by Tim Rifat

from RVScience Website

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The Psychotronic Generator FAQ has been produced in response to the many emails asking similar questions. Please read the FAQ to see if your question has already been asked before emailing the author.

1. All Psychotronic Generators are tuned to the individual and will not work for anyone else. Tuning is done by Remote Viewing the purchaser and attuning them by Remote Influencing to the Psychotronic Generator.
2. All Psychotronic Generators work with no effort by the user, but they must be in the energy field of the user. This means to gain the effect - such as psychic protection - they should be in the pocket or purse, or under the pillow or mattress while sleeping.
3. The velvet bag is for protection of the crystal only and does not shield its effect.
4. The pointed end of the Psychotronic Generator projects energy; the blunt end sucks in energy. To use the Psychotronic Generator for specific efforts bear this in mind. In the BTRI procedure the points face the BTRI adept to superenergise her/him and suck energy from the environment.

Energy Type Positive Fields Become more ordered with time Negative Fields Become more disordered with time
Biotronic: Energy of matter fields Psychotronic Generators are positive biotronic fields Matter in the human body
Bioplasmic: Energy of living fields Human body up until maturity Middle age until death
Bioinformational: Energy of awareness (Human awareness - Soul) Mudshadow, Archon, negative memetic virus, demons


Six Types of Energy

These are the six basic types of biophysical field:

+/- Biotronic

+/- Bioplasmic

+/- Bioinformational

Humans lack the positive biotronic fields supplied by the Psychotronic Generator. Without the Psychotronic Generator's positive biotronic field the human is unbalanced. Since the negative bioinformational field of the negative memetic parasite is in the human biophysical field, this causes an unbalanced human to lose life force, converting positive bioplasmic life force into negative bioplasmic life force as it feeds on us. Similarly the positive bioinformational life force is converted to the negative bioinformational field of the damned soul, the grey or reptiloid zombie.

A Psychotronic Generator balances the human and by adding positive biotronic fields reverses the above releasing life force from the negative memetic energy parasite into the human. In the physics of awareness, the arrow of time is reversed by the Psychotronic Generator so the person using them becomes younger and fitter simply by being fed life force by the shredded negative memetic energy parasites that infest our world - bloated as they are by human life force.

Since the rolling force (the Earth's natural energizing field) can be negative or positive depending on whether we are young or old, the Psychotronic Generator switches the rolling force to the positive mode so we get fed by energy from the Earth. We become units of the Earth's biophysical field and our energy field is augmented by fusing with such a vast energy reservoir. In the process we become immune to the negative energy parasites and acquire vast quantum computing intelligence by raising the Earth's consciousness with our seeds of awareness.


Humans therefore begin to function as initiators of change in the Earth's biophysical field leading to the Earth becoming a giant quantum computer and becoming self aware. To do this the human needs to have all six biophysical fields functioning, the negative bioinformational, bioplasmic and biotronic fields acting as fuel for the process; this being done by bringing together the opposite as described in the life/death tarot meme protocol on this site.

Psychotronic Generators are therefore a necessity for all Remote Influencing because we lack a source of positive biotronic fields to enable us access to the forces of creation. We need six biophysical fields because the mathematics of octonions upon which the process is based has 6 symmetry operations upon which reality is based. (In superstring theory only 5 are used as two of them are equivalent in physical reality). In reality remote influencing all 6 are needed because there are 6 fundamental biophysical fields; the sixth must be included for all Remote Influencing.

Frequently used Terms

  • Biotronic - Fields of matter

  • Bioplasmic - Fields of life force 

  • Bioinformational - Fields of soul, RV body

  • Biophysical - Fields of human body and being

  • Bioenergetics - Science of biophysical fields

  • Lucid Dreaming - Waking up while asleep to be aware you are dreaming

  • Lucid Waking - Waking up while awake to be aware you are waking

  • Lucid reality - The dreamer is the biophysical field that dreams you

  • Tarot - The sum of the 78 archetypal memes of awareness

  • PSIOPS - The use of the base chakra awareness to free oneself of mudshadows

  • Magic RI - The use of RI to alter the dream we call the real world

  • BTRI - British Tactical RI, the use of octonion fields to alter local reality

  • BSRI - British Strategic RI, the use of octonion fields to alter reality

  • Octonions - The mathematics of one real and seven imaginary number axes.

  • RV Science - The use of Remote Viewing to steal technology and or science from the future

  • Chakras - The eight energy centers of occult systems in the body

  • Psychotronic Amplifiers - The use of shaped, information rich, activated matrices to store biophysical energy

  • Quartz PC - The use of devic elemental consciousness to complete the shattered human awareness so it can function in lucid reality

  • Ultimate Quartz PC - The use of complete human consciousness to forge PC's that can shred all parasites and predators

  • Mudshadows - The energy parasites that possess no visible form and feed off human emotional energy from love, hate, despair, hopelessness, damnation

  • Greys - The end product of mudshadow predation, the human transformed into an emotionless husk or shell, a vehicle for evil

  • Insectiles - The physical form of the mudshadow, the mudshadow being it biophysical dreaming body

  • Reptiloid - The human who gives his soul bioinformational field to mudshadows willingly

  • The Damned - The human trapped in torture reality forever who willing surrendered to mudshadows

  • Larva - The mudshadow nymph that grows in its human targer rather like the parasitic wasp larva in the caterpillar.

  • Demons - Mudshadows and other servants of total evil

  • Torsion Fields - The fields produced by rotating and expanding space time

  • 26 Heterotic - The fields produced by contrarotating spacetimes in the vortex

  • Vortex - How 5D reality manifests as 4D reality