November 07, 2013

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In February 2005, David Runyon of Geneva, Indiana

became a victim of Monsanto’s reckless persecution of farmers.

This is his story.

Watch and see why farmers everywhere

are rising up against Monsanto.


In 1996, Monsanto introduced its first GMO seeds.


It ensured that farmers could not save the seeds and essentially loose the ownership of their seeds. Consequently, the power balance shifted away from the farmers to corporations who now own 80 percent of GM corn and 93 percent of the GM soy market.

Now farmers not only have to buy the seeds from the corporations year after year, but they are also forced to comply with the rules and regulations embedded in the contracts, which are designed to put the farmers at a juridical disadvantage.

Since they have been wrongly accused, Dave Runyon, Troy Roush and Moe Parr have traveled the world speaking out publicly about Monsanto's reckless business policies.

Special thanks to:

  • Bill Freese / Center for Food Safety

  • David Runyon

  • Troy Roush / Roush Farms

  • Maurice Parr

  • Michael Saur

  • Olga Yatskevich

  • Anna Yatskevich