by Mike Bundrant
April 18, 2013

from NaturalNews Website


Mike Bundrant is co-founder of the iNLP Center and host of Mental Health Exposed, a Natural News Radio program.







Just when you thought psychiatry had completely lost it, the Go for the Gold Diagnostic Champions' Challenge arrives on the scene.

Faster than a speeding prescription pad!
More powerful than a round of electro-convulsive therapy!
Able to inject tall syringes in a single plunge!
It's SuperDoc to the rescue!

Yes, the lucky SuperDoc will emerge from a five-week challenge in which he deftly slings diagnoses of serious mental illness in 60 seconds or less, beating out his colleagues for speed and accuracy.

I am not making this up. Real doctors compete for real gold bullion and bragging rights to see who can sling those labels the fastest and win the most points. Leaders are displayed on leader boards and updates are made weekly. I'm not sure if there is a yellow jersey involved. I'm quite sure there are no restrictions on performance enhancing drugs.


There just can't be....

Here is the text from Psychiatric Times:

...face-off against your peers - test your skills in a battle for diagnostic supremacy and go for the gold. Yes, real gold!

For the next five weeks, Psychiatric Times presents the "Diagnostic Champions' Challenge."


Each week will feature a set of multiple choice diagnostic dilemmas focused on mental health to test your acumen: we present the problem, you diagnosis it - but you'll only have up to 60 seconds for each question.


Each time you diagnose correctly, you'll win points based upon the level of difficulty. Did you make the high-score leader board for that week's round? Congratulations! Didn't make it? Try again! Build your skills and take the test as many times as you want, but only your first score counts.

The preliminary rounds take place for the first four weeks. The top 10 scorers for each week (from both the MD and non-MD tracks) will be invited to participate in the "Diagnostic Champions' Final Challenge" - the fifth week's round - to go head-to-head.


The top scorer of the finalist round for the MD and non-MD track will - you guessed it - win one ounce of solid gold bullion!



Overwhelmingly disrespectful, sad and ludicrous

Hey SuperDocs, instead of spending your time mentally masturbating for cash and prizes,

  • Why don't you figure out how to help people heal?

  • Why don't you invest some energy into learning about mental health?

  • Do you realize that you have NO TRAINING in real mental health?

  • Do you understand the structure of subjective experience?

  • Do you know family systems?

  • Do you even know how to help someone set and achieve a goal?

No, you don't.


You'd rather sit back and pretend people are suffering because of undefined "chemical imbalances" and fabricated "disorders" that ONLY YOU have a remedy for - which happens to be a drug that you can hand out by spending less than a minute with someone.

Is this your idea of mental health? No, it is not. You know this isn't mental health. Apparently, it is a game with one goal in mind - cash. Is this why you gather together and compete for gold bullion?

If ANY of you have anything to say for yourselves, I invite you to come onto Mental Health Exposed and discuss it with me. Let's talk!