by Linda Tuck-Jenkins
Thursday, July 11, 2002


In 1986 something extraordinary happened.


For the first time in recorded history, the collective consciousness of the human race broke out of Negativity into the range of Integrity and Truth. With that breakthrough, the dragon ego that has kept man small, fearful, and separate will finally fall away, allowing Homo Sapiens en masse to evolve to the next level, Homo Spiritus.

In 1986 something extraordinary happened. For the first time in recorded history, the collective consciousness of the human race broke out of Negativity into the range of Integrity and Truth. Until that time, man wallowed in the baser states of Anger, Fear, Guilt, and yes, even the oh-so-common trait of dictators and celebrities, Pride.

Many predicted this breakthrough which has been called by various names (particularly, Harmonic Convergence); but, the person to pinpoint the event precisely and explain its significance most clearly is probably Sedona sage David R. Hawkins, MD, Ph.D. Using the technique of kinesiology, or muscle testing, Dr. Hawkins has devoted years of research to understanding the determinants of human behavior (see Power vs. Force) and the attainment of Enlightenment (Eye of the I).

Adopting a scale of 0 (death, nonexistence) to 1,000 (great masters like Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna), Dr. Hawkins used kinesiology to quantify or rank the subjective realms of consciousness, emotion, and reality. His painstaking research revealed that negative, anti-life, states calibrate below 200, the level of Truth.

Shame falls at the bottom of the range (20) and coincides with feelings of humiliation. When this attitude dominates, people see life as miserable and God as despising them. Because of their absolutely wretched state–in energy terms–these folks are perilously close to death. Even Apathy (50) ranks better than Shame. Here, a person is filled with despair, believing they have been condemned by God to a hopeless situation in life.

Fear, though still negative with its constant anxiety and belief in a punitive God (100), is an energetic improvement; while Anger, at 150, (characterized by hate and aggression) is down-right high in comparison to the enervating conditions of Shame, Guilt and Apathy. Which explains the seemingly irrational behavior of suicide bombers–hatred and vengeance are absolutely exhilarating relative to the lower, hopeless states from which the bombers typically come.

Which brings us to the question: If the era of Integrity has truly dawned, why are we faced with so much conflict and deceit? From Clinton to Condit, Enron, Arthur Andersen, Tyco, WorldCom and the Catholic Church, there’s seemingly no end to the stream of revelations about greed, fraud and duplicity at the highest levels of society.


And, it doesn’t stop there.

"Oops," said crematorium owners in Georgia and Spain when passers-by stumble over a few hundred bodies.

What about the Texas woman who impaled a man in her car’s windshield, then simply drove home and parked the car in her garage until he bled to death?

Or, the thirty-one engineering students in Ottawa who plagiarized their ethics essay. Of course, the students were in good company since a Pulitzer Prize winning historian recently admitted (after an initial denial) that she borrowed a large number of passages in one of her best selling books.

Why have all these cases of dishonesty, fraud, and even cruelty suddenly come to light? Has the world gone crazy?

I say the world is finally becoming sane.

The old ways will not work anymore, for the mass consciousness has not only crossed the threshold to Truth, the level is increasing. According to Hawkins’ research, the level of Integrity (200) was initially attained in 1986. Until that time, an individual typically advanced a mere five points in a lifetime, while the mass consciousness as a whole hovered at 190 (Pride) for centuries.


However, the level now stands at 207, a seven point gain in a quarter of the usual time. And, I expect the trend to accelerate as the Indigo Children – who have a completely different (truer) sense of self–come of age.

Nancy Ann Tappe was among the first to notice the children with the color indigo (deep blue) in their auras back in the early seventies. At first there were only a few; however, their proportion has steadily increased until today Indigo Children account for 95% of youngsters under age of ten.

A gifted intuitive, Nancy soon realized these children were different in that they are psychic, exuberantly optimistic and not naturally motivated by feelings of guilt and fear. As Nancy says, the Indigoes have come to show us tomorrow while enjoying today. In other words, these children are born with the wisdom of Hindu mystics who refer to life as lila, lighthearted play.

The mistaken idea that we are our bodies, separate from each other and the rest of the universe is the root cause of all of the suffering humanity has experienced throughout time.

In truth, minds are joined; a thought by anyone is accessible to all, it is simply a matter of alignment. Yet, once a person or group sets themselves off as special or different, they disconnect from the universal flow and create a wall in the fabric of consciousness. Cut off from the nourishment of the whole–the true Source–everyone feels deprived and hungry.


This feeling of deprivation is used to justify attacking others who are different, which then sets up the vicious cycle of attack/defend/attack (below 200 in Hawkins’ terms) that man has been caught up in for millennia. But, all of that is beginning to change, thanks to the Indigo Children and other spiritual seekers who have attained the level of Integrity and beyond.

It is my belief that the shift in consciousness underlies the chaotic state of world affairs. Old habits die hard, and the ego–sensing a threat to its sovereignty–is pulling no punches in defending its position. The escalation of ethnic strife, the obsession with celebrity and even the plethora of so-called reality TV programs (which are rife with deceit and ego manipulation) are the last gasps of an egocentric world. Like a pendulum that has swung too far and finally reached its apex, ego has reached its peak and has no where to go but down.

In the new paradigm of Truth and Integrity, the old ways simply won’t work, meaning all traditional disciplines will come into question. Old rules in every field–medicine, science, finance, politics–will fall away, no longer appropriate to the new, broader perspective. For most of the esteemed principles in all disciplines were based on a three dimensional, linear existence of cause and effect characterized by separateness (bodies), scarcity, and fear.

Yet, the solidity of matter and lock step sequence of cause and effect have been seriously questioned, not only by mystics and metaphysicians, but by mainstream scientists as well. Groundbreaking research by eminent scholars like physicist David Bohm, neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, biochemist Rupert Sheldrake, psychiatrist David Hawkins and many others have lead to the realization that the world we view as solid and inviolable is actually a holographic projection from a higher dimension of pure consciousness!


At last science is proving what spiritual masters have asserted for thousands of years–that we are not separate, but part of an infinite continuum which encompasses everything from the smallest pebble to the greatest saint.

At a deep level, the Indigo, or Millennium, Children already have this knowledge. They’re born with the understanding that they are multidimensional, infinitely creative beings; so they will pick up this research and take it to new heights. And, that is their gift to humanity–the perfection and dissemination of the Truth about existence and man’s place in the cosmos.


Thanks to them and spiritual seekers like Dr. Hawkins, the dragon ego that has kept man small, fearful, and separate will finally fall away, allowing Homo Sapiens en masse to evolve to the next level, Homo Spiritus.

Then the seeds of Truth which first sprouted in 1986 will finally blossom, ushering in a wondrous New Age of Truth and Integrity, … which must inevitably lead to Peace.