by Dr. Eldon Garth Dahl

May 09, 2011

from PreventDisease Website


The world is a beautiful place and generally people’s hearts are good.


On the other hand many live their lives amassing fortunes - helping others is the furthest from their minds. Institutionalized thinking distances the individual from human compassion as societies’ liberties become erased through the legislation of impersonal laws; the human factor is never considered. Domination is achieved through fear and intimidation. Our Canadian and US governments are prime examples.

Governmental strong arm tactics that ban public access to natural health care products clear the pathway for the pharmaceutical industry, business for business at the expense of human suffering.


Bill C-51 and Bill C-6 are the very foundation to the Codex Alimentarius, the global trade commissions for the New World Order. Changes that appear friendly on paper have dire consequences in reality; their interpretation of freedom is an illusion to imprison the masses.

When our life and surroundings are in balance the soothing harmony renders peace to our troubled souls, we take our journey through this forest we call life and each purifying breath compliments our footsteps.


This transformation renews freedom to our inner child and within our minds’ eye the creator’s vision is restored to our thirsting souls. Our oneness with planet Earth becomes cognitive and discovery is apparent everywhere. Life’s smallest base element becomes a common thread to our very existence.


Plants become recognized for the healing of the nations and for the betterment of mankind. These amazing medicinal properties are God given and our right to possess.

What makes this beautiful world so ugly? It’s the premeditated thirst for power to control and manipulate fueled by greed and filled with corruption.


We may ponder the balances of humanity and question why the forces of darkness are permitted to baffle the masses; we need to remember that their objective is equally as passionate as ours. These are two forces diametrically opposed - one for freedom and one for domination.

How does one proceed in facing their Goliath? How are we to know if we have the faith and determination necessary to conquer as David?


Sometimes we discover our true strengths when we see how our pathway has been lead. If we examine our foot steps we’ll come to the realization that the power that guided was rising up from within a place we never knew existed.

Real wisdom never underestimates an opponent and never loses vision or its objective; claim the victory by faith and proceed for possession. If one never accepts a challenge, how will you ever know your real strength? If it does not break you it will only make you stronger.


Believe in something and make a stand; a follower becomes weak and destined to fall for anything. Examine history and see how those who made a difference took the pathway less traveled, lead by conviction - not led by the masses.


The darkest hour brings the deepest faith and the experience is priceless. When light returns your fears will vanish. The outcome is not as important as your experience. When roots are deeply planted they can weather any storm.


Peace within cannot be shaken; stand until it becomes fruition. If you’ve asked for wisdom, you have asked a great thing. Only remember that wisdom is achieved through experience.


Stand together and make a difference and be counted among those who demonstrated the courage to fight for what they believed in.