by J.C. Goliathan
October 2008

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A special note of gratitude for my friend Kent Steadman who passed away recently. Kent was the first to post my initial article on this subject on his website

Thanks for your work, Kent! We miss you!

J.C. Goliathan (Geographer, Scientist, Fuel Systems Designer, Engineering Technician) Bachelors and Associate of Applied Science degrees in Geography and Engineering


The Lucifer Project as it is most often described is the attempt by man to create a small star in our solar system out of one of the gas giants, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, or Neptune. It was noted by this author in the summer of 2003 that likely the first attempt at star-making, or at least the pilot project of such, was conducted when NASA’s Galileo satellite was plunged into Jupiter on September 21, 2003.


It was also speculated by this author that at the end of the NASA Cassini primary mission would be a logical time to consider another similar plunge attempt. This attempt obviously did not occur since Cassini’s mission was extended.


The following information appends the articles this author has already written and speculates on the end of NASA’s current extended Cassini mission called the Equinox Mission and what it means regarding the Lucifer Project...

Some Background

I don’t believe we have reached the point of absurdity in predicting an event which some people have been considering since 2003, that being the potential for an unusual explosion of some sort occurring on Saturn as a result of NASA deciding to plunge Cassini into its atmosphere as they did with Galileo into Jupiter in September of 2003.


This author is willing to admit that absolutely nothing may be planned for the future regarding this subject, or that this mission has been called off, or never was, for that matter.


However, what we witnessed then in 2003 (as was predicted in this author’s first article just weeks before the plunge, “Nuclear Reaction When Galileo Spacecraft Impacts Into Jupiter in September 2003 Unlikely, But Possible” 1 and a follow up article by physicist J. WorpCould NASA Use Galileo to Create a Jovian Nagasaki?2 written just days before the plunge) was indeed what seemed to be an explosion nearly the size of Earth on October 19 at precisely the correct expected location on Jupiter based on Galileo’s fuel cells’ decent pattern over 27+ days of plunge (Note scientist, R. Hoagland’s analysis “Did NASA Accidentally “Nuke” Jupiter3).


This sudden Jupiter dark spot “anomaly” event was also documented by Olivier Meeckers of Belgium with two different Jupiter images showing the said anomaly and an article by described the event as a “mystery”.4 And even though the event did not occur the day of the plunge as expected in the prediction noted above, an “explosion mark” did occur at the correct spot and with alarming similarity to the predicted event.

So IF indeed what we saw on October 19, 2003 on Jupiter was the result of Galileo’s plutonium cylinders fissioning, then we have witnessed and exposed circumstantial evidence of the largest man-made explosion ever to occur.


So it becomes nearly a requirement for this article to be written as a follow-up to my previous article “Lucifer Project - Cassini Meets Saturn in July, 20085 in which it was conjectured NASA would plunge Cassini into a polar area (polar plunge to get deeper penetration) of Saturn in the summer of 2008 at the end of its primary mission.


Of course, that did not happen since Cassini’s mission was extended into 2010 and possibly into 2012.


However, NASA will still be considering ending the mission with tossing Cassini into Saturn at some point from now to well into 2012, so we will still have that potential of an unusual event down the road. (See Dr. M. Salla’s analysis “Will the Cassini Space probe be used as a nuclear trigger to ignite Saturn and terraform its moons for human colonization?6)


We will mainly be looking at the timeframe from now until fall 2010 in this article and addressing some new information that has come to light regarding the issue, as well as discussing the new celestial symbology.


For additional background information consult the articles referenced above.

Concerning the Absurdity of Astrology

By no means does this author claim to be an astrological expert, on the contrary, a novice.


Also keep in mind while reading this report that the author does not subscribe to the inherent validity of astrology, but since it is likely that certain world planners are looking at these kinds of cosmological convolutions, one is driven to deal with the minutia of such and realize that indeed events may be planned by some of those in power to align with the movements of the stars, thereby making astrology “valid by contrivance and intentional synchronicity”.


The author also believes that if such has been the case throughout antiquity then what in essence has occurred is the creation of a somewhat elite and secret, albeit archaic, method of instant communication over distances (before instant overland communication was invented) and throughout the ages via astrological consistency in methods and predictable actions.


To clarify by example, let’s imagine two like groups of ancient peoples are separated by a great distance but would like to keep in some sort of instant contact. Each group has an astrologer who has been trained in a similar way so that when a certain celestial event occurs or is discovered in the sky, group “A” instantly knows that group “B” will interpret it the same way and likely conduct the same action thereby allowing an instant communication without having direct contact.


Considering the enormous historical inertia of such an idea over time; one could argue that no good reason could be made to start over in creating another secret means of communication, and as a result astrology has remained as the default method of conducting certain elite and occult business even to this day. (Bear in mind that even Wall Street admits the validity of part of this argument in that various entities will hire astrologers to determine what a certain segment of buyers and sellers will be inclined to do based on astrology). 7


Accepting such then, despite the apparent absurdity of astrology, one must study and consider it for the sake of simply knowing what may be planned by the “believers” or “users” of the method. Note that just months ago the Pentagon ordered satellite USA-193 shot down at the exact moment of greatest lunar eclipse precisely on 03:26 GMT on 02/21/08 (or 10:26 pm ET on 02/20/08) just west of Hawaii.


What are the natural odds of that occurring by chance? 8, 9


Some New Information

  • First of all, after the publication of the “Lucifer Project…” article, it was discovered that the locations of Jupiter during the Galileo plunge and of Saturn at the end of the primary mission of Cassini both coincided with a location in the sky known as the accepted location of the famous “Star of Virgo” or “Star of Bethlehem”, seemingly further confirming that something was afoot regarding star-making by the agencies involved.


    This historical “Virgo Star” is generally assumed to be a case of Jupiter actually appearing to partially overlap or touch Venus in the night sky in 2 B.C., a very rare conjunction event that can be argued led to a myth and legend being construed of a god-man descending to Earth, a wild propagated story arising from this celestial event and the ones surrounding it and having similarities to the imagined characters and objects in the sky that the Jupiter/Venus and other conjuncts moved in and around (there were multiple conjuncts at this time, but June 17, 2 B.C. Jupiter/Venus was by far the best).10


  • Secondly, further clarification should be noted regarding the method in which nuclear fusion could indeed be initiated with 72 pounds of Cassini’s plutonium fissioning inside Saturn (fission requires less energy than fusion), namely that the simple formula of "Force = Mass x Acceleration" can help explain the potential. Force in this formula, when associated with the motion of the initial explosion matter from the fissioning material accumulating (Mass Accelerating) and suddenly avalanching into other matter inside the heavy gases of Saturn, causes incredible velocity and compression of mass for many seconds.


    This dynamic scenario, for the local area affected, completely changes the current relative stasis situation of Saturn which is generally in equilibrium (gases falling into the center very slowly and being pushed out very slowly with the same force), to a situation of mass quickly forced into motion spreading to surrounding areas in a spherical domino effect (rippling inside to out).


    If such an effect is extreme enough and deep enough inside Saturn, the heat potential increases enormously with the higher velocity of the forced matter, and if the fusion heat limit can be reached before the avalanche is reigned in, then local (possibly cascading to total) ignition of Saturn’s hydrogen would result.


    As a reminder a fissioning event deep inside Saturn is tremendously hotter and much more powerful than the same event in the open air of Earth, and once the fusion threshold is reached, this creates a new secondary and more powerful avalanche that may not yield.


  • Thirdly, recent published research concerning the very nature of the cosmos has come to light making a good argument that the Sun and other stars may actually “burn” due to classical electrical effects (as in capacitor, resistor, amperes, etc.) in space.


    These various arguments diminish and sometimes eliminate the role of fusion in producing stars.11 If such is the case, a complete reanalysis of the nature of any attempt at star-making by NASA would be required. Without taking time to do in-depth research for the “Electric Cosmos” (as it is sometimes called) one could still venture that a significant disturbance such as one larger than we witnessed with Galileo’s plutonium plunge into Jupiter, could have significant and visible electrical repercussions as well, if enough power is generated in such an explosion even if runaway nuclear reactions are not possible.


    However, since we seem to have witnessed at least a significant fission event inside Jupiter from a portion of 48 pounds of plutonium being crushed to critical stage, it seems reasonable to conclude that indeed part of the standard model for gas giants is valid, that is to say, pressures increasing tremendously the further one dives toward the center (at least verified for the first 1000 +/- miles into Jupiter).

Keep in mind when we refer to an explosion from a “Cassini” plunge we are referring only to the highly shielded plutonium fuel cylinders aboard Cassini and not the actual craft which will burn up in atmospheric entry unlike the cylinders.

Possible Timing of an Event

Refer to the diagram on the last page of this report for dates and symbols referenced here.

Starting with the obvious, in A.C. Clarke’s novel “2010, Jupiter is turned into a star called ‘Lucifer’. If Clarke (now deceased) had any kind of inside knowledge at all, the year 2010 should be a year to look at closely for such an event to be construed. It is important to note that Clarke intended to write the novel “2010” about Saturn and in fact had done so in the prequel “2001” with full purpose to continue the adventure there, but he was convinced by others, including Stanley Kubrick, to change the mark to Jupiter for what seemed to be very weak reasons.


Also note that Clarke was a Luciferian evidenced by his spoken philosophies in his interviews and books. A Luciferian philosophy is one that expects man to eventually achieve “godlike” status by effort of the mind, scientific illuminism, scientific enlightenment, and human progress. It discards all world religions as infantile and hindering to man.


In this philosophy Lucifer is not actually a deity or entity but an ideal of “seeking the light of knowledge”.

There are at least two indications of the end of the “Equinox Mission”.

  • One is implied for July/03/2010 on NASA’s Cassini tour schedule where Cassini is to make its last currently scheduled engine burn 12

  • Another is shown on an “Equinox Mission” announcement banner showing “September 2010” as the end 13

Taking both into consideration we should initially look at a range of July to September 2010 for this mission to wind down and finish. When Galileo was sent into Jupiter, it took several months to complete the final orbit since Galileo was evidently required to make a lengthy outward bound in order to accomplish its equatorial plunge correctly. Assuming similar measures would be required for Cassini we should allow a few months for the final orbit to occur.


However, as with Galileo, the extra time for the final orbit should be somewhat figured into the mission length already by canceling a few irrelevant maneuvers at the end of the mission.

According to the timing of the plunge and circumstantial evidence of a fission event 27+ days later from the Galileo Pu-238 fuel cylinders’ dive, we have established this as our first period of time lapse between the two (27+ days). Factoring in the difference in settings between Jupiter and Saturn, namely Saturn being half as dense, smaller, and possibly taking a polar strike instead of equatorial plunge as with Galileo, as well as a longer amount of time elapsed for the decay of the plutonium in Cassini, we must apply an uncertainty factor to this 27 day period.


Arbitrarily we have selected a factor range of roughly one-third to triple to be safe, netting a span of 10 to 80 days wait period instead of 27+. For example, assume an actual plunge on 07/09/10 would net a potential event somewhere between July/18/2010 to September/28/2010, September/09/2010 being a symbolic date in that range (for reasons to be shown shortly).

Effects from any ejecta traveling to Earth from Saturn from a significant event would be felt 1 to 5 weeks later on Earth depending on the speed of the particles and molecules ejected. This could be a continuous stream in this time frame or possibly just a few bursts from anytime within this range. It’s reasonable to conclude that lighter elements would arrive first, heavier elements later.

For the timing of such an event we start by looking for astronomical/astrological significance for the general time of the end of the “Equinox Mission” as this Cassini extension is called. If there is to be some alignment with a plunge or ignition of Saturn with significant celestial events it seems reasonable to choose from these dates for potential mission ending events.

Noting that on both 07/09/10 (six days after Cassini’s last noted task on NASA’s tour guide) and 09/09/10 (and in between these two dates), Saturn is very close to a celestial triple intersection in the sky, based on the Celestial Autumnal Equinox of the Equatorial Coordinate System (ecliptic line meets celestial meridian line meets celestial equatorial line, where RA=12, and Dec=0).14


We can further attribute significance to these dates especially considering that Cassini’s mission is called the “Equinox Mission” (the reason stated by NASA is that Saturn’s own vernal (spring) equinox occurs during this mission on 08/11/09 with its tilt regarding the Sun).15 Note that “The Equinox” is also the name of an extensive work by Aleister Crowley in which the meridian points of space discussed here are very prominent in the writing.


Crowley established the “OTO” (Ordo Templi Orientis) which was a group with a Luciferian philosophy that was the main influence and forerunner to the “Brotherhood of Saturn” (Fraternitas Saturni), which is considered by some, including Dr. Stephen E. Flowers, as the most influential modern occult German order, an order which considers Saturn’s movements (and often Uranus’s) most important.16


When Aries and Libra points are discussed in “The Equinox” book, these refer to the Sun at two celestial meridian line crossings, at 0 (RA=0) and 180 (RA=12) degrees.

  • Our 07/09/10 point for Saturn, at the end of Virgo House just before Libra House (the autumnal equinox Sun location), is the latter.17 In other words, Saturn is at the equinox line on 07/09/10, the same line the Sun will be on 09/22/10 (Earth’s autumnal equinox).

  • On 09/09/10 Saturn reaches the Declination point of 0.0.

  • 09/09/10 is thirteen days before Earth’s autumnal equinox, sometimes called the Virgo Equinox,18 and is also Rosh Hashanah for 2010 (sundown on the 8th and into the 9th). So a possible speculation at this point is that if a plunge-ignition plan is to be in place at the end of the Equinox Mission of Cassini, it will symbolically occur in the Virgo constellation near RA=12.0, Dec=0.0. This is very near to the Virgo star called Zaniah (meaning “angel” or “harlot”).

  • 09/09/10 seems to be the strongest power point and might be chosen as the entry time or the planned ignition event. One potential plan could be to plunge on 07/09/10, Saturn at RA=12.0, and hope for an event around two months later on 09/09/10, Saturn at Dec=0.0 at 3:29 pm EDT.

  • 09/09/10 offers other power points, a New Moon only a few hours old present just below Saturn at this time, and Saturn inside two symbolic triangles Arcturus-Spica-Regulus and nearly exactly at the center of Chi-Xi-Stigma Virginis (the last star in this set, Stigma Virginis, is also known as a 3+3 double star called Porrima A & B, or Digamma Virginis).

Chi-Xi-Stigma is an ancient apocalyptic symbol and also a self-given Aleister Crowley reference which I will leave to your own follow-up for fear of getting too far out of line.

In addition to these power points, author David Ovason also describes the Arcturus-Spica-Regulus triangle as important in secret elite circles in his book entitled “Secret Architecture of our Nation’s Capital”. 19 For all dates listed here, Saturn is within this triangle. Also Ovason mentions the significance of the equilateral triangle of Arcturus-Denebola-Spica (as noted by A. Pike) which our speculation point for Saturn on 09/09/10 sits centered underneath in the sky near the Celestial Meridian.


Briefly described here, Ovason supports a theory in which foundation stones of several landmark buildings of Washington D.C. were laid aligning with sky events at 23.4°+/- Virgo during construction of prominent Washington D.C. structures as well as important buildings aligned with the horizon rising of fixed stars of Arcturus, Spica, and Regulus. Saturn moves from 23° to 24° Virgo from 09/02/09 to 09/09/09 near a star called Zavijava (meaning, “the point of turning” or “the angle”).

One additional item applying to both 09/09/10 and 09/09/09 is that both of these potential ignition event scenarios offer a Sun shield effect for earth in the result of any significant ejecta actually exploding out from Saturn and consequently reaching Earth days to weeks later. In other words, at the time that ejecta would be approaching Earth from Saturn, it would have to cross the Sun directly as the Saturn-Sun conjuncts, as viewed from earth, occur within two to three weeks (10/01/10 & 09/18/09 respectively) of the above-stated Sept. dates; this line of reasoning assumes the Sun could divert and/or swallow some of the ejecta that would otherwise hit Earth in such a case.

Of special note, consider that Saturn’s retrograde pause (a planetary pause just before a planet appears to move backwards as viewed from Earth) in late 2008 culminates on 01/01/09 at around 21° Virgo and then heads backwards towards Chi Leo pausing on 05/18/09 before going forward again.


These retrograde pauses should always be considered for contrived events since they are significant to some. Also note that Saturn’s 2010 retrograde (retrograde is sometimes symbolized as “Px”) loop starts 01/14/10 and straddles RA=12 and Dec=0 just above the Equatorial Coordinate System triple intersection. Hours later (into 01/15/10), while Saturn is still pretty much in the same spot, just a bit in retrograde, there is a perfect annular eclipse occurring out of view from Washington D.C (7:07 UT, 2:07 am ET) at 19h 47m with Venus just below.

Summarizing some of the more symbolic times as far as celestial symbology is concerned for Saturn’s path (Cassini plunge or fission event) in chronological order:

  • 01/01/09 – Retrograde pause, New Year, 21º+ Virgo

  • 05/18/09 – Retrograde pause, near Chi Leo

  • 09/09/09 – Last day 23º Virgo, Special symbolic date, near Zavijava, D.C. foundations (D. Ovason)

  • 10/22/09 – Meridian crossing

  • 01/14(&15)/10 – Retrograde pause, A-D-S triangle, near C-X-S triangle center, near Declination 0.0, near Zaniah, perfect annular eclipse (Jan. 15th)

  • 04/21/10 – Meridian crossing

  • 05/31/10 – Near meridian crossing, retrograde pause, near Zavijava

  • 06/08/10 – 1st Uranus-Jupiter conjunct (close conjunct on the Celestial Vernal Equinox directly opposite Saturn at this time)

  • 06/26/10 – Partial lunar eclipse, straddles RA=0 and Dec=0

  • 07/09/10 – Meridian crossing, near one declared end mission time, total solar eclipse 07/11/10

  • 09/09/10 – A-D-S triangle, C-X-S triangle center, Declination 0.0, near Zaniah, near one declared end mission time, New Moon below

  • 09/18/10 – 2nd Uranus-Jupiter conjunct on the Celestial Vernal Equinox (nearly opposite Saturn at this time)

  • 10/08/10 – Mercury-Saturn conjunct

For all dates above Saturn is within the D. Ovason A-S-R triangle. (Arcturus-Spica-Regulus)

  • A-D-S = Albert Pike’s Arcturus-Denebola-Spica equilateral triangle (Saturn centered below this)

  • C-X-S = Chi-Xi-Stigma triangle within the Virgo constellation (Saturn centered in this)

The diagram below illustrates the power points just described.

information on the star chart is from “Starry Night” program


Up to the later part of 2010, the July/09/2010 to September/09/2010 combination, 01/14(&15)/10, and 09/09/09 seem strong for contrived symbolic sky events. Multiple other dates discussed above seem moderately strong. Saturn (and Cassini if still orbiting) continues on past Porrima in October/November of 2010.


With respect to “Constellation vs. House”, because of precession, most of the Virgo constellation is now in Libra House.























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