by Tony Cartalucci

April 3, 2012

from LandDestroyer Website

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Our ability to create an educated, informed, responsible citizenry will determine whether our collective future is bright or a nightmarish dystopia.

Imagine a human cell is like a car - a piece of machinery serving a particular task.


Imagine the cell's genetic instructions like a driver. The machine's potential is determine as much by its engineering and design as it is by its operator. The same could be said about a human cell and the instructions carried within its DNA.

Our genetic code is what makes us who we are - it determines predispositions that may help or hinder us throughout our lives.


And while our ability to reason and invent can help us overcome many of our genetic predispositions, there are many that cannot currently be overcome - or require costly, inadequate solutions to do so.

One such genetic predisposition is hemophilia - a genetic condition that prevents the blood from properly clotting. Such a condition can allow an otherwise minor injury to become potentially life threatening - as no matter how long one waits with hemophilia, they continue to bleed.


A series of pharmaceutical treatments have been developed to manage the symptoms of hemophilia and preserve the lives of those with the condition, but until now, little progress has been made in addressing the cause - a fault found within one's genetic code.

Just as changing or training a deficient driver can exponentially improve the performance of a car, tweaking the genetic code can likewise improve the performance of one's cells and in turn one's collective physiology.


An example of this being done today comes to us from University College London and St Jude Children's Research Hospital who have been doing revolutionary work toward curing hemophilia.

The method of "training the driver" in this case comes in the form of identifying the part of genetic code responsible for causing hemophilia and replacing it. A virus is used - replacing its genetic material with a corrected form of human code - to deliver the correction to targeted cells from the patient.


When a cell reproduces, human DNA replicates in a process comparable to copying a document - whatever exists in the corrected DNA code is perpetuated with each and every new copy made during cell division.

One method of gene therapy - taking human cells, "editing" them genetically, and reinserting them into the human body where they will replicate and carry out their newly designed functions. (Microsoft Encarta Online Concise Encyclopedia)


In this way a patient with hemophilia can have their symptoms reduced without drugs by addressing the cause of the condition itself, and doing so permanently.


A whole host of conditions can be treated using this method - called "gene therapy."




Another example of gene therapy explained - this time involving damaged liver cells.

As our understanding of the human genome advances, digital copies of an individual's entire genetic code could be stored and used to periodically replace our naturally deteriorating DNA code (aging) curing the most notorious disease of all - aging.

Already, scientists led by pioneering biologist Craig Venter have sequenced the human genome and devised basic protocols for designing and synthesizing DNA - described in the next video.




Craig Venter unveils "synthetic life."

Venter's team first sequenced the human genome and has now designed and synthesized an artificial lifeform using techniques similar to those described above for gene therapy.

The implications of Venter's work, past, present, and proposed will turn medicine upside down.

Now more than ever, scientists like Venter need an informed, intelligent, and responsible citizenry to support him and ensure his work is not perverted for the agenda of a few.


From "gene therapy," and through projects studying the human genome and how best to apply that knowledge to correcting conditions resulting from both our genetic predispositions as well as conditions resulting from cell division, including cancer and aging, we can revolutionize the field of medicine in ways once resigned only to the plots of science fiction.

But as any science fiction fan might point out, there are both stories of glistening towers amongst idealistic utopias, and of tangled horrors within a technologically enhanced futuristic dystopia.


As with all technology, we are inclined to see and believe only what is beneficial, and to ignore, deny, or wish away its potential abuses.


Gene therapy could just as easily be used to reverse the health, vigor, intelligence, will, and vitality of individuals or segments of the population. And just as viruses are used to deliver life-enhancing hemophilia treatments, they can similarly be used to deliver engineered perversions of the human genetic code.

One horrifying scenario was recently discussed in Paul Joseph Watson's "Real Or Fake? Pentagon Proposal to Lobotomize ‘Terrorists’ Using Virus."


It describes "curing" "religious fundamentalism" by re-engineering the genetic code affecting our neurology in such a way as to make it impossible to harbor intense emotional beliefs.








Whether the above video included Watson's article is real or not, was discussed and it was correctly concluded that regardless of its authenticity, it represents an important debate regarding recombinant DNA technology and gene therapy that must be addressed.

There are brilliant scientists working in the revolutionary field of genetics - however even if they were determined to do good it is virtually impossible for them in a system where sociopathic megalomaniacs loom over the levers of power while the general populations exists in a state of apathy, ignorance, and profound immaturity.

  • Where would such a scientist then turn for support if approached to to use his work for the benefit of the global corporate-financier oligarchs instead of for the greater good of humanity?


  • How would he appeal for help amongst a population so profoundly ignorant of basic biology let alone the cutting edge of genetic research?

Indeed, the global oligarchs - their corporations, institutions, and government proxies - demonstratively spend billions annually to manipulate public opinion, manufacture consensus and eliminate opposition to their goals and agendas.


It would be supreme naivety to assume they would not attempt to leverage biotechnology the first opportunity they got to enhance their ability to domineer over the will of their fellow man.


The more clever amongst us may then be struck by the answer to a confounding riddle that has been highlighted over the last 10 years:

Why is a system of global banker-corporate-financier oligarchs so interested in pushing vaccines onto the population for our supposed "health," when they are just as happy to send millions, even tens of millions to their deaths all over the world in their wars of profit, opportunity, and global domination?

The answer is simple...


While the population may or may not have even heard about the word "gene therapy" before quickly diverting their attention back to American Idol or expanding their holdings in "Farmville," the global elite have known about it for years and have set out to obtain the best method of exploiting it for their agenda.


And just as agricultural giants like Monsanto, Cargill, and Bayer are rewriting the genetic code of our crops, livestock, and wildlife, vaccine makers are preparing to likewise rewrite the genetic code of humanity.


And just like genetically modified organisms (GMO) are turning up as inefficient perversions of nature, consuming our planet's ecological heritage, our humanity will likewise be perverted, not enhanced by this depraved agenda.



"Controlling our food: The world according to Monsanto" - a wake up call to the world exposing how GMO biotechnology is being perverted and literally "overwriting" our global ecological genetic heritage with poisonous abominations.

Such reckless, unchecked abuse of human ingenuity threatens not only humanity's survival, but that of every other living creature on Earth as well - it in reality is the man-made threat "global warming" is portrayed to be.


This is why it is important to research and understand these topics while raising awareness of their implications, both for good and bad, so that we can offer the brilliant minds amongst us pushing this boundary forward our support to ply their expert trade for the benefit of mankind.


Transforming the general population from a contemptible mass of ignoramuses into informed and responsible citizens deprives the global elite their primary justification used when poisoning the minds of our scientists, researchers, and engineers against us - that we deserve what they've got planned for us.

Technology is what it is - innovation and progress cannot and will not be stopped.


If something can be imagined it stands the potential of one day being done. If something can be done, it will be done.


It is important then for us to ensure that this research and technology remains in the hands of responsible individuals overseen not by international institutions run by and for a global oligarchy seeking personal superiority, but by an educated, informed, and responsible citizenry seeking collective solidarity.