by W. Richard Freeman
March 3, 2008

from UFODigest Website

NASA photo of Black Triangle UFO (Aurora?) leaked by the New York Times in a February 6th, 2008

article on "Space Junk" and dangerous debris in orbit.
Reader, note in link HERE, a variation of the same photo was leaked last year
by Cristoforo Barbato in UFO Digest.

As a member of the public, and a longtime observer of the UFO phenomenon, I would like to add my comments to this discussion about disclosure.

An introduction first - I am an average citizen from a small Midwest American town. I worked as a state civil servant at a major university, and I am now retired. I also am a member of Mensa and a lifetime member of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).

None of this background has been helpful in developing a picture of the reality or agenda of the Alien visitors, however. For the most part, with the exception of certain individuals in MUFON, association with the intellectuals at the university level and in Mensa has brought me face-to-face with a mindset firmly rooted in 1950's physics. My Christian Fundamentalist friends and relatives have a mindset set in dogma that was established in the 18th and 19th Centuries. The Vatican also has acquiesced to intelligence agencies' requests of secrecy, although cooperation maintaining "the secret" serves their agenda as well.

Unfortunately, government decision-makers seem to have given much greater weight to reactionary views, and have decided to maintain a cloud of complete secrecy over a subject that affects every aspect of human civilization. It seems as though they hope if the UFO "problem" is ignored, it will go away, and nobody will ever discover the truth - a very myopic view indeed.

In high school in 1950, I began to follow the UFO story. Since I was taught Newtonian physics (the only "pure science" at the time), I was a skeptic about the possibility of beings from other star systems having the ability to visit Earth. After all, they would have to use rockets, the most advanced means of interstellar travel known to modern science, and since Einstein told us the rockets would have to travel much slower than the speed of light, and the rockets would run out of fuel long before they got close to Earth, the conclusion was, "If we can't get there, they can't get here". It is an argument heard even today. Quantum mechanics and antigravitics were science fiction fare, even for most physicists.

Fortunately, I also was taught how to think logically, and the stories I read in the news reports from all around the world (UFO reports were still circulated by the media until the mid-1950's) indicated either the U.S. government was lying about UFOs being imaginary, or the rest of the world was lying and perpetrating a massive hoax. Logic led me to think my government was lying to me, hard as that was to believe.

There was hope, however. A special organization of scientists and rocket experts was created, with a promise in their charter to explore space and report all they found to scientists around the world.

This organization was named NASA, and it was our nation's answer to public interest in space, according to the hype surrounding its formation. The reality of its existence was based in more secretive motives, however. Rather than being a civilian scientific organization, NASA has become a public relations front for black projects and discoveries in space that have been kept hidden from the public that funds its operations. NASA is up to its eyebrows in the cover-up of knowledge about the Alien presence, and has not lived up to the original charter that promised full disclosure to the world.

The present situation is becoming more dangerous to both the human population of Earth, and to the Alien population that purportedly has been here for eons. It seems no coincidence that UFOs began appearing en masse in the late 1940's, following the explosion of the first nuclear weapon. Ecological destruction by humans would be an obvious concern to non-human observers, whether they were fellow inhabitants of Earth or just watching our progress as a species from a distance. It should be clear to us by now that we are destroying our chances to survive as a species, along with our destruction of the environment.

The secret activities of our government have been no help in advancing our chances at survival, however. While maintaining secrecy about all things extraterrestrial, especially humanoid beings, governments have done humankind a disservice and have prevented us from advancing scientific knowledge. As long as only those with a "need to know" are allowed knowledge of Aliens and their technology, we will remain pawns of the power brokers and militarists who control the black projects and secret weapons.

It is time for real openness in government. It is also time to stop the foolish fighting between nations, killing those who look different, believe in a different deity, or live a different lifestyle. Perhaps seeding our population with Alien-human hybrids is the most gentle and logical tactic, if the present population is to be replaced. There have been several reports of hybrids interacting with humans in recent years. It is almost as though the Aliens are testing their handiwork, allowing their creations to intermingle with humans.

Perhaps we should open our minds, and accept these hybrids as part of our human future.

Our governments are not offering a better alternative, allowing the status quo to destroy our environment, retaining a reliance on petroleum as a power source, and letting world economies succumb to greed.

There are those who say alternatives exist, but are being suppressed by powers who are being made wealthy by maintaining things as they are, and who don't want competition to their monopoly.

Perhaps it is time for an infusion of knowledge and ethics from outsiders who are immune to the influences that are destroying us.

It should be fairly obvious, as has been pointed out by others: if the Aliens wanted to destroy or enslave us, they would have done so a long time ago, when it would have been much easier.

In any case, they have technology far beyond our relatively primitive tools, and if we would give them a chance to pass on some of their knowledge, maybe they could help us save ourselves.

W. Richard Freeman
Wyoming, Minnesota

With many thanks to Mr. Freeman for his letter.

Robert D. Morningstar

Editor's note: For details on the Vatican's role in preparing society for UFO Disclosure, readů"The Omega Secret" by Cristoforo Barbato
Translated from Italian by Robert Morningstar and Matteo Sarti