Secret Psychotronic Mind Prisons


Poem of secret psychotronic mind prisons

I am drowning in the sea of lies, plausible denial of bazaar suicides.
The cowards that currently rule, kick me in the head like mule.
What greater good is there than truth, triangulate on it with longitude and azimuth.
Whilst I dread in my mental jail, I'll tell you my tale.
It begins in the DoD archives,
About a mind control tool,
Discovered in my youth,
While drinking a pint of ale.



Secret Psychotronic Concentration Camps

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Bible, John 8:32. It is also on the CIA plaque outside Langley.

What is it like to be in a mind controlled prison?

Here is one form it takes through neuronal amplification technology. Your strange attractors 1 of thought, become like black holes with their pull, and before you can even realize, you are stuck in the ruts of some else's thoughts.


Errors, fears, pain and speculations are amplified to their extreme. It is dysfunctional and not the way evolution intended it. Truly the most dishonorable, pathetic, and grotesque weapon ever conceived by the minds of the monsters on the CIA payroll. Be ashamed, be very ashamed.


Your tax dollars were used to deceive you.


For others it is a journey into madness, but for the majority of people it is just a hypnotic, apathetic haze. This technology allows for personalized hells for people to suffer in their own private purgatory.

What is the Achilles Heel of world wide mind control, torture, and silent assassinations? Strange attractors is a mathematic term in chaos theory which precisely describe how the brain pathways work.2

Hypnos is the god of hypnotism and hypnotic trances. The Russian wood pecker transmitters were assumed to be just such an attack since it does not make sense as a purely over the horizon radar system.

I believe we can shoot these fake gods in their antennas. Poisson space and knock out the communications systems that house the killing signals. Superconductors, I believe are the shields we must develop against their irresponsibly and traitorously directed beams of death.


And of course if we can remove the spell that Hypnos 2 has put the American people under, we can awaken the great sleeping giant to join our battle.



Comic Relief

To take another break from the serious and dark issues that we face, let's look at some amusing situations where the technology could be useful. Imagine you are Cyrano De Bergerac, a chivalric duelist with a comically long nose, and you wish to woo some young lassie but haven't the game or smooth words from which to court. You could EEG heterodyne with a smooth talker and let them say the words she wishes to hear from your mouth. It is true, this can be done today.

And in return for the favor, you allow the smooth talker to share in the prize, simply by extending his invitation to EEG clone your experience of making passionate love to your new bride.

Hypnotic Entrainment Pulses

What many victims report and I experience myself is a 3.2 hertz pulsing phasor like sound. Visit to hear the sounds of psychotronic weapons. Here is a sample recorded from my equipment during the heaviest targeting.


This is what I hear in my head.


3'2 htz phasor entrainment freci-wav


There are several pulsed frequencies that are heard by victims, but many can only perceive a constant synthetic "Taos" hum named after a town in New Mexico where the citizens suddenly got nose bleeds and heard a tinnitus while the military was testing radio frequency weapons on it.


I reconstructed many of the waveforms to exactly duplicate the energy signals being perceived as auditory stimuli and was able to capture others with scanner equipment. But the most prominent one is the 3.2 hertz continuous star trek like phasor warbling sound. It exactly correlates with a slight flashing perception in the visual cortex.


So one "hears" the phasor sound as loud as a 90 db speaker system with a stroboscopic visual effect in synchrony while in a completely silent room. There is also a 10 hertz information pulse train in connection with the visual cortex.


This has been more difficult to elucidate. It seems to be the brain bandwidth of the mental impressions per second. It appears to have a sliding widow in a continuous stream of cognitive messaging necessary to force synchronized brain entrainments and amplify particular neural pathways.


You can think of this like a matrix movie where only mental frames need to be presented in order to walk a brain through a perception of continuity both for visual images and pulsed audiograms.

The frequency of the signal is the same as used in psychotronics to lull the population into a relaxed, easily suggestible, slightly unaware state.
Now, when the phasor like sounds of psychotronics (EEG heterodyning) are heard, the synaptic modulation impulses are out of sync with the targets brainwaves.


Also, when the voice modulation is not heard by the victims, the other sensory controls are diminished. But when one does NOT hear the tinnitus like sounds, they are strongly connected with the global human surveillance grid and perfectly aligned with their program.


Here is a sample of my EEG spectral energy. Note the power in the 3 hz line that is with me in sleep and wake states.

{EEG power spectrum sample}

This phenomenon is likely due to Dr. Lin's (University of Chicago) description of the microwave hearing effect.


That is, there is a thermo-elastic expansion of brain tissue that reaches the inner ear and stimulates nerves or hairs in the Cochlea. Perhaps there is another mechanism that causes audio perception of the absorbed energy misaligned with firing brain pathways.


Failed binaural integration3 of acoustic heterodyning perceived interpretation of two signals would cause a similar phenomenon.

{diagram here to explain binaural beating and acoustic heterodyning.

Integration of stereo sound into the difference between the frequencies at the base of the brain.

Put a sample on the website for visitors to use headphones to hear.}

To get a visual understanding of how pulsed audiograms or mental impressions work, tear out this encoded page.


Go to the website to grab the frame image. Print the frame image out on a transparency. Slowly slide the pulsed, phase encoded visual message behind the grid. Your brain will make sense of it and even perceive continuous motion.

{insert the phase encoded pulsed message

with a bouncing dot below it, "Qui Vindicent Ibit" -

The Avenger Will Come or a US flag transforming into the Constitutional Flag.}


Stupid Aliens Tricks

"We just zapped you from the Star Wars space lasers. Did you feel that?" my mentally impaired militant moron says. I feel a couple bee stings on my neck and arm. "OK. We actually just pulled a couple hairs out, but it felt like it didn't it?"

The Sounds of Psychotronics

Binaural integration allows us to perceive the direction of sounds. There is an effect on the brain entrainment and hemispheric synchronization of brain waves using a binaural beating effect. 4 Example of what a denial of service attack on the human mind sounds like: denialofserviceattack.mp3

The walls of the mind prisons have a tinnitus and melodic like sound to them. Most victims who are part of the denial of service4 attack hacking of human minds genera of experiments hear either an unbelievably loud ringing often melodic or they hear the voice communications from the neural link, a.k.a. synthetic telepathy.


When the signal is out of sync with your brain waves, the tinnitus-like sounds are heard. If you can imagine back when you were in school taking a test and someone is grinding their pencil while sharpening it or a jack hammer is heard outside the window, you say the noise is so loud that you can't even think straight. That is exactly what electromagnetic imprisonment is like.


The tinnitus or microwave hearing effect is so loud that you can't think straight.


When you don't hear it, you know that that same power level is now influencing your thoughts. You can hear the handlers, or mind prison guards, as clearly as a cell phone call. This is the synthetic telepathy that the CIA has been working on for decades. Thousands are enslaved under the U.S. program and tortured daily for the continued MKUTLRA research program that never ends despite how often Congress asks them to stop.


Just like with torturing Iraqis and denying it, they just outsource the programs to subcontractors or create a new secret agency with new titles to "creatively" bypass the intention of laws. Criminals run the government now. They spy on us despite the many laws to stop that.


They conduct psychological and information warfare and call it propaganda. They try to assassinate foreign leaders with these weapons despite clear laws that prevent it. Bush can't even recite the constitution or the bill of rights which demonstrates what depravity and a devolutionary period we are in politically.

To hear the very synthetic sounds of psychotronic concentration camps, visit


World Politics and Conquest

The psychotronic concentration camps are no small operation. It is being done on people through out the world and not just in the U.S. The invisible torture without physical scarring is purposefully creating growing anger and resentment towards the U.S. and allies around the world.


Manchurian Candidates are created with these methods developed out of the CIA MKULTRA program. What is their strategy and reason for doing this? I don't pretend to understand all the complexities of world politics and need for power and domination, but these aggressive actions and attacks by the U.S. on the world's population must have the purpose of creating the impression and fear that terrorism is everywhere.


Perhaps it is further justification for military expansion and a new world order. Perhaps it is the way the military is creating the atmosphere where these neuron influencing weapons will be acceptable as stated in some of their documents. Perhaps it is to justify further loss of freedom and more domestic surveillance ushering in a fascist state more quickly.


Self attacks and the purposeful creation of resentment is not a new scandal.


The U.S. has done this for decades with plenty of success. People are simply incapable of asking the difficult questions and linking cause and effect. These mind control directed energy weapons were used on Saddam in 1992 according to a quote from U.S.A.


Today newspaper. I can't imagine that this had anything to do with the U.S. having to go back to a very expensive war years later, I say with extreme sarcasm. Yet, no one believes the scale of which these weapons are being used on people around this country and others. There are 70 victims in the U.K. that have come forward.


I have contacts with nervous system weapons test victims from China, Taiwan, Russia, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Mexico and the list goes on. They need to make sure the weapons work on every culture of every language so they need to actually torture and try to cover-up their weapons tests by killing the victims.


Pretty incredible isn't it? Our perceptions of self as a country is completely skewed with irrational patriotism when judged by our malevolent actions in the world.

The game has become more sophisticated. These rogue government agencies are using a third party, sometimes unbeknownst to them, to commit the self attacks. This indirection is enough for most Americans not to believe it is occurring. It is the age old method of misdirecting anger at the wrong groups. The Warlords in the U.S. want some action.

Why is the media too cowardly to cover this important topic? Why won't they dig deep? Are the science and politics too complicated for them to put in a news byte? Is it too scary for people to cope with? Is it something that doesn't make us feel good so we will simply chose not to believe it?


We are fully asleep as a population having an American Dream and delusion.

Tax Laws and Terrorism (another humor break)

Just to see how complete the cover up is on this topic and map out the entire maze of lies while I chased the white rabbit, I humorously tested a tax law that was passed to help victims of terrorism.


Even though "psychoterrorism" is defined in several well published military documents as the act of hacking the human mind, the IRS does not acknowledge U.S. sponsored acts of terrorism, especially, if the damage is caused indirectly through brain incapacitation or the acts committed using one's own body. Terrorism has to be of unknown origin, of direct physical consequence, and acknowledged by the president.


The marketing of this word "terrorism" is very good. So victims who are still alive in the U.S., don't expect any compensation or tax breaks anytime soon under this regime.


Sometimes, I do enjoy explaining these complex technologies to the mind numbingly droned cogs of the machine just to see their reaction.


Hypnotube Programming

So here is another part of the game for the human torture and death lottery to make sure the criminal elements' weapons are working properly.


We created this country to escape religious persecution. We are free to believe what we want and to worship any god. How unfortunate and unconstitutional it is that people who "believe" that government agents are stalking them and that directed energy weapons are being used on them rather than believing God or Satan is talking to them are thrown in the jail's psyche ward if they seek help from ignorant local authorities, even though there is voluminous documentation on this subject.


Over 25% of the weapons test victims I interviewed experienced ignorant authorities programmed, uneducated consequences.


Even the CIA agents say the cops always get in the way. They end up being a nuisance for both the humans and evil aliens. We have even lost the right to believe and express the truth in this "democracy" without severe repercussions. It has been a long, gradually, silent overthrow.


Nobody noticed because it was done ever so slowly over many decades. Had the constitution been nullified in one year using these dirty tricks, people would have been up in arms.

The human effects weapons testing industry figured out the mass psychology in order to go unnoticed. It turns out that if they torture, experiment, and then kill the subjects over a long period and do it in small enough numbers, no one will care especially if their death comes in the form of common illnesses or accidents.


This is also true of loss of freedoms, increasing taxes, bloating government, and ever increasing complexity of laws. Slowly evolving the definitions of words and language in order to "creatively interpret" the intention of the laws, has also been an acceptable practice by the DoD/CIA.


There is not a single concept in the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and Constitution that has not been over turned by these criminals now running the "shadow" government.

It is truly amazing to watch how something like the television actually programs people. If it is their only information source, it has a strong influence. CBS was started by an x-CIA agent. As we all know, you never leave "the company."


In other lands, government openly own television networks and other large industries. In the US it is done covertly, but with exactly the same influences.


Why do you think good people are pushing for campaign reforms? There is a very strong correlation between the amount of money a candidate has for their campaign and how much mind share they can garner.


We move further away from a meritocracy everyday.

To the world you may be one person, But to one person you may be the world. - unknown


More moral and philosophical ramifications

So your brain patterns have been mapped and classified by the mind control and torture weapon system.


Patterns of thoughts are injected or transmitted by the microwave transmitters whose signal reverberates in your skull, "the Head Echo Effect" as it is slyly termed. It is the patterns of information that contain consciousness. So the controllers of the continental ballistic missile shield, aka ionospheric heaters, can determine who lives a hell on Earth but an even more frightening spiritual thought is that they can continue the torture even after death with your thought clone.


Your clone is just bits of information that they have been classified as your brain patterns.


Is this simulation your kindred spirit? The torture simulation of your brain's electrical signals can continue to play even without the flesh that houses the memories. Do you have a moral obligation to save your digital self from continued torture? If it were you being tortured would your digital self try to save you at all costs? It is fair to use the word Evil in this context I think.

Hard to be proud that this is how the United States is using its secret weapon. Small minds, corrupted individuals currently control this global human surveillance system of tyranny and virtual eternal hell. So much good could have come of it in different hands. Sigh.

So how far does the virtual hell extend? Since it is created with electromagnetics, hypothetically it depends on how good the sensors are and how powerful the transmitters are. With each launch of another spy satellite and completion of another ionospheric heater, hells boundaries increase.


Hypothetically, since we can view the edge of the universe with the Hubble space telescope, and electromagnetic waves travel forever with only minor losses... Hard to image why the United States is called the Great Satan. My God, what have we done!

I wrote a short fictional story about a very advanced civilization who evolved culturally to the point where their psychophysics understanding lead them to the moral belief that they were to create manufacturing centers around the universe which produced happy entities.


They so fully mapped the subjective experiences of happiness to complex signals, that their moral society felt that it was their duty to increase the quantitative amount of the happy signal everywhere in the universe by reproducing just those patterns that lead to a subjective experience for those entities of blissfulness.

The power junkies justified the creation of hell by appealing to people's fear. We need to spy into people's minds to gather intelligence to stop terrorists. We are creating a maximum pain weapon so we don't need to kill people in the battlefield.


We throw the voice of God in order to trick the enemy to lay down their arms. We need to control society's minds so no one builds weapons of mass destruction. The rationalizations are endless. But in the end, they created a system that is being used to secretly torture people without relief of death.


The system, TAMI, should be renamed HELL.

No one seems to talk about a pleasure weapon. Make the enemy happy and relaxed so they don't feel like fighting. Make people feel happy so they don't want to build weapons of mass destruction. Make people feel generous so they share and give more. Make them care about their fellow man.


These brain signals are not being collected and tested for TAMI. Why?

You get the idea why a Coup has occurred with this weapons system. If you are a politician or judge, you can be subtly mind controlled (or tele-influenced) into not passing or passing any given law.


As you are watched, information from your mind is collected that can be used as blackmail and that threat always looms with just a leak to the press. If you are President, you are sheltered from the knowledge of the active uses of this system so that it can plausibly be denied by someone who is passionate about the denial but just doesn't know better. There are not many journalists brave enough to take on this topic without threats that they may become part of the psychotronic torture network. So we all remain quiet and pretend that we are free.


Our freedom was stolen and no one cares it seems. Let's just politely talk about less import issues, like torturing Iraqi's while we free them. That will keep our minds off the depressing reality of our own situation.

Every attempt by Congress to stop military and CIA weapons testing on civilians has been shut down. Every attempt to make mind control and neurological weapons banned from space has been squelched. They will not stop expanding hell's reach. The temptation of the power is too great for any mortal man or nation to resist.

Our forefathers had a dream of a free world. They could not anticipate the rise of rogue government elements to power and a mind control system called TAMI.


That dream is gone from us now.

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