- A Video Clip

A trialogue on chaos and the world soul with
Rupert Sheldrake, Ralph Abraham ,and Terence McKenna



"We sit in the evening and talk and what happens is synergistic, miraculous, growth, evolutionary ...I mean thrilling because of going to the edge, going beyond the edge, having company there, finding things you can bring back and they work and become part of everything that you're doing."

- Ralph Abraham

"We dream of a world in which nature is seen as alive, in which the imagination permeates all reality, in which animals and plants are seen as a part of the living texture, the living components, the cells in the life of Gaia and Gaia in the life of the cosmos as a whole."

- Rupert Sheldrake

"The flutter of the the moth's wing can trigger the hurricane. This is not a poetic statement. This is the fact of the matter within this kind of description of nature. In other words, very small changes create cascades into where whole states shift and are perturbed."

- Terence McKenna