by Brandon West

December 2014 - January 2015

from ProjectGlobalAwakening Website

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Part 1

The Mechanics of Consciousness and Intention
December 30, 2014


The most direct way to make a profound and lasting change in your life is to cultivate a singular daily practice. 


Pick one practice to work on every day, one habit to establish, and make it your absolute intention to do that one thing each day, without looking beyond this one day.


Just say to yourself,

'If I can do this one thing today, then I will be satisfied and I will consider this day to be successful and productive.'

Wayne Dyer explains this perfectly:

[A]ny resolution that involves you making decisions about long-range upcoming behavior reinforces the self-defeating notion of living in the future rather than in the present moment.


In fact, you can go about resolving until the cows come home, and you still have to live your life just like everyone else on this planet - ONE DAY AT A TIME…


What you can do is set up day-to-day goals for yourself, and then resolve to begin living with present moment awareness for the rest of your life. For example, instead of deciding you are going to give up sugar for a year, resolve to go one day without eating sugar.


Anyone can do virtually anything if it is for only one day.

(From Resolve To Get Real)

It is this attitude and this perspective which enables us to make progress towards a certain goal or aspiration, and in particular, transform ourselves.


Especially if we choose a singular act that helps us live our bliss and act on our passion, talent and creativity; cultivate energy; connect to inner silence (universal consciousness & intelligence); and increase our level of awareness all in one practice, and to do this practice on a daily basis.


This is the foundation for long-term and profound personal and spiritual growth.


And once that essential one practice is deeply established, then we can use this same method for for the cultivation of any future habit and thus consciously direct our growth in any direction we choose, or are inspired to grow in.





The Power of One Practice


The act of directing our energy and focusing it onto a singular act or goal cultivates what is known as intention.


Carlos Castaneda explains this force as such:

"…in the universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force which sorcerers call intent, and that absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link."

from 'The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge'

The power and significance of this force called intention, and of both cultivating and connecting to it, is that it has the power to transform and results in the manifestation of whatever it is which we have intended.


Deepak Chopra in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success explains that,

  • attention directs energy

  • intention transforms it

In other words, attention, such as in deeply concentrating our attention on something through the act of cultivating one practice with a specific purpose or intention established behind that practice, then our energy is directed into this area of our lives which causes it to grow and expand.


Intention however is the universal force of creation which is the power behind the manifestation of everything that we see in the universe, and everything that has ever been created either by Man or by nature, or by the cosmos itself. We cultivate intention, but that is misleading because intention is not a force that we possess.


We have the ability to connect to this force and direct it consciously, and with free will, using our attention, and we are unique in all of creation in that sense.


But this force is not ours. We do not own it, it simply is available to us for conscious use because we are aware of our own awareness.


This is why we are masters of creation and are a privileged specifies, because only we are endowed with this ability to wield the power of intention which is the same force wielded by the one consciousness or mind to manifest reality itself.


The supreme mind as some call it...


We are the same, with the same power, just on a different scale. That is why Jesus himself allegedly (allegedly… as everything about him is) referred to each one of us as Gods.





Intention and Consciousness


There are two aspects of the universe:

  • intention

  • consciousness

They are not separate or anything, but rather two different aspects of the same fundamental universal dynamics. Like two sides to the same coin, if you will.


However I have come to believe that these forces are not the same.


Consciousness is the awareness of the universe, available on all scales. It is the intelligence if you will that determines and directs the journey of creation, determining the birth of planets, and galaxies, and humans, and trees as it desires the existence of these things and focuses its own attention to manifest them. In the exact same way that we do.


But intention is the force that works through consciousness on all scales, and maybe even makes consciousness possible. And I believe the force of intention is just as unfathomable to consciousness on every scale as it is to us.


Intention is the infinite energy and potential of the universe, whereas consciousness arises from the dynamics of this force to direct creation as it goes, exploring the infinitude of possibilities that are available.


Intention is the unfathomable field of infinite energy and information containing all possibility, while consciousness is the other side to intention, and all of creation is simply the byproduct of the creative interplay between the two.





Intention Through One Practice


So as attention directs energy, and as our attention begins to accumulate in a certain area of our lives, literally concentrating, then the force of intention begins to work through us, through our consciousness and directed to the focal point created by our attention to transform whatever it is that we are placing our attention on and manifest our desires.


This is not only the mechanism behind manifestation, but it is also the mechanism behind creativity.


We become available for creativity and creative insights through whatever medium we are inherently tuned to, whether it's music or poetry or prose, and we make ourselves available through our attention and commitment to an art, or to a pursuit or subject.


In the same way, we don't actually manifest anything. We just have access to the force that does. Intention manifests, while consciousness simply chooses what to manifest. And there are various levels of consciousness.


Our own consciousness is unlimited, and as we expand our consciousness through practices such as meditation and yoga, it becomes apparent that at higher levels our consciousness begins to meld with universal consciousness, with is the source of all other consciousness within all beings simultaneously; the line between where the universe ends and our consciousness begins is lost because there never was a division in the first place.


Separation was only a construct of the ego, an illusion, and a false belief and assumption about the nature reality.


So as we surrender our ego through meditation we become available to this aspect of ourselves.


And our higher selves, as they are popularly referred to, are really universal consciousness. So to live in accordance with higher consciousness is to live with a greater degree of universal alignment and an understanding and embodiment of universal order.


Yet even that higher level of consciousness is not doing the manifesting, but is still connecting to intention to manifest reality, simply organizing at higher degree of order.


Thus the cultivation of a singular practice then is the art of cultivating attention, while connecting to and becoming available for intention. And if you choose an art which is the embodiment of your bliss or a pursuit which is the object of your bliss, then the cultivation of your singular practice will transform you completely.


As your attention becomes more powerful the longer that you sustain this daily practice of your choice, the deeper you can connect to intention, and the greater things that it shall work through you.







Part 2

Spiritual Growth
January 25, 2015


All spiritual personal transformation and realization of our dreams and desires happens spontaneously as a result of spiritual growth.


This is true because spiritual growth is the achievement of higher consciousness, the realization of who we really are and our life purpose, and the spontaneous alignment in action with higher consciousness and our highest calling.

So once we have chosen for ourselves the singular practice or pursuit which most effectively, efficiently, and naturally results in spiritual growth and the cultivation of so-called spiritual awareness, the daily commitment to this practice is the most powerful and potent method for personal transformation and the manifestation of our dreams, desires, and true potential that is available to us. Period...

By making it our absolute intention to perform this one practice on a daily basis, then what this says about us as human beings, which we are subconsciously affirming to ourselves as well, is that our spiritual nature and infinite self is more important to us than our limited ego.


Thus each day we succeed in completing our one practice, we consistently transcend Mind, our Ego, and all of the negative behavioral patterns and limiting beliefs that define our ego by embodying our infinite spiritual nature a little more each day.

This gives us enormous power because the aspect of ourselves which is resisting a practice of returning to inner silence must be by definition the false self - the ego - because the only part of ourselves which will resist returning to the infinite consciousness that is inner silence, and which will resist our life purpose and calling which likewise returns us to remembrance of the infinite consciousness that is within us, must invariably be the aspect of ourselves which is not pure consciousness, i.e. the false self.




Spiritual Growth - The Art of Transcending the False Self

From my perspective everything else that we could possibly do each day aside from our one practice is secondary.


Let me explain why.


If you try to do all of those things on your to-do list each day, and let's be honest, we all have innumerable things striving for our attention at any given moment, then the end result is that we get pulled deeper into mind and drawn away from inspiration as we focus on acting with the attitude of 'getting things done'.

Therefore we probably won't experience the truth of ourselves as pure consciousness that day, which means that we will not tap into our true potential and creativity either.


Thus we get detached from that aspect of ourselves, and when we string a number of days together consecutively where we do not connect to our spiritual nature and work on spiritual growth, then we are drawn deeper and deeper into the ego, our false self, and away from the infinite consciousness which is who we really are.

One day is not a big deal. But a month? 6 months? A year? From birth until this moment in your life?


Once you start moving away you begin to define yourself based off of unimportant or at least inaccurate criteria, which is the essence of what the ego is. And this is when we end up going down wrong paths because we are not allowing ourselves to be an expression of higher levels of our own infinite awareness.


And instead we are simply playing out our lives as an expression of our tiny, limited, and petty Egos, which are products of Mind, not Consciousness.

It is a very slippery slope, and becoming disconnected from our true self and being caught up in illusion and in a myriad of desires which are not aligned with who we really are happens very quickly, and pulls us in the opposite direction of spiritual growth.


And there is only one direction back to source: the inner silence that is achieved through our one practice and acting spontaneously in alignment with our highest calling. And when we focus on our one practice, the other happens spontaneously.

So, if the only thing we do in the day is connect to intention by cultivating attention, higher energy and awareness, health, vitality and so on with an internally orientated practice, then we will act and live from this higher aspect of ourselves for the rest of the day, or at least for a greater portion of the day than if we were to do something other than awaken to higher consciousness.




Trust Your Intuition

Each and every one of us are different and we all have our own paths to follow in life.


And for this reason there is no one way back to spirit, because we are all different and thus have both different needs and different passions and missions here on earth.

We are all unique therefore no two practices work the same for two people (except perhaps meditation, more or less, because it takes us to the source which we all emanate from. However, with that being said there are different styles and techniques of meditation which are more beneficial depending on the person).


Therefore our task is to find the technique, the style, and the one practice that suits us best and compliments our nature while at the same time meeting our needs and requirements for a meditation/spiritual practice.

It is for this reason that I do not believe we should choose any path in life, especially our purpose in life or our calling.


These things should and will unfold naturally and we shouldn't have to force ourselves onto a path and into a way of life. Instead our calling will choose us and reveal itself spontaneously and organically in our lives as we progress inwards through spiritual growth coming into greater and finer alignment with our genuine self.

Our passion and our bliss is the most important thing, because passion is the energy of resonance within us between what we are doing/who we are being right now, with our infinite, universal self. This energy is what signifies to us that we have found our calling and it is arising from within us, which is simply the path in life that is the perfect expression of our true, spiritual nature.


So for this reason the most important thing that you as an individual can do each day is that singular practice or pursuit which cultivates your spiritual awareness and reveals your passion and your true self to you.

We are living in a modern world and in many ways a world unprecedented throughout all of human history, characterized and defined by infinite diversity. As such not all of us are destined to be yogis in the sense of recluse mystics.


Yet the beauty is that this is not the only path towards higher consciousness, spiritual growth and evolution.


By following your bliss you will achieve the same or similar states of higher consciousness simply by doing what it is in your nature to do, whether that be writing books, or practicing and teaching yoga, or by surfing… so long as you take the time every day to cultivate and raise your level of consciousness and spiritual awareness.

I will always highly recommend that meditation either make up your one practice or be a part of your one practice because of how powerfully it can and will compliment whatever path you are on because it enhances your connection to your inherent self ensuring you will stay on course, and stay connected and inspired.


Thus when we commit daily to singular practice that is spiritual in nature and which serves as the cornerstone of our lives, then we will be on purpose, and we will act from inspiration while centered in a place of peace, true creativity, and sometimes even perfection emanating from this deep sense of universal harmony we have cultivated for ourselves.

And this state only gets deeper.


Once we commit to doing that one practice or habit dedicated in some way to spiritual growth each day, the more consistently we do this and the longer our consecutive streak becomes, the more deeply centered and on purpose we are, and the deeper we embody, express, and manifest the infinite intelligence of the universe.