by Sheryl Jackson
from Rense Website


My grandson and I are anaphylactically allergic to all GM FrankenFoods. The itching and neurotoxicity of these patented consumables by the Monsters of Monsanto should be forced on to all of the creators and their families.

The GM patented molecules were identified and isolated by a team of Swiss, Swedish and Dutch scientists in the year 2000.


At that time, it was determined that the three molecules that the Monsters of Monsanto had spliced into the food were:

  1. from a pansy plant

  2. from a cockroach and the third though isolated could not be identified

The excitotoxins of these FrankenFoods cause so many multiple diseases, that they have become the stuff of fiction.


And the reality is that no one has been allowed to develop tests for allergies to these now known neurotoxins because they are patented and Monsanto refuses to allow the tests to be developed.

My grandson and I have learned by hit and miss what foods we cannot consume. And that has been a horror in itself. To have a six year old who has never eaten at fast food. Or been able to have the snacks that are regularly fed to so many children, but the sad fact is that most children with ADHD as a diagnosis are being fed medication that in the long term creates its own horrifying brain problems and masks the allergies.

It is so widespread that to combat consumer awareness , schools have been allowed to prescribe medications for children that TEACHERS claim to be ADHD. The medical societies and pharmaceuticals pushed this legislation into effect to guarantee that the allergies will not be discovered, while Korporations are allowed to keep up their profit margins, while further guaranteeing that testing not become available to help consumers make vital decisions about their children's health or future.

The Monsters of Monsanto have put the same three molecules in all of their foods. With those foods creating the same reaction to me and my grandson. The first time I became aware of GM foods was in 1980, when I had purchased a jar of Roasted Soy Nuts. I had eaten soynuts in the early seventies with no reactions.


Then I stopped eating them because they were too inconsistent in their products. Too salty in one jar and not enough in another. So for about six years I did not consume soy products.

When I ate from the new jar in l980, I felt a euphoria that rapidly diminished and became dizziness, that was followed immediately with an out break of the largest hives I have ever seen on anyone. The itching and painful swelling extended through my entire body and I knew that I should never eat them again.

Soon I started itching when I ate out. Itching that was unbearable in my hands and feet, which moved into my arms and legs after several years. But I still was not paying attention until I took nutrition classes and found that GM's were in more than I had ever imagined and especially in the foods for children.

The first three things that Monsanto created were Soya, sugar beets (cheapest sugar found in most candy) and corn.


Again, corn syrup was in most candies and cookies. The packaged foods contained soy protein isolate, the most devastating for us to consume, and it was in all of the milk products mixed with carrageenan, quar gum, and guargeenan. These three are seaweed that is added to dairy products mixed with 50% soya. That does not have to be put on the labels. You only have access on the package to what the ingredients that are used by the distributing manufacturer, and not what the ingredients are that are in the ingredients. We have to know the ingredients in the ingredients and that makes finding food especially hard.

Make no mistake about it, we are being forced to eat Soya. It is in toothpaste, all processed American foods, medications and anything that Americans consume. Under many other names. And they will continue to be in the foods, with new names to confuse the buying public.

Monsanto states unequivocally that it is not their job to assure the efficacy and safety of their products, that this falls under the heading of the FDA. The FDA states they do not have the capacity to test any of the products introduced to them for approval, that they trust the studies provided by the companies that want the approval. And further, that the FDA trusts the companies implicitly.

For more bad news about soya, go to this site (please note there is an underscore between the second soy and alert, i.e.. soy_alert.)


It is maintained by doctors who spoke to a Deaf AmeriKan Kongress in April of 2002. They presented the worldwide studies done and the harm that the neurotoxins were creating in an unsuspecting population. Cancer is pandemic to America at this time and the neurotoxicity of these Frankenfoods is carefully documented outside the US, which is why in April of 2003, India, Pakistan, and several states in Africa sent the GM foods they were given by the US back to the US.


They all stated they would rather starve to death than be forced to eat the GM foods.

Europe marches in 48 hours, and they can get millions of their people to amass and protest the introduction of GM crops into their foods. However, many of the readily available consumables of TraderJoes and other European foodstuffs are made with American flour that is 10-12% soya, and then made into foods that are sold back to Americans on the cheap.

Most people are not aware that all animal farms feed the neurotoxins of soya and corn to animals. We are what we eat and so are the animals. The neurotoxin does not breakdown in the animals, but is indeed passed on to the consumer as the danger that it is. Along with GM synthetically produced animal growth hormone. This also does not breakdown but is passed along to the consumer in all of its hideous glory. I suspect that this is the real underlying cause of so much obesity in Americans at this time. consuming the growth hormone makes us grow also. It turns to fat in humans, rather than muscle.

Like second hand smoke, second hand neurotoxins and excitotoxins are just as deadly as they are in their undigested state. No one questions this, and Monsanto is not allowing anyone to test their genetically modified consumables.

The second known and highly visible neurotoxin is aspartame, most people are now aware of the consequences of using this artificial sweetener that include addiction. Like Michael J. Fox, who claims his addiction to Diet Pepsi, rather than stopping and eliminating so many of his Parkinsonian symptoms.


People all over the world have written and told him the truth, but he prefers to keep the addiction rather than the cure which would be never drinking Diet Pepsi again in this life.

Now we are being sold on Splenda.


Splenda when you go to comes up even worse than aspartame. Splenda has ten times the recommended and allowed arsenic that is specified by the FDA, that has now lowered so many of its standards to facilitate the continued profit making by the Klanking Korporate Klaw. The government now kowtows to the KKK, because they are allowed their war machine.

At every turn, the AmeriKan Sleeple are being poisoned. The anger/rage reaction, depression, tossing and turning all night, falling asleep but not being able to stay asleep are all symptoms of neurotoxic accumulation. When you eat it every day, you cannot sleep every night. People need to become aware of the horrors they ingest every single day of their lives in this country and they need to know this info NOW.

All of the above information can be confirmed by going to or to or to the address. Keywords, GM food allergies, medical testing for GM food allergies or asking the ingredients of anything that is listed on a package.

Soya is forced on us in many forms.


The names are numerous and include but are not limited to:

  • cellulose

  • sucrose

  • maltodextrine

  • maltodextrin

  • dextrine

  • guar gum

  • guargeenan

  • carrageenan

  • modified milk solids

  • modified starch of any kind

  • miso

  • corn syrup solids

It is up to each of us to make ourselves and our friends aware by looking up the information and sending it to them.

United we stand, divided we fall and die of cancers that were previously considered anomalous and rare, brain tumors, body tumors, Parkinsonian symptoms and murder and suicide.