by Amitakh Stanford
30 May 2010

from FlyingBuffaloes7 Website

Spanish version

It is often stated by scientists that nothing travels faster than light, which is not absolutely correct.


Toorska can travel faster than the speed of light. Some advanced extraterrestrial civilizations know how to manipulate Toorska to bend time rays so they can go forwards and backwards in time, and can use it to interact with ordinary matter in order to alter things.


All this may sound strange and contradictory to those bound by the existing knowledge of the laws of physics of this world.


In fact, time interaction with other factors can produce varied consequences and outcomes. The insistence on adhering to the accepted physical laws is one of the reasons why most scientists on the planet have trouble accepting time travel, which skepticism has severely obstructed their creativity and advancement in other fields as well.

A manifestation of the aforementioned skepticism is the scientific denial of the existence of consciousnesses in living beings.


It goes without saying that those who deny the existence of consciousnesses wholly disregard the possibility of the continuity of consciousnesses after the physical demise of the bodies in which they are housed. Those who believe that the physical body is the whole of “life” also generally accept that the brain is the instrument that drives the body, and once the body ceases to function, that is the end of that person's existence forever.

More and more people are beginning to accept that there is life after death. Some even blissfully choose to believe that physical death is just like people closing their eyes and going to sleep, only to wake up happily in the afterlife, re-united with their loved ones and friends.


Things are not always what they appear to be, and things in the afterlife are not always rosy.

Once people accept that there is life after death, they can begin to grasp the possibility that there may be many versions of “awakening” in the hereafter. Some people may well awaken only to find themselves imprisoned.

There are many other questions one could ask with regard to physical death, such as:

  • Where did death originate?

  • Does it only occur in the physical realm?

  • Do beings in other realms and dimensions experience death?

  • With life and death associated with consciousnesses, one could ask whether consciousnesses in the physical were put there by a Higher Power, or did they grow and develop from matter or by other means?

  • Literal belief in the theory of evolution would require the belief that consciousnesses evolved from matter - but is that so?

The questions could be extended to:

  • Can one's mind make possible the awareness of one's being?

  • Is the awareness of one's consciousness brought about by one's mind observing the images and memories of things, which are further expressed and experienced through one's emotions and sensitivities?

  • Without the mind, can anyone be made aware of their being alive?

In response to questions like these, some have formed the belief that the mind is everything, and that the mind is also the brain; they believe that when one is brain dead, then the person is dead.

For purposes of this discussion, the brain and the mind will be considered as separate, yet integrated entities, with the consciousness residing in the body while the person is alive. When the person dies, the physical brain dies - but the mind continues; the consciousness also continues.


The mind usually accompanies the consciousness, but it can voluntarily separate and interact with other minds should it choose to do so.

If the world were to continue on its present course, it would not be surprising if future prisons are very different from the present prisons that accommodate physical bodies. New alien technology has been developed to imprison human minds and consciousnesses in specially designed, tiny tubes, cubes and other forms of sophisticated vessels.


Today, when human clones replace human beings, regardless of whether the existing bodies are exterminated or kept alive, the “original” mind-consciousnesses can be imprisoned in such vessels. These vessels are housed in a central place for now, but, soon, the prisons will be “franchised” if the process is not stopped.


Those whose bodies are kept intact will be very easy to manage as they are placid zombies whilst their consciousnesses are housed in the vessels.


The bodies will only do what their physical brains are programmed to do. The argument for these types of prisons is that they will save a lot of resources - but at what cost?

Implanted thoughts and memories are more prevalent than people realize. The technology for implanting false thoughts and memories is not only being tested and applied to prisoners and soldiers, but on civilian populations as well. Indeed, implanted thoughts and memories are relatively widespread at this time, and people of all walks of life are being surreptitiously victimized by this technology.


Those who are targeted with false memories can confess to crimes they never committed, or they can be emotionally affected by the false belief that those around them have said or done things that have never occurred.


Some people suspect that things are not right in their heads, but few would suspect external tampering with their mind-consciousnesses. Those who have some inkling of external tampering with their physical minds, if they are not aware and careful to whom they disclose these inklings, will soon be “entreated” to undergo all manner of medical/psychological/psychiatric “cures”.

As strange as it may sound, the reason for the imprisonment of people's mind-consciousness is so that nefarious aliens can totally eliminate the “trouble-making minds” of those who might rise against them.


The aliens want to ensure that those they have identified as “trouble-making minds” do not re-appear in different physical bodies in the past, present or future to try to thwart the alien plans.


Who would suspect this horrendous plot against individuals when many of these vile aliens are now in human bodies, and appear and act just like everyone else!

Even now, considerable effort is being made to retrieve imprisoned mind-consciousnesses from the alien miniature prototype prison. This process is extremely delicate.

As I have written elsewhere, the Earth has long been a dumping ground for alien junk, criminals, prisoners and rebellious slaves.


It is a very hostile environment, and certainly not a place for learning lessons towards enlightenment. It was figuratively and literally a refuse tip, before the Atu-waa was hidden on the planet. A long time ago, different aliens, under various circumstances, were cast away here.


To repeat the words of one of the leaders of a marooned extraterrestrial group,

“Please help my people who are stuck in the sticky mass of this place!”

The “sticky mass” is not physical pollution - it is the horrible thing that unjustly and horrendously imprisoned them on the Earth and its surrounding planes, where many alien beings are still imprisoned!

At this time, things are coming to a head. There are those who have been impressed to try to force serious Scientologists into revealing things that they want to protect from falling into the wrong hands.


I urge those who seek the information to cease their quest, and those who hold it to persevere in its protection. The world is not ready for the information. It could be very dangerous if it is pre-maturely released.

Indeed, truth is often stranger than fiction.