May 14, 2012

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New documents reveal, now unleashed worldwide to millions of listeners and viewers on The Alex Jones Show with Mike Adams, that Monsanto’s genetically modified crops may have actually been planted before USDA approval in 2005.


In this exclusive interview, Mike and Anthony discuss the new findings and their implications on giant agriculture and the food industry as a whole.

The letter, sourced from Cal/West Seeds company provides direct evidence that contamination was withheld, and the USDA turned a blind eye to proof of contamination in 2005 despite being completely informed of the startling information.

The letter directly states to the USDA:

We first discovered the unintended presence of the Roundup Ready gene in our conventional alfalfa seeds in 2005.


It was identified in one of our foundation seed production lots grown in California. We tested the foundation seed lot prior to shipping it to a producer who intended to plant it for organic seed production.


Perhaps even more concerning is the fact that the contamination may be spreading into the organic seed sector.


Genetically modified alfalfa, which is notoriously responsible for widespread contamination among neighboring farms, was also confirmed in the same leaked letter to be present in ‘organic’ seed that was destined to be shipped to organic farms.


The authors state:

We detected the presence of the… Roundup Ready gene in both our foundation seed and certified seed prior to deregulation.

Imagine if the TSA had found a passenger carrying a bomb in the airport.


Not only would they put the airport on lockdown mode, but they would inspect each and every passenger and launch a full scale investigation. The letter reveals that upon testing, it was found that modified alfalfa has infiltrated the organic seed yet the USDA has done nothing. Instead of a passenger carrying an explosive, this time it is a genetic timebomb that is still ticking!

The ‘information period’ regarding the corruption of Monsanto is over. It is now time to take serious action and explain to your neighbor why buying high quality organic foods free of GMOs is the absolute best way to defeat Monsanto.


Just like every other corporation, they will fall to consumer demands and a serious lack of customer interest.







The Evil of Monsanto
by TheAlexJonesChannel
May 12, 2012

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