Remember that any radio, TV or electronics store should be able to help you locate parts. They are not uncommon. However some 'Package' type stores like Radio Shack carry only very popular items and may not have a certain item in stock. To make ordering simpler I've used mfg. names and numbers which should ease acquisition worldwide.


However, it should be remembered that equivalent parts of other mfg. will work just as well.

For the variable tuning device you want a 'Calectro' 365 pf. single gang capacitor. Cat. No. A 1-232 made by GC Electronics. (About $3). Two of these are necessary. The RF Transformer is made by AW Miller and is designated a 70-A (About $4.50). The variable resistor is made by Allen Bradley. 100ohms..Code 25502. No. IA IN 056S101UA (RV4NAYSD101A) (About $3.75).

Any small amplifier will do, either the kit form sold in most shops, or a ready made unit like the Radio Shack Realistic model designated; Microsome Cat. No. 277-1008. It's a 200 MW solid state device powered by a 9v battery. Using this type will mean that you will have to open the case and disconnect the speaker wires and use them as the amplifier output wires. (Cost about $11).

On the following page you will find information regarding a parts kit now available for this unit as well as custom finished units.



With the intense interest in psionics and radionics sweeping the world in the past year, it has become apparent that the necessary parts for the construction of your "Black Box" may not be available in certain parts of the U.S. and overseas. In accordance with the demand therefore, we have now made available to our readers a parts kit and fully assembled unit.

The parts kit, which may be ordered thru 'ContEnt1 Box 156, Hancock, Wi.54943, contains all the necessary elements of the primary device, along with a 'picture' diagram showing the connections to make, and features 'twist together' parts for fast easy construction. The kit comes complete with a plastic case and the only thing you need supply is a 9 volt battery. Cost is $59.95 and includes shipping.

The custom designed fully assembled unit, while of the primary design is hand built to allow the widest possible range of latitude for individual experimentation. The unit operates on either 110v AC or 12v DC, has a multiposition switching device in the output section for connection to headphones, tape deck, probe leads etc., as well as dual input, telescoping antenna, and a more advanced 'stroker' section utilizing a galvonic skin response device showing registration on a standard S meter. The unit comes complete, and ready to operate in. a sturdy phenolic case, and will be shipped postpaid for $260 .


There is currently no device available on the market today that can match it, either in price or versatility. Each of these units are hand assembled so delivery could possibly take up to 6-8 weeks.

U.S. Money orders or certified checks will speed your order (overseas orders via Int. Money Order in U.S. funds) as personal checks must first clear our bank.


A Heironymus type machine using a lens focus and sample well. If desired, the sample well can be dispensed with and a collector plate used instead. If so, the plate may be attached to the top of the device near the stroker plate (wafer coil).


The slit for the film holder, and the holder itself are not needed for transmission work. The number of variable resistors depend solely upon the degree of 'fine' tuning desired.


For most transmission work, they may be omitted. Power for the machine is fed into the amplifier, which also determines the voltage and either, AC or DC a 9 volt amplifier would need a 9 volt battery, etc. ELECTRICAL POWER IS CONFINED TO THE AMPLIFIER ALONE AND DOES NOT FEED INTO THE CIRCUIT.

This is just one variation of parts arrangements. You may use any layout you desire as long as the wiring is connected in the proper order. (I even built one on a flat piece of cardboard).

Be sure to check the variations mentioned and shown for the various parts arrangements. Depending upon application, some work better than; a light source 'carrier' beam is desired for De La Warr type treatments. Also, if psionic pictures are faint, you may want to use an ultra violet or infra red light source for a carrier wave.




In all applications other than the prism/scale, the antenna should be an automobile or CB type.


For prism work a couple of short pieces of copper wire will suffice. The focus control wires for a lens system are not shown for they are optional. If used, they should be led by the simplest route from lens assembly to knob. It's, of course, easier to just move the lens by hand. If a knob/string adjustment is desired a simple dowel arrangement is shown. (C5-C6 in below image)

Remember that the sample well is the input section... the antenna, the output. Input may thus be modulated or 'superimposed1 by connecting head electrodes across sample well as indicated by 'X'.

Schematic of the Heironymus patent, A fixed prism can be used instead of a lens as shown. A narrow hallway of cardboard is then employed.


The home made scales are constructed by running known substances thru device first. With lens setup, scale electrode is moveable, lens is thus "fixed".


This is the same layout as the pictorial schematic.


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The scale mentioned in the schematic diagram of the Heironymus device is necessary if you want to analyze unknown compounds, locate an unknown position, etc.


The scale is very simple to make, if you have known elements or coordinates to start with. A small quantity of each known chemical element is placed next to the detector, and with full knowledge of the element, the angle of radiation formed by the line thru the prism and the face of the prism is determined and the degree numeral on the scale, which identifies the angle of the radiation, is placed on the chart as one of the indicating numbers.


After this chart is so constructed and the intersecting lines extended from the degree reading on the scale and the atomic weight of the known elements, then when the device is in use, any material or substance may be located next to the coil and it's components determined by positioning the electrode on a line of radiation where the degree number on the face of the scale is quickly read and used by referring to the chart.


When the degree indicator is so located, the line on the chart extending from there, is followed until it reaches the diagonal line on the chart, whereupon the operator then follows the intersecting line to the lower edge of the chart where the value of the atomic weight is read. These atomic weights can be found in any textbook.


A similar process would be used to make a longitude and latitude scale for location of a distant object.

In practice, let's assume that a substance containing calcium is used, but you don't know that. The angle at which the unknown radiation leaves the prism will teach it's name, for as the operator moves his fingers over the stroker plate, the electrode and pointer are shifted slowly, until the pointer reaches the pre determined position for calcium, at which time it will be found that a greater degree of 'drag' or resistance on the stroker plate is noticed. After this step, the other tuning devices ( var. cond. and resistors) are tuned in a like mar to finally achieve a reading of highest accuracy.

The lens arrangement is used in exactly the same way.



In these variations, the output section is modified for different or more intense results.

Variation No. 1 uses a light source as a carrier wave. The output from the machine is fed to the coils, light is directed thru this field into the lens of a regular camera.

Variation No.2 uses the same setup as Variation No. 1 but a spiral coil is used.

In either of the above variations it is sometimes found advantages to incorporate a photographic color filter at the point marked X.

The light source used may be visible light, ultra violet or infra red. Most applications use infra red with a compatible color filter.

Variation No. 3 is simply an ordinary camera placed between two metal plates on the output end, for those who don't want to do their own photo developing.


Psionic Machines, though fairly new, have none-the-less become very sophisticated in the past 20 years. The plans in this book, even though they're workable, are for simple beginners models. Pictured is a much more advanced machine now in use.


This device is not for sale to the general public, and indeed, requires a 2 year 'in school' course to operate.


This is a dial indicator to find an exact amount of an unknown substance. It will serve to measure time, as well as amount.

The main electrode and lens are fixed.

The second electrode is moved and the reading taken from the dial made for the background.




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This invention is used in England for therapeutic purposes - and has been for many years. The patent date is Feb. 1951, number 741651. Is, however the same device used for psionic photography as mentioned in Langston Day's book, 'New World's Beyond The Atom'.

According to the invention, a light beam is located in the path of the radiation from the 'witness' or source, to serve as a carrier wave. A bar magnet or a conically wound electrically conductive spiral energized by an electrical AC current, is also employed along with a means of modifying the radiation, such as several resonators, or a bar magnet rotatable located within and coaxial with a spiral or at least one color filter. The term resonator is used to describe a strip of metal and a slider which can be brought into contact with any point of it. The resonator responds to L field emanations.

The drawings will show the design. In fig. 1 is seen one view of the entire apparatus. Fig. 2 is an end on view of the line II seen in fig.1. Fig. 3 is a sectional view of an accompanying portion of the psionic camera. Fig.4 is a top view of IV in Fig.3. Fig. 5 is another view of fig.3 as seen on line V.

Fig. 1 and 2 show a casing divided into two chambers, chamber 2 being light tight. Chamber 1 has an electric bulb. (3) and reflector (4) in front of a beam producing lens (5). The beam is directed thru the light tight chamber (2) thru a series of wheels (6) on which are mounted color filters (7) so as to select light of any desired color.


There is one free chamber in each turret, to provide ^different combinations of color.

In chamber 2 is a lens (8) directing the light onto mirrors (9) and (10), located at a 45 degree angle so that a wide angled beam is projected thru a 5 1/2" hole (11) in front of the instrument.


Between the lens (8) and mirrors (9) (10), a seven turn right handed spiral (12), making up the first "initiator" is located, within which is suspended a bar magnet (12g) termed a second initiator, located with the north pole up.


The adjustment of the magnet is simply in rotating the bar magnet about it's vertical axis. At a certain point in it's 360 degree arc, the state will occur where the magnet will become operative as an initiator, and the desired 'emanations' will be intensified. Thru the spiral is passed an AC current.

In the rear of the outer casing and on the rear panel (14) are found resonators ( 12d, 12e, 12f) which, in conjunction with the turrets (6), serve as a modifying means.

The apparatus shown in (3(4(5) is a casing divided into four chambers, (17) (18) (19) (20). The chamber at one end contains a light bulb (21) and reflectors (22)(23)(24). The three reflectors are angled so as to direct a converging beam of light thru holes in the panels (25)(26)(27) dividing the chambers from one another, and thru three lenses (28)(29)(30) mounted in holes in the end wall (31) of the casing to converge the beams on to a "target" (Patient, etc.).


The reflector(22) is angled to reflect light thru lens (32) mounted in a hole near the top of the panel (25)nearest the source of light (hereafter called the first panel), thru a flat transparency (33) in the second panel (26) thru a lens (34) mounted in a hole in panel(27) and then thru the lens (28) mounted on the end of the casing. The centerline of these series of lenses lying in the central vertical longitudinal plane of the casing.


The other two reflectors (23)(24) are arranged to reflect light in two beams near the bottom of the casing, one beam at each side, and the beams converging towards the appropriate lenses (29)(30)in the end wall of the casing. For the lower beam, the ray travels from mirror (24) thru lens (35) in panel (25) then thru transparencies (36)(37) in panels (26)(27). The other beam travels from lens (38) in panel (26) thru transparencies (39)(40) in panels (25)(27).

With each of the lenses (35)(38) for the lower beams and with lens (34) in the third panel for the upper beam, is associated an initiator consisting of a magnet in the form of a thin vertical rod (41)(42)(43) which is rotatable about it's vertical axis.

The mountings for the three lenses (28)(29)(30) at the end wall (31) are arranged to receive color filters. The modifying means for the emanations appearing in each of the three beams consists of a set of resonators (13) mounted on the panel (25)(26) or (27) that carries the associated one. of the initiators (41)(42)(43).

Each resonator (13) consists of a strip of metal of interrupted annular form secured at one end (44) (i.e.; at the interruption) to the associated panel (25)(26)(27) the plane of the metal strip being parallel with that of the panel, and with each strip is associated a finger (16) adjustable angularly about the center of the interrupted annulus and in contact with the strip. The fixed ends (44) of the resonators are connected by taut wires (45) to a common terminal (46) which in turn is connected with it's appropriate initiator.

The resonators could also be made of straight bars or strips, and would work just as well. For the beam of light, you may also substitute any other electromagnetic wave of a length greater than Gamma rays. Avoid X-rays, they're too dangerous.

The device works this way. If any element is placed on the north pole of a bar magnet, a radiation in one direction can be detected, which is known as the fundamental ray of that element. If that element is removed and another put in it's place, a radiation in another direction is detected. Each element has it's own particular vector or direction in both the horizontal and vertical plane.


The radiation for each fundamental ray varies in frequency, and this energy may be tapped, and the resonator made to vibrate by orienting the molecules of any material in a correct relationship with the ray. It has been found that a pointer of almost any material, when aligned with the ray vibrates in sympathy with it, and is the actual detector component of the apparatus. This pointer is adjustable in relation to a resonant mass which serves to increase the amplitude of the vibrations.


This resonance can just as easily be produced by some sort of resonant cavity suitably aligned with the fundamental ray.

End view on a larger scale of one of the spirals.

15 is the spiral, 17 the finger arm, 18 the point of contact and 16 is plastic spindle.


In 1956 Dr. De La Warr patented an improved therapeutic device, based on the above patent. This one didn't electrify the spiral coil, and didn't use color filters. Each different spiral was used for a different illness, and when in use, the device is simply pointed at the patient, while the coil's finger is aligned to the north.


The planes are shown and each spiral is labeled if you want to use this device.

  • Spiral A - Suppression of streptocuccus rheumaticus in the Giant Cells of the Bone Marrow

  • Spiral B - Stimulating development of iodine in Pituitary

  • Spiral C - Stimulating development of Adrenalin in Giant Cells of Red Bone Marrow

  • Spiral D - Stimulating development of cortisone in Anterior Pituitary and Bone Marrow.

    (All of the spirals should be right hand spirals)

Additional spirals can be purchased fro the De La Warr Labs in Britain.



Ruth Drown Machine

This was one of the earliest radionic devices built. It was used in the 1930fs for diagnoses and treatment of health problems. The rectifier may be of any type. The photo plates could be replaced with dual electrodes for diagnoses.


In a similar device used by De La Warr labs, these electrodes, (hand held) are used in a form of '20 questions', by touching each of a series of questions pertaining to the subject before the photoelectric cell. The questions should be well thought out and written down on a sheet of paper. A correct answer would produce a 'drag' on the stroker plate.

Remember, the more variable condensers or rheostats included in the circuit the finer it can be 'tuned'.

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Although the description of how to construct and operate this device may sound complicated, in actual practice, it is quite simple. To illustrate operation we will use the Heironymus machine, as it's the simplest to build and also to operate with a minimum of problems. Although psionic devices have become extremely sophisticated, it must be understood that the plans and discussions in this book relate to very simple devices that require the least amount of practice.


I would strongly urge my readers to start with the Heironymus machine, then progress to the De La Warr camera, if that is their desire. Time photography is a little more 'touchy' at first, than simple 'broadcasting'. The Heironymus device is the easiest of all radionic machines to both build and use.

Put a sample into the detector chamber. This sample may be a hank of hair, drop of blood, photograph (making sure that you have kept the negative) etc. depending upon what you desire to accomplish. As an example, let's follow the procedure for killing insect pests in the garden.

In the sample well you will put a photograph of the infected plant or field you want to treat. You may use a Q tip to swab the photo with an insecticide known to kill the particular type insect you wish to eliminate, or you may put a small container of the insecticide in the chamber along with the photo.


(The photo should be placed in the chamber face up, and the negative should NOT be used. Using the negative can produce results with which the beginner will not be able to cope.)


The insecticide you use will probably be 'standard' for that insect, but when you begin dealing with chemicals to eliminate plant disease, you will find that what works for one operator, may not be the best for another.


For example, Mrs. Murial Benjamen normally uses a crystal of tungsten nickel fluoride to stimulate growth and eliminate apple scab disease but found that Galen Heironymus preferred oxbile tablets. Both worked, for them, but other uses reported difficulty with any but their own favorite chemical. It would seem that a chemical will work successfully if YOU BELIEVE IN IT!

Only one photo at a time should be inserted in the well for treatment, (Uncontrolled gene crossing occurs when the pictures of two different plants are processed together! Be careful)! The photo should remain in the well for a few hours each day. (Some advanced operators find that only a few minutes are necessary).
With the machine plugged in, the fingers are used to lightly brush the stroker plate while the tuning electrode is slowly moved in relation to the lens or prism, A slight drag or 'adhesion1 will be felt at the finest point of focus.


The first variable condenser is tuned while stroking continues until, again, a slight drag is encountered. The second condenser is then tuned in the same manner. In order, each of the variable resisters are adjusted in exactly the same way. All during this tuning process the operator must be thinking strongly of the desired effect. (Failure to operate can be attributed to faulty circuitry or damaged parts. Difficulty of operation can be laid to inexperience of the operator).


Once the machine is tuned, it's not necessary to retune it each day. Simply turn it on for a few hours and walk away. Results should be apparent within 2-3 weeks depending upon the size of the field or infestation, and also on the size of the plants (i.e.; trees take longer than weeds).

For photographic operation we recommend the De La Warr machine for best results. The Heironymus device will take photos, but not easily or with the clarity of the Time Camera. If you wish to try however, a piece of film cut to fit into the construction paper envelope, is placed in the holder and slid into the slot between the electrodes, while tuning is taking place and the operator is concentrating.


Exposure time is lengthy and will vary, so only practice will determine how long to leave the film in the machine. Develop this film as you would any other black and white picture,

If the machine is used for astral communication, the head electrodes should be attached to the output side of the antenna. It usually helps if you have a photo of the deceased in the sample well, making sure, of course, that you still retain the negative.

Just as with the different chemicals used by different operators, some prefer to reverse" this hookup and attach the head electrodes to the sample well, in which case the 'tuned' electrodes act as antennas. (It has been found that creating even a slight north magnetic field around the operator at this time, greatly enhances reception).

For telepathic communication between two people, it is recommended that two machines be used. However if one of them has exhibited a telepathic ability it is possible to get results with both hooked to the same device. In this case, the sender wears the head electrodes connected to the sample well, and the receiver wears the one connected to the antenna. Should two way communication be desired it will probably be necessary to build two machines. For long distance telepathy, the head electrodes are usually attached to the sample well containing the receivers photo, blood sample, etc.

To influence someone without their knowledge is quite simple. As an example, if Love is the emotion you wish to impose upon them, their witness ( hair, blood, saliva, skin scrapping, photo etc) is placed in the sample well along with your own. Each in a separate envelope! Head electrodes connected to the sample well at this time and operated by you each day will do the job. However, we must explain that in .conjunction with this, a physical proximity will greatly enhance the signal.


Thus... the machine will work much faster if the person you're trying to influence is kept within your physical vicinity as much as possible while the machine is operating. The signals from the machine are very subtle and, as mentioned, are of an emotional nature. While they're operating, they go unnoticed by the receiver, who's mind may be occupied with other matters.


Hence your physical presence at the same time, allows your L Field to combine with the receivers and thus enhance the emotional message. Don't be impatient. All people are different and time of 'absorption' and reaction of the target will vary. The entire process can take from just a few days to several weeks.

If the machine is to be used to locate a missing person or unknown ore deposit etc., it is first necessary to construct a graph or chart of world longitude and latitude. The chapter on graph construction for atomic weights will demonstrate the method. As each main location is thus found, succeeding refinements are possible by using more refined graphs until exact position within a few acres or even yards, is accomplished.

Experiments in telekineses and similar projects, would of course use the machine in the same way as for telepathy.

If you desire the answers to questions, the device can be easily used to play a form of twenty questions, by first writing the questions down on a piece of paper, then touching each one with portable electrodes attached to the sample well. Start with general questions, and refine each succeeding one until you have a direct yes or no to a specific problem. For example, you may want to know the location of a particular person.


The first question would be "Is he/she in the U.S.? (a fyes' answer produces a drag on the stroker plate). If the answer is yes, the next question could be "is he/she in the state of New York?" etc. Continue in this manner until your quest has been fully answered. This applies to any question you may have, and is limited only by knowing which questions to ask to get the correct final answer. (A medical question for example, would be hard to answer unless you knew the symptoms to ask about).

All of the parts mentioned in this text are easily available from radio supply houses such as Allied, Radio shack, etc. Also used as suppliers were local TV repair shops and electronic stores.

Many of the scientific items mentioned in this book are available from scientific hobby supply houses across the country. They are also a very good source for instruments that may be desired for your own experiments. One of the largest, well supplied ones is Edmund Scientific Co. 623 Edscorp Building Barrington N.J. 08007. Write to them for a complete catalogue of fascinating experimental equipment.

Other psionic devices have been patented, and while most are not as good or easy to build as the ones described in this book, the patents can be obtained from the British patent office. Write: British Patent Office, Sale Branch, St. Mary Cray, Orpington, Kent; Br 5 3rd; England. Ask for patent numbers: 198018 (Wm. Boyd), 235926 (Wm. Boyd), 272023 (Arno Holzheimer), 663978 (T. Galen Heironymus), 515866 (Ruth Drown), 626396 (Walter Atkinson), and 761976 (George De La Warr).


The American patent of the Heironymus machine is probably cheaper and faster to get if you should desire to possess the actual patent office copy. Send 50 for patent number 2482773 to U.S. Patent Office, Washington D.C. 20025. The British patents are also on file from the U.S. Patent Office Foreign Branch, in Virginia. Write to them through the Washington address.

I sincerely hope this book has fulfilled all of your expectations. It was meant to enlighten and pique the interest of those who's minds are intrigued by the unknown.

By those seeking the truth. Until enough private individuals as well as scientific foundations and commercial companies make practical use of psionic devices such as we've described, the U.S. will continue to put itself in danger of psionic attack and fall further and further behind in the 'Psychic War', until even the smallest of countries will no longer need an atomic bomb to influence the world, a simple black box will do!


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Psionics research and experimentation is still in it's very early stages... at least if it's judged by the released results. There are undoubtedly many spectacular results being achieved that are kept under wraps by their discoverers. In a way, this could prove beneficial to the reader in as much as it leaves his imagination wide open to interesting possibilities.

In this section I've outlined a few fascinating ideas that may or may not have any value as basics for your own experiments. If nothing else, perhaps they will serve as a nucleus around which the mind can weave a cocoon of theory.

They're at least interesting facts and theories.

Can there be a genetic relationship between man and plants?


Dr. Harold Burr claims the possibility. Biochemists investigating the crossing of genes of different families of living things, have made an astonishing discovery. They found that when an atom of magnesium is taken from a molecule of chlorophyll and replaced with an atom of iron... IT BECOMES A MOLECULE OF RED BLOOD!

The psionic device patented and used for years now by the De La Warr laboratories in England is a variation of the Heironymus machine that is capable of registering photographs of the L field surrounding an object. In 1958 Dr. De La Warr took a picture of a drop of ordinary tap water. The results were 'normal'...that is a central point with 7 bright, thin lines radiating from it. Then he asked a priest to bless the water before he took another picture. This time, a completely different radiation pattern developed.... the brilliant lines of force were now in the shape of a cross!

In my mention of the Hope diamond I discussed the piezoelectric properties possible within a diamond. All diamonds are electrical conductors. They are
the very hardest, purest, most densely packed carbon in the world... and all life is carbon based. Is there an affinity? Is it possible that a diamond can store L field energy much like a capacitor, and release it either on demand or when 'grounded' by a person or a persons L field?


If emotion is simply a form or frequency of energy, could 'emotion' be absorbed by the gemstone for release in a compatible or non compatible field? Like static electricity is picked up and then released when grounded. Or perhaps like the exchange of negative ions or positive ones? If something of the sort is possible, could it be done deliberately? Could it result in a 'death' ray or 'fear' ray weapon?


Studying a diamond under an electron scanning microscope or kirlian device could prove extremely interesting.

If the piezoelectric action of crystals is strong enough and dependable enough could it be used in place of the pickup electrode of the psionic machine? Is there more of an empathy or affinity between such a crystal and the mind or L field? If nothing else, would such a crystal be more sensitive to the delicate radiations detected by the psionic device?

Kirlian photography is basically a photographic image formed within and by highly intense electrical radiation. So far, people have inserted the object to be photographed into the field area. What if the field were used to scan your surrounding area as you would pan a movie camera. Would you photograph a ghost or spirit?

Magnetism is the single most important element necessary to any kind of life! Extraordinary results have been discovered in experiments with magnetism.

Dr. Ralph V. Seirra is one of the researchers who discovered that there is a definite relationship between electricity and magnetism that is remarkably similar to the relationship between telepathy and gravity!

Weak electrical fields can heal severe wounds and broken bones three to five times faster than normal!

Any living thing deprived of the earth's magnetic field (which is very weak) for any length of time will suffer severe illness and eventually die! Every known mass extinction of life on earth, such as the dinosaurs, occurred during the time when the earth's magnetic field was reversed! When this happens, there are
periods of zero gravity that result in death.

Dr. Kenneth S. McLean of the Institute of Biomagnetics developed a strong magnetic field of 3600 gauss thru the use of heavy duty electric coils. Not only was this field used to perform some fantastic medical 'cures' but it produced a strange rejuvenating effect! After 10 half hour sessions in the field some of his patients hair showed a definite darkening! Under a microscope the hair was shown to be actually transparent like a glass tube! There were also additional signs of regained health and stamina.

A team of surgeons at the Pennsylvania University School of Medicine have determined that the biomagnetic field at the front of the brain is negative, and that at the back of the brain, centering on the brim stem leading to the nervous system the charge is positive. They found by experimenting that by suddenly reversing this polarity the test subject was immediately rendered unconscious.

People act irresponsible when the air is charged with positive ionization. Dr. Igho Kornblueh exposed patients suffering very severe body burns to negatively ionized air. The healing process was not only speeded up but miraculously, people with 3rd degree burns on 90% of their bodies were almost completely relieved of pain just by breathing this air! Negative ionization also promotes a general feeling of well being.


The effect runs from the relief of headache and minor pain and fatigue to the alleviation of the dreadful agony of cancer! Philco Corp. now manufactures such a device... it's called the Ionotron 8000.

Russian parapsychologists report that air ionization strongly affects human ESP ability. When the local geomagnetic field fluctuates wildly, as in a thunder storm, people can't concentrate and often lose their PSI ability! This lead to the discovery that even a weak magnetic field surrounding both the sender and the receiver in telepathy experiments proved beneficial... gave them extra energy. Mammals of an order as high as rats have grown new limbs when the amputated limb end was stimulated with mild electrical and magnetic application! Physically the brain is a chemical and electromagnetic device.


Damaged brain areas can be healed faster when subjected to mild electrical stimulation. This stimulation also activates the nerves and muscles controlled by the damaged section! The Russians have even successfully 'replaced' damaged brain sections with artificial electrical stimulators!

Strong electric fields are generated when you splash water in the sink or take a shower! The positive charge runs down the drain and the negative stays in the air. This negative ionization accounts for 70% of the 'lift' you feel after a shower. The same field makes trees and plants grow and thrive. Reverse the field and even a large tree will quickly die!

The geomagnetic field is largely responsible for the refreshed, exhilarated feeling after a vacation in the country. In cities the earth's magnetic field, which is essential to all living things, is barred by large buildings and metal obstructions. Cars, buses trains etc, all act as Faraday cages to block out or dampen this field!

Ian Kane of Australia's National University has discovered that magnetic reversals cause climatic changes! In other words, a cause and effect relationship exists between changes in the earth's magnetic field and the climate. The higher the magnetic intensity, the colder the climate!

Prolonged periods of reduced magnetism can be very dangerous to any living thing. Bacteria kept for 72 hours in a low mag field suffered in their reproductive capacity. Fifteen times less to be exact! In tests on higher orders of life it was found that this lack of sufficient magnetic need made it difficult to move around and also to reproduce. Birds become disoriented, their muscle response erratic and egg laying ability lessened. In mice and rats the enzyme activity was lessened. The longer an organism stays in a low mag field the less fertile they become., and the more shriveled their tissues and organs... and the shorter the life span!

Although NASA flatly refuses to discuss the matter or release medical information on the subject, it's been pointed out that NOT ONE ASTRONAUT who's been in prolonged space flights has as yet fathered a child!

In 1962 Anthropologist Louis Leaky electrified the world with his discovery in Kenya and Tanzania of the remains of human beings dated at 2-2 million years old! In 1974 a four nation expedition to north-central Ethiopia discovered fossilized human bones at least 4 million years old!


Drs. Carl Johnson and Maurice Taieb have now stated.

"All previous theories of the origin of modern man must now be revised. We must now throw out many existing theories and consider that man goes back to well over four million years"!

Later data has now revised this figure to an estimated 10 MILLION YEARS!

  • How many times has man achieved or surpassed his present level of advancement in 10 million years?

  • Of the many cataclysms that are now believed to have occurred since the dawn of time, how many civilizations were elevated to fantastic scientific achievement only to perish and disappear into myth?

  • Atlantis?

  • Mu? Lemuria?

  • Hyperborea?

Think of the achievement of man in the last 200 years... then try to comprehend... 10 MILLION YEARS!

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In the beginning there is only thought... an energy. Energy is sentient.


Thought manifests itself in the material world by variations in it's own frequency, thus creating light, heat, electricity, magnetism and the entire range of effects within the electromagnetic spectrum. One form of thought/energy is manifested in tachyons, which compose the L fields necessary to life.


A portion of this tachyon L field is 'solidified' into solid matter by a change in the rate of frequency, and is used as the vehicle by which the L field manifests itself in the material world... the body.


To put it another way:

The source... thought/energy alters it's vibrations to become differing forms or expressions of energy such as light, heat etc. It also alters itself into forms such as tachyons which then compose themselves into the aura or life field surrounding every living thing. (the soul?)

The function of the material L field is to handle immediate direction of that portion of itself that is 'solidified' into the 'solid' body it will utilize while in the three dimensional existence. The 'soul' field forms or coalesces tachyons into atoms and thus into a vibrational frequency within the discernable electromagnetic spectrum of man, to appear as a solid called matter.


The material body thus formed, being only a constructed vehicle for manipulation within a matter environment, is maintained by the L field automatically. Upon death this useless encumbrance is discarded, much like a worn out automobile is junked, and the L or soul field simply continues to exist without any material vehicle and still fully aware of it's affinity with the source energy. This would be called by us, a ghost or the hereafter.


The hereafter is not a place like your home, state or country. It is a state of mind! A state of being!


Eventually the soul field may elect to again form a material body and re-enter the matter existence. If it does so, we would call it reincarnation. As this soul field is the consciousness man calls 'mind' the memories of it's past are available to it... as well as to the source thought/energy of which it is a part. Only the 'conscious' mind (that part used by the body vehicle) is too wrapped up in material functions to dig deeply enough into it's own memories to realize this.


Those that eventually do are known as seers and psychics. Mediums and clairvoyants are material bodies who have exhibited an affinity for breaking thru the conscious mind and contacting the soul field or source. Time, as we know it, doesn't really exist... it is a dimension used by the soul field just as other material dimensions are formed and used. A soul field that elects to manifest itself in the material world can do so in any guise it chooses, whether it be in a 19th century existence or one in the year 2550!


If each existence is considered as a 'play', the soul field can materialize itself into any stage it chooses to dwell, from the cave man epic... to the England of Victoria... to the future of 2550. It's all in the desires of the soul field and the stage it decides to occupy. Man's 'memory' of the ancient past is in reality an up to date record of what's happening on the other stages at the moment.


Those actions are made manifest by the source energy, in all the other stages at the same time and appear as a continuing play!


The sentient tachyons that have discarded their material vehicles, are none the less still in contact with all other 'minds'. In the occult their commonly referred to as 'guides', and indeed have undertaken the role of helping or guiding the material oriented souls in their actions. When praying we may refer to these guides as Saints, and request they pass our prayer along to the source itself, with it's full memory and power... a collective memory and collective power.


This source could be called race mind... or..., God.

This material body then, is a part of the tachyon, soul field which is in turn a small fragment of the source thought/energy.

"We are formed in the 'image' of God. We are all a part of God. God resides within us."

And God made the heaven and the earth Thought/Energy need only lower it's own frequency rate to 6000 cycles by saying...

"Let there be light".

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