by Jeff Rense

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Welcome to another round trip into near space... courtesy of John Walson's extraordinary skills with his modified telescope and HD video camcorder.

Looking back over the first 17 Parts of this world exclusive series at many of these strange large objects... machines... that are in orbit above the Northern Hemisphere, it seems reasonable to deduct that most are probably not your friendly AT&T telecom satellites.


In fact, many - some say most - of today's satellites are clearly military and 'civilian' surveillance machines, which have as their primary roles the destruction of our privacy and to play key roles in the killing of human beings.

Beyond this, we can also ask the legitimate question: are all of Walson's images showing spacecraft of 'human' origin?


The answer is no, not necessarily. Looking at the sizes and configurations of these machines, it is a reasonable speculation that they may be space ships or space vehicles. We know what Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon found... and that shocking data may end up costing him his life.

Take a look at the first machine below. Does this look like any 'satellite' you've seen before?

Look closely at the details...

Now look at this short video. Notice how Walson skillfully takes us right down the side of the spacecraft.


Truly a stunning view...



Here's another spacecraft (spaceship?) which again has an extended, elongated section toward to bottom.

  • Why?

  • What is the purpose of separating the 'main' part of the ship from whatever might be at the end of this long section?

  • Is there a nuclear drive located back there?

  • Some sort of advanced propulsion system?

Here is some video footage of the craft.


Walson wisely begins with a still frame of the object which allows us time to give it a good look without having to try to work around the slight 'vibration' in the actual video itself.


Without question, these are very large machines...



The following three stills show us another type of spacecraft, again with the elongated middle structure apparently separating one 'end' or 'function' of the ship from the other.


This craft could be up to several hundred feet in length...we just don't know. Assume it is a couple hundred miles up and being imaged by Walson on nearly full telescopic zoom.


How big is it?


It certainly doesn't seem likely that something this big would fit on top of a Titan 2, or Delta 2 or Delta IV US satellite launch rocket.

Notice the extraordinary detail...

And here is the spacecraft in video format as recorded by John.


Again, both his telescope and CCD HD camcorders have been modified to achieve these stunning images...



Here is a very similar spacecraft... perhaps even the same one... videotaped on a different night....


Here is a short video clip of the object.


It is a space weapon? Could be. Nuclear? Maybe.


Or, might it be a kinetic weapons platform?


Those who still nobly seek to prevent the weaponization of space are, sadly, many years too late, it would seem. Few at the higher levels research doubt that many weapons are aloft in space right now - and have been there for possibly decades.



Here is a truly stunning spacecraft - or is it a spaceship?


This is another mind-boggling piece of advanced technology in any case. The question again arises, it is ours? Or, could it be 'not from here'? It certainly is a challenge to the mind. Look carefully at the shapes and design...use a magnifying glass if you have one.


This is a BIG item...again, do you see it sitting on the payload nose end of a Delta IV launch rocket at Cape Canaveral?


We don't think so...

And now some live motion video of this spacecraft...



More video, now, of another spacecraft.


Remember, these look like bright 'stars' to the average ground observer and it is only through the technical talents and optical skills of John Walson that these objects are available to us.



More stunning images.


Take a close look at the large object that just might be docked or attached to the top right end of this elongated spacecraft. One has to marvel at a man like John Walson who has devoted years and countless hours out in the cold of night to capture these images which he is sharing with the world for no compensation whatsoever.


This World Exclusive series of reports on are made available by John to all those who seek knowledge and truth.

And here is a still frame of the big machine turned upside down and flipped 180 degrees...

And finally, here is one more video of the craft shown in the three stills above. It is followed in the video clip by images of an even larger spacecraft.


One thing is certain... there are people in NASA and Moscow who know what these spacecraft are... and to whom they belong.