More Big Basin, California, Bizarre

"Drone" Images
by Linda Moulton Howe

from EarthFiles Website

"It was rotating, slowly, but often changing direction from clockwise to counterclockwise randomly."

- Ty B.,

Big Basin, California

Big Basin Redwoods State Park

is northwest of Santa Cruz, California.

June 17, 2007

Big Basin, California


- In yesterday's post office mail, I received twelve more images of the latest, more menacing-looking dragonfly-shaped aerial "drone," along with a letter mailed on June 11, 2007, from an eyewitness named Ty. He had also emailed me on June 11, telling me that he was sending photographs he had taken while bicycling with a group of riders near Saratoga, California, in Big Basin.


Ty said the cycling group saw the bizarre aerial object three times on June 5, 2007. He said in his email that he was surprised to see at Earthfiles the images allegedly taken by someone named "Stephen" that showed the same object Ty and his friends watched appear and disappear also on June 5, 2007, and that Ty photographed.

Here are the twelve printed photographs I received in the mail and scanned in Photoshop, sized to 72dpi, 7 inches wide and added very slight enhancement in a few for more clarity. The aerial object is rotating through the sequence of images.



Enclosed you'll find the photographs I mentioned in the email, which were taken some time early afternoon on the 5th. These were all the shots we were able to get of the "mothership", as I have taken to calling it, during a sighting that lasted probably around a minute or so. Now for the story!

First of all, I've been a long-time fan of C3C and have been listening since before even Noory hosted. Of course I'm very familiar with your work as well and am quite honored to be able to submit something that I feel is of value 10 an ongoing investigation of yours! 1 caught up with the "Chad drone" story about a week after everyone else due to a backpacking trip that kept me away from the radio (also in Big Basin, interestingly enough)* but I've been hooked ever since and am still besides myself with amazement that I suddenly find myself involved in it first hand!

On the 5th of this month, 1 was on a mountain biking trip with 7 other riders that I often ride with in the Big Basin area near Saratoga. CA. We were about 20 minutes into it when the most specular "craft" appeared in the sky above us, maybe two miles away from where we were. And when I say this thing "appeared" I mean exactly that h just came out of nowhere! It was routing, slowly, but often changing direction from clockwise to counter-clockwise randomly. It might have been moving a little too, but it was hard to tell from our location. For the most part it was stationary. After a few seconds it vanished again. It was like a light switch being turned on and off! There was no special FX transition like on Star Trek. It didn't shimmer and fade and stuff, it just stopped being then- in the blink of an eye.

I won't even bother trying to describe this thing in detail because the photos will do a much better job than I ever could. All I know is that ii was really* really big and looked like it came from the same place as Chad's drone. It has the same weird "upside down jellyfish" thing on the top, and similar looking ring structures. What was different here, though, was how much more stuff was on it. It had a ton of different rings, all connected to a big column in the center, and a big long needle/poker thing coming down from the center surrounded by big curving lubes. If the drone was like a jet, this was like an aircraft carrier. I don't have to tell V4HJ that this thing is intense to behold!!!

We all stopped short and practically went over the damn handlebars! All 8 of us were frozen. I tried reaching for my camera but wasn't fast enough. Ii was gone just before 1 was ready to lake a shot. Normally I keep the camera in a small backpack along with my usual outdoor stuff, but from that point on I kept it hanging from my wrist just in case I saw it again. Honestly, I didn't think I would get another chance, though. Here was the most amazing thing I had ever wren, and 1 had missed my chance to capture It! All 1 could think about was how I was going to explain this to everyone else I knew, trickily we all saw it together, so at least I had that. We stayed frozen for another few minutes but finally "snapped out of it" and decided to take a break and regroup.

We spent a good half hour trying to figure out what had just happened. We all agreed though that whatever it was, on the off chance that it happen again, we should do our damnedest to photograph it. I started filling everyone in at that point on the Chad drone too. Normally I don't

 share much C2C stuff with friends simply because most people I know think it's nutso, but believe you me, after an experience like this, they were willing to listen!

So we got moving again and about a mile further into our trip it appeared a second time. This lime it was about a mile closer too, which told us that it was stationary. So that of course gave us the idea to get as close as we could to it! But it was just there for a moment that time. Within like 3 seconds it was gone. By the way I should mention that it made no sound when it appeared and disappeared. However, the mothership itself was making a noise when it was visible. If I remember, Chad describes a kind of low rumbling with hisses and crackles.


This craft wasn't so much like that. It was more like a really low, kind of subsonic vibration with what sounded like really, really high pitched "clicking" noises on a regular interval, Like maybe every 5 seconds or so. It was super faint though, you almost had to hold your breath to bear it (which I was able to do for about 10-20 seconds before it vanished again).


Another two miles or so and the third appearance hit. This time we were right near it! We were working our way up the mountain and were right on the edge when it happened. And it hung there for at least a good minute or so, during which time | got all the pictures I could! All it really did was rotate. Ii was moving very slowly as well but not much activity. It appeared a fourth time, about an hour later, but this time for literally like a split second. We didn't see it again after (hat* Sol finally had my pictures, even if I nearly fell off the side of the damn mountain to get them!

Now here's the really strange pan. One of the guys I ride with works for a bay area newspaper and had some very interesting things to say about this. Although he was just as blown away by this as we were, it turns out that this was not the first time he had been made aware of it. Apparently about a year ago, a couple reports came in from Somewhere in Saratoga about basically the same thing. This gigantic thing just appears in the area and then switches off like a light again.


Also, he received at least one photograph at the ______________________ was clear enough to be undoubtedly the same thing we just have seen. So of course we all ask him why we've never heard of this thing! He then goes on to inform us that in no uncertain terms, they were told to ignore the story entirely!! So he said I could send it to any media outlet I want but that in all likelihood it would just be ignored. So that's why I'm sending it to the one place I know will always cover stuff like this! I'm trying to find out now if he'd be willing to appear on the show to discuss this in detail I really do get the feeling that he's willing to talk about this. He isn't the kind of guy who likes to be pushed around, so I assure you he's not happy about having storks silenced!