by Sheryl Jackson

from GreatDreams Website


Sheryl Jackson -You were one of the contributors to the book, The Indigo Children. What do you think all of this has to do with these children? Do you think, as some are saying, that these children have different DNA, and that we are beginning to reflect what they already have?

Dr. Gerard - That's a big question! I just had a lady who read my chapter in The Indigo Children send me an e-mail asking if her 18 month old son has more DNA than others. Everyone is asking this. I think if you looked under a microscope at the human DNA, you would see a double strand as it is naturally. That is my personal opinion right now. I'm hoping that the activated DNA would show to be multiple, but the fact remains that no matter what scientific school of thought you come from, using the results so far taken from the Human Genome Project, you can only see around 35%, maybe 40% of the entire DNA. You can see this with computerized help, but the rest is still unknown. We have one double strand now that is still unknown. Now you are going to add 10 new strands on top of that! You would be called a woo-woo nut in a minute. However, just like you have an auric field around you, and you have memory that is not only in your blood and bones, but also around you, and your brain is a transmitter to receive it, you do have consciousness.

To me, it seems that consciousness is what we are working at. We are working at a very sophisticated level of a higher consciousness that dictates the DNA function at a much more proficient level. It forces the DNA to do something, via INTENT. So in our activations, we bring in five new functionalities, or 10 new strands, since each is 2-stranded DNA. We stack and integrate these upon each other. Just that intent alone activates the process. To me, it is consciousness-driven, so the kids coming into the planet are coming in at a higher consciousness. It doesn't mean they are physically different, but, physically, they can perform better because their consciousness is more expanded. The DNA structure, whether it is a double strand or 12-strand or even 16-strand, has to function according to the consciousness. The real movement is the energy that is generating consciousness, and at that level of consciousness, what m-a-t-t-e-r is being generated through the physical phenomenon.

There are a couple of filters, if you will. It doesn't work that DNA expands consciousness, but rather that consciousness expands DNA, and that DNA facilitates that through proficiency. When you say you have an Indigo child, the doctor doesn't see this color indigo. He checks the child's blood and sees a double strand of DNA. The key is that, at the Creator level of existence, the position we pray to, is where we really need to be focusing, and the physical phenomena will eventually match that. These kids that are coming in, are coming in with the propensity for a much more functional DNA system. I hope soon that when we look through the microscope we will see multiple DNA strands. I am not going to get into the game of "My kid had expanded DNA the day he was born." I say he has come in with a higher degree of agreement between his cells, his deity and his physical body on this earth plane. They are much more tuned-in, which is really what I see in my daily communication with children. They are totally human, and they are better! They are just more on the ball. They have more insight, and they are quicker.

The Indigo child needs to be respected. It is not so much the DNA that is superior, but it is the consciousness that is expanded. Everyone wants proof and validation that they have a special child, and it is getting out of hand! Instead, relax and learn from your "Indigo" child.