by Calab E. Yau

November 09, 2002

from IndyMedia Website



This may be

the Watergate of the 21st century...


Sacramento, CA Nov. 9

What single event will herald the greatest change in global politics? Not the end of petroleum reserves.


Global oil supplies will begin to run out within 10 to 20 years, then gasoline prices will rise sharply, yet those few families in control of global oil reserves are reportedly sneaking into the alternative energy tech (See "electrogravity," a.k.a. scalar electromagnetism).

This little known fact partly underlies an old-industry vs. new industry struggle during recent decades.


For example, Rockwell North American (DuPont family dominated - see DuPont control of Conoco and Phillips) reportedly has possession of captured zero point technology, although certain arch conservative DuPonts (some of whom militated for fascism in this country during the 1930's - see the Gen. Smedley Butler story) have bitter competitors, all of them rich and elitist.


DuPonts are typical of "old industry" (Bush supported), and high tech in Silicon Valley is new industry (deeply resentful of Bush's snide cheerleading for Enron as it sacked the California public, causing power outages in Silicon Valley factories).


DuPont's have tried to maneuver their part ownership of Boeing into "antigravity" research, and have also tried to corner as much of same in black budget circles as they can. Yet they have bitter competition with vastly more experience in electronics and related technologies. The mainstream public hears little about such subjects.

To continue the global change scenario: What about a scientific or social revolution? Not in the United States.


We may be the richest and most conservative country on Earth. The press here was cowed into abject submission to mob and corporate control of the news decades ago. The Kennedy assassination is a prime example, but much worse underlies it. Similar to what happened in Russia after 1989 when the Cold War ended and the old veil was lifted, the US press didn't stand up and meet the test of truth subsequently.


Money talked and the mainstream press walked. The biggest stories and the most important implications of current events both in the US and Russia lay hidden, only hinted at in the fringe and non-corporate press.


Even there, writers are afraid to lay out the basic facts about how pro-Nazi "economic royalists" (as Franklin Roosevelt describe them) aided and profited by fascism, some even militating for literally fascist overthrow of Roosevelt, here, in 1934.

Then, Eisenhower presaged the effectively institutional overthrow of constitutional order here that occurred with the JFK murder, plus the murder of numerous witnesses. Worst of all was the silence of the press.


Some of the same people who wanted to oust Roosevelt in 1934 appear to have organized the JFK hit. The evidence for the case is voluminous. Meanwhile, one of the prime considerations among such military-industrial racketeers was to gain effective control over a new technology that was just beginning to be manufactured in U.S. black budget factories and labs.


The technology? Electrogravity.


Believe it or not, more than 500 former defense, intelligence and aviation officials (including some former astronauts) allege that black budget labs here have captured alien technology that has been reverse-engineered to produce anti-gravity flight, also known as electrogravity. See (look under "disclosure" for the testimony on video tape and in book form - all of it official).


Those who control electrogravity control the future.


HOWEVER, there is one not-so-minor complication: The greatest revolution in human thought may not be just across the short-term horizon. It may be happening now. More than 100 million of us in the US say in opinion polls that we think the feds have captured alien technology and may have contacted aliens.

Again, between 40 and 50 percent of mature voting adults in this country think that contact may have occurred already. The most reputable reports about black budget (and other) data on alien worlds reiterate the same basic observations: aliens, according to some of the above-noted testimony, live in societies that are commonalities.


They don't have wars on the destructive scale that we do. They apparently engineer their brains to larger size genetically to make themselves more civilized and more technologically capable. And, last but not least, their basic technology is primarily electrogravitic. (See Col. Tom Bearden's section for an excellent intro to electrogravity).

Electrogravity is not beyond human grasp. It is fairly simple and easy to engineer, yet slightly dangerous in the wrong hands. Why? Because, for example, when used it borrows from "squeezed state fluctuations in the vacuum of space-time" (See the January 2001 Scientific American article on negative energy, a.k.a. electrogravity), which marginally changes the flow of time in space-time from which such energy is borrowed.


It can speed the flow of time in one spot, yet slow it in another.


In the wrong hands (i.e. reportedly in current use of the US military to electrogravitically dope late night sleepers who might wake up and take note of low-flying, wide rotored helicopters used to transport plutonium supplies on their way to bomb factories), electrogravity can be used for mind control.


When used broad beam, so to speak, it leaves the waking person feeling dopey, slowed and out of focus - like walking on the moon mentally.



*  I personally experienced such usage in 1978 as three large rotored helicopters flew over the house where I was staying (near the plutonium site in Paducah KY). Three of us watched the choppers pass in the darkness, wide awake, yet slowed and affected as noted above. The choppers make no whapping sound, only a whirr. The wide rotors and low flight are designed to allow for a soft landing in case of mechanical failure.

To return to the main question above: Apparently, the most reactionary and corrupt among us want to gain unimpeded access to, then monopolistic control of the new electrogravity technology (also used for energy, travel, research, even computation).


There is a struggle going on in this regard, a struggle between monstrously corrupt corporate families (used to a partnership with the mob, dictators, laundering of criminal monies, and assassination to get their way here, in the good old USA), and other families who fear that the whole black budget underworld has gone too far. There are also military factions that want to avert the loosing of a Frankenstein upon an unknowing public.


They are part of what is known as the Acclimation Project, in which high level officials slowly leak critical info about this otherworldly topic.

Those who have the most to fear through exposure of a long train of crimes against humanity, both here and abroad, want to keep the subject of electrogravity (and off-world others) entirely secret, hence the epically cowed press here. It doesn't even venture into such dangerous territory. Those who actually research electrogravity sometimes observe that our society has degraded to the level of being little more than a theme park fiction.


NASA is oriented toward rockets, meanwhile the entire future is in reverse-engineered electrogravity.

Even George Bush's father works for the Carlyle Group, which manages Nellis Air Force base sites through its EG&G subsidiary. EG&G runs Papoose Dry Lake labs, where whistleblowers (ignored by corporate press) say the greatest concentration of electrogravitic technology is located, hidden in a carefully camouflaged base within a modest sized mountain next to a dry lake bed.

The greatest potential for change in this society is simple disclosure of electrogravity technology and any evidence of what are now widely-reported alien visits. No doubt this sounds bizarre to some readers. BUT, read CSETI's materials, look at what former astronaut Gordon Cooper and Apollo astronaut Dr. Edwin Mitchell are saying about aliens.


The direct witness testimony is fairly convincing. CSETI did a press conference at the National Press Club May 9, 2001 which, believe it or not, was sponsored by Sarah McClendon, former White House press secretary.

Strange as it may seem, the most important events of our time may have already occurred.


In the same way that the Greeks seeded Roman culture with their math and their inventions, this planet has reportedly already been seeded with the basic ideas and tech of other worlds.



* Those of us who believe the above-noted testimony and those who have inside information and or other experience certainly honor the skepticism of all who remain unconvinced. This writer, for one, was once deeply skeptical. Then, my own family members saw UFO's (while on military duty), plus there have been other salient experiences, prime among them interaction with reputable sources and exposure to the above-noted materials.

For a basic introduction to same, read Col. Philip Corso's book The Day After Roswell. Read Timothy Good and CSETI's materials. Read Jane's aviation editor Nick Cook's book, The Hunt for Zero Point.


Don't trust the corporate press on these issues. They're a shill for those who would continue to steal access to all such technology, which was entirely publicly-gained (using your US tax dollars, then covered up and expropriated by a criminal cabal of profiteers within the "military industrial complex.")

*  Re the waning of petroleum: Scientific American's article quotes leading petroleum analysts as saying that we have probably already passed the midpoint of having used 50% of the EUR (estimated ultimately recoverable oil - all that will ever be found.) Their basis is the fact that no new technology has found a single super-large oilfield during the last 30 years (i.e. on the scale of S. Arabia, Iraq, Iran or Bahrain).


Seismic and geological indicators are mature, definitive. However, methods to get remaining oil have evolved, yet all the largest and easiest, best quality oil fields have been exhausted in the US and largely in Russia. What remains, in that estimated 900-1100 billion barrels of oil (50% of EUR) is largely lesser grade, harder to extract, often sulfuric or particulate ridden - in a word, expensive to extract.


Petroleum geologists argue that, as demand goes up (see the use of cars in any foreign capitol), the supply and quality goes down, hence the Scientific American argument that we should see a crisis within 10 years. Unless we reduce usage, currently at about 25 billion barrels per year, a crisis should occur well before 2015.


The entire economy of oil and related tech will have to change; it will be uneconomical, hard for poor nations to get abundant supply.

Editorial Note: The Bush family is merely small fry in the new business of electrogravity technology. George Bush Sr. is merely a consultant for Carlyle, and "Junior" failed completely in the oil industry. He is next to nothing in high tech (new industry), also. However, as is typical of the Bush family in the past, they tend to brown-nose their way into other people's money matters then strike white bread poses within government.

For example, Prescott (Geo. Sr's father) was wiped out completely by the Depression, due to bad investments. So, he became one of Brown Brothers' coterie of little brown noses, quick to do their ugliest bidding. Believe it or not, Prescott Bush (the current president's grandpa) publicly endorsed fascism during the 1930's.


Prescott's personal favorite bank of deposit for business was seized under the Trading with The Enemy Act when World War II started.



* Along with John Foster Dulles, Prescott Bush aided in the sale of supplies to the Nazis. Dulles tried to front for the sale of DuPont's best explosives formula to the Nazis, but Imperial Chemical interceded with the US to stop it. Bush's confrere got tons of leaded gas additive, necessary to avert tank freeze-up, to the Nazis - just in time to be used by Hitler's armies in their rampage across Europe, and more...

Then came George H. W. (current president's father), who enlisted at age 17 as WW II started. Why? Obviously, given his father's fascist disgrace, Geo. Sr. may have wanted to look good, to have a viable political profile - to not be destroyed by his father's priggishness. Nonetheless, Geo. Sr. has been described as little more than a CIA tool, a financial small fry used by DuPont and similar interests (the American Borgia in Guatemala alone - let along the rest of the world - through their ownership of United Fruit) to do various dirty work.

The allegations are numerous, i.e. re dirt that Noriega had on George H. W. Bush.


(One former agent-narcotics trafficker said Bush Sr. did intelligence work to help set up a line of aviation beacons from Colombia to Venezuela and to the islands running toward Florida in 1971 - to be used by cocaine "entrepreneurs" who would later be useful to suppress left wing insurgents and to launder money and leverage dirty work favors, i.e. the Noriega case).

In this writer's opinion, George Bush Sr. didn't simply kiss the CIA-mob-military industrial rear; he licked it clean by covering up their worst crimes when he was head of the CIA. So, although he poses as a strongman, he actually comes from a notoriously weak, lower money level background. Like so many others of the old regime, he was an obedient tool of historically criminal fortunes.

And Junior?


According to the New York Times story of his early business - "early indiscretions" years, he was but a tool of his father's cronies - a failure in business, a major scam at Harken in 1988, and then, finally, his father's cronies effectively bought him the Texas governorship.


But why would they take such a risk with a minor business failure? Perhaps, after twenty years of "maintenance" alcoholism he was seen as marginally robotic and unquestioning, both immature and insecure - eager to look like the big guy that he always thought his father was.

As for the Carlyle-Bush connection, none of the Bushes rate high in the new electrogravity industry.


They appear to be mere figure heads, yet they front for - they lie and cover for those have reportedly murdered over and over again to submerge a largely unconstitutional privatization of black budget programs, i.e. MAJIC (includes reverse-engineered electrogravity tech), in particular.

Again, to the unaccustomed, some of the above may sound strange upon first hearing, yet it may, instead, be one of the most important stories of our time. It is certainly worth looking into, given the sources.


Truman's 1947 National Security Act has been recklessly abused, in cold-blooded Darwinian terms to set up a black budget structure called "MAJIC" that answers to no president, that has largely been privatized. According to hundreds of whistleblowers (570+ at last count), publicly-gained technologies have been stolen away quietly.


One two star Army general on the CSETI video quotes then-President Eisenhower as having said that,

"the matter is not in the best hands."

from Sacramento, CA Nov. 9


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