by Michael E. Salla
September 9, 2010

from ExopoliticsInstitute Website

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Artists depiction of Tesla inventions in action

President Obama plans to have the U.S. Congress authorize up to $300 billion in tax credits and $50 billion in infrastructure development to create jobs.


As the U.S. economy slowly recovers, job creation has been painfully slow for the Obama administration. The reason for U.S. unemployment is all too evident to see. One just has to enter any large retail store, Wal Mart, Macy, etc., and see the all pervasive Made in China sign.


China’s open access to U.S. markets had been a principle reason for rapid economic expansion which only a month ago led to China becoming the world’s second largest economy.

  • Why have the U.S. manufacturing and textile industries been allowed to collapse with production moving off-shore primarily to China?

  • Is it merely because U.S. companies are making windfall profits with off-shore production, and their lobbyists have succeeded in getting Congress to approve the legislation to make this possible?

Yes, that’s part of the answer,

  • But is there a deeper factor at work?

  • Is the U.S. paying China off for its support on some unknown policy issue by sacrificing the US manufacturing and textile industries to Chinese products?

  • What possible policy could China have secretly agreed to that warrants U.S. policy makers giving Chinese products unrestricted access to U.S. markets?

The answer is in China holding off in developing advanced technologies that could revolutionize the energy industry.


China is being paid-off to play dumb while the oil industry continues its global monopoly on how to power industries through fossil fuels.

So what ‘free’ or new energy sources exist that could revolutionize the energy industry? The answer goes back more than 100 years to the work of the brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943).


Tesla’s inventions and patents have inspired generations of inventors to come up with commercially viable models of his ideas.


For example, in 1928, Dr Henry Moray successfully developed a “radiant energy” device from a 1901 patent developed by Tesla that could draw energy from a vacuum - free energy. Dr Moray, a highly talented electrical engineer with Bell Laboratories successfully demonstrated the device to many scientists. Their response was the same.


What Moray claimed was impossible since it violated the conservation of energy laws. So the device must be some kind of trick, and was never seriously considered for commercial development by Bell Labs. Eventually, Moray’s prototype radiant ‘free’ energy device was destroyed by a disgruntled assistant.


Ever since Moray, there have been numerous inventors who have developed free energy devices using off-the-shelf material.





Claims of inventors being either bought off or harassed are numerous and form a very long list.


One prominent example is Otis T. Carr who successfully developed a free energy device that could be used to power a prototype civilian spacecraft. In the late 1950s, Carr succeeded in gaining private funding to develop a commercially viable model only for production to come to a halt after he refused offers to sell off his work.


According to one of his technicians, Ralph Ring, a number of federal government agencies raided his California production plant in 1960 to close it down. The reason they gave was that it was a threat to the US. Monetary system since Carr’s device could lead to a collapse of the oil and power industries. In 1961, Carr was convicted of securities fraud. He was imprisoned and discredited.


It was only the public emergence of Ring in 2007 that the truth of what happened to Carr had emerged. It appears that a carrots and sticks approach is used against individual inventors to prevent their new energy devices ever being commercially developed for mass public distribution.


So what would be a carrots and sticks approach to a rising superpower such as China?

The carrot for China not to commercially develop free energy devices is for its products to be given unrestricted access to the U.S. market. As long as China plays dumb, and doesn’t develop such free energy devices for its growing industries, then all will be well and it can continue to generate large annual export surpluses in its trade with the U.S.


For example, for the first six months of 2010, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, China had a trade surplus of $145 billion with the U.S. In 2009, the trade surplus was 225 billion.


Over the last five years, the trade surplus has averaged over $200 billion annually for a total of over one trillion dollars. So that’s the carrot given to China. A carrot that has led to the U.S. manufacturing and textile industries virtually disappearing in the U.S. as large companies have relocated production plants to China.


The result is a huge loss in jobs and a middle class back lash against the U.S. Congress and Presidents that have done nothing to prevent the export of U.S. jobs to China and elsewhere.

So if the carrot for China in not developing Tesla inspired free energy technologies is unrestricted access to the U.S. market, what’s the stick? Not surprisingly, the stick itself is an off-shoot of some of Tesla’s pioneering work.


One of Tesla’s devices could be used to draw large amounts of energy from the Earth’s ionosphere. This energy could be used for generating seismic activity (earthquakes) in remote locations and/or weather modification.


Indeed, Dr Nick Begich revealed that the original patents behind the HAARP facility in Alaska built to send electromagnetic bursts into the ionosphere was based on Nikola Tesla.


President Clinton’s Secretary of Defense, William Cohen, tacitly acknowledged in 1997 the existence of eco-weapons that could generate seismic activity and weather modification.


He said:

Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.


So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It’s real…

Cohen’s comment is very significant since it reveals how one nation or powerful 'oil industry cartel' could threaten or ‘terrorize’ another nation by the use of Tesla inspired eco-weapons.


Cohen’s tacit acknowledgment reveals the powerful stick that could be used against China if it doesn’t accept the carrot offered to it to play dumb on the existence of free energy devices.

Free energy devices continue to be developed by private inventors in the U.S. using off the shelf equipment.


Dr Thomas Valone, who worked with the U.S. Patents Office, is the world’s foremost expert on free energy or zero point” energy devices. He has personally investigated many inventors’ free energy devices and found some to be commercially viable. If free energy devices continue to be privately developed in the U.S. then it’s inconceivable that the same is not happening in China.


But the Chinese are playing dumb and not developing these for large scale commercial application.


Why? The answer lies in the carrots and sticks approach used to maintain China’s complicity in a secret policy that protects the international oil industry.


The continued loss of jobs as the U.S. market is flooded with cheap Chinese products and/or services from other rising powers such as India will not be reversed by stop gap business tax incentives and infrastructure development projects proposed by President Obama.


As long as China and other countries are bought-off to prevent the commercial development of free energy devices, U.S. workers and the economy will continue to be sacrificed to protect oil industry monopolies on energy production.