by NaetnaltAtlanteaN
April 16, 2011

from YouTube Website


The Real Superhumans and the Quest for the Future Fantastic is a special from the Discovery Channel.

It follows four people with what are described as real life superhuman abilities, a geneticist who created the first chimera of two very different species of rodents, and a scientist on a mission to become immortal.

The show was done in a comic book format ending with the common slogan To be continued as to indicate that the people of the show and humanity itself is just beginning to venture into a new age, one where genetic manipulation and other technologies to obtain special abilities will be for sale to the general public.

The program postulates that the sole reason for the abilities of these people is their genetic makeup.


However, many scientists now dispute this orthodoxy, as there are sufficient scientific grounds to think that genetics has limited scope in explaining all human characteristics, and epigenetic processes play a much larger role than previously realized.

Firstly, our beliefs, intentions and physiological state has been shown to significantly alter gene expression in animals via epigenetic processes.


Stress is a physiologic and chemical response to environmental or perceived stimuli. It is very well known that stress and other physiologic responses can affect expression of genes in differing situations.


It has also been found that in a person, state of mind and stress can affect epigenetic encoding and that changes can actually be inherited.