by Arjun Walia

October 15, 2015
from Collective-Evolution Website








A couple of months ago it was published an article on Sharyl Attkisson, a veteran investigative journalist and former CBS news investigative reporter who exposed how the mainstream media is funded by political, corporate, and other special interests.


She also provided information about how they very effectively manipulate and distort media messages.


Below is a video of something similar that happened a couple of years ago at FOX news, but it's still relevant today - just as is the subject of big biotech corporations like Monsanto and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).


It's great to have people working within the system go through their own 'awakening' and follow their heart. This is no different from an individual within the military refusing to participate in a war.


If we want change, it starts with a shift in consciousness - one that is usually sparked by learning new information and evidence which the 'mainstream' world is rarely exposed to.

"As part of the process, they portrayed the various concerns as merely the ignorant opinions of misinformed individuals - and derided them as not only unscientific, but anti-science.


They then set to work to convince the public and government officials, through the dissemination of false information, that there was an overwhelming expert consensus, based on solid evidence, that GMOs were safe."

Jane Goodall  (source)

The quote above comes from the forward (written by Jane Goodall) of a book titled 'Altered Genes, Twisted Truth - How the Venture to Genetically Engineer our Food has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public.'


Here are a couple of reviews:

"Altered Genes, Twisted Truth will stand as a landmark. It should be required reading in every university biology course."

Joseph Cummins, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Genetics, Western University, London, Ontario (source)



"This incisive and insightful book is truly outstanding. Not only is it well-reasoned and scientifically solid, it's a pleasure to read - and a must-read.


Through its masterful marshalling of facts, it dispels the cloud of disinformation that has misled people into believing that GE foods have been adequately tested and don't entail abnormal risk."

David Schubert, Ph.D. molecular biologist and Head of Cellular Neurobiology, Salk Institute for Biological Studies (source)

I'm listing this book here because it relates to what is said in the video below.


For more information on why dozens and dozens of countries around the world have completely banned or imposed severe restrictions on 'Genetically Modified Organisms,' as well as some more science explaining the controversy, check here and here.