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This is a story which, if true, could ultimately change the way you and I look at our Televisions, Radios, PCs, and other electronic equipment. If proven, it could lead to vast change in the modern world, change even beyond what modern technology has already done in this Century. In fact, if it turns out that Humanity is not alone in the Universe: that all by it self would force us to alter the way we look at Religion, Science, Politics and, even, Human Society.


What you are about to read is a remarkable story, as of yet unconfirmed.


What do you think?

YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ THE AMERICAN COMPUTER COMPANY STORY ABOUT THE ROSWELL INCIDENT ON JULY 7, 1947 and one person's story about an alleged transfer of Alien Technology to Bell Laboratories.

NOTE: Since it was first posted, this page has been slightly updated to provide clarification and present information provided ACC via EMAIL and through TELEPHONE Contact.


Most of the new information is unconfirmed, yet nonetheless intriguing. ACC is inclined to keep posting updates in the interest of full disclosure, even when unconfirmed reports are given. Please Note: Recent updates to ACC's story are bracketed as comments and/or bear the subtitled "ADDITIONAL UPDATES" or "UPDATE NOTE".


Roswell, 1947

RUMOR and CONVENTIONAL FOLKLORE have claimed that a UFO crash landed in the areas of Roswell, New Mexico, and Corona, New Mexico in July, 1947 near an Army Air Force Base at which Nuclear Materials Division and Depots were maintained.

[ED Update: the actual alleged crash took place between July 2 and 5th, but first appeared in the Roswell, NM papers on July 7, 1947, according to several historians. The location of the presently identified crash site is actually known as "the Plains of San Augustin".]

Supposedly, authentic reports of the crash [authorized by the Base Commander] were suddenly covered up by the Air Force -- because the information unwisely released by base PR personnel, might constitute a threat to national security. Anecdotal reports have since claimed that Aliens, killed in the wreck, or afterward, were subsequently autopsied by the Surgeon General's office, and that the Surgeon General insisted that the autopsy be filmed [and the films placed in a section of the National Archives].


Supposedly: their bodies are now being stored by the US Army.

[UPDATE NOTE: In a recent series of unusual contacts with the Alien Presence Investigation community and the Public, allegations that these 'alien visitors' bodies resemble 'smallish gray or pink skinned beings with 6 fingers' have been made. We have been told that this represents stories that were supposedly circulating since 1948.


According to one gentleman's recent EMAIL to ACC - entirely unconfirmed and entirely anecdotal - when his father was stationed there, Military personnel at Wright Paterson Air Force Base in 1948, carried strange stories away from the base about "Dead Martians or something, on Ice" being transferred to Washington, DC by way of Wright Patterson, after the alleged crash.


This unconventional and unconfirmed report bears some resemblance to other stories which have surfaced in investigative journals. The term "Dead Martians" sound very typical of the 40's, the post "War of the Worlds" Orson Wells/Mercury Theater the Air Era. Again, we are describing these further reports to us, for your consideration against the context of our original story.]

Much more recently, stories began surfacing about what the Army or Air Force supposedly did with the downed Alien Spacecraft in August, September and October of 1947. Nuclear Powered Engines and Advanced Communications and Computing devices, all of which were a hundred years beyond post-World War II technology, were taken from the Alien wreck and purportedly made their way to The Bell System's "Bell Laboratories", then located in Murray Hill, New Jersey -- it has been alleged.


There, they were studied, dissected, micro-analyzed and pieces tested. One piece was supposedly found to have unique potential, an Alien switching device composed of Silicon and Arsenic, arranged in a microscopic array much more complicated than even now have been assembled by Humankind, hundreds of years ahead.

The Alien device purportedly became the priority focus object of Bell Labs' and The US Department of Defense's analysis and scientific research. It was discovered by the researchers, that the unusual electronic Alien device could act as both a high speed electronic switch and as an Amplifier.


They decided to call it the "Transfer Resistor", because it could be made to resist or accept power flow at much higher or lower currents than were applied to it, depending upon unique application of electron flows.

[UPDATE NOTE: According to one of our Scientific/Academic Sources, prior to 1947 there were no Transistors in use, only raw germanium and selenium diodes composed of naturally occurring elements -- mined from Bauxite and other mines.


After September of 1947 and the alleged alien technology transfer to Bell Labs by the US Department of Defense, the entirely ARTIFICIALLY comprised Silicon 'Transistor' suddenly emerged at Bell Labs, arsenic doped in trace quantities into specially prepared Silicon produced remarkable changes in the 'conductive properties' of Silicon, when Boron and other gases and liquids were used to deposit it in the Silicon base.


This produced the "Transistor" effects that had not been discovered by researchers working with rectifiers in over a hundred years. Some claim that these transistors were made of Germanium, as well, however, the effect that caused the transistor to work, hadn't been observed by any researcher, prior to September of 1947. Also, while silicon's capability to conduct electricity had existed for a long time, it had been as a "static collector" - something bearing absolutely no resemblance to the Transistor.


Could it have been a result of studying how an Alien electronic computer or communications device worked? Could scientists have recreated the effect with Man Made devices, and the Alien Computer made of elements whose function had to be "mimicked" with earthbound substances?]

[Our Scientific Commentator went on to tell us: The materials used to identify the Transistor function and to create one, required, for the times, very advanced technology to manufacture that didn't exist in 1947... were you to search the entire Deserts of Africa and Asia, you would not find a single piece of Silicon (sand) that would match this miracle of conductivity.


This could be an indication that the Transistor emerged from examination of an Alien device, one which might even be hiding more remarkable capabilities than we know today! According to the first Press Releases in mid 1948] Patents were awarded Bell Labs in the 1948 and 1949 era, indicating these possibly 'alien' marvels were 'earthshaking discoveries of scientist at Bell Labs' (Shockley, Bardeen and Brittain).


Were they, in fact, only discovered in debris from an Alien Craft allegedly wrecked near Roswell, New Mexico on July 7, 1947? Another crash site on another time and date? Did scientists, observing the operation of an Alien Device, then figure out how to make the Human equivalents of components from technology that we would not have evolved until hundreds of years from now?]

Rumors have been flying in UFO-logy circles that, in 1948 and 1949, realizing that Aliens might not take lightly to this research, fearing attack not from the Soviet Union -- but from Aliens of unknown origin -- the U.S. Government hurriedly erected anti-aircraft batteries upgraded to Nike Anti-Missiles in the mid-to-late 50's in the surrounding Watchung Mountains of New Jersey... [and, the sake of completeness: a second site in Holmdel, New Jersey, both near Bell Lab's Murray Hills and Holmdel facilities] supposedly to protect it from space invasion!!


It is not known if this is any indication that the Department of Defense accidentally shot down the space craft and feared a reprisal.

[UPDATE NOTE: Since originally publishing this account, we have received several letters from persons who grew up in the vicinity of these 'Bases' - in towns throughout Central New Jersey - relating the following story that confirms the existence of these missile/anti-aircraft bases: Apparently, in the interest of public relations with the public worrying about some unexplained anti-aircraft and missile bases which inexplicably arrived in Union and Hunterdon County residents' backyard during the end of the 40's, Bell Labs arranged it so that children who grew up in the 50s and 60s could take impressive guided tours of the then two NIKE missile installations as part of a field trip from their grade and junior high schools.


Bell claimed that the two bases were 'to protect the residents of Central New Jersey from Russian Nuclear bombardment', without explaining why these bases were only a few short miles near Bell Labs two main facilities. Were these Defenses against Alien Surveillance or Space Invasion? In fact, old maps of the area DO reflect the Holmdel and Watchung NIKE MISSILE BASES.]

[And: two additional missile batteries have been located at the south end of New Jersey's Gateway National Park have, we located them on some old maps of Central New Jersey, and they quite clearly guard the eastern air corridor entry to Crawford Corners, one of Bell's most secretive laboratories at the time... Why BELL LABS? Were we really supposed to believe they were defending New York Harbor, 35 miles North East, or Newark, New Jersey, 25 miles north?


That seems odd: well outside of the range of the Nike/Ajax Missiles in use during the time period, which had about a 5 mile upwards and 10 mile outside range, maximum (but, we are checking with Jane's Catalog of Military Weapons, and a few experts on this subject, just to be sure...). ]

Were they, in fact, just protecting Bell Labs from Space Invasion?

[UPDATE NOTE: Some recently asked: Why not protect New York City, 60 miles distant, and place the launch pads where they could do so? It does seem rather odd that these expensive Nike Missile launchers, that replaced the original anti-aircraft gun installations, would have been placed ONLY near Bell Labs. By what rationale could anyone have placed Bell Laboratories well ahead of any other research, population or political center in the New York Metropolitan Area?]

The Space Defense Anti-missile Batteries, along the Lookout Mountain Ridge north of Bell Labs, are now abandoned and partly overbuilt by a regional high school. On the "Lookout Mountain Nike Base" there were, supposedly, frequent "alien anti-invasion" readiness exercises and drills throughout the 50's, 60's and the early 70's, notably: their frequency reportedly increased any time UFO sightings were reported to the US Air Force -- particularly in the New Jersey flight corridors, or so it has been alleged !!

According to one account: the Alien Silicon "amplifier / switch", evaluated in October and November of 1947, was discovered to have enormous implications. The Alien device was allegedly a hundred years beyond the then simple "junction diodes" and "rectifiers" in use.

[UPDATE NOTE: Even thought Scientists had suspected that we could replace outmoded Vacuum Tubes with some more advanced, low voltage technology, it was rather sudden that the Transistor was announced to have been "invented" in December of 1947 by Bell Labs, alleging a two year prior research project.


The implications: Bell Labs had more capabilities in those two years, than the combined research potential of all the Countries of the World? People who never suspected the capability: Thomas Edison, Emilio Marconi, General David Sarnoff, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Arthur W. Heath, Enrico Fermi, Louis Faraday - the greatest minds in the prior two hundred years since Ben Franklin and his kite, and not one ever even SUSPECTED that ordinary Sand could be turned into something so magical.]

[For these and other reasons, the suggestion that Bell Labs did this ALL BY ITSELF in less than two years, does not at this time seem all that believable. Recent articles produced by MOTOROLA CORPORATION to rebut this, appear, in fact, to do just the opposite: the articles PROVE no Transistors or even hint of the Transistor, existed prior to December of 1947, and describe enormous differences between research prior to September of 1947 and after June of 1948.


Motorola, an AT&T remarketer, claims that they have PROOF it wasn't Aliens, yet, the PROOF has been short of reality. Could this be more of the fundamental deception to hide the Transistor's true origins: that it came to Bell Labs on board a unique space-craft that traveled through billions of miles of empty space, perhaps even violating the Theory of Relativity to travel here beyond Light Speed, from a star system like Zeta Reticuli, or Cassiopeia, in order to visit Humanity in July of 1947? And what kind of a welcome did we give these Travelers, do you suppose, if so?]

[Ed update: The Transistor's Public Announcement during the Summer of 1948, was antedated by several private announcements internally at Bell Labs and to research partnerships with the National Defense Research Counsel and other organizations.


These announcements took the form of a "peer inquiry" in September of 1947, which is believed to have been an effort by Bell Labs to assess if other research organizations had received "transistor" examples from the US Military and might be engaged in parallel research, and in December of 1947, when the first effort to transfer the identified operation of what may have been an Alien Transistor in verbal form to the Legal department of Bell Labs by scientists involved in the commercialization effort.


At that time, the Lawyers commenced what appeared to be a Patent Search, and a lateral search in and among a network of legal practitioners working for other research outfits, all a part of the standard operating procedure of the Bell System and its "Labs".


As part of the project to bring a plausible "background" into focus, some of these preliminary announcements allegedly put false information into circulation to create a "bridge" between actual research, and the recently organized effort to "cloak" the transistor "reverse engineering" research. Could we all be looking at the Historical "fingerprints" of a project to cloak the capture of Alien Technology? ]

[Our research has recently produced one possible technical explanation for why it may be so important - the significant difference between Human discovered Diodes and the possibly Alien provided Transistors. It is inexplicable how, if they were related, and discovered by Humanity, that even after two world wars, and the advent of the Modern Era, no one ever thought to look at the results that William Shockley reported: led him to discover the Transistor - despite the fact that he was allegedly performing a text book, academic exercise in voltage measurement.


Rectifier Diodes commonly in use at the time by military electronics, were 'polarized' diodes that could only conduct power in 'one direction' - or 'unidirectional' - but they were not 'semiconducting' - which means 'variable in conductivity due to the effects of some other stimulus'. They were also composed of naturally occurring, although somewhat rare-earth minerals.


Transistors were derived of a special and unique formula for doping refined Silicon with trace elements of Arsenic and other 'secret' materials, which THEN yielded the unusual 'semiconducting' properties of the Transistor -- our conclusion: the two devices are very, very different and that difference - despite the fact that early researchers may have tried to reproduce Alien Technology with Germanium, Gallium and Caladium, is still significant: the focus is really on HOW A TRANSISTOR DOES WHAT IT DOES. ]

[It is remarkable to think that someone STUMBLED ON IT ALL OF A SUDDEN, as Bell Labs seemed to want the Public to believe! Even Silicon based static rectification devices built prior to September of 1947 DIDN'T EXHIBIT A SINGLE TRANSISTOR CAPABILITY, despite being built by many companies for various power control functions.




Is this a classic example of a miracle device, unimagined in Human experience, resulting from a few months research into an Alien electronic device, one just advanced enough to lead Bell scientists to such an earthshaking idea? ]

Yet it was reportedly determined at the time that simplified versions of the Alien devices could be manufactured by the effecting of several upgrades to existing technology. Then President Harry S. Truman ordered the devices "cloned" and a cover story manufactured.


He was supposedly quoted as saying: "We can't keep so earthshaking a technological advance out of the hands of mankind.

It just isn't right !" -- with classic Harry S. Truman sobriety.

[UPDATE NOTE: It has been suggested that, after he left office, the US Government took on a much more 'militant' air under the Presidency of General Dwight David Eisenhower, and that secrecy about a project like this may have ultimately put in place a long term effort to ensure that the Public never learned what Harry S. Truman decided, and what Bell Labs and other companies may have allegedly done with Alien technology. It is not hard to believe that this could have led to a 50 year long cover-up.]

So, according to the story leaked by a reliable source to UFO-logy circles: in mid-December of 1947, to effect a plausible cover story, the DoD and Bell Labs purportedly manufactured a series of Press Releases, to whit: that after a "2 Year Long Extensive Research Effort" --discovery of the Transistor had "at last" been accomplished, supposedly by clever Bell Labs researchers Drs. Shockley, Bardeen and Brattain, at Bell Lab's Electronic Circuits Research Center, under the aegis of maverick Bell Labs Vice President Dr. John "Jack" Morton?

[Ed update: Dr. John "Jack" A. Morton was the inventor, among other things, of the "close-spaced microwave triode" in 1943 - a type of vacuum tube that made National Television Broadcast a possibility, and in 1947, elevated to General Manager of the project to "invent" the Transistor, which resulted in his being made Vice President of Bell Labs, head of Semiconductor Electronics Division, where he later earned a reputation for tempestuous and aggressive research into such topics as Integrated Circuits, Injection Squared Logic, etc.


NOTE: we have learned that Dr. Morton was murdered in the early 70's under highly bizarre circumstances.


He was having drinks with two friends he occasionally met with, in a bar, and went for a drive in his new sports car. He was later found burned to death in the flaming shell of the Volvo, having been covered with gasoline and set ablaze. The perpetrators were given very light sentences, due to efforts by AT&T to hush the entire affair, and allegedly to the efforts of very experienced attorneys who mysteriously surfaced to provide the murderers with a defense.


One of the perpetrators reportedly married the only witness at the bar where Morton and he had met that fateful evening, a bar maid, in the famous 'Marriage at the Jailhouse' incident at the Somerset County Jail, resulting in her being unable to be called to testify against the murderer, being his wife, even though not married at the time he committed the crime. ]

[The defense was further complicated by the defense counsel raising the ugly false specter of 'homosexuality' against Dr. Morton, perhaps believing his academic and scientific nature would be received by the Jury as being 'nerdy enough' to be thought of as a (pardon the language:) 'latent homo' (in the horrid slang of those days) in an effort to undermine his standing as a father and grandfather in the straight-laced Presbyterian Neshanic Station Community where his family was very prominent and extremely popular.


It appears that these scandals were the last thing AT&T wanted on its historical records, and so any involvement of Morton in AT&T affairs was allegedly erased after his "close-spaced triode" invention, a matter of record at the Patent Office which could not be erased, and to date, his role as the key driving force in the Transistor Project has been kept a secret and denied by AT&T.


Apparently, AT&T had too much to risk over the Transistor, to have press and public looking into the Transistor's unusual origins. Could internal rivalries or professional jealousies have led to a plot to assassinate Dr. Morton? Or were there other problems, had he, being noted for occasionally having too open a nature, in fact, started to discuss the True Origins of the Transistor with the wrong parties, thereby becoming a liability to AT&T? ]).

Since that time, The Bell System, and Bell Labs, in the hands of successor company AT&T and its partly owned subsidiary, Lucent Technologies, have reportedly continued to maintain the "Transistor Story" for all of posterity, while quietly covering up the real tracks that led the Alien devices to Bell Labs.

An Alien Technology proponent says that the device in the famous "transfer resistor test rig" at Bell Labs was, in fact, an actual piece of the original Alien integrated circuit array of transistor-like circuit pieces -- found in one of the Alien communication devices at the Crash Site in Roswell, N.M.

[UPDATE NOTE: To further clarify this point: Supposedly, Bell Labs first announced it was composed of 'Germanium', like the old rectifier diode, so as to protect the Silicon formula from industrial espionage, until it could get its 1948 patents filed. Once filed and granted as "unique", "originally authored" and approved, the patents became the basis for Bell controlling the Transistor for about the first 15 years of its existence.


Those who used it, had to pay some form of royalty to Bell. To challenge this, one competitor alleged Bell had IN FACT only demonstrated the Transistor Effect in 'Germanium' and that the secret formula involving Silicon, should not be considered 'property of the Bell System'. Bell argued back that the secrecy was necessary, in a patent dispute within an Anti-Trust suit brought to bear on the Bell System during the 50's. ]

It has allegedly been reported that it took a year or more for Bell Labs to then figure out how to commercially produce the miracle devices.


Reportedly, subsequent technology obtained over the course of the next 10 years by Bell Labs, from the pieces of the wreck delivered to them by the DoD, included the Laser, enhanced solid state circuit components, large scale switching control systems and high definition imaging devices...

[UPDATE NOTE: ACC has learned through investigation that: Anti Trust suits filed against the Bell System by the Department of Justice in the 50's and the 70's, may have delayed the introduction of many of the refinements of the Transistor, and the Integrated Circuit's manufacture - forcing the Bell System to use outside companies to sell its research in commercial form.


Perhaps this might suggest that the alleged alien artifacts had to be kept hidden for this reason as well? Perhaps, even now, after the breakup of the Bell System, there may continue to be un-introduced marvels that might change the course of history, again. We don't know if the story is true, but if it is: In whose hands are they kept? What harm could come from their revelation?]

Some devices from the downed Alien spacecraft, not fully understood to this day, allegedly include a high energy microwave amplifier that has the secondary effect of decomposing solid objects into their molecular components, a form of circuitry that runs on other than electronic power: using particles thought to have very short half-life's in the natural universe ("muons"), and a huge induction generator-like coil system some 50 feet in diameter which appears to implement part of some aspect of the vehicle's ability to perform unique flying characteristics and aerobatics - some think it might be a "gravity nullifying" device.



ACC has recently received numerous requests for information about whether the Transistor was evolved as a Military device during World War II. According to several documentary films we reviewed, devices used by the Military didn't reflect the existence of the Transistor until well into the 50's.


Historians note that the all important 'Proximity Fuse' used in anti-aircraft weapons throughout World War II and up through the Korean War in the 50's, still used Miniature Vacuum Tube Circuitry developed by Sylvan Corporation and AT&T for use in Hearing Aids.


Had the transistor existed during World War II, as AT&T implies in its public relations about the Transistor, would not AT&T have been the first to put it to use in the task of shooting down Japanese aircraft bombing US Naval Craft?

Soviet technology of the time, in spite of its advanced state, still used Miniature Vacuum Tubes right up until the 70's...

  • What prevented the Soviets from being able to perfect 'high yields' in efforts to duplicate the Transistor?

  • Could it have been, simply, secrets possessed by Bell Labs and Western Electric from 1951, that, the Russians, without an Alien Craft or debris from Roswell of their own at the time, were simply UNABLE to figure out through sheer Soviet Research power?

  • Could companies like Bell, Motorola, Fairchild, Intel, GE/RCA, InMos, and others, still be hiding critical secrets that make it possible to be competitive in the Semiconductor Component Industry?

  • What companies are suing anyone who figures the secrets out -- for violating patents that may have originated from objects on an Alien Spacecraft?

These are all very interesting questions!

Rumors have been presented to us in EMAIL and by phone, since we first published this article, suggesting that the alleged alien devices taken from Roswell, hidden away under control of Bell Labs and a secret operating group controlling the "Manhattan Project" (which produced the Nuclear Bomb, and maintained a facility near the alleged Roswell crash site) had formed a strategic alliance to control the dissemination of technology like the Transistor 'from the private sector'.


And, it has been suggested to American, that the auspices of the power of the Bell System - a company so large and so powerful, that the US Department of Justice and the Federal Courts broke Bell apart in 1981 'in the interest and the spirit of Free Competition', has resulted in a remarkable competitive edge among AT&T related companies, even today.

  • Was that 'competitive technological edge' -- privileged access to Alien Technologies?

  • Have other companies had to concede to AT&T, and become 'surrogate partners' in order to remain in business?

  • Have others gone under because they tried to evolve competing technologies?

Many members of the public have asked an even more critical question: Who keeps hunting down the 'leaks' about it all, and squashing them? Email writers, authors, callers and members of the Investigations community have all suggested the allegation that the US Government is keeping it all a secret.


It has been suggested that AT&T and other companies are working TOGETHER to proliferate knowledge from the debris, for commercial purposes.


Some have asked us:

  • "Have they organized a strategic marketing network that creates the cover stories needed to develop markets for the technology, as they commercialize it?

  • Did they somehow get back in TOUCH with the Aliens?

  • Doesn't the Public deserve the right to know what happened with the alleged Roswell Space Craft?"

International emailers have written us and asked "Why is the US Government hiding the Truth?" and "Were the United States so advanced, it would have won the Viet Nam war, obviously, it had to be deriving its technology from an outside source!" (This last one was from a writer in Italy...)

After ACC's first publication of this article, several members of the Extraterrestrial Investigations community interested in Alien Space Visits approached us and told us about a "Lieutenant Colonel Phillip J. Corso" who reportedly wrote a book, "The Day After Roswell", that speaks about the artifacts being disseminated to Bell Labs, and that Corso was on the team that disseminated them.


We haven't read the book, but we have been told it pretty much appears to coincide with the above ACC story, which was related to us by a Defense Communications Consultant who had access to the people at Bell Labs who he said were involved with the alleged "alien artifacts".


It is amazing that renowned War Hero's like Lt. Col. Corso, and his superior, General Art Trudeau, might even admit to having done such a thing. It is remarkable that TWO INDEPENDENT SOURCES are saying pretty much the same thing about Bell Labs and the Transistor and the alleged Roswell, New Mexico area crash of an Alien Spacecraft.

Since the time that Col. Corso was identified to American, new information, unconfirmed, has surfaced and been presented to us. Two people who wrote to us, claimed their fathers worked for Bell Labs, have identified to us, by un-confirmable email reports, that a parent employed by the Labs had taken them to see a "UFO" when they were very young of age, telling them that the "UFO" was being studied by the Labs and that they and the Air Force were going to try to learn to fly it "someday".


The stories, of course, are at this time, unconfirmed and may be dramatizations or inaccurate. However, the email letters do appear quite believable.

Others have written, insisting that the Transistor is really just the outgrowth of prior research into Germanium Diodes.

  • Could this be true, or is it all just a 'smokescreen' intended to mislead the public?

  • If true, is AT&T still trying to cover it all up?

  • Or would it, in fact, not be beneficial to AT&T to reveal these secrets of 50 years ago, if they are true?

Someone has even recently claimed that a 'lab notebook' from the 40's, tends to corroborate our story, as it refers to a plan to deliberately cover up the effort to reverse-engineer alien technology, by creating a 'public relations' effort at Bell Labs. Again, we can neither confirm nor deny this report, but are attempting to authenticate the report at this time.