March 23, 2015
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Bhutan, a small country located in the heart of Himalayas, has declared a mission to achieve Gross National Happiness and Sustainable Development by turning 100% organic.


According to the Sustainable Development philosophy and the nation's Buddhist beliefs, true development can occur only when spiritual, social, environmental and economic developments occur in harmony with each other.

In terms of environmental pollution, Bhutan has decided to become a carbon neutral nation by promoting eco-efficient public transportation.


In terms of Agriculture, a 100% organic methodology is pursued. Policy screening tools and appropriate regulations are included in the constitution, assuring the county's truly Sustainable Development.

However, transforming an entire nation to become 100% Organic is not an easy task.


Many are the obstacles in store (below video) for the aspiring as well as the more experienced farmers who for years have been used to heavily treating their land with chemical agents in order to boost yields to the desired levels.







Transitioning to a 100% natural production takes time, but most importantly it requires patience.


The farmers also need to be trained and receive appropriate education on the alternatives and necessary tools that need to be implemented.


Through the sustainable and regenerative techniques that are going to be incorporated, farmers will be able to support the health of their soil and therefore promote the growth of their plants and trees, yielding to healthy and tasteful fruit and vegetables in abundance.

Every transition has its challenges and it takes dedication and support to work out - a support backed up with the appropriate knowledge and human collaboration. A collaboration with each-other, but most importantly a collaboration with nature.

This is the way to move forwards:

Care of the Earth, Care of the People and Fair Share, permaculture ethics very well encapsulate.