by Anthony Gucciardi
May 21, 2012
from NaturalSociety Website





What happens when Monsanto’s modified creations get out of hand and threaten the biosphere with mutated ‘super weeds’ that continue to suffocate farmland across the entire planet?


Experts call upon farmers and government officials to return to traditional sustainable farming practices - the kind without Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide.


It was recently reported by the media (despite them always being quite, and NaturalSociety and others reporting on this extensively back in 2011) that a “fast-spreading plague” of the super weeds is spreading and they will not be stopped easily.

The super resistant weeds threaten not only independent family farmers and major agricultural businesses alike, but also the future of food production.


Experts are now calling for a radical change in farming practices, with time-tested traditional methods being the ultimate goal. In addition, weed scientists seek to hold a ‘summit’ or panel of sorts to address the issue in Washington.


As a leading task force member who is working with the USDA on the issue stated, this is a bi-product of rampant biotechnology that must be remedied by returning to traditional norms.

“We don’t have that next technology. We have to get back to the fundamentals,” said top weed scientist David Shaw.

Like many other issues, the USDA has failed to address the serious concerns presented by experts over the growing super weeds in the past.


This fact is represented by the pure numeric volume of the weeds, which now span across millions of acres worldwide. Amazingly, resistant weeds currently cover over 4.5 million hectares (a hectare is about 2.4 acres) in the United States alone, though experts estimate the world-wide land coverage to have reached at least 120 million hectares by 2010. And the outcome of this hyper resistance, of course, is excessive use of further herbicides - which still yields virtually no results.

Just as with Monsanto’s other products, the USDA continues to wait until serious consequences are experienced before even considering action.


Meanwhile, the agency is giving Monsanto special ‘speedy approval‘ to expedite their latest inventions into the marketplace with extreme haste.