The Final Destination

While the technology is extremely impressive, one has to judge the success of a project by the amount of resources it took to do it.


When one takes in to account the 60+ years they have been working on it at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars, with practically unlimited scientific expertise and non-consensual test humans for their data and no need to add the cascading costs of collateral damage of human suffering, it isn't so impressive.


Perhaps the payback could justify it, "the ends justifies the means" mentality. However they have no intention of releasing their data and methods to the public for all the positive benefits this would have on mankind.


Overall, it is the biggest failure of a weapons project in human history when judged as a whole.

What I am doing to save the world and our Constitution

Many victims of the weapons testing are denied the right to "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" and even a means to earn a living due to the debilitating effects of,

  • microwave hearing harassment

  • drug experimentation

  • radiation experimentation

  • brain manipulation experiments

So, I am hoping that the thousands of victims will sell this book door to door.


They can earn a small income and raise awareness about the atrocities and brutality that plague our system, as I suspect that publication and distribution may prove difficult through normal channels who know the secret rules and limitations of the right to free speech.

I am working with several other scientists in acquiring military grade radar and directed energy equipment so as to demonstrate to the public conclusively how the system functions.

Groups in the government use the catch all funding phrase,

"We need to keep up with the Russians" to justify development of mind influencing technologies.

However if they were really concerned that the Russians or Chinese could launch an attack on the U.S. at any time, they would have constructed zero emission tempest shielding in the nuclear fall out shelters for the public. They have not.


Clearly they are not interested in defense as much as offensive capabilities.

So I am working with superconducting manufacturers, radar absorbing material manufacturers, and new types of electromagnetic deflection material makers to create safe houses across the country for victims to seek shelter.


I am designing ELF wave jammers and full spectrum radar scramblers to disable the ability to see into buildings.


If you are a high net worth individual, you may want to consider constructing a shelter to protect yourself from these new types of weapons. I imagine that business leaders and celebrities are of particular interest to the government for influencing their decisions and opinions.

Many people will find that their life long tinnitus suddenly disappears in these expensive and carefully constructed shelters, many people labeled "schizophrenic" suddenly have a recovery, and people with unexplainable pain with no physical underlying pathology, are miraculously healed.

Prediction of Future Government Lies

When the superconductor and zero EM Tempest standard shelters begin to pop up around the world and thousands of people begin to be miraculously cured, expect the disinformation agents to come up with all sorts of explanations to hide the grim truth.


When victims of these tests first started talking publicly, they described how power lines, TV monitors, and appliances caused them pain. The government stepped in and labeled these people "electromagnetically sensitive".


I suspect they will say the same thing.


It is impossible for the general EM pollution we are bathed in to cause the described effects simply because a specific informational coherent EM energy is necessary to influence the brains electricity of the target. That is just astronomically improbable that general EM pollution could cause these symptoms.


Pay close attention to the pattern of lies and who says them.


Strange Days

We have some strange days in the decades to come.


People will need to come to grips with the reality that the U.S. government has been torturing people to death using EEG heterodyning and other directed energy weapons for many decades.


People will have to come to accept that their soul is entirely contained in the electrical signals of the brain. People will come to learn that the technological singularity we should all have had intense open debate about before it happened, has come and gone.


The human mind has been fully deciphered and mapped. Machine intelligence is exceeding human intelligence. People will need to redefine themselves and rebuild a moral and justice framework that includes multiple mind intent.


We have the power to be our own God and create ourselves as we wish if the technology is ever released to the public, empowering self determinism like never imagined. Of course the other scenario could happen, and people around the world become more influenced and deceived to the point of never coming back to reality.


Hypnotized in the matrix and commanded subliminally by invisible electronic signals from TAMI could become a dark permanent reality for the masses.


Back at Port

I must leave you here to journey on your own. For I have been forbidden to venture further by tortures that the common man could not endure. I bid you safe travels in your quest for truth, justice, and a prosperous future for humankind. May Apollo smite those that worship the gods of war!



This is the End

I have taken you on a scary odyssey of truth. I have tried to help you understand what the matrix is and is not. But now I must leave you here for you to make your decision. Do you choose or would you prefer just to understand the choices made for you?

As with Alice, we followed the CIA white rabbit down to the end of the rabbit hole which led us to a virtual hell. Deeper we descended, more stupidity and human ugliness we encountered. We battled the Psychl-Ops to uncover their methods of manipulation and encountered the sub-humans used to collect the data. The mind control programs let us meet the Mad Hatter and understand the CIA's 30 year journey into madness.


We got to see the distorted views from electromagnetic dreams of visual deception engineered from the top secret Air Force labs. And finally from our vantage point, we see the massive military machine that will drive the human race over the proverbial evolutionary cliff due to our leaders' myopia.

You probably wished you had taken the blue pill, don't you?

Wake up world, an eye is upon you!


The Final Riddle

In order to ask me a question, you must first answer me this riddle, and then perhaps your question will change.

You are silently assassinated and are standing at the decision point for your eternity. There are two doors. One leads to heaven and one leads to hell. There are two figures standing beside the doors and they both look like angels. However, one is Satan's minion. He always lies and that door leads to hell.


The saint at the other door always tells the truth and that door leads to heaven.


You get one question. What question can you ask either of them to be able to decide your fate? 1



1 - The answer will be published in the sequel "The Matrix Decrypted".


I want to thank all the weapons testing and torture testing victims around this country and other countries for their time and information.


Ironically I need to thank the weapons testers and their guilty conscious for filling in many of the details on the political solutions, limitations of the software algorithms and the science behind these fascinating weapons.


I especially applaud the patriotic and noble x-CIA and x-FBI agents that have come forward with their confirmation of the continuation of the MKULTRA mind control programs. We have a chance to win back America's freedom, dignity, and sanity by exposing and eliminating the military uses of these weapons.


Thereby, usher in a new dawn for the mankind.

Post Mortem Debriefing

I know this book has pissed off many communities especially those who enjoyed their secrecy to make themselves feel special from secret societies, CIA, black ops DoD, politicians, the last few presidents, various inept government agencies, the Pentagon, psychiatrist, psychologist, parapsychologists, psychics, some religions, my family, overly ignorant flag waving Americans, some traitorous colonels, to a few Nazi doctors.


But I am cool with the Scientologists, please don't pull my book from the libraries or book shelves. Obviously, I can't be trusted with secrets, so don't tell me any.


My predictions of the reprisals on me for writing this book

After this book gets published, attempts at discrediting me and further destruction of my life will be made.


Expect rumored slander by the disinformation machine to kick into overdrive. I expect rather than solving the problem and admitting wrong doing, the entities and people responsible will be busy pointing their finger and covering their secret bases.


What warfare will be initiated on me from divulging the plans of the idiots and puppets in power, 24 years early?

I expect they will use the plausible denial method. I expect to be set up for any number of legal issues that may land me in a secret trial and secret prison.


Perhaps they can brand me as a "terrorist" because I spend time reproducing microwave brain modulation techniques, EEG mind influencing and reading technologies, and electromagnetic pulse projects in hopes of demonstrating and helping the public understand these science fiction directed energy weapons.


I expect to be silently assassinated by the system SATAN (Silent Assassination Through Amplification of Neurons) or one of the many other methods that look like "natural causes" - heart attack, car crash, cancer, or like in Olsen's case maybe dosed with LSD, hammered in the back of the head, and thrown out of a 14 story building to look like a suicide.


President Bush apologized for the CIA doing this.


 At least two other scientists who worked on the integration of UK/US Navy NATO systems who know nuclear submarine signatures and the capabilities of the global surveillance systems including SIGINT, SIGCOM, HAARP and electronic warfare have perished in unexplainable suicides, so I should not expect anything less.


Most frightening of all is I know they have fully mapped my mind and have demonstrated incomprehensible control over my thoughts and actions. Although they have stopped on the 1 year anniversary of my ordeal, they could suddenly take control again.


But they can't do any of these things until this book is published then my work is done.


I have to the best of my abilities described their methods, strategies, and technologies. I have told you how to protect yourselves and how to restore a true democracy and freedom of thought and expression. It is you, the reader, that must act not as an individual but as an ambassador for the entire human race representing all the people who can not understand what is being done to them and their children's future.


You are now a soldier in this informational civil war, one of the truly enlightened, who must help us fight the forces of ignorance and darkness hiding behind the shroud of secrecy which are currently prevailing.


Stay Tuned

As with any book, there will be errors but this is certainly good enough for government work.2


I or someone else will publish corrections on the website. Remember, don't fall for "the method" of discrediting. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Truth is a triangulation process of increasing the precision of the model representing it.


Our goal is to continue the process of reaching high order models of understanding and disseminating the knowledge as efficiently as possible to the collective intelligence of the people.



2 - A common expression - government work is sloppy and half-assed.


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