September 11, 2011

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"When we focus on some horrific past event, we only bring forth the energy associated with what created it, allowing it to continue its cycle and drain our power.


When we see the event for what it is, and its purpose in the grand scheme of this game, then and only then will we move past it. Stop living in fear... stop being a victim and start regaining your power."


Many have emailed us and asked if the above quote was referring to 9/11, and we say it is an excellent example. However, we are referring to any event that causes fear in the mind and makes us feel that we are victims, whether as individuals or entire populations.

The healing process begins when we forgive and let go.


This is a characteristic of true strength.

"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."

- Gandhi

When we forgive, we expand and live through the light that we are.


This a universal law and applies to ANY event which causes us to be attached to fear. When we focus and relive fearful events, we contract and remain attached to the energy that caused the event in the first place.

That is why George Santayana's quote,

"those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it," (or variations of this quote) are NOT beneficial to the spiritual advancement of humanity."

If we constantly recreate the energy and vibrations from the past which we consider to be negative, painful, stressful, hurtful, etc, we maintain that vibration as a collective and this is what we will attract from our world and each other. It is impossible for it to be any other way.


A more progressive approach would be to ask such questions of ourselves,

"Why am I attached to this emotion?" or "why do I continue to recreate this attachment to this event?"

By integrating the why and releasing it from ego, we release the attachment.

Many influential figures and media personalities who rely on attracting an audience who thrives on highly controversial topics or "gloom and doom" news, must constantly refer to negative historical events to maintain the vibration which attracted their audience in the first place.


This keeps their audience coming back for more and the vicious cycle continues.

Those who are at the top of mass media empires around the globe are well aware of how fear incites lower vibrations. They do an excellent job of transmitting this emotion and encouraging the masses to blindly follow their ego without checking in with their heart.


This ultimately causes a perpetual state of more fear... a state of constant weakness.


This also attracts additional fearful events of equal or greater magnitude and within the same vibration. The responsibility lies within each individual to change it and stop the spread of this energy.

The most powerful and positive effect we can have on humanity is to transition this fear into love. Realize why we are attached to fear and know its purpose... to awaken.

The most horrific things that happen or that we can imagine do have a divine place in our learning and growth, as hard as that may be to accept from a position of ego.


You cannot change them, but you can grow from them. In many instances, it can happen instantly and need not take weeks or months. If we release the attachment, we will no longer attract it. We will immediately create and manifest what the heart desires only if the fear is not repulsing it.

We need to look within and ask ourselves,

"Why are we continuously defining ourselves by something that we hate instead of what we love?"