by Kenny Valenzuela
October 8, 2012
from ExperimentalVaccines Website


Looking deeper down the rabbit hole of madness that is offered to us on a daily basis by the new world orders predictive programming industry known as Hollywood.


The placement of ideas and concepts in mainstream news has become almost nauseating especially with the network televisionís use of subliminal and neuro linguistic programming techniques designed specifically to trigger perceptual defense mechanisms usually targeting purchasing and consumption behaviors.


With two different government agencies interested in the same goals using the same language you can be assured that this technology will reach a fruition sooner rather than later.


The first step is to get the public interested in the concept of making robots or avatars to do tasks or duties that would be dangerous to humans.

Will they hunt humans?


The Human Avatar Reality


The use of health and safety are the two primary tactics exploited by the mainstream media.


This gets the ball rolling and before you know it there is a police force of robots telling you what you can and canít do. Weíve been conditioned to except the directions and orders given by inanimate objects such as street lights and automated answering services.


It might seem like a small step getting you to take directions from a street light but letís not forget the elitist in charge are incrementalists taking small calculated steps in order to reach their goals has been something they have been doing for centuries if not thousands of years.


The elitists want to live forever and this is the technology with the potential to grant them that very thing, immortality.


How much money has been spent publicly pales in comparison to the billions being spent by privately funded operations that take place on secluded islands with geneticist, biologists and robotic engineers employ by none other than Dr. Moreau himself, welcome to the new world order and the rise of the robots!