Anti-psychotronic Theory
Prevention and Solutions to Brain Interfering Technologies

"The truth is out there" - X-files

In the X-files solution, they mention that a new race immune to the effects of the black oil is being cloned from alien biomaterial and human ova.


This race will avoid the eventual mind enslavement. When translated, this would mean that the agents, whose cover story is evil aliens, are EEG cloned into the "new" race of cyber hive mind hybrids. The justification for brain napping the population and putting them on the TAMI mind surveillance network is to make sure no other countries are controlling or spying into their minds.


However as with most Hollywood interpretations of the psychotronic holocaust, it incorrectly describes who the enemy is. In this case the so called "immune race" is actually the mind slaves. They are immune because they are already infected by the "black oil".

How and why movies and TV series like the X-files or Outer Limits are created to subtly tell an unspoken truth is beyond me. I wish I understood why hints for the justification of the evils of the government are somehow conveyed to the mass programming media.


Is it to clear their conscience or arrogant mockery? Or maybe it is a discrediting tactic used against those who dare come forward to speak about it.


Jammers, Detectors, Shielding Oh My!

The "Vaccine" Against the Black Oil

The black oil is symbolic of the black sciences and the electromagnetic signals that are forced into those "mind controlled" or zombified by TAMI, MIND, or SATAN.


The Evil Aliens in the X-Files was symbolic of the Russians or US department of defense and the timeline for takeover is a reference to the bioelectromagnetic weapons arms race we are in. I speculate that the secret vaccine that the x-files solution speaks about is a bioinformationally incoherent signal so that peoples' brains don't learn to interpret an EEG cloning attack signal.

The crack that the CIA sold to black neighborhoods supposedly to fund the Nicaragua rebels served a dual purpose and that is creating a whole new generation of "psychics" to "catalogue and clone". Crack and methamphetamines cause damage to the dopamine reuptake receptors thereby leading eventually to psychosis.


As I mentioned before, amplification of electromagnetic signals occur at much lower power levels with synapses flooded with excess neurotransmitters. The Air Force documents I discovered for research into "non-lethal weapons", was testing for neurotransmitter release under different microwave frequencies.1


This research is either another method of nervous system influence or they are looking for an electromagnetic way to flood the brain with neurotransmitters rather than by natural or chemical means to increase EEG cloning effectiveness.

1 - See the appendix for the research project


I have not been able to validate that the Prozac craze, SRIs (serotonin reuptake inhibitors), has any effect on the increased effectiveness of TAMI or the electromagnetic influence of those neurons involved that use that neurotransmitter.


However, higher levels of dopamine are very much desired for the voice to skull (synthetic telepathy) to be effective. It takes much smaller nudges electromagnetically to create word recognition or amplify thoughts. As a bonus, people with increased dopamine levels would be cake to discredit. It can be done to anyone even within average dopamine levels but slightly higher power levels are required. 2


Since the beam widths from the large fields of phased arrays are still very broad, the potential exists that several people in an area would learn the same signals and that would be problematic to the secrecy.


This is also why identical twins, couples and entire families end up being targets if they live together.

Scrambling the Informational Coherence of the Biocommunication Signals

Like how Star Trek defeated the Borg, shields need to be modulated in order for the signal not to be informationally coherent to a brain.


The adaptive algorithms will adjust to any stable frequency domain background noise. This is a form of Fourier filtering. The adaptability appears to have a 6 degree of freedom function. So a semi chaotic changing modulation of electric and magnetic fields should stifle the forced brain learning and insertion of "the sixth sense."


Their adaptation requires a pattern that they follow to filter so it needs to be led continuously to chase a white rabbit of noise. This is the basic theory behind scrambling the signals to the target brain which will over time "unlearn" how to interpret the signal with this additional noise.

Psychic defenses and war games

The brain mapping has limitations.


The kind of neurological information that is cloned is constrained due to bandwidth and resolution limits. Many test subjects incorrectly describe that their invisible attackers can see through their eyes and then falsely conclude that microchip implants have been placed on their optic nerves. Only the higher level cortexes are mapped onto the psychic observer like the audio and visual cortex for example.


They can see only your mind's eye and not the raw output of the optic nerve. So if a target knows they are being spied upon, they can imagine false images that do not correlate with the actual optical view and thereby transmit false data back to the psychic spies with some practice. Similarly, the audio cortex can be misrepresented by imagining false sounds or conversations.


However one can not block real audio input from being gathered because the raw output from the cochlea can be measured in the EEG called the BAER, Brain Auditory Evoked Response test.

2 - Philip L. Stocklin, patent #4,858,612. Hearing Device. Using microwaves to induce voice transmission directly into the audio cortex. Also see Brunkan Patent # 4877027 Hearing System. See Appexdix.


More Stupid Alien Tricks
It is a fair comparison to call these "psychic soldiers", chimps.


When they are panicking their victims to whom they say they are going to cause a heart attack and a stroke, they literally thump on their chest and stand on their heads to cause the sensation of increase blood pressure in the brain. The thumping on the chest feels like arrhythmia and skipped heart beats.


These dumb asses aren't even Neanderthals, they never evolved to humanoids.


National Defense Lie

More disconcerting in these experiments that have been marketed to the black budgets as national defense, is that there is no defensive action about these weapons.


If the government were truly trying to protect its citizens, they would be building superconducting shelters within the nuclear shelters they already have for the citizens. There are several high tech defenses against neurological weapons that they are not sharing with their bosses, the tax payers.


With our own money and resources, we are covertly constructing these shelters in the safe houses that will be popping up around the country and world.


For more information on zero emission TEMPEST shelters visit the website


Defeating Non-Lethal ADS, PEP, and Rubber Bullets

I am a scientist for civilian defense not to be confused with the department of defense. I help protect the people from the department of defense. Protests and demonstrations have become painful and dangerous for those who still wish to have a democracy.


Here are some defenses against the tyrannical federal forces.

  • A Mylar umbrella would deflect some of the microwave and laser energy necessary to create these pain weapons and stun weapons.

  • The umbrella could also serve as a shield for the water guns used at demonstrations too.

  • With a Kevlar backing the umbrellas would also serve to stop 22 caliber bullets.

  • Ear plugs will prevent nausea created by ultrasonic acoustic weapons.

  • Infrasound weapons can be lessened by sound absorbing anechoic cones.

  • If you are protesting peacefully like at the Word Trade Organization conference in Seattle, expect rubber bullets will be used and bring your motorcycle helmet and thick leather garb to protect yourself from the few over exuberant bouncers, accidentally accepted to the police academy who are unable to professionally control their emotions.


Stupid Alien Tricks

"We are shooting a sonic bullet at you and hitting your brain and heart!"

Houses creek and make noises which the zombiloids hear through your ears.

"Did you hear that? We missed. Now we are going to shoot you in the brain which does lots of damage."

One of the cloners presses their finger on their head.

"Did you feel that?"

Stupid aliens!


Brain Wave Tracking Evasion

A possible secondary reason drugs are such a concern in our society, is not just the detriment to the individuals that become addicted and thereby are unable to take care of themselves or even the secondary crimes that take place because of the poverty associated with drug use and the desire to reacquire a particular mental state, it could be that people are identified by a brainwave signature and tracked in this way as described by patent # ().


Drugs may change the brainwaves enough that their unique brainwave signature can't be recognized by TAMI for tracking or monitored by the Echelon-like system for thoughts with current artificial intelligence capabilities.


It might also be that the signal that every human in the world adapts to and integrates in their neural network as a "sixth" sense is unlearned and they therefore fall off the global human surveillance grid and outside TAMI's influence.

So creating a "scarecrow" by recording and replaying your brainwaves on a dummy, might confuse one type of tracking technique.


Pain weapons - Fear of pain of death not of death itself

"The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself".

FDR's First Inaugural Address. Franklin D. Roosevelt

"Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once."




The Next generation Psychic Warfare Denial of Service Attack

The developers of this biocommunications weapon have approached the hacking of the human mind (see science channel special "Spies R Us") just like a rogue computer hacker.


Every analogous computer hackers' method has been tested, developed, and practiced on worldwide citizens. The Denial of Service Attack as it is termed has brought down major computer companies websites like Amazon and even Microsoft. It works by a hacking then zombifying thousands of computers anywhere in the world.


They then begin to request information from the website simultaneously and thereby bring the web servers to their knees and therefore they can not service real customers. In the equivalent hacking of the human mind, several "connected" minds or just their voice is piped into a target. Either they use their own voices or transform them into the targets voice.


The target begins to have difficulty filtering all the questions and conversations especially if they are using his own internal sounding voice. It brings his productivity and clarity of thought to a new low level.


A human can not survive under this condition, either to maintain a job or operate as a military leader.


Trojan Horse

A Trojan Horse is a computer program that acts just like any other useful utility but has malicious code inside that is also run at some specific time.


The comparison to the CIA MKultra programming of assassins or "Manchurian Candidates" is very appropriate. This is the programming I went through. They haven't changed much of it since the 1950's so I won't detail here.


But the idea is to take a sociable, well educated, connected person and create hypnotic or EEG cloned trigger signals that will cause the person to commit some action at a specific time once the "Manchurian" is in the proper social setting. (See the appendix for a CIA document that describe practicing on American Politicians).


Ironically, the test of whether they succeed will happen on June 14 - 17 of 2006. I am meeting with many members of Congress and their assistants to discuss this topic and what can be done to stop the militaries practice on US citizens. I'm not worried.


If you knew the incompetence of the US government and military as well as I do, they have a 99% chance of failure.


Trip Wires and Unique Hashing IDs

Know they self and you will have an immunity to many kinds of mind hacks.


This good advice is equivalent to a diagnostic algorithm used to detect hacks called trip wires. If a program is altered by a virus, the unique encrypted hashing ID is changed. If you notice that any of your perspectives and capabilities have changed, suspect an infection.


This can be the "Saccadic eye movement frequency", a perspective change like disassociation, or emotional associations to ideas, words, or people for example.


The neural programming techniques have become quite sophisticated, but I will only consult to other countries about the details to help them protect their populations and souverenity. The fitness function of countries political systems must play out without cheating an using these very anti-democratic methods to cheat.


Only by allowing the search space of different possibilities of optimal governmental forms to play out without influence can the world determine truly what works best.


Worms and Viruses

Worms in the cognitive modeling world are implemented through Memes.


Memes are introduced to the populations or subcultures through social information streams. This can take the form of TV advertising, programming, or movies. It can even be an infiltraded group of agents that can introduce a worm. Cultural mind viruses and worms are difficult to distinguish.


I practiced non-malignant mind viruses which I coined "pings" of social networks by creating interesting truths or misinformation to see how far in social networks the information would travel.


Any fad or common belief that spreads can be included in this category. One very popular belief is that if people hear voices without electronic devices, that they are crazy. Another could be a detrimental fad like the "gangster look" with baggy pants that begin at the knees.


If you are a gangster, you would want to be able to run away from your crimes and this fad clearly prevents that.


Buffer Overflow

Another very successful but complex hacking method is called a buffer overflow.


In computer science this means that the input stream overflows the memory space allocated to input and begins to write into the executable space. In mind hacking it is done with levels of logic and information.


Information is presented in such a way as to require the target mind to maintain a large set of logical inferences in order to determine the truth of the statements. It is like a chess game where you need to think many level deep and remember all the possibilities. If you can't, you will make a logical deduction or inference error and consume that piece of information as truth.

There are many other forms of hacking that are practiced but that gives you a good idea how the games work. Now, let's look at the defense and how to hack the hackers mind.

In an EEG cloning lock, the attacker has the advantage of anonymity, surprise, and brain wave filters that shield some of their thoughts from the cloner to the target. However, every system has flaws and the filters are far from perfect. Learning to extract information from the attacker can be just as effective as their interrogation techniques both traditional and non.

Trace route is a utility to try to find out where the hacker is located.


It can be difficult because hackers can bounce their information stream off many different computers all around the world before reaching the target. Similarly, the scatter stealth Radar used is almost undetectable in terms of direction of source and due to synthetic apature and beam steering techniques. However, accessing the attackers mind and tripping them up with emotion and verbal cues can be done.


In addition, traditional internet research pays off immediately.


The Psychic War Games Will Increase in Complexity

Since the EEG cloner attacker, if human, is linked to the perceived target brain signals, it is possible to use cognitive model simulations to mimic the supposed targets brain waves and in fact reprogram the attacking human or simulated model accordingly. This is hacking the hacker's mind. This is theory only.


The US and Russia do not have this capability yet.

Hacking the Eye Tracking Interface
Knowing how the eye tracking interface is laid out would allow a counter attack by forcing the heterodyner's eyes to various menu points. Remember during cloning and heterodyning the attacker is usually more susceptible to your brain amplifications than you are to theirs. It is a two way street.


Denial of service attack

One of the duties of a "psychic warrior" or the simulated Elisa cognitive model sentence stimulator is to be able to endlessly engage the target in useless banter.


The strategy is to be as controversial as possible. Try this technique with someone you know. By being offensive and disagreeable, people have difficulty walking away from the conversation or remaining silent. With enough practice, you will have developed the most important skill in a "voice to skull" electronic harassment attack.


This method using microwave hearing effect and synthetic telepathy will degrade the productivity of the target enormously and as one treacherous colonel put it, "Drive a target crazy with voices."

Imagine if you can, a conversation that you can not walk away from, a conversation where any voice pattern can be mimicked, even your own internal voice, and where the urge to respond is amplified. This kind of attack mimics the symptoms of schizophrenia exactly.


Mental illness is how the military has traditionally and illegally disposed of undesirables such as disobedient soldiers or whistle blowers and now in ever increasing numbers, the randomly selected weapons test subjects.

The movie "V is for Vendetta" isn't all that far from the truth.


Enemies of the state are being created by the tens of thousands due to torture and government experimentation in this country and worldwide. We have been wronged in the worst way. Nothing short of a new transparent government ruled by the people is our goal. The movie reminded me of my own brutal torture by the government.

The population has been electromagnetically and psychologically doped by the "shadow government". They have been placed in a system that keeps them complacent and focused on the unimportant details of their existence. The devil is in the details.

I offer thanks on behalf of the true Americans to the NSA agents that proudly and rightly came forward to alert the U.S. population of infractions of privacy ordered by a president who can't even recite the constitution.


Where did our standards go? To make sure that the American public couldn't prove he was a silver spoon fed glide-by, he had the secret service confiscate his academic records at Yale.


Lucid Dream Interrogations

To see how the subconscious will react under certain scenarios, dreams are manipulated to place the subject in situations where they are forced to continue the dream sequence.


This gives some insight into what situations the subject has been in before and predicts how s/he might react. People usually don't remember their dreams very well, so dream interrogations are a subtle way to probe someone's mind without them becoming suspicious. Dream manipulation is also a very powerful tool to program an individual by subconscious associations.


Repetitive nightmares in connection with a political candidate, for example, can obviously change a person's opinion whether rational or not.

The subject can be put into the state that one experiences just before they wake up. In this state the subject is questioned like the way children question their mothers to get a 'yes' from them when they are half awake.


Musical Interlude

A strange odyssey you have embarked upon, isn't it?


The secrets that lie in the bowls of unmarked government labs are repulsive to say the least. I thought that I would take the time to share a gift with you before we journey onward.

I wanted to share the insight that all that we know is made up of music, harmonies and resonances. We are part of a cosmic symphony, energy in traveling and standing waves. One scientist even took the cosmic background radiation pattern and transformed it into the sound spectrum to hear what the universe sounded like since its birth. Ironically, it sounds like a mother's scream that is giving birth to a child.

An analogous experiment I conducted was to transform my brain waves into the audible spectrum and listen to my thoughts. You will be surprised by what the music of the mind sounds like and you can learn to control it.

Eye Tracking Interfaces

TAMI, SATAN, and MIND use eye tracking to control the interfaces.


Eye trackers work by bouncing an infrared light off the eye ball or by imaging the pupil of the eyes. These interfaces make it simple enough for even a chimp to use these weapons systems.


I found in my quest into the psychological communities historical research papers which postulates that schizophrenics can be identified through the saccadic eye movement frequency. Incredible how much the psychological community has been both used and duped to further the cover-up.


If they were to acquire the help of current psychotronic hostages, they could look into the saccadic eye movement frequency modeling the expected number of eye gaze changes with multiple people.


They could also see that the movement of the eyes using an eye tracking correspond to exact angles and frequencies of someone who would be using an interface like I describe. But the mathematical sophistication of most psychologists is lacking to demonstrate and prove what is obvious to us who know the systems in abuse. Plus if these tests were conducted properly, the heterodyned operators would simply go silent during them.


A portable eye gaze recorder worn all the time with the visual scenery overlay would be required over a longer period of time to demonstrate and reverse engineer the menu driven interfaces to the experimenter's satisfaction.


Extracting Information with Brain Printing

The Brain Print is an invention that is admissible in court. It demonstrates whether a suspect recognizes an event.


Uncontrollable neural circuits fire if an event is recognized. With remote EEG readings, mental images can be presented to view the Brain Print guilt or recognition response. I practiced a technique similar to brain printing in order to extract the names of my assailants. Flashing letters and name fragments at high speed with our shared visual work space, I could feel when they recognized or panicked from the word fragment.


It is a subconscious response when images are presented quickly and very difficult for one to learn how to control it. Like cracking a combination, I cycled through the various possibilities until I gathered the highest probability responses and tested them further when they had their guard down. This same technique can be used for facial recognition.


By morphing different human faces at a rapid rate, one can use the brain print technique to stop on faces that the EEG heterodyned mind or traditional EEG probed mind recognizes. It may be their own face or someone they know.

As an example: Visual word presentations based on recognition response. Hacking the mind. This is easier than a brute force password hacking program because of the feedback. It is like safe cracking.


One can listen to the tumblers fall into place.

Ewen C - some response

Cristopher Evens - higher response

Chris Evens - lower response

Christian Evenson - higher response

Kevin Christianson - higher response
Kevin Christian - highest recognition response from the feature set of brain printing

Biopharmaceutical Remedies

Higher concentrations of neurotransmitters are required to effectively perform EEG cloning at safe energies.


Due to the increased amplification at the synapses it requires less electromagnetic energy to nudge the brain into specific entrainments. There is an artificial Dopamine neurotransmitter called, L-Dopa. A subject could increase their susceptibility to electromagnetic influence by taking this which is temporary and reversible with no permanent damage.


Similarly, if the pharmaceutical companies could come up with a dopamine repressor or blocker, psychosis whether electromagnetically induced, naturally occurring, or caused from damage to the reuptake mechanisms could be cured.


It would at least make the energy required to induce synthetic psychotic symptoms using modulated neurotransmitter release more detectable.


Knowledge is Protection

"Choose life. I chose something else."

Quote from a career military personnel whom I interviewed and probably unbeknownst to him, the movie "Train Spotting."

Besides the technological protection methods I describe in this book against CIA RHIC, MKULTRA, and psychic warfare experiments, the best immunity you can have is the knowledge in this book.


Some of the most important data they are collecting from these brutal experiments on people, relies on the fact that a target does not know what is happening to them.


They are collecting effectiveness statistics before and after knowing of the existence of the weapon and programs. To protect your friends and family from this horror, give them this book to read and understand.


Then they won't be useful for these experiments.

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Reduce your risk - Rid yourself of secrets

If you have ever worked at a secret base or on secret technology you are at risk of being silently assassinated like myself and my colleagues in order to minimize the risk of leakage.


This is often the rationalization in their twisted minds. If I could go back in time, I would have divulged all information in untraceable ways to the world since that is what I am sure lead to my colleagues' assassinations and my tortures. Once the secrets are out, they will have no reason to kill you. Be careful that it is untraceable so that they can't pursue legal retaliation.


Use spoofed email addresses and multi-routed cloaked IP addresses or just drop it in the mail to foreign embassies or conspiracy websites.


The beautiful thing about mind manipulation technology is that you can't ever be sure whether you are giving a false confession due to memory implants or forced speech. Of course you could always pull a President Regan and not remember due to EDOM (electronic dissolution of memories).

My physical torture waned over a period of two weeks after I finally gave into revealing what I knew of interest and the whole ordeal mostly ended on its anniversary of Halloween 2005.


This has allowed me to regain many of my mental functions in order to write this book. I did not publish under the pseudonym, "The Saint", to protect myself from government retaliation.


I have been very outspoken at conferences, rallies, and organizational meetings. I am sure that I am on every watch list invented by the conspiracy agencies. I published under the pseudonym because of the stigma attached to being tortured, raped, and brutalized. Most rape victims keep quiet even though 1 out of 3 women are raped in their lifetime.

Someone needs to teach other governments to deprogram the CIA mind control assassins, to flush out double agent that are using hypnosis, split personalities, and EEG Heterodyning to pass their polygraphs and brain printing technologies. Hopefully designs of zero emission Tempest standard labs and shelters will proliferate.


If the state of the art remote mind melding and CIA interrogation tactics and psychic defenses against them are known by everyone perhaps this technology will be turned over to the people and regain constitutional controls.


The goal is to make this weapon useless through education thereby accelerating the timeframe that the military/CIA will declassify and release the information to the public, so all the beneficial uses of the technology can come to fruition. According to Air Force scientists working on the weaponization of the technology, they plan to keep it secret until the year 2030.


By that time, most if not all of the test victims should be dead, tortured to death for the remainder of their lives by the automated system.

Stupid Alien Tricks
When I speak the truth and get upon my pedestal to preach, the aliens like to say, "Bite your tongue!" Followed by trying to force my tongue out of my mouth while they chomp down on their teeth. Evil aliens are so immature.


Warnings of mass mind control side effects

Like with any psychoactive drug, the long term effects of neuron amplification through microwave induction or other means, will render an individual dependent on the increased stimulus.


The brain's chemistry will adapt to compensate for the extra pushes that it gets from the external electromagnetic energy. If the entire population were to be put onto the TAMI network, they would become dependent on the signal since birth. If the signal were suddenly removed through a space war against the satellites or ionospheric heaters, the people would turn into zombies, unmotivated and blissfully and ignorantly compliant (more than they are now).


Like Brad Pitt said in the movie Fight Club,

"They would be calm as cattle."

They would be easy to subdue and herd. That is a nice built-in military fallback mechanism that some will experience should they find ESR, MRI, and superconducting sanctuary.


Signs of Psychic Spying and Espionage

A psychic spy generally doesn't need to be too careful these days about with whom they EEG heterodyne because the capability is not very well known and people are still in disbelief of its existence.


But in the not too distant future they will need to be more careful, for those in-the-know will be watching for the signs. A psychic spy will need to practice remaining still and their eye movements will need to follow the targets eye gaze naturally. A psychic spy who sits in front of computer monitors in a comfortable chair will find themselves out of habit rocking back and forth as many of us do.


This causes a heterodyned target to rock their hips back and forth like a fidgety young child while they are standing.


Although being able to control the targets eye movements is important in surveying a room, it is also detectable by those trained to observe this "mixed will". All a target needs to do is try to stare at a fixed spot for a duration of time. Normally you can keep your eyes steady on that point.


With one or more heterodyned minds, you will naturally get multiple urges to move your eyes in the direction of any of the other heterodyned people who are usually looking at monitors. More people in the hive mind, the less likely they can synchronize their ability to stare and gaze at a point.


The other reason this is so difficult for the psychic spies to do is that their computer interfaces are driven by infrared eye trackers. 3


Additionally, many people can hear a very artificial sounding tinnitus from the microwave energy. The tinnitus can be a very loud, steady multi-toned square wave generated above 10khz or as in my case it sounds either like a star trek computer with a full range of pinging and bleeps or a 3.2 hz science fiction like phasor sound. If the auditory cortex is not mapped correctly, the target will hear crackling and hissing instead.

Supposedly in the case of pure EEG cloning where the target is uninfluenced, then she/he won't have any of the aforementioned signs. However, this is much more difficult to do for a psychic spy since their mind needs to be more flexible and follow the targets brain entrainments completely.


If the target thinks quickly, they can not lock on in this mode very successfully unless there is an exact match already in the MIND database.


Glitch in the Matrix

"A machine for every man, women, and child? That sounds like the thinking of a machine to me."

- Morpheus, The Matrix

One way one knows if they are being heterodyned is a thought, a visual after image, or voice is repeated several times.


This is a technique to synchronize the two or more EEG patterns. Everyone has to be on the same wavelength (pun intended). A snapshot of the visual workspace (mind's eye) can be captured, held, or replayed at a later time. These events are the so called, glitches in the matrix, a necessary side effect of synchronization.

Controlling and reading every person's mind requires a program specifically with their cognitive configuration. This is the rationale behind the EEG Cloning and Cataloging operations.


There is truly a machine for every man, woman, and child working behind the curtain of secrecy.


Password Protection

With this type of psychic surveillance, nothing is private, not even your thoughts.


Since the illegitimate and illegal powers that be are using this surveillance method treasonously on their countrymen, we must now cope with new problems. In order to protect your passwords and access to your encrypted information, you need to protect your passwords from yourself. Get a random password generating program that masks the password from your own eyes.


These programs that are used mostly to store the tens or hundreds of passwords one need to access various financial, email, an other accounts on the internet also prevent this kind of password stealing. You only need to know one password to access the main encrypted database which is stored locally on your computer.


So it would be very difficult for these spy agencies to steal your passwords and access or modify your accounts from another location.


They would need to physical break into your dwelling to gain the data.

3 - TAMI's interface is built on a Sun Spark Station with an eye tracking driven x-windows system. See the section on Interfacing TAMI.



Angular Modulation of RADAR Reflective surfaces

To disrupt the synthetic aperture, full spectrum radar and imaging techniques, changing the reflective direction of the radar signals makes it difficult for them to adapt to the environment.


Using material as simple as Mylar (metalized plastic film), loosely surrounding a shelter with a fan blowing changes the deflection angles of the radar. It only works for a limited frequency range, but reduces the effectiveness of their imaging and influencing techniques.

You can think of this technique as similar to stealth technology using EM radar dampening material, sharp deflection angles, MRI/ESR field gradient disruptors, and electron gyro frequency noise generators, scalar interferometry distorters and superconducting magnetic mirrors.

Changing the specular reflection angles of the incoming radar signal through mechanical modulated plates will change the radar signature enough to throw off some automated tracking algorithms.


Super Shields

An alchemist friend gave me a recipe to help us deflect the witches hypnotic spells.


He said to use a smidgen of Yttrium, a dabble of Barium, and a pinch of Copper in the ratios of 1,2,3. Smelt it in the fires of Vulcan at 1000 degree Celsius to forge a superconducting shield which when cooled by the breath of Zephyr to 77 degrees Kelvin will protect us from the witches hexes and spells.

Superconductors have the special property of being a perfect magnetic mirror. This is why a magnet will float on top of them. For MEG magnetic brain readings at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories they had to use a superconducting shield to block the external noise for their SQID readings. A superconductor slab creates an electric current that exactly opposes an impinging magnetic field.

Research into thin film superconductors will eventually yield cheap and affordable Scalar RADAR and magnetic resonance shields.


But if the "Evil Aliens " have selected you for torture experiments, then a rather expensive superconductor chamber with electric field disruptors may be your only refuge. Perhaps our political leaders will wisely decide to super shield Congress and the Whitehouse to avoid undue electromagnetic influence from the conspiracy or foreign governments. Of course black mail will always be effective.


Juries and Judges will someday need their chambers super shielded for the same reasons.



Dispelling Myths

Thanks to the MIT professors and students who worked to dispel the disinformation agents much promoted aluminum tinfoil beanies myth, which were claimed by movies 9 and websites 10 to protect one from the directed energy weapons and brain wave reading.


It turns out that the aluminum acts like an antenna and actually enhances body resonance signatures in the suspected FCC allocated military bands. However many have gotten relief from the EM RADAR noise that causes symptoms from mild discomfort to outright torture by grounding Mylar shielded rooms.


See the guide on RADAR, scalar interferometry, hypnosis, electron spin resonance disruptors and shielding in the Appendix.


The Source of the Killing Signals

Interesting to note that ionospheric heaters have popped up all over the world.

  • Arecibo, Puerto Rico (built 1953-1960) 11

  • Fairbanks, Alaska (HAARP 1990)

  • Tromso, Norway

  • Ukraine

  • Russia

  • Tadzhikistan

  • Brazil

  • Armidale, New South Wales

  • Platteville, Colorado (1969)

  • Australia

  • Jicamarca, Peru

  • Millstone Hill, Massachusetts

Here are some of the listed capabilities of these facilities:

  • Incoherent Scatter Radar (stealth scalar Radar)

  • VHF radar (operating within brain resonance frequencies)

  • UHF radar (operating within head resonance frequencies)

  • HF receivers (operating within body resonance frequencies)

  • Fluxgate magnetometer

  • Induction magnetometer (possibly useful for detecting the low intensity magnetic field brain manipulation methods in case another country tried to use them on the Shadow Government)

  • Stimulated electron emission observations (this is similar to ESR imaging techniques)

  • Gyro-frequency heating research (this is another ESR,MRI like imaging technique. With a variation that might be used in the imaging over large areas using synchronized gyro-frequencies for EM absorption or reflection angles)

  • Spread F observations

  • Heating induced scintillation observations (another surveillance technology)

  • VLF and ELF generation observations (brain wave frequencies)

  • Radio observations of meteors and ballistic missile reentry. (Strange how we spend so much money on looking at meteors and the sky, but seemingly don't take interest in relieving the suffering here on Earth. Perhaps we should take the efforts to observe the universe with a grain of salt. It is just another way to couch technology development for military applications.)


9 - “Signs” is an example of a movie that promoted this idea to use aluminum beanies to keep the aliens from
reading your thoughts and using synthetic telepathy to communicate to you.
10 - is an example of a website that sells beanies.
11  - There seems to be some discrepancy in the literature as to the date this was built.


Actual picture of the HAARP mind reading and influencing and over the horizon radar facility being constructed in 1990, sent to me by a saint who worked on it. The largest phased array in the world stretches beyond what the eye can see. This is not the field that has tortured the most Americans. Brazil's or Puerto Rico's ionospheric heaters are the most likely candidates. But they are all integrated now into the "Global Human Surveillance Grid" that I was duped into helping integrate.


So, this spread of terrestrial high powered extremely large antenna is very suspect.


While satellites could be involved in the integrated world wide surveillance of human beings, it may be difficult for them to generate the power of the directed energy over the area that I measured during the severest attacks on me. My back of the envelope calculations from the power output and Gaussian distribution over the area targeting my neighborhood gave me a figure above 500 kW that greatly depended on how far the field extended.


This is within the power ranges of most of the ionospheric heaters listed earlier. There are other coincidences. I deduced the methods of surveillance through many simple experiments during the year of the attack on me which happen to correspond to the capabilities of these so called "ionospheric heaters".

More suspect behavior on the part of the military is that the two over the horizon radars/ionospheric heaters are based about equal distance from the continental U.S.

Total internal reflection from the ionosphere is optimal for power transference from antenna to target arena.

So the best guide to pinpointing when and where the first mind control radio network was established is to follow the trail of possible victims back in time and look at when the mass media streams began prepping the population for the human experiment trials.

While I stated in the introduction that TAMI came on line in 1976, that was only one system. There were earlier ones. John Nash, noble prize winner, and made famous by the movie,


"A beautiful mind", worked for the NSA then apparently had sudden onset schizophrenia afterwards. This is a suspect case. It seems too intentional in its message,

"Really smart people who worked on top secret government projects can become crazy overnight."

His illness began in 1960. That is the date that the Puerto Rico ionospheric heater came online according to several documents.


HAARP is often implicated in the mass torture experiments the US is conducting but it didn't come online until 1990 and is probably only a backup system or meant to cover a different portion of the world. Remember that the mind control technology came from the Nazi scientists that were smuggled into the US after WWII, in 1945.


The TV series, "The Outer Limits", began broadcasting a common theme in almost every episode in 1963.


Every episode deals with evil aliens, psychic mind control, abductions, futuristic technologies, and zombification or mental enslavement from aliens. The DoD and CIA are not an extremely creative group. The evil alien propaganda has worn thin by today and completely overused. Satanic cults, demonic possessions, poltergeists, and other wacky ridiculous stories are now in vogue to dupe the gullible masses and help those they torture and kill for data to cope with the betrayal of their government and people.


However "mental illness" is still their golden psychological mass mind program. Interestingly, those closest to the evil elements like enlisted men are the most likely to believe the technology and brutality while doctors are the group quickest to jump to the programmed response and irresponsible diagnosis of "mental illness."

Nash may have been a threat because he wasn't working on cracking encryption codes as the movie contends, he was probably working on decision matrices and game theory for military applications or even for cognitive modeling and psychology of mass persuasion. His research interests were not in encryption like the movie would have you believe.


He won the noble prize for his work with game theory and optimizing decision models such as the famous Nash equilibrium used in economic theory. You can see how cognitive decision modeling would be more up his alley and aligned with the development of this system. He could have posed a major threat of leakage to civilian researchers or continued advancement on his own ideas.


Another interesting coincidence is that Nash was forced into insulin shock therapy by his wife which was used to treat psychosis in that day.


Insulin shock therapy is another way to torture and split a personality thereby erasing the memory of the person or at least making the memories inaccessible. Directed Energy weapons can be used to induce diabetes as I stated earlier based on the World Health Organization literature.


One victim got diabetes and then was manipulated into inducing insulin shock therapy through EEG cloning by messing with that person's ability to sense the symptoms of going dangerously low in blood sugar. Nothing has changed with their techniques other than it can all be done with EEG cloning remotely and with better plausible denial.

So, the low hanging fruit if the people ever get fed up with tyranny, the illusion of freedom, and being killed and plucked off the planet to be an alien weapon test decimal point, they may want to organize in order to defend themselves and try to fry the electronics of all these "research" facilities simultaneously.


Be creative; find a way to stop this! Poison space if disabling these antenna fields fails to stop the world wide tortures. Build superconducting shielded rooms. I put the recipe in the appendix to make your own relatively cheaply . Build ESR and MRI field jammers.


Stop the subterranean half humans!


I also put a list of joint command and control bases in the appendix that are suspected of housing many of the traitors.

The rumor is that many of EEG Cloning Army is located in a Californian semi-secret base on the edge of Death Valley, near some mountains where there are 50 miles of underground tunnels and a very large signal intelligence and communications war room. The evil aliens are most likely kept in their cages there.


I thought that I'd mention it in case people who are being tortured want to speak to their killers face to face.


Two twin girls who were tortured and made into CIA split personality spy slaves were used to assassinate people and prostitute themselves to the politicians in order to collect black mail so that US politicians could be controlled by the executive branch of government also wrote a book called, "Secret Weapons".


I highly recommend it for another true story and perspective on the depravity and shameful heritage American's sweep under the rug.


Another Apology

Again I must reiterate.


I know that I blast whole groups of people with generalizations of occupations, affiliations, and organizations. I apologize profusely to those people who happen to fall into one of the categories that I scold but who do not fit the mold.


Just remember if the ruby slippers fit, wear them Dorothy.


Stupid Human Tricks
So to make the ignorant public (that's you) more aware of the "voice of God" technologies that exist and are being used to manipulate religious groups and the like, I will be pranking people with ultrasonic directed acoustic heterodyning and a parabolic microphone like the setup the Japanese candid camera show I mentioned earlier had.


At a reasonable distance, I will be able to project my voice at an unsuspecting person and if they respond out loud, I will be able to hear them.


But, I will be nowhere in sight. If you suddenly begin hearing aliens, satanic cults, God, or dwarfs speaking to you and your friend next to you doesn't hear it, it might be me if it lasts only 30 seconds and I tell you that you have been pranked, or much worse that it is the usual suspects in the US government and you will be tortured for years.


People who have experienced the three types of "voice to skull" technologies can distinguish between the sounds, but few are experts in all them all. Hopefully the message will get out. It is incredible how much people rely on those little boxes called TVs for their reality.


When I describe the details of how wide spread EEG cloning experiments are, everyday people almost always respond,

"Well, if that's true why haven't I heard about it on the news?"

Just what if the news wasn't allowed to talk about certain topics and the information streams were controlled as tightly as we think communist counties information to their population is controlled? The news wouldn't publish the thousands of people's claims who the government fed radiation to either when it was happening.


Nothing changes except the delusion of democracy get better as the actuality furthers.

Entrainment Disruptors

The microwave hearing effect can be overpowered by another signal. It looks like individuals need to be tuned. Simple acoustic binaural beating jammers also work somewhat to weaken the focus of attention on the integration of the signal into voice.

Breaking the hypnosis and electromagnetic trance of rhythmic base brain waves can be done temporarily by focusing on none rhythmic sound patterns like this logarithmic clicking sound file, repeatedly.


Experiments with Signal Strength and Disruption

Like with cell phones which frequently encounter dead spots or lost connections, the direct brain link on the MIND network also encounters noise or drop outs.


But unlike with audio noise, neural noise is perceived much differently. And unlike a dropped cell phone connection, the communications reestablishing technologies like multipath and adaptive signal strengthening and background noise estimation very quickly reestablishes the link.

I found what I jokingly refer to as psychic protection points. These are geographic spots that for some reason interfere or reduce the neural link strength. The San Francisco Bay Bridge has at least two spots while driving over that cause the neural link to drop out. Unfortunately, you can't walk across the bridge to stand in those zones.


A drop out of an EEG heterodyned neural link simple feels like a relaxing or quieting of the mind, less neural chatter or babble from the participant minds. A noisy neural link doesn't cause a hissing or white noise like sound in the synthetic telepathy but rather takes on different forms depending on the focus of attention.


If the brain stops interpreting the "tinnitus" or Taos hum, due to misalignment of the energy pulses or unequal binaural perceived sound match as voice, just the hum or melodic tinnitus is perceived from very subtle or up to 120 decibels. But if one uses Mylar and other metalized synthetic polyeurothane deflection and absorption shielding around their body, they will perceive non-sequitorial thoughts and images ever so slightly or even the microwave hearing effect words can become garbled, sounding like a computer generated random sequence of phonemes.


However the disruptive shielding effects and degaussers are usually only temporary and the neural link is reestablished by the very impressive adaptive algorithms. The neural link is much less prone to disruptions due in part to the low bandwidth requirements. Voice can go as high as 10,000 Hz but brain bandwidth can be as small as 2,000 Hz.


In addition to the low bandwidth requirement, the brain has a natural tolerance for fleeting errors. The information is encoded in the timings of the pulses and compressed in the complexity of the brain structure itself. One could analogize the signal timing to represent a page, paragraph, sentence and word of a book each adding context to the information stream.


The information is already almost all contained in the book it just needs to be referenced in some order to create new thoughts from that previous work. You can see how a brain link has some encryption and compression built into its very nature.


Only the person who holds the private key, i.e. the cognitive map of the target, can decipher the signal and since the deciphering key changes at every moment in time depending on the current brain state, interception of the signal is almost worthless to normal signal intelligence interception methods.

Unfortunately many victims have been tricked into believing that if they shield their computers and monitors better it will cut down on the near field antenna effect.


They have been trained by pain signals to believe this. All extra electromagnetic noise is good at reducing the signal to noise ratio for reading bioelectricity. Similarly, most have been trained not to sleep on spring mattresses.


The coils probably interfere with their signal to noise ratio too.

Blinding the Cyclops

By using fixed location phased array antenna fields one can create directed energy that appears like it is coming from any direction.


But in fact, the antennas are fixed. They can bounce their energy off of surfaces like the ionosphere. But the directions of the intersecting heterodyning beams are really stationary. That means the killing signals have an exact direction that can be calculated by ray tracing your location to the ionosphere back to the 4 or 5 directed energy antenna fields, aka over the horizon radar.


Those are the directions you want to block to weaken the nervous system disruptor or the surveillance system's secondary effects for "electrically sensitive" individuals.


Another idea is to blind the Cyclops. By blocking one of the intersecting beams even if they have a very small angle between them, you can then detect the "gravity" wave or carrier signals, i.e. pinhole photography. Even if the carrier signal is hidden in deterministic broad band noise, you should be able to amplify it and direct it towards the ionospheric heaters.


By amplifying the carrier wave and rebroadcasting it in the right direction, the signal to noise ratio would be nearly completely brought down to zero and your bioelectric information can no longer be read with this technique.

Detecting Scalar, Interferometric, Gravity Waves or Scatter Radar
Rather than go into details of the many methods used to disentangle the two or more nearly perfectly aligned cancelling carrier signals, I will just point the interested reader to the US Patent Office for scalar wave detectors:

  • #6,753,690 Interferometric signal processing apparatus


  • #6,420,872 Probe for detecting a transient magnetic resonance signal, wherein the ratio of the Q of the probe to the Q of the resonance signal is relatively large filed by the Secretary of the Navy. Always look at patents filed by the DoD with a critical eye, strategic deception is often the purpose. But this patent looks plausible.

Here is a basic scalar wave detector design. Normally the waves destructively interfere and create a nearly zero electromagnetic field reading, but by putting in pinhole lens perfectly aligned, one can get a focused image of one of the sources in a phased array.


The difficulty is the wavelength can change and if satellites are used, they are probably moving targets. If ionospheric heater phased arrays are the main source, then the task becomes much more practical by the armature investigator.

Portable Bioelectric Field Scramblers

"Don't Cross the Streams. Crossing the Plasma Streams is bad."
- Ghost Busters

Wrong advice. Mixing the plasma is good to rid yourself of the ghost in the machine.


Disrupting the electron spin alignments using ion generators works to weaken ESR surveillance and EEG cloning attacks.

Since ESR/EPR (electron spin resonance/electron spin polarity resonance) technique is one of the major methods of monitoring citizen's brain activity, one should be hypothetically able to build a portable device that scrambles the ionic "heating" of the body's surface charges. Something as simple as an irregular astable high voltage oscillator with skin contact may do the trick.


However, the high voltage ionic charges may not migrate away from the point of skin contact so something like a thin wire threaded conducting jacket may be necessary to provide a larger area of field disruption. The idea is to lower the signal to noise ratio containing the modulated bioelectric field information in the ionic electron gyro frequency.

Magnetic field modulation will also disrupt the bioelectromagnetic field information contained in the electron spin.


This is why magnetic jewelry items are so popularly worn to alleviate pain for millions of people who are sensitive to the global human surveillance system's biofield reading mechanisms. However the magnetic jewelry has a static magnetic field except when one is moving. The adaptive filtering algorithms of the system will rather quickly learn to filter out any steady or regularly oscillating signals.

As a side note, I want to dive into Russian theories of biocommunication in their psychic research from the late 60's. The entire field was a study of how neuron electrical fields could be picked up, amplified and received by someone else.


The first break through was using EEG probes to read the brains electrical activity and modulate it with (high voltage) electrical fields around a person who was placed in a sensory deprivation tank for a week or longer. The person who was in the sensory deprivation chamber would begin to interpret the electrical modulation as his/her own sensory organs.


So it was learned that the human brain is adaptable enough to interpret almost anyone else's electrical brain patterns as their own. This is the "sixth sense" phenomenon.


Except in this example the "psychic" or person in the sensory deprivation chamber is like Helen Keller and has no senses of their own so this is pure EEG cloning or in other words a substitution of their own senses and some higher level cognitive pathways mimicking the external brain signal. Monkey see, monkey do. We can not escape our 96% DNA similarity to chimpanzees. It is an inherent property of self organizing neural networks.


This is why we conform, why fads spread, why culture exists, and traditions feel good.

"Psychic spies" are like dummies or scarecrows. They are just receptacles for someone else's brain signals. Due to the sensory deprivation to make their brains entrain on the external signals, they become stupid or brain dead if and when they are disconnected from the signal. Our military was merely supposed to be a bunch of scarecrows to frighten off other countries from invading.


What happened? Why are the scarecrows the aggressors? Why do they get positions of power in the government?

Once it was known that human brains are mostly compatible and can learn any one else's patterns, it became weaponized. Inducing one or more brain patterns into someone could also be done.


This is just like piggy backing various brain signals. It matters not whether it is a voltage gradient on your skull or a synaptic voltage from a nearby neuron. It is like stealing that person's soul. "Body Snatchers" might have been another movie inspired by the large testing of the world's population of this weapon. Killing someone psychically is probably the most cowardly act in human history. Even the lion from the wizard of Oz had more courage.


And I'm sure the tin man had more heart than any of the scum in the US CIA/DIA/Military that continues the MKultra tortures and Artichoke programming of assassins to do their dirty work.


Thousands if not more are tortured under this program, but you will never hear about it in the very controlled information streams. I'm so proud of what my ancestors fought and died for, to create a country based on lies and torture. If only we had a little more secrecy we would all feel safer.


Please ignore the mental midgets behind the curtain of secrecy playing fascist gods, they are unimportant.


Ionic Heating Frequency Scramblers

There are two possible mechanisms of action in order to "heat" the ions so that their electron gyro frequency and angular momentum are synchronized or that they create the high electron voltage necessary to induce neurotransmitter release.


First there is a microwave frequency that causes ionizing to occur . Secondly, electrical body resonance or head resonance would induce the desired gyro frequency alignment.


The body electricity would be modulated into the stealth RADAR return intensity like a flickering candle or a twinkling star in the distance. So there must be a way to deresonate the body and head using their unique resonance frequencies. Perhaps messing up the ionizing frequency will also decrease the effectiveness of the surveillance technique.


All these techniques will work under low intensity directed energy, but could probably be over powered if all the energy from these RADAR fields were focused on a very important target.

If I Only Had a Brain - The Scarecrow Effect

It should hypothetically be possible to record samplings of your own brain waves and modulate an external electric field with it so that the targeting and tracking mechanism would get confused and follow the EEG decoy, assuming you have no biotelemetric implants, GPS chips, or chemical markers.


Since many methods are employed for surveillance of civilians, similar decoy methods would need to be implemented to throw off infrared thermal signatures, magnetic signatures. Body/head resonance manikins might be needed as well as traditional RADAR absorption and reflection signature alterations. Heart rhythm signatures can be fooled in a similar fashion to brain print signatures.


I even worked on a technology that identified people by their unique gait.


Stealth Bomber RADAR Absorbing Insulators

Teflon has unusual insulating and charge collection properties that make it somewhat impermeable to ESR techniques or bioelectric modulation.


A Teflon-like material is used on Stealth fighter planes. Saran Wrap is also a synthetic polymer with similar properties and sure enough it does prevent some ionic heating and has similar ESR radar absorption properties since it doesn't conduct.

Thermal Signatures can be thrown off by electronically controlled Peltier Junctions used to cool microprocessors.

Scintillation techniques could be shielded by superconductor material. Remember that the radar fields are directional but they can bounce signals off other material in order to reach the target.

There are several more sensing technologies that you can read about on most physics websites such as NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance sister techniques like nuclear quadrupole resonance NQR). The object is to reduce the signal to noise ratio of all the tracking mechanisms in order to escape from the US virtual HELL and the global human surveillance grid.

Full Spectrum or Broad band RADAR

Another reason the biocommunication and surveillance technologies are so difficult to lose is that every wavelength is observed. So even if one blocks or jams several of the frequencies, there is always more of the spectrum.


Here is what a ping from a broad spectrum RADAR pulse might look like:




A RADAR ping with an exponential intensity decay at one frequency would help the imaging software more easily figure out at what depth a return is from and compensate for any non-linearties in transmittance, absorption, or reflectance of a material.


The recorded readings from many government tortured test subjects' houses had a variation of this waveform. It's pings started at a high frequency then progressed to a low energy low frequency with a lower energy continuous saw tooth waveform background.


This actually makes more sense given the mathematics from radio communication theory of the energy spread when heterodyning or modulating a progressively lower frequency to create a lower side band.


Or in simpler terms, sweeping a high frequency carrier range of one of two heterodyned beams would create this lower frequency combined waveform.




It is a combination of every frequency up to some point.


It could take the appearance of a broad background noise or in order to segment the frequency ranges better it might skip logarithmically up the frequency domain.


Even square waves or saw tooth radar signals create good broad band returns because every square wave form is made up of the infinite sequence of every odd harmonic and the saw tooth is made up of every harmonic which gives a nice sampling of frequencies across the spectrum.


Low Probability of Detection, Scatter Radar




Ion Heating

During a severe directed energy attack, CCD (charge coupled devices) cameras become somewhat disabled due to the (charge build-up).


During "hautings" the air becomes electrified, i.e. ionized. Knocking an electron out of orbit or just raising it to the outer most electron valence shell can be done with specific frequencies and thereby create ions, some negative and some positive.


This is what the "ionospheric heaters" do. Once static electricity, (ions or cold plasma) is created, the single electron orbits are used to amplify electron spin resonance signals and reading methods for the synchronized gyro frequency of the electron orbits as well as traditional ion reflectance spectra.


See the appendix for an example of how NASA tricks astronomers and cosmologists into developing weapons by saying they are interested in observing meteors in the ionosphere. They are so bold with their hints of the real uses, that they call the ion flash of a meteor the size of a baseball upon impact "The head echo effect" when observed by the puerto rico "ionospheric heater"/over the horizon radar. That is exactly what it is used on human heads not just meteors.


They told the researchers that they can't look more than 20 degrees from zenith due to physical restrictions of the setup.


The real reason is that the radar signal passes into space at those angles and frequencies but they bounce back to Earth more than 20 degrees from Zenith. The "Head Echo Effect" location and tracking is exactly the same for human tracking. The flaws in the algorithms described in this paper are the same ones I discovered from my own experimentation.

How can we play the same game as the government with the secret NSA domestic spying?

We can organize a flood of the echelon system with false positives. Or use the method of auto-stereogram message passing to by-pass them completely. A multi billion dollar system is completely worthless at detecting anyone who tries to defeat it.


It monitors your average citizen quite well though and helps bloat government with lots of federal government welfare jobs who get to pretend they are useful.

Ideas to take out the Weapons of torture and global Tyranny

Spraying an orbiting cloud of ferromagnetic charged and magnetized particles at low Earth orbit counter rotation for impacts and black outs of the satellite systems capable of being used for psychotronics would probably work.


Large ground based solar ovens or lasers to lock on and heat the satellites above superconducting temperature might cheaply knock them out. Satellites over other countries airspace that can emit psychotronic weapons signals or directed energy should be shot down since they are an immediate threat to their countries security.

The internet has proven to be the most important vehicle of truth. I commend Google and other search engine companies for continuing a high standard of integrity for the quest of truth. The right to free speech is being trampled on by algorithms flooding the internet with disinformation to drown out the truth . I devised AI natural language parsing algorithms, to parse out truth from the "method" used to supplant it.


By the way, type in "miserable failure" into Google to see a biography of George Bush.

Plead to the public

I hope America appreciates what I am doing by going public with this information.


Since I was tortured for a year by something far worse than what McCain experienced and thrown into one of these secret mind control prisons for just being too knowledgeable, I imagine I will surely get a secret death sentence for telling the truth in a publication. I am hoping that more public exposure makes me safer instead.


But monthly, I get the reports of how many psychotronic victims have perished and it doesn't look good.


Poisoning Space

The US has 413 satellites and the rest of the world has 382.


Because the United States has taken the course of installing many space based weapons, irresponsibly turning the pristine space into a battlefield of directed energy weapons, other countries should protect themselves by poisoning the airspace so the energy can't focus. Also create scalar wave detectors and bounce directed energy off the ionosphere back to the 15 or so ionospheric heaters to blind them.


Here's an idea how. There are 8,000 tracked objects greater than the size of a golf ball.

A ferromagnetic charged particle cloud at 480KM (300 miles) above the Earth's surface would greatly reduce remote sensing capabilities and targeting capabilities with directed energy weapons.

There are no laws that any country abides by in space. So putting up anti-psychotronic shields which would disrupt other satellite services too would be a smart defense to counter America's expansionism phase, and to stop their soft kill weapons of assassination.


Publicity Stunts

We are left with no choice but to employ more drastic measures in order to raise awareness, get noticed, and have the problems addressed since the mass news streams refuse to pick up this story or broadcast the many peaceful protests, and no government agency has responded to the thousands of letters these organizations have written.

We are planning the coordination of blocking major thoroughfares in all the metropolitan areas with trucks and protest signs. We have organized call centers, dialing over 700 people a day and are sending emails worldwide at a rate of 20,000 a day.


We are renting high powered argon lasers to project our message in the sky simultaneously in all major cities around the world.


This is just a list of a few of the activities going on to awaken the sleepy minds that need to be vigilant as to what is occurring in order to expose and hopefully stop it. Saddening that something as horrific as domestic torture and federally sponsored terrorism against its own citizens can't be immediately addressed in a civil forum.

We are also compiling a name and face book of all those suspected in aiding and abetting in these programs from scientific researchers, to CIA trainees stalking gang members, to irrationally skeptical politicians that block laws to protect its citizens.


The face book of the conspiracy will be distributed to other countries in hopes of ending the careers of those agents involved.

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