Here are all the answers to man's unanswered questions, available to those with enough courage to reach out for them.

  • Do we have hidden powers waiting to be tapped... capable of changing our lives?

  • Can we communicate without speaking?

  • Heal disease with just an effort of will?

  • Contact beings from the realm of the dead?

Only recently have these possibilities been examined in a systematic way by researchers with the full powers of modern science behind them. Bit by bit they have uncovered the answers. And for those who are willing to know, the discoveries are the most astounding the human race has ever made!

And what quack says all of this is possible? Famous scientists... world renowned physicists... U.S. Government researchers... and prominent psychics the world over! What's more this astonishing machine is now being used by psychics and scientists in England, Australia, Germany, the Soviet Bloc countries and Western Europe, to accomplish with the POWER OF THOUGHT alone, the most awesome feats in the history of mankind.


Do these claims sound unbelievable to you? Kooky? Fantastic?


Then realize that this amazing device has been awarded patents in both Europe and the United States! What's more, the principals upon which this miraculous device is based... PSIONICS... have been extensively researched by Columbia, Yale, Duke and Pennsylvania Universities, Dow Chemical Co. and especially the prestigious Soviet Academy of Science! Intensive studies are going on right now by many reputable organizations around the world; among them the Institute of Noetic Sciences, founded and presided over by ASTRONAUT EDGAR MITCHELL, and Mankind Unlimited of Washington D.C. chaired by Dr. Werner Von Braun!

Believe it! A mechanical device now exists that will amplify all the inborn psychic abilities you may not even realize you have.

The little 'Black Box' is a psychotronic amplifier, and is based on the 'new' science of Psionics. As Joseph Goodavage, author and science reporter described it, 'These machines Have circuits that detect, amplify and direct human thought and emotion.'


Whatever thoughts are on the mind of the person who operates the machine!' So, effective is the machine in Iron Curtain countries, that the CIA has reportedly ordered a 'jamming' device built to counteract it's possible use on the President! Just what, exactly is this mysterious sounding machine? Why have the governments of so many countries granted patents for it? What fantastic psychic vistas does it open up for it's operator?


To answer all these questions and enter into what might be the greatest adventure of your life, we must first go back and trace the phenomenal revolution that has taken place in mechanized psychic power in an incredibly short span of years.

Psionics dates back to ancient Egypt, perhaps even earlier. The initial studies were expanded upon by a few dedicated researchers in the last hundred years, and though all were working independently, they all arrived at the same result! Each gave this new discovery a different name. It has been called Eloptic radiation, Odic Force, radionics Mitogenic emanations, psionics and the new Russian label, psychotronics.


No matter what the label, psionics is a blend of psychic power, extra sensory perception, electromagnetic radiation and biochemistry.


And as Dr. William Hale, former chief of Dow Chemical Co., research explained it...

"The psionic device connects a purely mental function which we call ESP, with an image on a photographic plate!"

These conclusions stem from discoveries by Columbia University that proved that there's a force field surrounding each atom of matter in the universe, and that these elements radiate a frequency that is unique to that atom!


By tuning to these frequencies with a very sensitive electronic device they can, not only be received, but also modified (or modulated) and re-transmitted, very much like an ordinary radio station. It means imposing human thought, which also has it's own frequency, into the very atomic true-structure of matter! ... exposing all the secrets locked within each molecule!


As Joseph Goodavage testified, using this method "Researchers have analyzed emanations from relics of prehistoric creatures that existed millions of years ago. They've been caught on film and developed! "It also means that NOW we can even contact a brain cell on it's own frequency!


Ruth Drown, herself an inventor of a psionic device said it best,

"There's a resonance between the whole body and each of it's parts. Whatever we can do within our own bodies can also be done to others with these electronic machines.., even at a distance!"

Although this may sound like Buck Rogers in the 21st century, these discoveries were actually made in the early 1900's. As a matter of fact, the first American device to utilize psionics was patented way back in 1948! Psionics is the scientific reason why psychics and clairvoyants can get a 'reading1 from a ring or wristwatch someone has worn or handled. It's why others, like Uri Geller, can order molecules of metal to bend upon command, manipulate light, or create pictures on photographic film with out a camera... with the mind alone!

Psionics devices have been jealously guarded by their inventors and few of them have been released for use by novices. And it's no wonder! The power within these tiny machines is tremendous, and well known to research scientists.


They know, as John Campbell, the famous science editor declared, that,

"The machine works beautifully! The consistency of performance is excellent!"

That these astonishing machines work is accepted by a large majority of the new scientists.


As Lynn Schroeder and Sheila Ostander said in their book, 'Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain'...

"There's a new force that can be directed with the mind!" Psionic scientist Dr. Albert Abrams agreed, stating..."All forms of matter possess a quality that puts them in touch with each others signals !"

These simple words set forth an idea that sparked frantic investigation into the uses of psionics. The largest gains were made behind the Iron Curtain, where receptivity for these fantastic ideas found more enthusiastic ears. Some of their scientists have not only claimed to have used the machine for mind to mind contact, but to have actually accomplished telekinesis or levitation... MOVING OBJECTS WITH THE MIND ALONE!


They are known to have employed psionic devices with their discovery of 'Kirlian' photography (camera less photography of electron particles) to capture color motion pictures of the dazzling electrodynamic patterns, or aura, from living organisms, to obtain mind shattering results! Of all the countries now known to be working on these revolutionary devices, the Soviet Academy of Sciences, seem to be far ahead in these studies. The cold war has silently gone into a modern phase known in secret circles as ESPionage.


As John Goodavage stated publicly back in 1975...

"I have it from several reliable sources that an incredibly sophisticates form of psionic warfare is now being conducted by at least four major world powers!"

As news of the Russian progress leaked out from under the curtain, our own experiments began to gain momentum. We've reached the point now where psionics is being used for everything from monitoring astronauts in deep space... to locating vast undetected ore deposits... and doubling plant yield! Just recently a major American oil corporation used the device to discover a huge new oil field in the frozen north!


In farming, as former Brig. Gen. Henry Gross, head of a firm which uses these machines for agricultural use, put it...

"we can not only stimulate plant size and yields but if a plant is infected with aphids, a leaf is put on the collector plate (of a psionic machine) along with a small amount of insecticide. Upon operation of the machine, the insects are killed or leave the plant, usually within 48 hours!"

This may sound a lot like voodoo, but after investigating it for a full year the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau drew up a contract with the firm for the exclusive use of the machine in Pennsylvania!

There are hundreds of testimonials on file from Farm Bureaus, large Agricultural corporations, and individual farmers from California, New Mexico and the south to states bordering on the east coast, attesting to the miraculous results of this device. Hundreds of thousands of acres have been treated and the results are stupendous! Whole fields infested with insects, cleared in a few days, for just pennies! Fantastic crops with prolific yields!


As the Tucson Daily Herald described it...

"Truly a push button war on bugs!"

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I was just plain sick of hearing about other people's psychic experiences! It almost seemed as if everyone but me could perform some kind of ESP. And it wasn't that I hadn't tried. Boy! Had I tried!

Ever since I was a kid, psychic phenomenon had interested me. Buck Rogers ... ghost stories... the Richard Shaver mysteries, all served as the breeding ground for my interest. When I was in my teens, my friends and I did quite a lot of experimenting in the field of 'regression'.... that was the time of the Bridey Murphy stories. And we had just enough success to whet my appetite.


Later in life, my career served to add fuel to the fire. I was with CBS, hosting a 'talk' show, and brother I interviewed every kook that crawled out of the woodwork. BUT... I also met enough 'real' psychics to stoke the fires even higher. Oh sure, by that time I was getting skeptical... phonies out for a buck and some free publicity, had hardened me a lot, but you see, my wife and I had for years experienced a kind of telepathy. Nothing spectacular, I hasten to add, but enough of a definite contact to know that something unexplained did actually exist.

But try as I might, I was never able to do anything I could really crow about, as far as definite or deliberate ESP was concerned. Even the telepathic messages we did get were really one-way. For example, I'd be working, and just before going home, get the strongest urge to pick up some reiseling wine, exotic cheese, cumquats or what have you, from the all night grocer. Don't ask me why... I was never terribly fond of that stuff!


But sure enough, when I'd get home, my ever loving would usually say something like...

"Oh, I see you got my message. Thank you dear", and smile smugly it was downright disgusting!

You see it seems, in ESP, that I was a great 'receiver', but 'sending'... ahhh... that was another kettle of fish... it stank!


Oh sure, once in a while during controlled experiments, I would be able to deliberately send the image of an oil painting or the like, and my wife would get it... but that was about the grand sum of things. What was even more galling was that, while it seemed that I was mired down in inabilities, no matter how hard I tried or desired success, my other half forged ahead by leaps and bounds!

I don't know if it was this development that influenced me to seek more and more psychic guests for my show, or that development progressed with more and more contact, but it was during this period that I had the very good fortune to meet, interview and become friends with some of the leading psychics of the world. Sure, there were a lot of phonies... like the day the reincarnation of Jesus Christ walked into the studie and threatened to end the world if I didn't agree with his philosophy! (I didn't. We're still here)!


But weeding out the crackpots and phonies wasn't too hard if the criteria was simply that the real seers did something that couldn't be-explained away... knew things that no one else could possibly know in advance.

Of course you KNOW what being around these people did to my ego! FLAT! DESPAIR! DISGUST!


It was then that I began to look into Witchcraft, although I admit it was only half heartedly. After all, what could a psychic failure possibly achieve, when he didn't really believe in demons and incantations, anyway? Then came pyramids. VOILA! I tried them all. It wasn't long before I was sitting among mounds and mounds of bubbly water containers and ultra sharp razor blades, feeling sorry for myself again. After all, there are just so many razor blades a guy can use!

Meanwhile, back at 'ghost ranch', my wife was gaily having daily conversations with 'something' that was giving her the right answers and an enigmatic smile all the time. I convinced her ( out of desperation) to delve into this experience more deeply. We got messages... from somewhere... or something, and they kept getting longer and longer and more and more complex.


They were guiding us! I received plans for a 'psychic generator' to strengthen my own power and output! We got answers to intricate questions concerning ESP... psychic phenomenon and even certain devices that could mechanically enhance the inborn psychic ability that everyone is born with!

Then came Goodavage. No, he's not a ghost. He's a writer.


It was 1974. Saga magazine had an article written by Joseph Goodavage that became the ANSWER! It was about Psionics and reading it was like an explosion of understanding. I had to know more! I scrounged libraries... checked out the archives in Washington... even researched overseas. FANTASTIC!


Psionics was just a different name for something that had been under my nose for years... something I hadn't really paid any attention too. Fortunately, others hadn't been so stupid. There were literally hundreds of books covering years and years of research in this field... and the progress overseas in the last decade was almost unbelievable!


I built my first psionic machine and that was THE BEGINNING....


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In 1956, editor John Campbell of Science Fact Magazine said,

"Scientists are now prodding at the edges of a new field that will open a totally new concept of the universe, and that, within 20 years, the barrier will be cracked! A manufactured machine will be achieved, and I believe it will be done by 1975".

Just such a machine was patented in 1948 by T. Galen Hieronymus U.S. patent number 2,482,773!! (click below images)



On the following pages is all the information necessary to construct your own electronic, solid state device capable of amplifying thought! The machine thus constructed can be used as a:

  • Time Photography Machine

  • Thought Projector

  • Mind Over Matter Device

  • Clairvoyant Projector

  • Psychic Generator

With it, you'll be able to take pictures of both the past and the future!


Look backward to lost civilizations or ahead to your unborn children! Analyze unknown compounds to locate trace minerals or detect valuable metals in ore samples! Locate a missing person anywhere in the world... or in OUTER SPACE! Contact the inhabitants of the Astral Plane at any time, with ease! Directly influence others with your thoughts and emotions. Compel those you love and desire to acknowledge your feelings! Even affect living plants and insects in any manner you desire!


Plants will grow fantastically... insects will be destroyed by your will alone! In fact, there are many, many more uses for this astounding device and I'm sure that you'll find even more than I've just listed, Psionics.... GOES BEYOND!

Psionics is more than just ESP. Extra Sensory Perception is a purely mental function that relates to extending the five known senses. It covers things like telepathy (mind to mind contact), psychokinesis (moving objects with the mind), and clairvoyance (glimpsing a future event before it happens). Not that
these things aren't marvelous enough.


Most of us would be tickled pink to settle for that. But psionics goes beyond this range... into the realm of L fields and their combination with other known sciences. ESP stretches the mind to it's own limits, forcing it to utilize abilities that it normally possesses but, that haven't been called into play before.


Psionics uses these 'normal' abilities of the mind in conjunction with known physical laws and sciences to connect with the Universal Mind or L Field.

It means that now you can perform feats that even 'normal' psychics can't do! And because the ability to do these mind stunning, unbelievable things comes r from the 'source', not the mind, you need no prior training or psychic gift! That's the reason anyone can do it!


Everyone is born with psychic ability... everyone!


But, not everyone has learned to use these senses. But, they're there. Lying quietly dormant within the mind... waiting. With the aid of a psionic machine they become activated... unleashed, they surge forth to combine with the 'source' ... an even more powerful, awe inspiring force!

Psionics makes almost anything possible!


Any desire, need... emotion, transformed into material objects! Sounds impossible doesn't it? Sort of like witchcraft? Well, that's not too far off. If you desire to look into the past... or glimpse the future, change nature, re-create a physical object to meet your own standards... psionics makes it possible! This isn't just a ploy to sell you a book, ... IT'S BEEN DONE!

For example, re-creating a physical object into your own idea of what it should be was done by a technician for a California Power Co. The company had a serious breakdown in their electronic circuitry, that was all but untraceable. A psionic device not only located the problem, but repaired the damaged circuit with the power of mind alone! A new circuit was actually, materially formed to repair a breech... making a completely workable circuit again!


Power was immediately restored to company lines. ACTUALLY FORMING MATTER! Not normally considered within the realm of ESP.

Anything you desire or wish to accomplish is now at your fingertips!


Locate rich ore deposits... influence those around you... command molecules of metal or growth in plants... heal illness... contact the astral plane or tune in the stars ... just a small fraction of the fantastic things that have already been accomplished with this miraculous device! Do you want to move objects with your mind? Delve into the unknown mysteries of Bigfoot... Atlantis... the Pyramids? Now you can! YOU possess the ability by simply turning a dial!

The most fantastic dreams of man are yours this very minute... thru this book your holding in your hands.


All the knowledge necessary to command the unknown is in the following pages... waiting.

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Psionics is not new... that is, it's not something recently discovered and now being brought to light for the very first time. I'm not talking about the rudimentary experiments carried out in the field in the early 1800's ... what I'm referring to goes back farther than that... back to ancient Egypt.... and before!

There are probably many of my readers who don't believe in the mysterious lost civilizations of this world... who are sure that Atlantis and Mu and Lemuria are only legend and myth. I won't dwell on theory here, no matter how well substantiated, but I must add that there are many modern day scientists and archeologists who are convinced by evidence, that older civilizations than Egypt not only actually existed, but were the teachers of the ancients.


The suppliers of knowledge that made the civilization of Egypt the center of the world... that allowed her the distinction of some of the world's most amazing and mystifying engineering.


It is accepted by many Egyptologists for example, that the building of the great pyramids could not be duplicated today... even with our 'advanced' engineering techniques and modern heavy equipment. They also accept that evidence now seems to prove the existence of strange devices used by these ancient engineers, that was capable of moving giant blocks of stone and granite through the air... by levitation! Devices that had the power to manipulate matter... to defy the 'laws' of known physics.

What makes this idea seem so far fetched to most people, is the implication that if it were really true, we would have heard about it long ago... it would be written up in most of our history books. Not so! You have to bear in mind that humanity has undergone many social changes, even in the 'short' time between ancient Egypt and now. Discoveries made during the very dawn of history, were lost and re-discovered many times during man's lifetime, because the reigning societies deemed them dangerous.


You have to remember some of your ancient and medieval history for example, to recall the turmoil and politics of the inquisition. It was a time in history, when the power of the religious church ruled supreme. Anything deemed sacrilegious or heretical was banished, hidden away, so as not to corrupt man. I could list well over 100 so called 'modern' discoveries that have been scientifically proven to have existed hundreds of years before the birth of Christ! Not theories or predictions... but actual operating inventions that were secreted away!

Take the secret of flight for example. The working knowledge of aviation existed long before the Montgolfier brothers made their first balloon flight in 1783! The first known scientific account of a flying machine was that built by a Jesuit Bartolorneu de Gusmao.


He sent to his king, John V of Portugal, a report about his flying machine, along with a request for permission to try it out. King John, not being a fool, immediately saw the prospects of such a machine and not only gave his enthusiastic permission, but also issued an allotment of 600,000 Reis, which enabled the inventor to immediately proceed with the project. Much has been written about Gusmao's machine.


It was admired by thousands of people who watched it, but the actual secret of how it functioned was carefully insured by putting the only set of precise plans IN THE VATICAN LIBRARY!

It is remembered to have been much like a modern airplane, equipped with horizontal tubes that served as jet pipes or blowers! On August 5th, he flew the machine before the King and the entire court, but it caught fire and crashed. On the 30th of October another attempt was made,.... and it was successful!


The craft took off and achieved a very great height before circling and landing without incident.

Andrew Tomas Bantam


The invention was acclaimed so widely that Gusmao was made an Academician and a Royal Chaplain. Then, it was hushed up!


The Inquisition judged the machine to be the work of the devil, and the ever obedient Gusmao never revealed it's secret again!


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Suppression also holds true for the invention of electricity, the light bulb, gunpowder and hundreds of other 'dangerous' discoveries that have for centuries been kept secret in order to serve the questionable purposes of mystic power groups.

It's a well known fact to historians and theologians, for example, that the religious sects of Israel and Egypt commonly coded their secrets while trans-scribing them, in order to insure that the knowledge wouldn't be used against them, should it fall into the wrong hands. But just clever markings weren't enough. The enemy knew of the existence of this knowledge, so the code had to be incorporated in a very subtle way that wouldn't arouse suspicion. The scrolls had to appear authentic. Initiates were therefore trained for years in the art of nuances in wording and 'shades of meaning'.


They could tell at a glance a genuine reproduction, from one that had been altered slightly enough as to make it unusable or worthless. All of the records of these sects were handled in this manner, and in fact, most of the scrolls found in the Dead Sea area were found to contain these flaws. Even the early christians were known to have used the sign of the fish on their ornaments and jewelry as a coded sign of their belief.

It's no wonder that the answers to so many psychic mysteries were lost ages ago!


Those that knew, refused to divulge their knowledge either to their enemies or the ignorant masses that served them. Some felt they were honestly capable of passing judgment on mankind, and decided we weren't ready for such power.

There seems to be extensive indication of thousands of suppressed writings being stored in the archives and underground vaults of the Vatican, for example.

At one time or another, much of this information has been deemed too dangerous for mankind, but like dangling a carrot before a donkey, we're assured that we'll be told "when the time is right"!

I think most readers are familiar with the circumstances of the messages of Fatima. These historic revelations, received at the time of world war I, were to have been released to the world at pre-determined times. The latest part of the message was to have been revealed several years ago, but was withheld on the decision of the Pope on the grounds that he doesn't think we're ready!

And don't kid yourself into thinking that this is the first time either. Various saints were claimed to have levitated... and there is good scientific reason to believe that they not only accomplished this feat quite regularly, but were aware of the manner in which they accomplished it! Several documented instances of human, as well as material levitation have been known throughout the ages, and indications are that they all eventually wound up in the Vatican library.

Don't get the idea however, that the church is the only villain. Older groups and organizations who trace their origins back hundreds of years, are also suspect.


Just one such organization that comes to mind is the mysterious Agartha.


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The Agartha was first described by Saint Yves d'Alveyfre, Rene Guenon and F. Ossendowski. It is an underground sanctuary hidden under the Himalayas, where the 'Masters of the World' assemble.


This is their account:

"The Agartha is the great initiatory university of Asia. It's ruler, the Mahatma, is known as the Sovereign Universal Pontiff. His function is essentially educational, for the Agartha has knowledge of a physical science that would enable it to destroy the world ....and it's psychic science is equally advanced!


It's existence was deliberately concealed until the nineteenth century, because their science would expose mankind to evil and the general reign of anarchy"!

Asian history states that the sanctuary was first established in 1800 B.C.


They went on to say...

"Such was the awesome power of the accumulated knowledge, that none have ever revealed the location of the center. (The fakirs of India are former pupils of the Agartha who stopped their studies before reaching the upper levels of the organization)."

The account continues,

"The underground libraries, which for more than 55,000 years have contained a synthesis of all the arts and sciences, are open to the uninitiated. The true archives of the Paradesa (university) cover a vast area however, and only the Sovereign Pontiff and his chief assistants have complete knowledge of the catalogue of that library! No one is ever allowed to take their textbooks from the Agartha... their contents must be kept only in the memory"!

As far fetched as this may sound, there is nothing irrational in the assumption that such knowledge was handed down through the ages, to close members of certain groups.


There is abundant evidence of such groups in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Central America and the United States.


G. Trarieux d'Egmond wrote:

"All the sacred sciences are still preserved in the Agartha. Atlantis bequeathed them to Egypt, along with it's symbol, the Sphinx".

Perhaps it is an interesting note that as recent as 1947 a man calling himself 'Prince Cherenzii Lind, Maha Chohan (great leader) and Supreme Regent of the Realm of the Agartha', went to France to visit Brother Michel Ivanoff, Grand Master of the Universal White Brotherhood of Sevres!

Although the story of the Agartha is only one account, the more you read and research the subject, the more convinced you become that psionics was in use, extensible, prior to 'modern man'. Whether it actually came from the 50,000 year old civilization of Mu or predates even them (as their own history would indicate), is immaterial. What is important to you right now, is the fact that Psionics is an ancient art and science practiced successfully long before the dawn of Christianity.


A science that is only now being brought back into the light, to reveal to man some of the most startling discoveries and powerful forces in the universe.


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In the back of the book are the diagrams and step by step instructions necessary to build a psionic machine and perform several experiments. You can easily skip back there right now, follow the directions... perform the experiments and get results... BUT, that's probably all you'll ever achieve with the device. Because, in order for you to be able to go beyond the few experiments listed... to delve into areas and ideas of your own, you MUST UNDERSTAND how the device works and why!


Once that's understood, there's no end to what you can accomplish with this uncanny instrument. That's why this is, perhaps, the most difficult part of the book, for in order for you to thoroughly understand the ideas I'm trying to get across we must 'speak the same language'.... understand the meaning behind certain words that are all too often taken for granted.

I've found that people today have become accustomed to accepting generalities rather than deeply thinking a new concept through. In order to communicate with you I have to use words, even though 'words' are an invention of man that all too often proves totally inadequate, because the listener isn't always hearing what the speaker is saying. He's usually too busy thinking he understands what the paragraph is about, and so just skims over it lightly and hurries on. In order to forestall that problem, let's start from scratch on a mutual understanding of certain words.

Most people think of 'energy' in terms of the energy crises... gas... oil.... gasoline. These things are sources of energy... not energy!


Energy is an unknown force. It's used by man every single day of his existence, but he still doesn't know what it is. Light is energy. Heat is energy. Electricity is energy. Magnetism is energy. Ad Infinitum. Energy is a force that takes many forms. Like water, ice... fog , it can be manifested in many ways, but still remains... energy! Remember that.

Mind does not mean Brain. Thought does not mean brain. The brain is a physical object that is a part of the material body. Mind is not physical! Thought is not physical brains! Thought does not originate in the brain!

All too often we hear of someone who has suffered brain damage and is callously referred to as a 'mindless vegetable'. Wrong! It's only because no one in that condition has ever returned to normal long enough to refute that statement and declare,

"I understood everything you said. I could still think. It was only my body and vocal cords that weren't functioning"!

Let me give you an analogy to make my point.

Your in an airplane without manual controls but equipped with an automatic pilot. There is no radio. Suddenly the craft goes out of control. You know the automatic pilot has become damaged. The plane begins to act erratically, diving, spinning, twisting. You, inside, know that the mind within the plane... you... isn't damaged at all, only the complicated computer like 'brain' of the craft is out of order.


The 'brain' is the thing that keeps the plane functioning... keeps it on course despite little fluctuations in air currents or outside pressures... keeps every monitoring device within the aircraft, the oil gauge, fuel pressure, cabin pressure, operating as designed. But the 'brain' is NOT the thing that does the actual decision making or thinking connected with where it is going or how it's going to get there. That's done by the mind... you!

So remember the difference between mind and brain. The brain is the physical, and can be materially examined, measured and even handled. The mind is an unknown! What is it? What makes it function... think? Where does it come from? Science has finally found the answer... or at least what looks like the answer, and it's what explains why a psionic device can possibly work... why seeming miracles are possible through it's use!

As I've said, I don't feel people today do very much 'deep' thinking. I'll go even farther. I think most are oblivious to new discoveries, no matter how astounding or amazing, unless they're featured prominently on TV or the front page of a newspaper. Absolutely astonishing revelations are made almost daily, yet remain unnoticed by the general public.

For example, did you know that NASA scientists have recently reported a 'mysterious' force on the moon that is apparently controlling the operation of a scientific station set up by Apollo astronauts? Or that NASA and the U.S. Naval Observatory have ascertained that not only are Phobos and Deimos, the moons of mars, artificially orbited, but that 8 other 'moons' of our solar system are now suspected of also being something other than natural satellites. These things never made Page One or TV.

This same principal holds true for what should be everyday knowledge... that which we learned in school is often forgotten through disuse. Let's take an example. Matter and the Atom. Physics has taught that matter cannot be destroyed. It's form can be changed, but matter itself is indestructible... because it consists of atoms. Atoms, once thought to be minute particles of solid matter were, in actuality, discovered to be composed of tiny amounts of pure energy... waves of energy... solidified or 'frozen' into the non movement we recognize as matter. And because energy can't be destroyed, and matter is made of energy, matter can't possibly be destroyed. So far, so good.


Matter is a form of energy in very slow or stopped motion (or frequency).

Energy moves in pulses. A pulse... pause... pulse... pause... pulse. Imagine it as a wave. The crest is the pulse of energy, the trough is the pause. How close together the waves are, is called their frequency (how frequently they occur). One wave every 20 or 30 years is a reality.... a very low frequency. In order to appear as a solid, the wave must be long enough ( distance from crest to crest) to appear motionless or as if standing still.

As the frequency of waves increases, as they become more often and closer together, they are observed in different forms. This range of frequencies is known as the electromagnetic spectrum. While the frequency is still on the low end of the spectrum, we observe infra red... when it progresses to very high frequency rates, we discover ultra violet. In between, are all the known cycles of frequency we live with everyday.


Visible light is a frequency of matter.... radio waves are a frequency of matter.... so is television... heat... X-rays. All the same energy, vibrating at different frequencies!

But even this range of frequencies is only a tiny part of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. The part we can see... feel... experience materially. Beyond the range of what science can now measure, lies the largest part of the spectrum, as yet immeasurable and undetectable. There... lies the frequency rates of gravity... magnetism... telepathy... thought itself!

Thanks to Albert Einstein, we are faced with the realization that matter and energy are one and the same. One, can easily be changed into the other! It means that your body and brain are made up of electromagnetic radiations, vibrating at a given frequency within this gravitational field we 'live' in.


To prove this is so... if the frequency of a gravitational field modifies our own bodily frequency to stabilize our atoms, then the lack of gravity should have some sort of detrimental effect on our bodies, right?


Such was found to actually be the case in studies conducted by NASA on astronauts returning from prolonged flights in orbit!


Basically too, because of lack of 'interference' by the frequency of gravity, telepathic communication should also be clearer and much easier in space. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell (who later founded a psionic research organization), discovered this to be exactly the case, when he was asked to conduct a telepathic experiment with a psychic on earth during his moon flight! So Einstein was possibly proven right... man is composed of and surrounded by nothing but pure energy!

This fact, that thought is a frequency, is perhaps easier to assimilate if you consider some of the mystifying demonstrations put on by famous psychics such as Kreskin or Uri Geller. I'm sure we're all familiar with the mystic who handles a ring or watch someone has worn or touched, and reveals surprising knowledge of that person.


This is due to the sympathetic frequency of the owners L field with the molecules of the ring. All matter has this ability but metal seems to have the property of making the affinity more easily apparent. This is an important fact to remember when learning how to take 'time' photos with the machine.


The light sensitive emulsion of photographic film is composed mainly of silver !

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Now, perhaps, we begin to get some insight into the connection between man, ESP abilities, and the source. What is the source? Again, think of the brain. It controls the functions of the body... responds to stimuli such as pain and pleasure,! responds to the senses... and to thought! Like the automatic pilot in the airplane, it does as it is programmed to do. Your body 'works' automatically, no function is performed consciously or deliberately.


'Something', keeps it going, keeps giving the silent commands that hold your material body within it's shape.

Try to control any of the major functions of your body right now. Slow your heartbeat... respiration... blood pressure. Impossible? Some yogis do it regularly and we're awed. WHY? WE ALL POSSESS THE SAME ABILITY or we wouldn't exist at this very moment. We simply don't practice it enough to be able to take it for granted!

Were you aware that science is now convinced that every single cell within your body and brain, is duplicated and replaced every six months? It's a well known medical fact now, ask any doctor. Over a period of years, depending upon your age, your entire brain has been replaced between 5 and 25 times. You didn't do that consciously!


You aren't even aware of it. Yet, you retain thoughts and memories from one brain to the next. You remember your younger years, despite the fact that it was another brain altogether that formed those memories. What's even more extraordinary, is that you can still recognize yourself in the mirror. Think about it. If every single solitary cell in your body is different now from the ones that formed it, say, 6 months ago, how is it that they retain the exact same shape and configuration? The same fingerprints?


The very same features that enable others to recognize you 'on sight', although you are not really the same person you were then! The brain may consider itself in control, but something on a much higher order gives the actual commands that form even the brain itself. For want of a better name, we've called it the source.

If you can comprehend the power of the source, then you have to realize that it encompasses everything in the known universe and beyond! Everything! Some would probably call this GOD, but it is not, as we will see in a moment. The source is the force God created and used to form the material world and all that's in it. The Source.


Think for a moment, of all that could be accomplished by some one alone to 'tap into' this fantastically potential power. It would make mere ESP look like child's play!




It's why, through the use of this absolutely astounding device, you are able to perform seeming miracles!


That's also the reason why anyone can do it! For the source... and thought... are the same! (We were created in God's image? God is within all of us?) Source and thought are the same, just as heat and light and electricity are the same... as water and ice and vapor are the same. I don't ask that you accept this revolutionary concept at face value... just remember it when reading some of the scientific explanations that follow  explanations that are given by inventors of psionic machines, to describe how the  machines work and why. Explanations that, believable or not, are the basis for a device that definitely works!

Let's have a brief recap to see what we'll be talking about in the remainder of this book. All matter is nothing more than energy in one of it's many forms. All manifestations of the electromagnetic spectrum are different frequencies of energy. Psychic powers are energy transmitted at varying frequencies. Thought is energy.

Gravity is energy. Energy creates matter... matter can be returned to energy-form. Energy is the source. Tapping the source can enable you to manipulate energy... to change it into matter... to cause material effects... to create or manipulate emotion.

How can a mere man do anything so unbelievable? Really very simply. In a way, we've been doing it on a small scale for many many years. And this discovery is the basis for the miraculous psionic machine... which is merely a transmitter/receiver for the mind... which is automatically plugged into the source! Scientific proof of this is close, if not already here.


Surprisingly, it rests in the 'aura' that surrounds every living thing.

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Psychic teachers have mentioned thousands of times, that the human aura is seen only by those psychically gifted, and even then, by very few. If you didn't seem to have this gift, you were forced to take the word of those who did. Baloney! Anyone, even those not specially gifted, can accomplish this, and do it through scientific means!


By simply devising a light filter made from coal tar, the human aura becomes something anyone can see, if they take the trouble. And this great development was achieved over fifty years ago! Nowadays of course, the aura is seen quite regularly by doctors and scientists with much more sophisticated electronic equipment. But even this advance isn't that recent. As a matter of fact, scientific advance has progressed so far, that anyone with about $30 can purchase just such a device from a hobby supply house!

You, as a human being, are sending and receiving station of frequency, much like a radio, whether you choose to believe it or not. It's necessary to understand this though, and the principals behind psychic communication, in order to eventually leave behind your dependence on physical machines such as ours.

Life fields... more commonly becoming known as L fields, have been researched for the past 50 years by the eminent Dr. Harold Saxton Burr, at the prestigious Yale University School of Medicine. He has discovered that the aura or L fields are NOT produced by living beings, as formerly thought. The famous (or infamous) aura seen by psychics, is not something that a living body possesses. Rather, it's now believed that it is the source of energy that makes that very body, and it's 'life' possible!


Instead of the body giving off an aura, it's now accepted that the aura produces the body.

This discovery, which borders dangerously on the field of religion, explains many things. For instance, the psychic body formed of pure energy often seen by mediums and psychics, known previously as ectoplasm, and seen as a ghostly image, is the real body... the real mind behind the physical manifestation of solid matter we live in and call our body! And because matter cannot be destroyed... because the real you is an energy form surrounding the physical atomic structure you operate in, 'death' is obviously not the end!


Sure, the body, that energy form of matter created by the mind, dies... is destroyed, changed into dust or whatever ... but the source of energy... the mind... thought, that is really you, that forms and retains the memories and cellular structure of the physical body... that still exists! Why shouldn't it? If you were to discard a spacesuit by throwing it into a furnace, it 'dies' in as much as it ceases to function, but seeing as it only functioned while you were in it, does that mean that you die when it is burned? OF COURSE NOT!

Even if you still don't agree with this truth, keep it in mind while reading the manner of operation of the psionic machine... it will at least make the device more comprehensible and give a reason for the fact that it works!

It not only does all the 'earthly' things I've claimed, it is capable of contacting those who have 'died' as well as the Universal Mind... because it is simply a transmitter!


Perhaps, all of this will be, easier to swallow if you get some confirmation of L fields.

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A recent publication, and by far the most comprehensive on the Fields of Life, is that written by Dr. Burr himself. But, I'll try to bring you up to date on the progress made in researching this fascinating field.

The discovery of L fields shatters some pretty pat theories about genetics and evolution, and provides for the first time, a rational and demonstrable
explanation of the energy that motivates genetics! The invisible electrodynamic fields surround every organism as an aura. It's the matrix, or mold, that
shapes and controls your body... and may be the biological energy connecting all life in the universe!


As Joeseph Goodavage said in his book Magic: Science of the Future!.

"The L field is inside and outside; above, below and completely surrounding every chromosome and gene, every molecule, atom and particle of your body as well as every other organism in, on or under the Earth... including the Earth itself, the solar system, the galaxy and the universe".

He went on to say,

"The presently detectable segment of the L field is probably a reflection or component of a super-sentient force... a great conscious awareness, whose facets are time and timelessness... all energy... all matter... all we can know or imagine or dream... all that is imaginable"!

"Electrodynamic fields are invisible and intangible and it's hard to visualize them", so said Dr. Burr, "but a crude analogy may help to show what the fields do and why they're so important. Most people have taken high school science and will remember that if iron filings are scattered on a card held over a magnet, they will arrange themselves in a pattern of the 'lines of force' of the magnetic field.


And if the filings are thrown away, and fresh ones scattered on the card, the new filings will assume the same pattern as the old. Something like this, though much more complicated, happens in the human body. It's molecules and cells are constantly being torn apart and rebuilt with fresh material from the food we eat.


But, thanks to the L field, the new molecules and cells are rebuilt as before, and arrange themselves in the same pattern as the old one"!

Before modern, ultra sensitive instruments were developed, the L fields were a mystery.


Now, however, we've discovered the secret... the electrodynamic field of the body serves as a matrix or mold which preserves the "shape" of any material poured into it, no matter how often the material is changed. Man, in fact all forms of matter, are ordered and controlled by electrodynamic fields which can be measured and mapped with precision!

When a baker looks at a cake mold, he knows the exact shape the cake will take when finished. In much the same way, inspection of L fields in their initial stages can reveal the 'future shape' of the material it will mold!


When the L field of a frog's egg is examined, for instance, it's possible to locate the 'future' nervous system of the 'future' frog, because the frog's L field is the mold that will determine the shape which will develop from the egg fields are detected and measured by examining the difference in voltage between two points on, or close to, the surface of the living form. These voltage measurements have nothing to do with the alternating electrical current doctors find in the heart and brain.


They are pure voltage potentials that can yield only tiny amounts of direct current... and that's why L fields couldn't be detected before the discovery of instruments sensitive enough to measure the fields without obliterating them, and burying them in outside electrical readings.

To return to the baker. When he uses a battered cakepan, he knows or expects to get, a cake with bumps and dents. In the same way, the discovery of a battered L field, one with abnormal voltage patterns, can give a warning of something 'out of shape1 in the body, sometimes in advance of actual physical symptoms! This new science is now being used in the possible detection of cancer and other future illnesses of a patient!

L fields remember, are part of every single thing in creation... trees, plants, dirt, people etc. After thousands of experiments it has been learned that L fields vary and are effected by outside radiation and forces such as light, darkness, cycles of the moon, magnetic storms, sunspots and cosmic radiation. It's also been discovered that the L fields of healthy people vary in steady rhythms over a period of weeks.


From plotting over 50,000 measurements they've found that the rhythms show how the subject feels ... when they're on top of the world, their voltage is high. When they're feeling low, their readings are low.


(Something similar to this, and related, is called 'Bio Rhythms'., By charting your past rhythms and grafting a pattern, your future 'good' days and 'bad' days can be reasonably determined. There are several very good 'do it yourself' books available... some include a mechanical graph or chart that eases the chore, although they do cost a little more. An excellent one is offered by Jerry Buchanen ... Book Sales Division.. Towers Club Box 2038 Vancouver Wa 98661. The cost is only $2.95 plus 65 postage.)

What is perhaps . even more intriguing is that L fields can measure subjective states of consciousness such as hypnosis, deep meditation, affection, love, hatred and even more transcendental forms of energy. According to Wilhelm Reich of 'Orgone Energy' fame, orgasm itself is essentially a psychic experience.

One of the main points I want you to remember is that L fields can measure emotion.


A point that will later be very important in our discussion of telepathy. Not only does emotion alter and intensify the L field, but coupled with the proven fact that one L field interacts with an adjacent field, explains why some people experience 'love at first sight' or extreme dislike of someone at first meeting! The word propinquity, as commonly used to mean affection through nearness... or togetherness, now seems to have a scientific basis! So does reference to good and bad 'vibes'.

As Joeseph Goodavage stated...

"Psionics couldn't be fully explained until the recent discovery of these L fields of Universal Life. Scientists are learning about differences in energy potential between the brain and non physical mind. They're building psychotronic generators and psionic machines that amplify human telepathic abilities and influence living things... from a great distance.".

He went on to say,

"Psionic machines are a totally new concept of natural law; it makes MIND itself the controlling force of the L fields!"

As Nobel prize winning physicist Pascal Jordan reported...

"Gravity has certain characteristics in common with the energy that transmits telepathy"!

Morris K. Jessup, Astronomer, Physicist, Archeologist and psionic expert, has worked on this theory for years. He has investigated the great ancient stone-works and engineering marvels of Egypt, Central and South America.


His conclusion.

"No heavy trucks, earth moving equipment or crane ever built is capable of transporting 20,000 TON slabs of rock across hundreds of miles of rough terrain, then lifting them high into the air and grinding them back and forth in place, to form a perfect fit. The builders of Baalbeck did it thousands of years ago!"

In his learned estimation..."they were levitators who had mastered the secret of anti-gravity".


Because I believe in the authenticity of the L fields and their importance, I needn't cover up other possible evidence of anti-gravity, for the sake of helping you to believe. For, it matters not if there are other ways to overcome a gravitational field.... or if the following theory is also correct simply because of the frequency rate within the L field, but additional enlightenment on levitation was provided by Lawrence Blair in 'Rhythms of Vision'.


He stated,

"In Mexico and Peru there are ancient teachings that tell of the ancient people who were scientists of sound. They could split massive stone slabs along precise harmonic lines with sound alone, and then 'resonate' them into position. Thus the vast and precisely laid temples of Uxmal and Machu Picchu were raised and patterned in 'Symphonies of Sound'."

It must be remembered that frequency is also described as vibration or oscillation in scientific as well as occult circles, making the following statement easier to understand and apply.


He stated,

"Of the vibrationary rhythms which permeate us and which ARE us, some so small that they must be measured in tiny fractions of a cycle per second, the longest,.. and most recently discovered... traverse the abyss of outer space, originating beyond our galaxy, and have a frequency of MILLIONS OF MILES between troughs! They are very weak and of low frequency, but they are almost indistinguishable from the patterns recorded in the human brain"!

Another example of the universal L fields within the cosmos.

While speaking of Mr. Blair's book I must pass along an experiment he out lines, that while it doesn't have anything to do with our psionic machine, does apparently serve to authenticate the presence of L fields or psychic awareness in the experimenter.


He describes it thus:

"Radionics (psionics) begins with the premise that all matter radiates energy. In the case of man, he radiates an entire field of interrelated forces of different frequencies. With a pendulum, preferably a pear or pyramid shaped semi precious stone on a four or five inch length of thread, we can learn to detect these energies".

The semi precious stone isn't just a bit of added 'color'. It seems the stones composition... perhaps the carbon within it's makeup... has a great deal to do with the resonant or frequency fate of the stone. At least experiments and observations of frequency rates of diamonds would seem to indicate this.)


Blair continued,

"One way to begin is by holding the pendulum slightly away from the end of the index finger of the left hand (if your right handed), which is where Kirlian photography shows energy spraying from the ends of the fingers, and to observe the swing which the pendulum develops".

He went on to say,

"The pendulums response to positive... negative... and neutral energies will differ with each individual, since our natures vary as widely as blood groups. The index finger of most men, but not all, has a positive radiation, and in my own case the pendulum respondsto this with an anti clockwise swing."

He explained that in most woman the situation is exactly reversed, and their energies seem to be the mirror image of man's. But regardless of this, every ones fingers are alternately polarized, except for the thumb which is considered neutral.


Blair a Ph. D. holder from Lancaster University, went on to explain,

"My own pendulum responds to this in a backwards and forwards swing... although your 'swing language'...though responding to the same energies... may be quite different".

A very intriguing note is that for over the past 10 years, the highly industrialized Japanese chicken farming industry has used people trained in the subtleties of pendulum sexing and sorting of fertilized eggs!

Other experiments with a pendulum can prove beneficial as well as interesting. If you hold one over a garden weed, such as a dandelion, a strong positive swing will develop in response to the plants L field!


If you gently dig the plant loose and then rotate it slowly, you'll find the pendulum swing becomes less energetic until it finally stops altogether. After revolving in a complete circle, back to the position it originally grew in, the swing will once again be vigorous. This area of most intense swing denotes the plants happiest angle of growth.


As Mr. Blair puts it,

"The most desirable angle, which is relative to the geo magnetic force of the earth, differs with each species and individual plant. Many people are now reorienting their indoor plants in this manner, finding that certain plants aren't necessarily happiest when oriented to the strongest source of sunlight, but rather in relation to the subtle force fields (L fields) in which we live".

It's reported that the merchants in London's Portobello Road are becoming quite used to seeing customers swinging their pendants over their fruit and vegetables. A lot of people are using it for choosing food in-as-much as the pendant resounds to the degree of 'life force' remaining in the fruit or vegetable, denoting it's freshness!


As Blair tells it,

"One merchant remarked to me while I was shopping, that the best 'spiritual' lettuce had just gone, but there were two more good 'swingers' which he had kept aside for himself"!

For those of you who are seriously interested in Rhythms and their effect and relationship on man, Blair's 'Rhythms of Vision' by Schockenbooks, 200 Madison Ave. New York is an excellent and highly enlightening book.

Piezoelectric or electrically conductive crystals... and diamonds... often emit radiation when stimulated. This very property has been found very useful to science. The strangest phenomenon is that the infamous 'Hope' diamond, long believed cursed, is the only blue white stone that glows blood red when radiated with ultra violet light!


A Kirlian photo of it would prove interesting.


Pendulum Illustration

Although the swing of a pendulum will not be in the same direction for every one, and differs between men and women, the alternate finger swing remains a constant factor.


As shown in the illustration each finger causes a particular swing in relation to the other fingers.

You can also demonstrate this by making a tiny tinfoil 'boat' and setting it in a saucer of water, making sure there are no drafts or vibrations disturbing it. Carefully point your finger at it, as close as you can without touching it.


It will move nearer or away, depending upon which finger is used!



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