by Jim Euclid

04 July, 2012
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Michael Talbot was the first scientist to popularize the notion of holographic consciousness, although he wasn't the first scientist to report it academically.


First proposed by Gerard 't Hooft, it was given a precise string-theory interpretation by Leonard Susskind, inspired by black hole thermodynamics. Metaphysicians and philosophers have since run with this idea, incorporating it into their spiritual paradigms, which encompasses both spiritual and metaphysical constructs.


David Icke popularized the concept even further when he pointed out to the general public that dissecting holograms into minute particles does not diminish the image; that the rose is contained within every pixel of the whole image.


This has strengthened the general notion of 'as above, see below.' The idea that what appears outside of ourselves is a reflection of what is happening within our consciousness is a concept as old as humanity. Within our unit of consciousness is contained the entire universe of collective consciousness.


If we had the capacity to understand this, we would have total unity consciousness.

Milarepa, the famous singing prophet of Tibetan Buddhism, was famously quoted as having seen a malevolent alien outside his cave one day. His response was to surrender himself to it, saying 'you can have my body but not my soul.' In that moment of physical surrender and spiritual defiance, he realized that this malevolent being was in fact an aspect of himself (Maya) which he had to overcome or surrender to.


In doing so, he attained complete enlightenment, and devoted the rest of his life to spreading the dharma (the way of truth). Milarepa did not say that alien creatures or UFOs do not exist but that some of what appears as external entities are in fact inner mental afflictions that affect our perception of the true reality.

What I wish to remark about this insight gained by Milarepa is that there is a clear delineation between what are real and what are inherent (inner) entities within universal consciousness. The distinction between the two can be so subtle that most people cannot distinguish the two. The famous line 'do you see it too?' in the movie 'A Beautiful Mind' illustrates the importance of validation.


Professor John Nash is greeted by a stranger after a lecture.


This stranger informs Nash that he has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in economics. Troubled by schizophrenia most of his life, Nash finds this absurd notion difficult to reconcile and is immediately suspicious of its reality and that the stranger before him is noting but a ghost.


To confirm or deny the presence of the stranger as a 'real' man or ghost, Nash asks one of his students who is standing beside him if he too sees this man. Once the student validated the Nobel Committee representative, Nash went on to listen to what he had to say.

One's ego can obviously cloud sensory perceptions (seeing, hearing, smelling) and only vigilance can help us differentiate what we are sensing compared to what we are merely imagining. The same conundrum exists in spiritual channeling and spiritual circles where mediumship allows one to see all sorts of entities that must be confirmed by others who can moderate the seer's visions.


Without vigilance and moderation, one's perceptions can quickly lead one to make false assumptions.


One can safely conclude (as I do from personal experience) that malevolent entities, ghosts and aliens do in fact exist, but that does not distinguish them from being aspect of one's self. So how do we tell the difference between inner ghosts and outer ghosts, in spite of them coexisting in the same unity consciousness?


Paradoxically, all people, objects, ghosts, UFOs and malevolent beings are aspects of one's consciousness.


They are all manifestations of each person's mind, but at the same time are external 'separate' aspects of the greater unity consciousness. How does this integrate with reality? Or more importantly, how do we know what to do about it?

If we follow the lengthy paper-trail of UFOlogy reports and even data released by the CIA and NASA recently, it is evident that are massive body of circumstantial evidence attests to the likelihood of UFOs being a part of unity consciousness both on this planet and off-world.








Regular citings are reported on a weekly basis by expert witnesses.


Some are later recognized as IFOs, but a percentage remain UFOs. UFOs can been seen flying through the sky, and researchers such as Richard Dolan confirm their presence through well documented evidence.


Carl Jung remarked rather evasively that UFOs are an aspect of the shadow archetype of one's ego, but what this means is they can only be seen by those subconsciously 'primed' to see them.


Those who do not believe, will only see shadows. When deniers are confronted with a glaringly opposing reality, they often dismiss or refute the obvious. Denial is the ultimate method of massaging reality in those who ignore the real world.


When the tall European tall ships first approached the early Native Americans, it was such an ‘impossible’ vision in their reality that their highly filtered perceptions couldn’t register what was happening, and the villagers literally failed to ‘see’ the ships. Cognitive dissonance leads to only two outcomes - reconditioning the mind or cognitive dissonance.

UFO sightings are taken as given by this writer, despite M$M (Mainstream Media) using their tactics of 'debunking and debilitating'. The take home message is that our view of reality is hard-wired from birth due to conditioning. Some people have the fortune of being conditioned from birth to expect the unexpected while others only see what they have always seen.


To see only what has been seen before is a fictional narrative of the mind. Though truth is stranger than fiction, it still remains the truth.

A reconditioning of consciousness is paramount to facing these times of rapidly changing tenets of reality, when even the basic rules of physics change on a daily basis.


I was born into a world where Newton's and Einstein's laws were a given, but these are being reconstructed in light of new physics:

...and more.



The Case Of The Missing Planet-Forming Debris


The warm dusty disk surrounding star called TYC 8241 2652 was first seen by a NASA satellite in 1983 and was spotted on subsequent viewing for 25 years. - but a recent observation by the Gemini Telescope in Chile shows it disappeared 2.5 years ago.


What we must adhere to as a philosophy is rigorous investigative study and the courage to embrace often painful rethinking of our attitudes in the face of a burgeoning influx of new consciousness arising upon the planet in the shape of shiny circular craft that defy, deny and delight the many human observers of what is a complex holographic universe within and without.