by sowhtttt
April 16, 2008

from YouTube Website


Monsanto Company, the world leader in Genetically Modified foods (GM).

This "mega" company now owns most of the world's seed. They (Monsanto) are seeking a patent on the actual pig. It's an astounding and dangerous claim. The world has allowed this company to basically own life!

If you have not heard of the Monsanto Corporation and you eat food as all humans on earth, it would be worth your time to research what this company is doing to the world's food sources, supplies and what they have planned.

Unless you live in one of the most remote parts of the globe, the odds are you eat foods that have Genetically Modified (from Monsanto Co.) products in them. People are ingesting GMOs these every day, without realizing it. Studies are linking the massive, almost pandemic levels of rare childhood cancers, to the direct increase in Genetically Modified foods and fluoridated drinking water world wide!

You must STOP feeding your young children non organic milk and GM foods.


Their health depends on your knowledge which Monsanto is tying to suppress for PROFITS.