channeled readings by Steve Rother

March 15, 2011

from PreventDisease Website

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We must come to the realization that world events, as somber as they may appear, are assisting in the shift of human consciousness from a enslaved species to a liberated one.


Our expectations for the future are determining our path right now as individuals, nations and the entire planet.

We are all setting aside opportunities for ourselves to experience every part of what we wanted to experience in this physical bubble of biology we call our vessel and planet earth.

Take a moment, breathe deeply and allow yourself to be one with all the anticipation. It's very easy as humans to drop into our past or to project ourselves into the future, but only one of those three, past present and future is real right now.


Physical Changes

It is time for a new human to evolve and it's happening all over the planet as everybody begins to carry more of their own spirit in their physical body than they ever have before.


There are several physical shifts that are taking place to accommodate this change.

It will probably be some years before our medical community can quantify these changes, but the changes have already begun and much of what we have been expecting and calling ascension is now possible.

Some of the physical changes have to do with the redistribution of water. We are establishing many connections with the energy that we call water. We carry the spirit of our higher self in our physical body largely due to the amount of water energy that we carry in our bodies. That is beginning to change.

This is one of the physical attributes that will be very easily quantified and measured as time goes forward for humans as we have been comfortable with a certain amount of water in our bodies, but this water will also bring us the grounding of physical earth.

Our bodies will soon start working with smaller percentages of water and eventually we will be able to change the amount of water we hold by as much as 20% over the next 50 years. That is a huge change in humanity's physical structure and it will bring a lot of different attributes with it.

There is, of course a resistance to change. Many of us are now feeling like our emotions are out of control and a lot of this has to do with the many physical changes that are being setting up throughout humanity.

We may question and ask,

"I'm doing everything right in my life... my spirit is right and comfortable and yet I'm angry or anxious."

These are all part of the shifts that are taking place.

We are becoming more crystalline in nature. The actual atomic structure of carbon is about to change and we will see this in our bodies along with the changes in water. It will allow us to evolve to new levels of energy very quickly.

Our crystalline nature will be discovered on a scientific level within our cell wall structures. To some extent this has already shown up in plants and the insect world. Soon it will be verifiable in humans.

Crystals hold the highest vibration of the mineral kingdom and are a part of Earth the same way that the Earth is part of us.

Women typically live longer than men because they feel more comfortable with crystals and the vibration resonates within their body more than men. A man will not wear a big diamond ring where a woman will. Because of some of these cultural and societal differences, women will live longer than men. They will actually deal with stress longer.

Now that everyone is starting to become crystalline within their own physical bodies, this will change life expectancies and we will see many people live well beyond 100 years. It will be very possible for many people living on Earth right now to live to 130 years in their current physical body. It will be a natural longevity that will increase our life expectancy.


Our water percentage will have a direct influence on this. Other changes involving water will directly influence electricity.


Different reactions will begin taking place with electrical instruments all around us. Computers, television, remote controls and many other electronic devices may not function as expected. Computers may not boot, televisions may not turn on and other devices may simply stop working or work erratically.

All of us have ambient energy that is traveling through us much like microwaves and radio waves. It is part of the invisible light spectrum that is traveling through our bodies and we will start finding that there is an accumulation of this energy.

We will start to send and receive radio frequencies via the pineal gland as we master deep contact to compensate for all this ambient energy. We will become very familiar with this energy and how it flows through our bodies.


This may feel like flu symptoms for many people, so be aware of this.

Harmony is a very beautiful thing and we must understand that the vibration where we've been sitting in no longer holds our energy. We are evolving at an incredible rate and this is triggering a re-anchoring of the physical body. The body must always anchor itself to the Earth and our vibrational patterns are changing our energy drastically. Many of us will have times where we feel strong emotions and other times when we will not.

A sexual energy and final anchoring of the Spirit in the physical body is also taking place. This activation of this energy on the planet will allow us to release our own energy templates and we will start letting our physical bodies go back to their normal states. As we do this we will find a new joy in being alive.

We are becoming new humans and the path we are taking to get there is already decided. Do not fear what is to come.


We have all collectively requested these changes, and as dramatic as they may seem, they are essential to the next phase of our growth into highly evolved physical and spiritual beings.