by Mike Bundrant
January 16, 2013
from NaturalNews Website

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Almost any profession trading services for money can be loosely compared to prostitution, but the field of psychiatry is especially rich with similarities. Here are five.


Can you think of others?

  1. Prostitutes are controlled by human trafficking cartels - Psychiatrists are controlled by drug trafficking cartels

    If you think big pharma is anything other than a criminal drug cartel, think again:

    If you think psychiatrists are "free" to practice how they please, think again.


    For one, when your entire tool bag consists of drugs manufactured by pharmaceutical giants, then who is in control?


  2. People who don't want to bother with real relationships frequent prostitutes - People who don't want to bother with real problem solving go to psychiatrists

    Emotional problems have real solutions that involve therapeutic intervention, effort and personal growth.


    My hat is off to anyone traveling this path. Millions of people, however, are not interested in doing the deep, inner work required to let go of emotional pain.

    These folks are perfect candidates for psychiatry, because psychiatrists do not require people to learn and grow. Check in, get your meds, check out.


    Come back when you need another quickie.


  3. People get counterfeit love from prostitutes - People get counterfeit solutions from psychiatrists

    Speaking of "the whores on 7th avenue," Paul Simon wrote in the song, The Boxer:

    • I do declare, there were times when I was so lonesome I took some comfort there.

    Lonely and emotionally desperate people might seek comfort with a prostitute, but never find it. The prostitute has no real comfort or companionship to offer.

    The counterfeit love you find with a prostitute is no different than the counterfeit solution your psychiatrist has to offer. Meds are not solutions to problems, but a way to avoid those problems (and their solutions).


    When you go to a prostitute seeking love, you actually end up further away from love. When you go to a psychiatrist seeking to solve a problem, you end up further away from real solutions.


  4. Prostitutes have rules of engagement - Psychiatrists have professional boundaries

    Prostitutes have their rules - things you can and can't do. Kissing on the mouth is off limits, as they consider it too personal. There may be other rules as well to keep the relationship in a "proper" context as a business arrangement.

    Psychiatrists have similar rules. For example, you cannot ask them what meds they take, or how their marriage is going, or what they struggle with in life. The professional boundaries make it all about you, not them.


    For all you know, your psychiatrist could be a psychopath and you'd never know the difference.


  5. Prostitutes pretend they want to have sex with you - Psychiatrists pretend they understand you

    Prostitutes pretend they are interested in you. Psychiatrists pretend they understand your problems and know what to do about them. They don't.


    The vast majority of psychiatrists do not understand the therapeutic process, family dynamics, the unconscious mind, or anything having to do with personal development.


Moreover, they don't spend enough time with you to even get to know you on a superficial level!