by Christina Sarich
November 15, 2014

from NaturalSociety Website




The World’s Largest GMO and Pesticide Safety study was finally launched by Factor GMO in London, UK on Tuesday.

The international 'Factor GMO' study will be the largest and most comprehensive long-term experiment ever conducted on a GM food and its associated pesticide.

The scientists on the study review board are internationally respected experts in their fields from the U.S., Italy and Russia.

'Factor GMO' will also add valuable data of unprecedented power to enable regulators, governments and the general public of every country to answer the question:

Is the GM food and associated pesticide tested safe at real-world levels of consumption and exposure?

Factor GMO is the first long-term combined GMO/pesticide safety study that has involved full multi-generational, toxicology and carcinogenicity arms.


The Global GMO Free Coalition will help fund this largest GMO safety study to date - something that should have been done before GE foods were ever released into the environment.


This study (Factor GMO), will include three important aspects of measurement to decide if GMOs are truly safe:

  • carcinogenicity

  • toxicity

  • multi-generational outcomes

These three important ways of researching GE crops will help experts to determine if Roundup Ready GM maize, and other GM crops grown with glyphosate herbicide are truly safe for public and animal consumption.


The public is also encouraged to help fund the study and to help determine if the main herbicide (which currently funds more than 20% of Monsanto’s profits annually) should be allowed to remain on the agricultural market.


Thus far, there have been solitary studies, but no wide-spread measure of the true level of glyphosate-based herbicide toxicity levels - the main chemical agriculture uses to grow much of our food.


The Global GMO Free Coalition (GGFC) also urges governments and regulatory agencies worldwide to use the precautionary principle regarding GM crops and Roundup until a more complete picture about the ramifications of their use can be determined through this study.


The study is expected to take three years to complete all the necessary toxicity tests.


If government and regulatory agencies ignore the results of this study once it is completed, it will be a clear indication that they are endangering public health, and this evidence could be used to either sue them or help to dismantle the infiltration of biotech into these agencies. Once the truth is known, it will be very hard to ignore.


The evidence provided by this study (and previous studies) will be overwhelming.


Factor GMO has already raised more funds than any other GMO/pesticide safety study in history. It requires a large sum - $25 million, in total to carry out the comprehensive experiment, but it will be a drop in the bucket compared to crop losses, health care costs, and human sickness and death that might ensue without such a study.


Factor GMO has announced that it will accept funds from all sources except the biotech industry.


This is the only way to keep the results from being tarnished by conflicting interests. Their fund raising campaign has already begun and will continue until April of 2015 in order to garner all funds needed.


The Global GMO Free Coalition who aims to raise $3 million before April 2015 to help fund the study. This will help significantly with the multi-generational arm needed to be certain that the study is truly comprehensive. Studying how glyphosate affects births in future generations is imperative.


Tax deductible donations can be made here.


If you really want to prove, once and for all, that GMOs are toxic, then this study needs to be supported. Free Coalition’s fiscal sponsor in the U.S., Organic Consumers Association (OCA), has enabled them to give tax deductions to U.S. funders.


Sayer Ji from GreenMedInfo, said:

"In a day and age where we have either science through proclamation or published research that is merely an excreta of capital administered by multinational corporations with agendas contrary to the public good.


Nothing could be more important than crowd-funding studies that produce real science on the effects of agrochemicals and biotechnology whose promised benefits are not matched by objective, special interest free bias.


The time is now for the world to say enough is enough and put their money where their mouth is, literally."

Genetically engineered (GE) foods have never been properly safety tested by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), thanks to a 20-year-old policy that left this task up to biotech companies.


Until now...