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Craig R. Lang is a field investigator with Mutual UFO Network, and is a certified clinical hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. He lives in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, and conducts UFO and close encounter research in the Twin Cities metro area of Minneapolis and Saint Paul and in surrounding areas within Minnesota and Wisconsin.


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In this article, we build a hypothesis that the current generation of indigo children may be associated with the Visitor/Close-Encounter phenomenon. I ask the whether this generation might be influenced by transgenic changes, possibly from the UFO abduction phenomenon, and back-inserted into the human genetic makeup. Or is this simply the adoption by the children of experiencer families, of “Awakening” memes from the parents?


In either case,

  • Could this be the fostering of a new generation of children with the empathic characteristics commonly ascribed to hybrids, and to those who have experienced Spiritual Awakening?

  • And might these be necessary, from the point of view of our cosmic “neighbors” to prevent a warlike humanity from wreaking interstellar havoc?

I call this idea “The Indigo Hypothesis”.

Introduction and Observations

In the last few years, as I have worked with greater numbers of close encounter experiencers, I have informally noticed a pattern in their family lines. David Jacobs in “The Threat” [i], and Budd Hopkins in “Intruders” [ii] both clearly state that the UFO Abduction phenomenon is multi-generational in nature. David Jacobs further says that in each family of UFO encounter experiencers, the entire next generation of offspring may also be experiencers.


In my work with close encounter experiencers, what seems to have emerged is that the multigenerational characteristics of the phenomenon seem to propagate down the maternal family line. I have informally noticed the propagation of the phenomenon from grandmother, to mother, to daughter, and so on…

Another thing that I have noticed is that many experiencers - and especially in this generation, the children of experiencers - seem to have a very gifted, and highly metaphysical nature – what I describe as “Awakened”. Are these children some of those that are so often called “The Indigo Children?” Is the Indigo phenomenon at least partly associated with (deliberate or otherwise) the close encounter phenomenon?


Let’s look at some of the characteristics of indigo children, compare them with the characteristics of experiencers, and note whether there are resemblances. If there is a pattern, is this perhaps a sign of “The Awakening [iii]”, which it has been suggested might be a goal of the Visitor phenomenon? Alternatively, are these children simply reflecting the ideas and mind-sets of their parents/families?

The Indigo Children

In the book “The Indigo Children” by Jan Tober and Lee Carroll, [iv] and in the section by Wendy H. Chapman on The Indigo Children on the website, [v] the Indigo children are described in detail as being deeply empathic, visionary, intuitive, and having a deep sense of mission/purpose and a thin veil between the physical and spiritual worlds.


These children [vi]  [vii] are intellectually gifted, resistant to authority and have a high degree of PSI abilities. They often tend to have difficulties with the mundane, non-creative aspects of life – such as much of the education system.

The “Awakening” Literature

Many of these same characteristics can also be ascribed to those adults who are undergoing, or have undergone, an Awakening – either as a result of the CE4 phenomenon, or some other source. In their book “Healing Shattered Reality” [viii] Alice Bryant and Linda Seebach discuss the Spiritual/Mental/Physical effects of the Encounter Phenomenon on the experiencer. In “The Awakening” I discussed many of the signs of spiritual awakening, and relate them to the UFO/CE4 phenomenon. I ask whether the relationship is one of cause/effect, or are they parallel phenomena, perhaps with a synchronistic relationship between them?

Barbara Harris Whitfield in her book “Spiritual Awakenings” [ix] describes the many signs and characteristics associated with such awakenings. She describes many possible triggers for such an experience: Near-Death-Experiences, Deep meditation and religious experiences, UFO/CE4 encounters, and personal health crises, as well many possible others. All of these seem to suggest that the Awakening phenomenon is triggered by powerful changes in a person’s life. Yet all of these changes seem to be spiritually-related. In some way, a person seems to “bring something back” from the experience that seems to be an extraordinary gift from “out there”.

For the newly Awakened, the signs of the phenomenon seem to include: a sudden shift in perspective to a more spiritual/metaphysical viewpoint; shifts in spiritual/religious views, beyond any one religion, to encompass all religions and all people; and less patience with the more petty aspects of human society, in the face of the environmental and spiritual issues that our society faces.


But foremost for our purposes, is the onset of psychic abilities and increased intuition. This seems to be the key, as it affords the newly Awakened an avenue for increased awareness and shift in perspective. As more than one experiencer has said “It was as if my eyes were suddenly opened”. As they have described to me, the Awakened seem to have more UFO sightings and experiences, either as a cause, effect, or synchronistic relationship with their other Awakening experiences.

Experiencers and Indigo Children

What we also seem to notice as we look at the families of experiencers is that the characteristics emerging in newly Awakened adults seem to be already present in their children. As indicated earlier, many close encounter experiencers describe their children as Indigos. As an informal observation, I have noted a disproportionately large number of such children among these families. It is as if these children were born Awakened.

A friend of mine, who is an educator and frequently teaches classes for gifted children, has observed that in her gifted classes there is a very large population of children who match the psychic, deeply-empathic, and deeply-intuitive description often attributed to the indigo child. In other classes she teaches, which are not at the gifted-children level, she notes that there are far fewer children who match this description.


She also notes that many of the gifted children seem to bear physical characteristics of experiencers, specifically scoop marks (she has observed this on their face and forehead though it has been noted that for experiencers such marks are more typically located on ankles, etc.). This suggests that, as the children of experiencer families, they may be continuing the family-line relationship with the Visitor phenomenon.

  • Might there be a correlation between the Visitor experience and the Indigo-Child phenomenon?

  • Could there be a “genetic agenda” to the Visitor phenomenon which might result in an increased number of Awakened children?

We can understand more about the presumed genetic agenda behind the phenomenon in several recent books by close encounter researchers. In his “Watchers” [x] book series Raymond Fowler describes how the UFO Abduction Phenomenon seems to be guiding humanity throughout history, perhaps signifying such an agenda.

In “Sight Unseen” by Budd Hopkins and Carol Rainey, [xi] the authors discuss the potential feasibility of transgenics, or gene transplantation from one species to another. They describe possible instances of apparently-human beings who exhibit strange alien-like characteristics. Similarly in my article “Close Encounters of the Third Kind in Our Everyday World” [xii] I describe similar cases of apparently human beings, with extraordinary characteristics. Among them are traits such as deep empathy, powerful intuition and psychic ability. These are also characteristics described in the Indigo children.

In addition, the abduction accounts of many experiencers contain procedures done to them, which seem to have fundamentally altered their very makeup – as one described it, “right down to the cellular level”. Could this be seen as a tampering with the very genetic makeup of the experiencer? Could this perhaps be a back-insertion of the results of the hybridization process into the genetic makeup, or other fundamental characteristics, of the experiencer? Does such technology yet exist to accomplish this?

The Motivation

  • What would be the motivation for such tampering with the human genetic makeup?

  • What would an Extraterrestrial strategy [xiii]  [xiv] be towards humanity?

  • And why would external Visitors want to change humanity in such a fundamental way?

A quick look at the modern history of humanity provides some immediate clues:

  1. Humanity is now on the verge of developing interstellar flight [xv]. Advances in zero point theory [xvi], the understanding of gravity, and other areas of physics [xvii] suggest that within one hundred to two hundred years, humans might well be out among the stars.

  2. Humanity has developed the capability for destruction on a planetary scale. We have developed multi-megaton nuclear weapons, which we could potentially [xviii] unleash in a global barrage, resulting in multi-gigatons of explosive power unleashed into the planetary environment. Thus, we have the capability of destroying the entire ecosystem and civilization of our world - or by extension, perhaps some other world as well.

  3. In many ways, humanity is a fundamentally warlike being. Our largest single industry is war [xix]. During modern times, our history has been dominated by such cataclysms as World War 1, World War 2, and uncountable genocidal massacres. [xx]

Thus, from the perspective of those presumed to be already-existing “out there” in the cosmic neighborhood, we can ask “are these the types of folks we would want coming out into the neighborhood?” In humanity’s current state of consciousness and behavior, I suggest that the answer is “No”, even though we may indeed be on the verge of star-flight.


If we are going “there”, then it becomes vital to the neighbors that we somehow be changed (tamed) in order to avoid universal catastrophe.

Additional Requisite Visitor Technology

What remains to be established in our formulation of this hypothesis is the technology via which genetic back-injection might take place. Yet even here, known technology may be just over the horizon. While humanity has not yet perfected the means to inject a new gene pattern into the overall cellular makeup of a higher-order living being, gene therapy [xxi] is an active area of research, and could soon become a viable technology.


Furthermore not every cell of the body would need to be modified; only the eggs or sperm of the parents. Since it has been established that these can be extracted via existing human technology, we can easily imagine technology for re-insertion. Thus for the Visitors, back-insertion of modified genes might be quite feasible.


CE4 Researchers may wish to examine UFO Abduction accounts to see if indeed, such procedures and technology are described.

The Indigo Hypothesis

This then, is what I call the “Indigo Hypothesis”:

That the genetic changes fostered by the Visitors may actually begin to be found in the general populace, in the new generation of humanity. We theorize a back-injection of hybridization changes by the Visitors, into experiencers for the purpose of integrating them into humanity as a whole. A result is the emerging Indigo generation we see today. The Indigo generation would thus be the manifestation of an effort by “them” to breed into our species an awakened being.

We can suggest that as these children take their functional place in society, we might see a more “awakened”, less-environmentally-impacting, and more-peaceful conduct of human affairs. In addition, we may begin to see a new humanity, more ready for contact, and a resulting more-open manifestation of “them”, to the general population of “us”.

The Null Hypotheses

As suggested earlier, perhaps there are other ways of viewing the relationship of indigo children and experiencer families.

  1. Nurture instead of Nature: Perhaps Indigo children are simply learning and adopting the views and mannerisms of their parents, who may have adopted “new-age” ideas, and/or have undergone a deep psychic/spiritual change. Perhaps the propagation of “Awakening” down the family line is the passing of memes [xxii], rather than genes.

  2. No Correlation: Perhaps the Indigo Children reflect a more global social phenomenon, which has no correlation with the UFO/CE4 phenomenon. The Indigo Children might reflect either a fundamental metaphysical phenomenon which we do not yet understand, or a propagation of ideas as described in null hypothesis 1.

Testing the Indigo Hypothesis

The purpose of a hypothesis is to serve as a tentative model, from which we can derive testable predictions. So what would be a good test of “The Indigo Hypothesis”? Here are some preliminary suggestions:

  • Genetics: Might the genome of indigo children show common markers, not present in non-indigos? If so, what characteristics would these genes code for? If we didn’t detect common but unique genetic markers among indigo children, would this support one of the null hypotheses?  [xxiii]

  • Genealogy: Does comparison of the family lines of indigo children with those of experiencers show a correlation? Are indigo children more often found in the family lines of close encounter experiencers? If so, what does this imply? If no strong correlation is found, then would null hypothesis 2 be supported?

  • Psychic Abilities: Do Indigo Children have greater psychic abilities? Perhaps this can be tested via experiments such as those at the PEAR lab at Princeton University [xxiv], which has been developing scientific tests of ESP and non-local consciousness.

  • Effects on World Affairs: Observing cultural, scientific and political events over the next ten-plus years, as the current generation of Indigo-Children becomes active in society. As this generation reaches a political-social critical mass, what effect does this have on the politics of our civilization? Is there a trend away from war and environmental destruction? Is there an incorporation of intuition and spirituality into mainstream society and politics?

  • Open Contact: As the above changes take place, is there an increase in open, multi-witness UFO and CE3 events over the next few years?

All of these tests, and others which I have not yet thought of, might better establish the validity or non-validity of this hypothesis.


If this hypothesis is true, then it suggests that the Visitors may want us to grow and eventually join the cosmic community. To me this offers hope:

  • that humanity can become an awakened cosmic/star-faring civilization

  • that there is a cheering section out there for us

In this idea I find a great sense of optimism. And at least in part, this is the core of the idea which I call “The Indigo Hypothesis".




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