April 22, 2011

from PreventDisease Website

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Leadership has done nothing to advance humanity in the long-term.


From world leaders to presidents and prime ministers, leadership is often guided by outside influential forces which we can't see or hear. A leaderless society would allow all people around the world to lead their own advancement instead of leaving this role to others.


It would allow the average person to become empowered and capable of incredible and magnificent feats of personal achievement while simultaneously enabling others by example. It is who and what we are... a species built to cooperate as a group and lead by example, within our own power and moral compass.

“The need for a leader” hoax has been drilled into the minds of people by the interested and selfish parties over the ages.


As a result of this brainwash, it created a mindset of dependency of people on their so called leaders. This age old paradigm created dictators, bosses, superiors, leaders, hierarchies etc. It injected a sense of helplessness among the people and it tarnished their understanding and assessment of their own potentials.

The future will see emergence of new paradigms:

the “people” paradigm in general or social life and the “professional” paradigm in the work life.

All we need for maintenance and growth of societies and organizations is to accept this new concept that every human being is a “person” and a “professional”.


No human being is either boss or subordinate, leader (except their own) or follower, dictator and oppressed, superior or subordinate, higher hierarchy or lower hierarchy, highbrow and lowbrow etc.

All are equal persons and equal professionals. And they have a right to live their lives as such.

People will live in peace with each other in their social lives and the professionals will run all those domains that need to be run effectively and efficiently so that people can live in peace.

What we focus on in society expands. If we focus on wars and violence and resolving conflicts by these means, our world will never change. We must look inward to find peaceful solutions so that the only thing we can compete with is ourselves.

Most conflicts in society are cultivated by our leaders because it is easier to control the subjects of the realm if they are divided on the issues. When people are fighting amongst themselves then they cannot organize to resist their oppressors. Tyranny thrives in this culture of dividing and conquering the enemy. In a system where a few elitists scheme to keep all wealth for themselves, the people who are exploited will eventually become their enemies.


In early stages they can use deception to control the people but as resources become scarce then force will have to be utilized in a police state.

Prosocial theory is a view of social cohesion on both a micro- and macro-level. This then goes to the heart of a healthy social life, the very distinction between an atomistic or an organic society:

a society based on competition or a society based on cooperation.

Prosocial theory stresses the importance of the latter.


At the very least, this approach holds that organizations of any significance at all must contain the variables mentioned above in order to function effectively, as well as fulfill the social and emotional needs of its members.

These two competing systems are mutually exclusive. The materialistic model is based on competition and conquest with a goal of total central control. The holistic model is based on cooperation and seeking harmony with the goal of individual liberty and preserving human rights. These ideas are not compatible and only one will prevail.

We have divested ourselves of our spirituality in order to adopt the materialistic social dogma of our leaders. If we want human rights then we must treat one another with respect. The holistic social dogma is simply that we must be truthful and fair. Then we become free to have any spiritual thoughts we please.

When we learn that we are connected to our fellow human beings and nature, we become capable of making the transition from the current social model based on competition to a harmonious society based on cooperation.


That transformation begins within us. Then, based on it, we can reform the way in which work is organized in society.


Work should enable us to develop our talents.

We are only leaders to ourselves. We can only lead our own path and nobody else's. The reason we cannot truly lead other human beings is because they, and only they, can pave their own path. The future of this world depends on human beings empowering others to lead for themselves.

It will be a leaderless society in due time. When this happens, governments will fall and our entire societal structure will change. It will be both painful and beautiful at the same time, for every last person on earth will own their sovereignty and freedom.


It's something they've always had, but just never knew it.


Its time has come.