by Denise M. Wilbanks
August 20, 2014

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There are few of us who have averted childhood without hearing the grand ole tall tale that "Storks are responsible for bringing babies". Perhaps there may be some truth to that statement, though not as sweet and glamorous as the fable may sound.


This past weekend I had the pleasure of interviewing Brian Onley, author of The Book of Man and producer of a documentary by the same name. In his work, Brian details compelling data dating back to our origins prior to the timeline provided by science.


The Book of Man offers a provocative perspective of how man may have more than one "engineer" and multiple "donors" in its DNA pool. The genetic inheritance passed down from these particular donors could be responsible for traits in our "hu'man" makeup that extend beyond our physical vessel.


Our tendencies for violence and domination could very well come from one type of donor; while our immense capacity for love and compassion may come from yet another. The contrast of extreme "polarities" or emotional pendulum is what makes us so unique and why we are being watched from above with great interest.


So what is it we are not being told, and why?


Interviewing Brian proved to be rather difficult because I did not want to divert anyone's attention from watching The Book of Man series in its entirety. That would have been like telling the end of a great movie to a friend who has not seen it. Its out of context.


As Brian said during our interview:

"You do not go to Amazon, purchase a book, open it up on page 200 and make your conclusion based on reading one chapter".

The same level of challenge held true in writing this article, hence why its riddled with questions instead of containing an extensive narrative.

  • How else does one offer data that is often categorized as "fiction" without stepping on anyone's toes?

  • How does one attempt to elucidate others if eyes, ears and minds are closed?

Brian and I share in a common ideology; we are not here to drag anyone kicking and screaming into aborting or omitting their beliefs.


Our job is simply to shine the light for others to shift outside of their confines every now and then.


To quote Ra, "the humble messenger" of the Law of One

"When faced with a hole in the curtain, an entity's eyes may well peer for the first time through the window beyond"

Without getting into a philosophical debate, here are a few key questions posed for your consideration:

  • Can the Bible and science each be telling us only a fragment of the story about our origin, and why is that so?

  • Have both sides deliberately controlled the information for a purpose?

  • What does anyone gain by not allowing us to know our very own inception?

  • And why is knowing how we came-to-be important to our present condition, as well as our foreseeable future?

  • Could untold history help us gain vital understanding that would keep us from making the same mistakes over and over again?

  • Can knowing where we come from change how you view yourself and others?

Alex Collier seems to think so.


In the below presentation titled "Breaking The Chains", he relates how we are viewed as "royalty" and why:






  • When was the last time if at all you thought of yourself as royalty?

  • Could viewing oneself as royalty change the quality of our life?

  • Would life as a whole be perceived as having any greater value?

As if these questions are not sufficient, le pièce de résistance that tops them all are the questions one must ask when learning some of the data I exposed in my article "The Intent Beneath the Sirius Documentary" (part 1 and part 2 - Sirius Documentary here), both of which tie into the topic of origins by virtue of correlates.


Is it possible we are not allowed to peek through those curtains so as not to realize that we are royalty? Such realization would endanger how we are being used.


Denial is not a river in Egypt...

  • What will it take to wake up?

  • Or have we allowed ourselves to be so disempowered that we have thrown in the towel?

  • If so, is self destruction imminent?

I would hope not...