Coral Castle

A Geomantic Wonder

Lessons in Interdimensional Physics
by Kathy Doore

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"I have discovered the secrets of the pyramids, and have found out how the Egyptians and the ancient builders in Peru, Yucatan, and Asia, with only primitive tools, raised and set in place blocks of stone weighing many tons!"


- Edward Leeskalnin

builder of Coral Castle

So declared Edward Leedskalnin, a Latvian eccentric, who concocted a method of single-handedly erecting massive quarried stone resulting in the enigma that is Coral Castle.

Often equated with the engineering feats of Stonehenge, and the Great Pyramid of Egypt, Coral Castle is set on a ten-acre tract of land just south of Miami, Florida. Originally located in the tiny town of Florida City in the l920ís, the site was later moved to itís current location. Ed is said to have built the Castle for his "Sweet Sixteen," a woman from his native Latvia, who had promised to marry him, and then changed her mind at the last minute.

A feast of coral imagery, the site lies behind massive 8í high coral rock walls, protecting it from the sprawling, suburban city of Homestead. The coral walls fit together with amazing accuracy, even though they were constructed without cement. These technical accomplishments have astounded, and surprised, engineers and scientists.

A small statured man barely weighing one hundred pounds, Ed quarried one piece of coral from the earth weighing over twenty-eight tons and then erected it himself! His accomplishments include a rocking chair weighing thousands of pounds, which can be rocked with a finger, and an underground structure reached by climbing down a one-piece spiral stone staircase to a subterranean refrigerator. A five thousand pound heart-shaped coral rock table, with a red blooming ixora growing from its center, is believed to be the worldís largest valentine, according to Ripleyís.

Ed liked to read and would sit in a group of stone chairs which caught the morning, afternoon and evening light as the sun traveled over the horizon. Thereís a table fashioned from solid rock in the image of the State of Florida, complete with a water basin at the position of Lake Okeechobee where Ed reckoned the governor and representatives could sit and figure out how to raise taxes.

Much of the site is calibrated to celestial alignments, including an ingenious thirty ton telescope, towering twenty five feet above the complex, perfectly aligned to the North Star. A working sundial, calibrated to noon of the Winter and Summer Solstice, is so accurate it tells time within two minutes!

The Sundial shown here at l2:40 pm standard time!

An area known as the "moon pond," comprised of three 18-ton pieces of coral, represents the first quarter, last quarter, and the full moon. Nearby stand Mars (which Ed believed sustained life), and a ringed Saturn - each the size of an automobile. An obelisk taller then the great monolith at Stonehenge, stretches 40í toward the sky, weighing 57,000 pounds! A series of concentric coral circles is said to represent the solar system.

"Energy sensitive" people will sometimes report headaches

while standing inside the archway of the nine-ton swinging gate, thought to be over a vortex.

The original site remained in Florida City until the mid 1930ís, at which time the story goes, someone planned to build a sub-division nearby. A fanatic for privacy, Ed packed up his entire quarry and moved to the present location in Homestead. No one ever saw him load or unload the massive tonnage from a friendís truck that was enlisted to transport the gigantic stones. The relocation progressed easily and the entire complex was re-erected at its new location.

In total, Ed quarried over eleven hundred TONS of coral rock for his Castle, using tools fashioned from wrecking-yard junk, never revealing how he managed to rise, and position, the massive coral blocks that make up the compound. An air of mystery surrounded his two story monolith, known as the tower, which housed his workshop and living quarters which no one was permitted to enter. He was secretive, and almost always worked at night, no one ever saw him.

Ed seemed to have a sixth sense, with which he could detect when he was being watched, often the hallmark of an intuitive, or dowser. Ed stated,

"if I concentrate on somebodyís back (while that person doesnít know it) theyíre liable to get restless, and look around! Iíve noticed, I can chase the mosquitos away with this concentrated look."

Originally named "Rock Gate Park" the complex now known as Coral Castle
is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Ed disputed contemporary science and believed all matter consisted of magnets which could produce measurable phenomena, and electricity. Ed would say he had "re-discovered the laws of weight, measurement, and leverage" and that these concepts "involved the relationship of the Earth to celestial alignments."


He claimed to see beads of light which he believed to be the physical presence of natureís magnetism and life force, or what we term today, chi.

An air of secrecy pervaded the Castle. At one time Ed erected a massive grid of copper wire poised above his quarried stones. Another time one of Edís neighbors found him singing to the stones, with his hands placed on their surface as if he were somehow making them lighter. A group of youths claim they saw him float coral blocks through the air "like hydrogen balloons!"

Edís notebooks are laden with schematics for magnetism, and electrical experiments. Although he possessed only a fourth-grade education, it seems he had discovered a means to reduce the gravitational pull of the earth. He wrote a series of pamphlets which included his theories on magnetism and cosmic force.

Edís Generator


Researchers have speculated that Ed learned the secret of levitation, and one theory in particular caught the imagination of many. The planetary grid hypothesis postulates that the earth is covered by an invisible web of energy, which is concentrated at points of telluric power, the convergence of which create unusual phenomena.

These telluric grid dynamics played a vital role in the construction of the Castle, according to author Ray Stoner. In his book "The Enigma of Coral Castle," Stoner speculates that the complex was originally moved from Florida City to Homestead, not because of privacy issues (as most historians suggest), but because Ed realized he had made a mathematical error in his original positioning, and moved the entire structure to take advantage of an area with greater telluric force.

According to author B.J.Cathie, an authority on grid dynamics,

"there exists an all-encompassing global grid with direct harmonic relationship to the speed of light, gravity, magnetics and earth mass. All major changes of the physical state are brought about by harmonic interactions of these manifestations. The controlled manipulation of these forces would make it possible to instantaneously move mass from one point to another in space/time."

Cathie states,

"measurements from Coral Castle yield harmonics related to Light and Gravity. The distance between Coral Castle, and Grid Pole A (in the north), dispel any doubt about the site being an ideal position to allow Ed Leedskalnin to erect the huge blocks of coral with relative ease. Measurements indicate the harmonics necessary for the manipulation of anti-gravity."

Sweet Sixteen Revealed Vortex dynamics in the Andes


Researcher and author, Richard LeFors Clark concurs, and believes the earth grid is made up of a network of "20 magnetic reversal points" along which can be found specific sites of anomaly, known as Diamagnetic Vortex Points.

In his work "Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes," found in the book Anti-Gravity and The World Grid, edited by David Hatcher Childress, Clark postulates that the area of South Florida at Coral Castle (considered part of the Bermuda Triangle),

"is a powerful diamagnetic levitator."


"Leedskalnin demonstrated magnetism, and the mechanism of levitation, by applying the natural Earth Grid principles of diamagnetism. Leedskalnin could levitate huge pieces of coral by using the center of mass for the needed slight, uplift, launching pressure."

Equating this technique to the same process used in "party levitation," Clark believes that Coral Castle could no longer be build where it is today, as the Grid point has shifted to the area inside Homestead Air Force Base, a few miles away.

Ed Leedskalnin showed every indication of being a natural geomancer - one who senses the unique telluric forces of the earth. He was highly intuitive, and knew how to observe nature for signs of anomaly. This ultimately led him to the discovery of vortex energy, and the ability to harness the natural elements of magnetism.

He understood the critical nature of identifying the most energetic location to erect his massive Castle, and seemed to have known the secrets of anti-gravity, and its relation to cosmic events. Ed proceeded to develop a means of leverage power generated from the geo-magnetic grid, and produced a system to generate anti-gravity waves. Ed Leedskalnin knew exactly what he was doing when he created his fantastic Castle.

The mystery of Coral Castle was never revealed, in 1951 Ed took his secrets to the grave. Inspired by his visit to the complex, rock singer Billy Idol wrote and recorded, "Sweet Sixteen," in honor of Edís achievement.

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