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Dr. Darrell Wolfe Ac.PhD
Author. International Lecturer. Teacher. Practitioner.
Dr. Darrell Wolfe currently resides in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia.
Dr. Wolfe has 35 years of experience and is known as the 'How to Detox - Doc'.

He has formulated the most efficient and effective detoxification program to help those suffering from constipation to cancer.
Dr. Wolfe has released his long awaited book 'SICK, FAT, EXHAUSTED: Are You Ready For Permanent Change?' This book breaks down common Belief Systems regarding today's health and nutrition and provides simple, life changing strategies.
Dr. Wolfe directed The North American Institute for the Advancement of Colon Therapy for fifteen years. Formerly of the Wolfe Clinic, he is now the director of the prestigious 'Wolfe International Training Institute', treating and consulting patients, teaching his unique Deep Tissue Restoration Therapy, Whole Life Coaching Certified and

Detoxification Programs to students, professionals and corporations world-wide.
Dr. Wolfe has a weekly Google Hangout show called, Hangout With Dr. Darrell Wolfe.

This show is all about empowering his listeners and providing tools and strategies so that they may truly master their own lives.

"We cannot solve our problems

with the same thinking we used when we created them."
- Albert Einstein









"The All American Meat & Potato Man is now down and out mentally, physically and emotionally because he has allowed other's to Spoil him Rotten."
- Dr. Darrell Wolfe A.








The All American Meat and Potato Man

"Hi honey I'm home! I've had a hard day and I'm starving!"

Well of course the man is starving, malnourished and toxic; he's only been taught to satisfy his taste buds and fill his stomach, so he's a little grumpy. He has never been taught proper guidelines for eating or the need to cleanse his digestive tract on a daily basis.


This is no fault of his, nor his wife's.



Their nutritional training has been passed down from person to person based on hand me down tips, media advertising and the few hours of nutritional training that doctors receive.


As far as health tips go, the rules to the eating game have changed drastically over the last 50 years: environmental toxicity, GMO's, processed foods, plastics, chlorinated drinking and showering water. As far as nutritional facts obtained through the media, make sure you have a great medical plan (evil plot).


The average medical doctor is not trained in nutrition or detoxification so it's not fair to make them responsible for something they have never been educated on.

When one is always starving, one is always eating. Here's the dirty little secret: teach the population to eat lots of empty foods with chemical hooks and little nutritional value. What? This makes no sense you may think.


Oh grasshopper, it's long past making cents, and onto making billion$.

Their Master Plan consists of teaching people to eat food deprived of nutrients. This results in making corporations rich while causing the meat and potato man to be sick, frustrated and broke. Not just broke, but actually breaking down both physically and emotionally.


The meat and potato man is now Spoiled Rotten. Rotting from the inside out and the bottom up. I love when a plan comes together (evil plot).


Now it's off to the doctor to get more chemicals. These are known as pharmaceutical drugs. Because the meat and potato man looks and feels sick, he now needs drugs to suppress the pain and suffering.


Have you ever had the feeling you've been played? Do you want to know how the 'Meat and Potato Man' can mess up this evil plot? By being the Master of his health. You can live by chance or by choice, you decide.





The key is the following: always question authority because U are the only authority for you. Believe nothing you read, hear or see on TV until you have proven it for yourself. It is also important to learn the art of cleansing and which foods nurture a healthy body.


In order to take correct action it is vital that one:

  1. does not rely on TV information

  2. shops only the outside aisles of the grocery store

  3. eats fresh, raw and organic as much as possible

  4. realizes that the more man touches it the less you want to eat

  5. never becomes dehydrated, drink structured

  6. gets some form of core exercise everyday

  7. finds that peaceful place within so external chaos does not master your mind

Make sure the decisions you are making are actually yours and not unconscious downloads.










Now let's feed that starving, malnourished, toxic and tired, meat and potato man.


Being the loving wife she is, she gives him a large serving of meat and potatoes. The starving meat and potato man gulps down his food, barely tasting or chewing it.


We want to chew our food well because we do not have a second set of teeth in our stomach. In addition, the smaller particle size of the food allows a greater surface area for stomach acid and enzymes to digest and assimilate the nutrients captured.


Another golden rule for effective digestion is:


Meat requires protein enzymes for digestion and potatoes require starch enzymes. When these enzymes are put together they neutralize one another and allow the ingested food to putrefy (rot).


Instead of the food being digested by enzymes, it breaks down and putrefies with bad bacteria. A side effect of this is bloating created by noxious gas. In addition, mixing different types of concentrated cooked foods takes more energy to digest than the actual energy derived from the food itself.


This is obvious because after a meal you should feel energized, not sluggish. Another problem arises; not only are the body's internal enzymes neutralized, the cooked foods have had their naturally occurring enzymes destroyed through the heat used in the cooking process. As a result, your food has a greater chance of putrefying.


This can lead to gas, ulcers, inflammation, infection, heart burn, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. When we make unhealthy food choices this will be a bumpy ride from the mouth all the way to the rectum. It is always a wise decision to have a salad with every meal where possible.


The live enzymes aid in digestion and the fibre supports the cleansing and toning of the digestive tract and also restores the good bacteria in the colon.


Is the greater weight and volume of your diet coming from Whole Plant Based Food?








All foods carry a vibrational frequency. Is your diet bringing your frequency (energy) up or down?


Life breeds Life. The more fresh and raw you eat, the more vibrant (high vibration) you will look and feel. Fresh and Raw foods carry a high vibrational frequency that aids in both healing and a strong immune system.


The flip side of the coin is,

"The more you cook the worse you look. The more you fry, the sooner you die."

Cooked and processed foods carry a low, or no vibrational frequency which vibrates at the level of sickness and infectious invaders such as parasites, fungus and bad bacteria.


How low will you go? Heads you win, tails you lose your health.


Remember when you were younger and could eat a whole pizza? Try that today and see how you look and feel. Our body simply does not produce enzymes like we used to when we were younger.


The last time I ate like that I woke up the next morning feeling like I had been hit by a train. No one enjoys a hit and run.


Eat Live food and stay that way.








Let's get back to our meat and potato man. He's almost finished eating his meal ('scarfing', to be more accurate).

He begins to feel better1 because his sugar glucose1 is climbing and he's feeling more energetic.


His wife says,

"Honey, do you think you would like to come with me for a walk tonight? We haven't done that for a while."

"Sure sweetie," he agrees.

His wife finishes eating and starts cleaning the dishes.


Our meat and potato man is just finishing his supper and his wife asks,

"Dear, are you full yet?" and of course he belches.

He is suffering from low hydrochloric acid production in his stomach due to the build up of mucus congestion created from the constant irritation and
inflammation of The 'All American Die-it'.

As the meal draws to an end, he grows tired. Poor guy! No matter how much he eats he can't get his energy back, it's been years. Poor eating habits have spoiled him rotten.


His food has begun to putrefy due to a broken down digestive tract and poor dietary habits.





As mentioned earlier, we either digest our food with enzymes or it breaks down through putrefaction (rotting) with bad bacteria.


The purpose of eating; to feed the body, not fill it.

"Honey, how about that walk, I'll finish the dishes and we'll go", she says.


"Gee, Dear. I don't know. I just feel too tired to go for a walk right now. I think I'll just sit here for a while and let my food digest (putrefy)," he replies.

You see, our Meat and Potato man has not eaten in an effective way.


Blood flow has decreased in his limbs and other organs and has increased in his digestive tract.




This is a protective response coming from his body's system in hopes to reduce the putrefaction (rotting) of his dinner so his toxemia (dirty blood) does not escalate into severe acidosis.


The reduced blood flow to his arms, legs, and head has deprived him of the little oxygen he did have. This has made him feel even more tired than when he started to eat. Where's the Life?


This is a story where abnormal becomes normal and now the pressure is starting to build down below and the Meat and Potato man is getting ready to blow.









You guessed it, he has had to loosen his belt a couple of notches.


The putrefying food in his stomach strengthens the bad bacteria which give off gas, blowing him up like a balloon within minutes after the meal.

"Gee honey," he gasps, "I feel pressure on my chest; I feel like I am having a heart attack."

After a short time a rumbling starts, the dinner table begins to shake; his wife turns in fright to see her husband with one hand on his waistline and the other over his heart with a look of distress on his face.


And... KA-BOOM, across the room! He lets one go from the back door that shoots him across the kitchen floor. The gas was so fierce it shot him over to the couch.


Maybe it's a good thing for three reasons: he may not have moved all night, he can now pull his belt in an extra inch, and the pressure around his heart has been alleviated from the release of gas. Hundreds of people each day visit emergency rooms mistaking a heart attack for a gas attack.


As the hot gas rises and puts pressure on the lungs and heart, the absorbed poisons eat up minerals and oxygen needed by these organs, causing undue pressure in the upper chest.


It's always better to be safe than sorry, but first lighten the load and flush the pounds to take the pressure off. It's Tea Time, not Miller Time. Back to our story,

"Are you okay, Honey?" she asks from the kitchen.

The pressure is gone but not the rotten feeling.

"I think I'll just stay (lay) on the couch and rest for a few minutes (hours), " he replies (couch potato).

Does he remind you of anyone?








Seven million people yearly visit the emergency with Acid Reflux; and yes, he's gripping his chest, the heart burn he is experiencing now has his full attention. Well, it did.


You guessed it, a few minutes later he is sawing logs; snoring to the beat of the band. They're playing roll out the barrel.


Do you know why he's snoring? The food did not digest with enzymes, it putrefied with bad bacteria. The bacteria broke the food down leaving behind toxic gas, fungus and waste, causing increased acidity (pH imbalance), decreased oxygen and increased mucus congestion from the irritation.


The snoring is caused by his exhausted state, sinus problems (fungus) and lack of oxygen. Thirty-million people suffer from sinus problems today. Twenty-million people suffer from asthma and two million from Emphysema.


We become toxic from the bottom up. He is fighting for his life, whether he or his wife realize it or not.



-Scott Carvey



Just because this has become a normal way of life, this is in no way a Natural way to live.


Where's the walk? Where's Romeo?












It is 11:00 p.m. and time for bed.


His wife gently wakes him up but he's grumpy as a bear and has the breath of one too. Why? Nobody feels good when they're rotting.


One of my teachers told me people aren't grumpy they're just constipated. Remember his sewer system has been backed up for years and is now a cesspool that breeds dis-ease. Luckily it's only eleven o'clock, just in time for his daily dose of BAD news, like he doesn't feel badly enough already.




He watches the news where all the worst events in the world are condensed to a half hour of even more stomach upset (evil plot). But on the bright side, it makes him feel better on some crazy level, knowing that there's somebody out there worse off than himself.


His focus is now on all the world's problems that he cannot solve, instead of focusing on the real problems he can; Being The Master of His Health and reviving his relationship with his Honey.







You know how the story ends. Another unfulfilled night with/for his loving wife and, of course, the walk stays on hold.

Now he peels himself off the couch and drags his butt to bed. Because the news was the last thing he downloaded to his brain the sweet dreams are on hold too (evil plot).

The cycle continues. You guessed it, it's 3:35 a.m. and our Meat and Potato Man has been to the washroom three times. Just like his bowel, hardly anything comes out and when it does, he has to force it.

Drip, drip, drop. His sluggish bowel, his bladder infection and, let us not forget his inflamed prostate... have caused his life to become a real struggle.

The 'Domino Effect' is in full force due to his sluggish colon leaking its toxic waste into the pelvic girdle. This cesspool leads to bladder infection, prostate inflammation, and later, maybe even prostate cancer.

When cells are bathed in toxic waste long enough, inflammation, internal scar tissue formation and mutation become the logical outcome. All his energy is needed to fight the continual inflammation in his body. His life is now in a holding pattern until he takes charge of his health or just burns out. The prostate is located right beside the most toxic section of the colon. This would be the rectum... (almost killed 'em).

As I have stated countless times before, the 'Mother' of all organs is the large intestine. Show her the respect that she deserves or she will back up, you will break down and all cell will break loose.

With the high levels of toxicity in his lifestyle, including toxins from the food he eats, the chlorinated water he drinks and showers in, lack of exercise and government sanctioned diet, this 'Meat and Potato Man' is in a pickle. Prostate imbalances are illnesses of the digestive tract, primarily the large intestine.


Does this have to happen? No! Can you do something about it? Yes!


Your body can and will heal itself when you take charge and Master your part of this partnership. Now let's get back to our story.

He wakes up with a sinus headache the next morning, as tired as when he went to bed. Twelve million people suffer from sleep apnea. Forty-five million people today suffer from chronic headaches. His body could not rest, recuperate or restore itself. It's been working overtime all night trying to deal with his toxic state.


Oh, and by the way, you better not speak to him until he has had his morning coffee. He feels he needs his daily fix of caffeine to get going; in more ways than one.


Number ONE, to alleviate his exhausted state so he can participate in life on some level, and I mean this in the best way. As long as he is being Mastered by others his life will never be his.





Number TWO, he will be working on NUMBER TWO for the next twenty to thirty minutes. He must use coffee as a stimulant to go to the washroom as he has done for the last few years because his large intestine is in a state of coma (lacking tone).


He has hemorrhoids the size of grapes and now walks like John Wayne. How's that workin' for ya Partner?


He also suffers from a hiatus hernia resulting from the countless years of pushing and grunting, trying to force a bowel movement every morning when he doesn't have diarrhea.

As far as coffee goes it gives neither oxygen nor nutrition to the body. When it hits the liver it increases metabolism, giving a false sense of energy that is simply stolen from this organ. If only he realized the best things in life are not found in a line up, on TV, in the newspaper, the tip of the day from his buddies or his medical doctor.


Sometimes you have to look under a rock, climb a mountain, swim the river, but the answer will come, it's not found in a lineup.


If he supported his body with a Whole Plant Based Superfood nutritional drink first thing in the morning followed by a cleansing tea, Good bye coffee blues and Hello, I love my life, I have energy, I'm losing weight, life looks brighter and I think my wife even likes me more. Go figure.

Eventually, something will have to give if he continues down the same old path. Never put the walk on hold. The next time it may be more than gas for this Master Blaster. Here he sits broken hearted, wished for a movement but only farted. Garbage In Garbage Out. What you put into your body matters.


WHAT STAYS IN MATTERS. What comes out matters even more...


If he would just eat right and lighten the load to set his 'waste-line' free, the happier and healthier he and his Honey would surely be. Remember, small steps make big changes. So if you know someone like this let them know they're not cursed, they're the answer to everything.

Take Life In So You Can Take Life on.






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