behind the fragment cluster would arrive too late and bypass us also. I think our perception of ’science’ is too narrow when we say that the large chunks that we can see will arrive too early to be a danger (thank God) and that the trailing dust cloud will arrive too late, while we ignore the possibility that there is anything in between, simply because we lack the physical means for observation.

I find EJ’s premonition useful in that respect. It knocks at the door of science and says, open your eyes, look at the unseen. Of course, that ancient story. Back in 1629 the Flemish mathematician Albert Gerrard formulated a postulate that later became known as the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra. But he couldn’t prove it. The proof couldn’t be physically described until 170 years later Gauss delivered the proof in 1799 with a higher level type geometry of the complex domain of universal principles where the ‘invisible’ becomes ‘visible.’

It is a tragedy of our time that we insist as we often do, that what we cannot see with our eyes, or regard as illogical in our small-minded thinking, does not exist as a reality. For example it is generally assumed that the quickest way to get from point A to point B is by a straight line, like rolling a steel ball down a straight ramp. But it can be proven with a simple experiment that following a longer path can get the steel ball to point B sooner via a cycloidal ramp as was discovered in the 17th Century.


The path in scientific discovery has often started with paradoxical evidence which eventually led to the recognition of the underlying principles that are involved. We are facing the same situation again in modern times as many of our preconceptions are being challenged. Our perception of matter has certainly been challenged with the discovery of antimatter as a reality, and likewise the discovery of comets as bodies of antimatter has forced us to rethink a lot of once self-evident propositions.


And that rethinking is still in progress. When NASA’s Deep Impact mission collided a 372 kg chunk of matter with comet 9P/Tempel 1 in July 2005, the energy released turned out to be a huge surprise, even though the nature of comets as antimatter was known before 2005 and prior evidence of it had been seen and been acknowledged as antimatter related.

My concern is that we may be in for a similar surprise if we ignore the already wide-ranging evidence that has so far been established about the presence and the danger of depleted uranium particles from DU-weapons in sizes smaller than the wavelength of light dispersed globally in the air. We are saying again today, that what we can’t see with our eyes doesn’t exist, and so we are prepared to allow our military planners to go ahead to increase the danger 50-fold as appears to be planned according to reports of pre-positioned stockpiles.


While we are not greatly affected by colliding a probe with a distant comet to see what happens, and be surprised by the outcome, we cannot afford to allow ourselves to be surprised by escalating the DU phenomenon, because this one hits home and persists in the environment virtually forever. If we blow it on this score it will be game over, or the impact will be at minimal similar in scope to EJ’s prediction of doom. And that may not be far away.


There are four aircraft carrier groups arriving near the coast of Iran, or have already arrived. If the pre-positioned weapons in Korea are an indication we have a new DU-war coming up. With the machine ready to go, the slightest provocation, if need be self-created, will likely set it off.

I do not know where the psychic’s premonition came from and how it is to be interpreted, whether as warning to science, or to society, or to the military. One thing is evident. He foresaw something big, and something big is brewing on the horizon, and it is dangerous, possibly beyond imagination, to say that the danger doesn’t exist.