by Brendan D. Murphy

extracted from "Science Meets Spirituality"

Spanish version



Perceiving and Generating Thought-Forms

Thought-forms occupy two planes or "implicate orders" in occult thought: the astral and the lower mental (rupic) planes.


They are perceptible to anyone who has developed the faculties of astral plane and/or mental plane perception, and are therefore not articles of belief but observable fact, exhibiting correlations with the physical, mental, and emotional realities of the beings they pertain to.


This is true to a significant enough extent that such assertions can be brought into the realm of empirical verification and therefore objectivity. Our prominent personal thought-forms can be clairvoyantly observed hovering around us in our energy field(s).

Late American physicist Michael Talbot recorded some fascinating clairvoyant observations in his excellent book The Holographic Universe.


For example, once during a reading, American "human energy field consultant" Carol Dryer saw a bunch of potatoes whirling around a woman's head. She was at first dumbfounded but summoned her courage and asked the woman if potatoes had any special meaning for her.


As it turned out, the woman was from the Idaho Potato Board, or something roughly equivalent. In other words, potatoes were a very significant and meaningful part of her life.

Such images don't always just hover around the person in their aura, but sometimes appear as extensions of the body or proximal layer of the auric field - a fact not so surprising when we consider some of the evidence marshaled in my book The Grand Illusion - Book 1 (TGI 1).


Telepathically generated triangular electro-photonic aura around the right index finger of Uri Geller.
This image was generated in a controlled experiment (run by James L. Hickman) by the mental intention of a small group of observers "willing" the shape of a triangle to Geller's mind.

The result (at bottom) is an obviously triangular electro-photonic glow surrounding the finger, captured using Kirlian photography. The two regular glows above were control images. Other forms produced in this fashion were a circle and a straight line.
Courtesy: H.S. Dakin, High Voltage Photography (second edition).

H.S. Dakin, 1975.

Another of Dryer's clients had a hologram-like layer of mud clinging to her hands and arms.


This baffled Dryer (pictured below), given the woman's immaculate presentation, so she asked if the woman could understand the image. Affirmative: she was a sculptor and the new medium she tested out that morning did indeed cling to her arms and hands just as Dryer described.176

Carol Dryer

Image from a Thinking Allowed
interview with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove


Psychics of Dryer's advanced abilities (of which there appear to be comparatively few) are also able to see movie-like sequences playing in people's energy fields.


The most emotionally powerful memories or precious thoughts manifest in this fashion. Likewise, illness can also be detected by psychics such as Dryer and Brennan, a notion with considerable scientific support now.177

Jay Alfred explains that our holographic dark plasma/subtle bodies generate and project holographic images in real-time in response to thoughts and feelings. The unique properties of Carol Dryer. Image from a Thinking Allowed interview with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove "magnetic plasma" fields - which can be reorganized or "shape-shifted" by the will - provide these fields with all the components needed to build a "holographic machine." 178

Gravitational lensing - the way light bends as it passes through a gravitational field - also plays a role in generating images in our mind's eye, according to Alfred. Leadbeater claimed in The Inner Life that an "atom" allows us to view images originating in our higher vehicles.


Tackling this statement almost a century later - with gravitational lensing long since a well established scientific phenomenon - Alfred proposes that a physical-etheric atom, uses gravitational lensing to focus multi-dimensional images generated from higher vehicles to a place in front of our eyes as 3D images.179


Thus, we experience thoughts not in the brain, but in our subtle bodies via the brain. In point of fact, outstanding clairvoyant and theosophist Dora Kunz has explained that to clairvoyant sight, visualization uses the power of the brow/ third eye chakra, speeding its rotation and also affecting the crown chakra.180

In the yogic systems thought-forms are referred to as pratyaya: the content of the mind functioning through a particular vehicle (or what I sometimes refer to as a "torsion-plasma body").


For someone in the ordinary waking state working through their mental body, the pratyaya in their case will be the mental image in their mind. Anyone with clairvoyance operating at the appropriate level can see this mental image and gain knowledge of that mind ("mind reading").181


Functioning in this way, the seer is able to detect form but not necessarily the intent or emotion that caused the form. That is why even the best clairvoyants will often conduct readings in a question-based format.


Hence, Dryer asked one client, despite her reluctance, if potatoes had any special significance for her.

Powell explained in occult terms that a thought-form is a kind of living entity of high energy which is animated by the idea that spawned it. The finer the matter it is composed of, the greater the energy and power it possesses.182

Modern mystic and clairvoyant Robert Bruce states that astral matter reacts to thought just as physical matter responds to force. Thus, it can be molded in ways only limited by the imagination. The most convincing thought-constructs can be indistinguishable from reality.183

The kind of higher-dimensional matter out of which thought-forms are made is referred to in theosophical doctrine as "elemental," a "strange semi-intelligent life" (to use theosophist A.E. Powell's terminology) that surrounds us. Because it is so easily molded by thought, every impulse emanating from one's mental body immediately draws around itself a temporary vehicle composed of "elemental."


The same principle applies to both the astral and mental densities, though the mental matter is even faster in responding to thought as it is a higher energy, lower density medium in this schema.184

Yogi Ramacharaka explained in 1904 that a strongly charged thought - perhaps one strongly willed and motivated by positive intent - also takes with it a certain amount of prana proportional to the intensity with which the thought was propelled.

"Such thoughts are often sent like a bullet to the mark," he stated.185

A thought, then, is a kind of living creature:

the thought-force, or torsion/scalar energy, is the "soul," while the plasmoidal elemental essence (particles) comprises the "body" of the thought. Such thought-forms are sometimes referred to as artificial elementals, temporary mental constructs.186

There are reports of self-aware thought-forms (tulpas) being generated through ritual and intention.


The poet W.B. Yeats reputedly managed to create one, a "white Jester," with enough independent vitality to become visible to a few of his friends.187

Theosophist Alexandra David-Néel also achieved something similar through sustained effort and mystical rites over a period of months, though her tulpa gradually turned lean and sinister from its originally plump and jolly state and, with much difficulty, had to be dissolved.188


Lt. Col. Tom Bearden readily accounts for such tulpoidal phenomena in a highly scientific (and somewhat technical) manner in his impressive Excalibur Briefing.

The variety of possible thought-forms is essentially infinite, being limited only by the imaginations of the universe's sentient inhabitants. If a thought has in it something of self or personal desire (lower frequency/vibration), its composition will include astral matter in addition to the mental.


Such a "thought-emotion-form" is then capable of affecting both the mental and the astral torsion-plasma bodies of other people.


This is overwhelmingly the most common type, as few thoughts of men and women at this point in history are completely devoid of desire, passion, or emotion.189

The generation of a purely mental thought-form results from the mental body throwing off a vibrating portion of itself which is shaped by the nature of the thought, and which then draws around itself matter of the corresponding grade of fineness from the surrounding "elemental" substance of the mental plane.190

From the perspective of Edgar Cayce, thoughts are literally deeds in the mental realm that have an influence on the material world.


Rudolph Steiner had much the same outlook, advising mindfulness of one's thoughts, as they react on one another in the "thought world":

"wrong" thoughts having a "devastating effect on others in the mental environ." 191

Thoughts are real hyperspatial aetheric energy, not merely internal neural impulses that we experience quietly in our heads - they are not even generated by our brains.

Every definite thought produces two effects in the subtle vehicle/s: first, a radiating vibration which operates on a wider, more influential scale; second, a floating form with less reach and a more targeted, narrower influence. The vibration set up in and radiating from the mental body tends to reproduce its own frequency in any mental body on which it impacts: that is, to produce thoughts of the same type.


The radiating vibration carries, not the subject of the thought, but the character.192



Empirical evidence and magic windows

Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences, told us in Far Journeys that he and a group of some twenty or so participants in his Gateway Program conducted an experiment in visualization (creating thought-forms) at night, with some spectacular results.

[W]hen the signal came at the proper time, we looked very eagerly…Suddenly our electronics engineer yelled excitedly,

"Look higher, look higher!"…

Now we looked far up into the sky in astonishment.


Against the starlit night there were soft, red, neon-like waves. They resembled nothing so much as trickling water moving across an arc of the sky directly atop the roof of the motel. At exactly the time the exercise called for the light to be shut off, it suddenly disappeared.193

What is impressive about this experiment is that the strength of the mental energy generated was sufficient that all of the observers could see it.


Such was their combined strength that the group managed to create a light show in the ordinary, visible section of the electromagnetic spectrum. They generated enough collective energy at the mental level to excite from the aether/ZPF visible physical light in the form of a plasma-like phenomenon! Thus, their thought-forms in "virtual reality"/hyperspace/aether became objectively real, meaning anyone could see them.

They repeated the exercise successfully at another Gateway event in California where an engineer was present with a special Polaroid camera to take photos before, during, and after the experiment.


Monroe (pictured below) said that none of the five or six observers present saw anything during the experiment, but when they examined the photographs the "before" and "after" experiment shots were blank, while the two taken during the exercise itself showed a "round ball with a marbleized effect much like the earth seen from a distance." 194

Physicists and photographers explain that the film can "see" light frequencies that our eyes can't. The blank film before and after made the two energy photographs more significant, being in the center of the film pack - a highly unlikely place to be pre-exposed.

Here we have the reason that NASA film footage recorded from satellites and shuttles in earth orbit show many UFOs circling around and interacting with this planet.


The cameras are "seeing" a different frequency range which the eyes do not.


If a spacecraft's frequency can be raised to the point where it is "made of light" it could also appear invisible to the human eye and many cameras, according to physicist and ufologist David Sereda.

"But NASA knows all this," writes Sereda, "and they have video cameras aboard the Space Shuttles and aboard satellites that can see into invisible spectra of light, such as the infrared and the near ultraviolet.


I confirmed the wavelengths of the shuttles video cameras with NASA scientists back in 1998. They were looking where human eyes could not see and that is where the UFOs were showing up." 195

These craft or objects must be highly quantized light craft, according to Sereda.


NASA now has many cameras and satellites that can peer into the invisible infrared and ultraviolet (near, far, and extreme), X-rays and gamma ray wavelengths of light.


According to Sereda,

"It is here that our ET encounters can be found hidden from our eyes... Now we know where to look and we are finding answers."196

These UFOs are largely out of phase with our dimension (apparently inhabiting the etheric plane/s), but they are close enough that the "signal strength" of their emanations are detectable in Bearden's "magic windows": the infrared and ultraviolet frequencies!



Robert Monroe

This essentially explains why we are oblivious to the abundant UFO activity right above our heads.


The frequency range of photographic cameras and video cameras can also explain why certain "ghosts" and other anomalies such as orbs are sometimes caught on film while there are no human witnesses who perceive them (again, most people's psi faculties are undeveloped).


American abductee Lori Briggs was told by the alien beings that they were able to turn themselves into light (by means of which they could also levitate objects), but that they were unable to hold their own physical form for very long.197

Organized scientific remote viewing of UFOs and advanced non-human intelligences usually referred to as "aliens" has produced startling results, supporting the physical evidence and witness testimony in favor of such phenomena (albeit without the possibility of verifiable feedback).198

Co-developer of the US military's remote viewing program Ingo Swann recalls an (impromptu) occurrence similar to Monroe's, where thought-forms were recorded on infrared film. It was at a social event at a friend's place.


He remembers:

"A couple of intense psychic types had come along to try to produce energies for the film," but Swann was reluctant and professed cluelessness as to how to do this. However, goaded by his new friends, a giggling and reluctant Swann tried to make a ball of light about 3 feet above his head.


"I 'pictured' a ball of light about a foot in diameter. When the film had been developed a few days later, Behold! A TINY orb of light was above my head in three separate film shots.


And there were other lights outlining my body that I had not 'pictured'."

No one else's photos had turned out.


His ad hoc group of friends and acquaintances deemed Swann psychic (which he patently is, based on his remote viewing output, which we look at in TGI 1), and so more photos were taken - resulting in more "successes." 199


Professional paranormal researcher Joshua P. Warren has indicated that digital cameras are naturally sensitive to some infrared and ultraviolet spectra, infrared frequencies being where ghostly orbs are often seen.200

It is an intriguing thought that much NASA UFO footage is derived from the infrared spectrum where lower harmonics of tulpoidal (mental) hyperspace energy can be photographed.


One might speculate that perhaps much "abduction" phenomena occurs at etheric levels, in the occult frequencies/planes close to us but out of phase and normally invisible.


British inventor Harry Oldfield's data suggests this, as his equipment is also capable of photographing a larger range of frequencies than normal cameras and human eyes can see, and guess what? He too can photograph UFOs with his PIP system, which is able to "see" phase changes in light, making things that are invisible or cloaked visible.201

Oldfield (pictured below) has been defended by Dr. Claude Swanson, one of American's top physicists, with whom he has swapped physics theories.


When Oldfield's equipment and methods start spreading, the accumulation of data will accelerate again and "we the people" will be able to force an end to government secrecy on these topics.

In August 1958, officials at Eglin Air Force base in Florida were conducting experiments with a super-sensitive infrared camera which could detect even minute thermal radiation from inanimate objects (to within thousandths of a degree).


They wanted to see if they could photograph events after they had occurred. Using the super-sensitive camera, they photographed the base parking lot, which at the time was empty.


However, when the film was developed, it clearly showed cars that had been parked there several hours beforehand.

"The report of this experiment was carried by the Associated Press in an account published in the Miami Herald.


Because the infrared camera was classified the Air Force refused to say how far backward in time the camera was able to go, or to release any of the pictures to the press…" 202


Harry Oldfield


This is a bizarre notion to conventional thinking - does the past still exist right now in the infrared frequencies of the EM spectrum?


Relativistic physics says the past still exists in the space we occupy, as does occult doctrine, while it is known that informational torsion fields can linger virtually indefinitely, coupling with EM energies which then leave a detectable imprint of the past in space (Poponin and Gariaev's experiments on the DNA "phantom" [see Chapter 13 of TGI] speak directly to this concept).


Evidently, the infrared zone is indeed a "magic window" through which we can view (to some extent at least) the Akashic record. Improving on this, however, is (once again) Harry Oldfield's technology.


Working in a cemetery with his imaging system, Oldfield captured not only discarnate presences, but the presence of a mausoleum and stone monument in the background that were no longer standing, and which belonged to an earlier century (probably some 200 years ago, around the time of the Napoleonic wars, according to an employee at the cemetery).203

Thus, the past is always present as static torsion fields coupled with electromagnetically detectable light, just outside of our normal perceptual range.


For me, this research lays waste to the notion of time as a one-dimensional linear flow in which each present moment fades into oblivion as it becomes the "past" - and it offers strong support for the notion that the "Akashic records" of the past can be perceived consciously and "read" by "sensitives" with the necessary faculties.


Effectively this research appears to prove the late American systems theorist Dewey Larson's theory that time is actually three-dimensional - one dimension of time for each of space (how can we exist in time if it is only one- dimensional?). Moreover, such material also supports the holofractal universe concept, since we can see now that the ever-present "past" is always nested within the present moment, meaning that time is "holographic."

It is interesting that Swami Panchadasi (real name William Walker Atkinson) noted in his book Clairvoyance that while people can see the mental conjuring of a Hindu magician, cameras would not detect them.204

While the non-digital photographic technology from the late 1800s to early 1900s appears to have had a more limited frequency range than that employed during Monroe's time and beyond, truly astral energies are not available for direct capture by anything other than our own astral faculties.


For scalar thought-forms to be captured by physical technology, they must interact to some extent with our physical light, just as occultists like Leadbeater have explained going back decades now.205



Quantum tunneling - Seriously?

Ted Serios was a former Chicago bellhop, born November 27, 1918, who discovered the ability to project photographic images onto camera film by staring into the lens of a Polaroid camera.


He sometimes used a piece of rolled cardboard (a "gizmo") to look into the camera lens at the moment the picture was taken, probably to narrow the focus of his attention. Serios also produced images using a camera without a lens.


Parapsychologist Jule Eisenbud, conducted an extensive investigation of Serios over three years, the results of which were published in The World of Ted Serios: "Thoughtographic" Studies of an Extraordinary Mind (1966).206

Among some of the extraordinary images produced by Serios with a Polaroid camera were pictures of Mariner IV and Russian Vostok rockets 207 (these could not be traced at all in the literature, according to Colin Wilson, indicating that they were not even produced by Serios' own memory,208 but probably his subconscious mind interacting with the collective unconscious).


The Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology records that numerous images produced by Serios were,

"ambiguous, in soft focus, or too vague to identify. Some contained mistakes which would have been absent from a picture of an object that had merely been reproduced via the inert 'gizmo'." 209

Serios had been,

"stripped to the skin, medically examined, X-rayed, sewn into a restraint suit that allowed him to move nothing but his head, and tested with cameras and film provided by independent and critical observers," biologist Lyall Watson reported in Supernature.


"In spite of all precautions… he still succeeds in producing his thoughtographs." 210

Between May 1964 and June 1967, Serios produced over 400 such images.211

His strange gift resulted from an experiment in "do-it-yourself hypnotism" involving a friend. George Johannes, a fellow bellhop at Chicago's Conrad Hilton Hotel, inducted Serios into a deep trance and implanted the suggestion that the contents of his mind could be photographed - it was as simple as that.


His thought-forms had been photographed from then on, though the resulting pictures were not always things that were being visualized in his mind at all!


One time Serios took a picture that no one could identify, himself included. The only discernable clue was a sign identifying the locale as a remote Canadian town. The examiners sent the picture to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of that village who identified it as a clear photograph of one of the town's landmarks!

Margaret Waite recorded in The Mystic Sciences that while Serios' thoughtographs usually depicted clearly identifiable buildings, such as the Taj Mahal, he sometimes imaged historical figures, and even prehistoric creatures.212


In one attempted experiment in which he tried to produce an image of the Chicago Hilton, Serios accidentally produced an image (in color, by the way) of the Denver Hilton instead, muttering,

"Missed, damn it." 213


A Serios "thoughtograph".
Image source:

Erratic as it may have been, Serios' ability appears to be another demonstration of the capacity of consciousness - acting via torsion/scalar energy - to couple with (or create) and manipulate EM light in as yet unexplained ways.


Our waveform thoughts can impress themselves upon physical objects (hence psychometry), decoding, for instance, on film as objects or places that can be recognized. Eisenbud treats the etheric body as a "serious hypothesis" in his book on Serios.214

Undoubtedly, Serios was utilizing his subtle vehicles in order to generate or manipulate the light that was causing these images to form on film.


It is noteworthy that tests under different conditions seemed to eliminate any possibility that Serios was using any known part of the electromagnetic spectrum in his thoughtography - no type of barrier, whether magnetic, electrical, or physical prevented his success,215 ergo the energy at work was torsion/scalar.


Serios in action projecting a thought form
Gerald R. Brimacombe, Time Life Pictures, Getty Images


As author John Violette notes, it often requires large amounts of energy to mobilize hyperdimensional forces, and it is therefore not surprising that Serios had to work himself virtually into a state of rage during these experiments.


Notably, Israeli "paranormalist" Uri Geller has been able to achieve similar feats, taking photos of himself on high-speed black and white film through a solid black lens cap.


Chris Humphrey Ph.D. explains this is due to quantum tunneling:

if the (aetheric/time-space) de Broglie probability (quantum) wave exists on both sides of a barrier, then its particle (photons in this case) can sometimes be on one side, and sometimes on the other, without ever passing through the barrier.


Geller's mind-field altered the probability that those photons could reach the other side of the lens cap to non-zero.


Indeed, he pushed the probability high enough that some photons actually did "get through" or manifest on the other side - enough to show on the high-speed black and white film.216

Presumably the same principles are at work in Serios' case also. In Russia, PK medium Nina Kulagina could reportedly produce the letters A or O on photographic paper, or create even the silhouette of an image she had seen.217

Physicist William Tiller conducted experiments with film in the 1970s with a man named Stan whose photos kept producing strange lights and illuminations based on the state of consciousness he was in at the time.


The occasions when the optical effects were most likely to be obtained were,

  1. at "spiritual rock concerts"

  2. at religious shrines

  3. at high- energy metaphysical lectures

Whenever he sensed a particular feeling in his seventh cervical (throat chakra zone) and fourth thoracic vertebrae (heart chakra zone) and snapped a picture, some anomaly invariably presented itself on the resultant photograph.

Over a fifteen-year period, out of 9,000 photographs taken, a whopping 5,000 contained easily distinguishable anomalies. In a series of studies Tiller carried out with Stan, two cameras were used, one "sensitized" by him, the other not. Both were mounted on a single tripod with a single shutter release.


Standard Kodak color film and standard Kodak processing were used, and Stan was never allowed to touch the film during loading or unloading.

"Most photo pairs showed very significant differences," reports Tiller.

The sensitized camera's pictures,

"would often show one or more people in the frame as somewhat transparent over a portion of their body so that objects behind them could clearly been seen through the transparent (translucent) portion," * while the photos from the unsensitized camera produced no anomalies.

* This is an effect that Oldfield’s technology has also achieved. For example, the stones at Stonehenge became see-through to the PIP system, which is sensitive to phase changes in light.



In other experiments with a single sensitized camera, an opaque lens cap was placed over it while photos were taken, but it didn't matter:

"remarkably clear photographs" were obtained through the lens cap anyway.

Merely keeping the camera close to his body for several days was enough for Stan to sensitize it, and though it could be passed to someone else to take the anomalous pictures, the effect generally wore off after an hour unless continuously "pumped" (energetically) by him.

Is this another instance where "quantum tunneling" was being triggered by a human's torsion-plasma/consciousness fields?


Tiller suggests that when human intention is,

"applied to unseen subtle domains" (implicate orders or time-space/hyperspace realms) it is the "driver of events seen in the physical domain." 218

To occultists and mystics who can see thought-forms and auric fields, and execute PK phenomena, this is simply axiomatic.






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