by Zen Gardner
August 18, 2015

from ZenGardner Website

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This may be considered a bit speculative, but I have seen it manifesting in many of those I interact with and a trend that I feel needs addressing.

The programming is being disrupted in many ways, including our bloodline upbringing. Call it a DNA shift, a cosmic awareness, or simply loving truth finally coming to dominate the human narrative, these types of major paradigm alterations are as real and profound as any new so-called scientific discovery.

There are many amongst the awakened I've met personally as well as virtually who just "happen" to be from profoundly connected family bloodlines.


I don't find that strange. I myself come from a strong lineage that I found out hails back to the Scottish Templars and was later tied into the Windsor dynasty. Another line in my family tree ties directly into one of the top 13 illuminati families.

So what? I'm not doomed, nor is any other living conscious creature to their genetic make up, to whatever degree that may be an avenue of influence. The same goes for anyone.

It doesn't matter...


The call to conscious awareness and the power of our loving Universe is what awaits us, and we who have awakened have the responsibility to carry and pass on that torch. All of us are ultimately connected from the genesis of mankind so it really makes no difference regarding whatsoever when it comes to conscious awakening.


We all share similar influences to whatever degree.




Superseding Previous Connections and Affiliations

There are so many examples of truth warriors who've become who they are by overcoming their early upbringing and social and societal programming.


Look how many great statesmen came out of the early Christian movements. And what leaders and philosophers arrived on the public scene having been enlightened by Buddhist, Taoist and otherwise philosophies from previously unaware, manipulated mindsets despite aristocratic or extremely humble backgrounds.

The same is true, I've come to know, from personal acquaintances in the alternative community today, from dynastic family ties to escaping mind control programs and satanic cults to strong Freemasonic influences and horrific powerful social manipulators.

Does that make them bad? Polluted? Agendized? Or extremely motivated and powerful forces for good once they get the point and decide to help mankind.


The exact same point goes for anyone waking out of the cesspool of deceit from whatever so-called "lineage" or background. That's the ultimate point. It's mankind arising from whatever situation.

It's a time of awakening to be extremely encouraged about. This arising of human consciousness is broad and very powerful. It knows no boundaries. I wasn't even conscious of my personal family history in any kind of context until I woke up in my later life. That's not the issue.


The point is the universal call and how it has no limitations nor established boundaries. None.

By the way, this isn't to say to be naive to the nefarious convoluted activities of the parasitical disinformation and shrewd manipulative minions of our world, that isn't where I'm going in the least. All caution and skepticism is very healthy in this environment.


I'm just saying don't discount any source because of its apparent origin too quickly. That too is a pitfall to be avoided.

By their fruits you will know them, but it's not always that easy to discern.


Be vigilant, but stay open...




No One Is Determined - Do Not Classify, Broad-brush or Stigmatize

This is where narrow minded human mindsets come into play and is something to become aware of.


Most of us are pre-programmed or at least colored to see things and people and even races and groups certain ways. That has to be jettisoned. It doesn't matter the race, the gender, the preconception, social perspective, personally held beliefs or even perception of reality, we need to back off and let truth take its footing.

I know brilliant PhD's and dumb ones, and blindingly perceptive drop outs from so-called very humble upbringings. We all do. The background for each of us is the same. We are consciousness encased in frail flesh working its way to the surface.


And this applies to anyone and everyone. The choice is theirs, and ours.

Freedom is just a decision away. For anyone. Regardless of history, creed, color, background, past programming, bloodline, DNA or entrained experiences. It's anyone's for the taking.

It's there we unite in common cause, common purpose, deeply shared awareness and emotional connection to Source.

We operate from there.

Expect the unexpected. Stay open to anyone who may be a brother or sister in disguise from whatever source, creed, race or persuasion. People are waking up from all walks of life and need to be welcomed, embraced and nourished in whatever way we all can help.

Love never fails.


Real, open, well founded, conscious and aware love...