Silent Assignations


Car Crashes

The psychic soldier or CIA brain damaged warriors can place shadows of children in the road so that you will swerve to avoid hitting them.


Luckily, I was aware of the technology while they were performing their tests. People that were more susceptible to the visual cortex stimulation could easily see holographic like images of children or people to avoid. If they were unaware of this military capability, they would swerve if they were good people.


I found this to be absolutely amusing and astounding that they can create shadow like figures, especially ones that "haunt", running outside your peripheral vision.


Useful if you want to get someone to follow the imaginary shadows, like lead a guard aware from his post.


Stupid Alien Pranks

In the continuous onslaught of psychological abuse, the DoD/CIA evil aliens tried to get me to fall for another degrading trick.


Proudly, I can say I had caught onto their abusive pranks quickly. They would tell me in order to stop the pain and torture all I had to do is ground my hands on the floor when I walked. They would project images of guerillas walking. The attempt at humiliation is self evident. Humans and Aliens - This planet isn't big enough for the both us.


It obvious who we can do without.


Directed Energy Silent Assassinations

All RADAR technology uses a mathematical technique to calculate EM wave form effects called Finite Difference Time Domain in computational electrodynamics.


This is important in calculating the properties of antenna design or near field effects from waveforms. Using the same technique it is possible to calculate a waveforms time domain effects on different human bodies, heads, organs, and brains. By modeling a human body and head, one could calculate the resonant pattern in the human body, i.e. the standing wave formations and where the high and low energy absorption nodes would be.


So a directed energy weapon could be made more effective by precision targeting of energy to specific organs for example. If you wanted to give a target diabetes, you could destroy some of the pancreas or alter the sugar metabolism in the cells.


If you wanted to increase the chance of lung or brain cancer, the weapon merely needs to add energy to those locations and overtime the probability will increase dramatically.


Plausible Denial and Silent Assassination Techniques:

  • Airplane Crashes Programmed Assassins

  • Heart Attack and Stroke

  • Depression and Suicide

  • Self Destructive Behavior Amplification

  • Poverty and Medical Treatment

  • Accidents - Dark Cloud

    • Walking in front of car

    • High Voltage Electricity

    • Gas Stove

    • Drowning

    • Cause Other People to Misjudge

      • Doctor during an operation

      • Taxi Driver. Like Princess Dianna.


  • Remote controlled heart attacks. Runaway adrenal process. Falling down stairs and breaking a hip or neck

  • Hypnotizing to walk in front of car. While driving, running red lights, putting to sleep at wheel, forced steering into cars, emotional triggers to the point of road rage. Distraction of voices equivalent to cellphone and drinking

  • Inability to take necessary medications properly. Messing up body sensing ability can kill a diabetic who takes insulin.

  • Forced depression state, subliminals of suicide

  • Seizure signal

  • Other situations where poor judgment could be life threatening.

  • Obviously airplane pilots would be potentially deadly for many others.

  • Disregard for the safety of other citizens who are not targeted for weapons testing.

  • Children are being targeted and are far more easily influenced by voices. Told to play with parents guns or sharp objects has been reported in several cases.

  • Additionally signals are amplified. So smoking and drinking habits would eventually lead to an early death.

  • While I haven't heard of any events like this, directed energy weapons could be used to ignite gas stations, that is why cell phone use is not allowed near a pump. Certainly they could be used to take out an airplane by sparking the fuel tank like what happened with flight 800. Of course JFK junior supposedly got confused where the horizon was is a practiced psychic assassination.

  • Creating mind controlled assassins like the Unibomber.


Remote Controlled Lobotomies

So how does the U.S. dispose of citizen's or x-DoD employees?


Delgado stated that people who think outside some defined norm should be surgically mutilated. I assume he thinks he is normal. If remote control induced heart attack attempts fail and car crash attempts fail, the last resort is menticization.


Also called zombification, schizotronic generators are now the preferred method since there is no blood and it is easily denied by the agencies and has been successfully kept in the "science fiction" belief realm of the general and purposefully ignorant populous.


Neuron amplification is easy if you have the neuron "choice" map of a particular mind. Amplifying every thought process like a thought echo would render a target dysfunctional or disconnecting them from their mind amplification would turn them senile.


Sounds like President Regan.


This amplification can lead to paranoia (an amplification of distrust and fear) or simply amplify erroneous thinking manifesting itself as delusional thinking.



Much of the psychic research and EM weapons research talks about hypothermia out of the blue.


It always had me baffled as to what the link was between hypothermia or hyperthermia and psychic research. It was never made clear in either the Russian or US literature. Then I found the connection in the least likely place. It turns out that one of the first brain signals and directed energy effects way back in the 60's was that the most promising kill application of the weapon which was to cause hypothermia in a person.


It is not an actual cooling down of the person by taking energy out of the system but a vasoconstriction from the nervous system like when one gets scared. There may be interference with the cells' metabolism too.

This explains spooky "haunted houses". People have reported that they felt a chill when a ghost was present. The apparitions or ghost images were simply early testing of EEG heterodyning with projected mental images or visual perception errors into people's minds.


The vasoconstriction increases their fear and makes them feel cold so that they shiver. This is another reason why some people shake with extreme fear such as observed in the famous cartoon series Scooby Doo.

I can see the crooks in the government now, saying,

"Dang nabit! We would have gotten away with it had it not been for you meddling saints, and your little dog too."


Stupid Alien Tricks

"If you don't kill your father in one hour we will kill you by triggering an exploding microchip we implanted in your sinus cavity, ears, and tooth," my handlers said.

An hour came and went.


I begin to feel a popping sensation in my nasal cavity, then in my ears , then in my mouth.

"The microchips are releasing a poison into your system right now."

The sensations really felt like pop rocks candy in my nose, ear, and mouth.


Later the aliens told me that all 4 of them were sticking their fingers in their nose and flicking them out to create a sudden pressure change. They did the same with the ears then the mouth. I suppose it would be scary for those people who read the disinformation on many websites about microchip implants or watched the movie "mission impossible II".


That is not how the CIA tortures people.


Only the belief of thinking they put in an exploding microchip works to control people into committing acts of murder through fear. I found cases where women killed their babies and such after talking to voices that told them to do it. Then they end up being imprisoned in an insane asylum or other.


I know these US EEG Heterodyning Satanist methods well.


They truly are sociopaths and need to practice on US citizens before doing it to an important target like an Iraqi or such. The CIA used to call their torturers, "Rough boys".

Biotelemetric antenna implants are no longer needed to pinpoint the directed energy at the target. And brain chip implants are ancient military technology and no longer used on most targets.


People often believe when the synthetic telepathy program begins that it is coming from their fillings or a tooth implant due to the literature and misinformation like from the movie, "Real Genius." Everyone has heard about braces picking up radio stations.


Microwave hearing effect is even different than neural interfacing speech or ultrasonic heterodyning.


Uses of EEG Heterodyning by the DoD

Other than random experimentation, many individuals are targeted to be silenced or discredited.


I know of a Colonel who witnessed the Army unloading bags of cocaine from a transport. He became a victim shortly after expressing concern. An FBI special agent for international terrorism became a victim after he testified that the FBI was perjuring itself at a trial. The former head of the LA FBI has become a target. Journalists who have written about these topics have been punished with the system.


Anyone who has worked for the DoD and then later leaves, may be subject to this covert type of assassination years later to silence potential security leaks.


I have interviewed several families, where they had a relative who went crazy and got locked up in a sanitarium after that member started talking about that they were an assassin for the U.S.


The doctors always said,

"Don't listen to what they say. They are delusional."

This diabolical, systematic method of silencing potential leaks has been employed by the DoD for many decades and usually carried out by the CIA known as the slime balls of the (sub)intelligence community.


I can't believe we have had so many presidents with the background of federally sponsored crime.

Everybody who knows what the government is doing is under a great deal of scrutiny and threat of reprisals. So I especially commend the MIT professors and students involved in dispelling the myth than aluminum beanies block EEG heterodyning.


They used a $250,000 network analyzer to view the resonance signatures emitted by the human body to determine that the hats actually act like antennas for those frequencies rather than a shield.

Like the terrorist have done in the past, the CIA is notorious for doing.


That is making money off of stock market prediction of major events and creating front companies to fund their more odious undertakings so as not to be as easily dissuaded by threats of budgetary cuts by Congress.

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